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OKAY SO YOU LIKE LEV....I LIKE LEV....dude I keep thinking about lev and a third year s/o??? Like he'd probably be so excited that's their older but kinda insecure since there's so many other, older guys that can take his s/o. Aaa it'd be so cute!!!


- Highly respects you since you’re older

- But likes to tease you a lot since he can make your knees weak (if you know what I mean)

- He likes the fact that you’re older because someone can finally help him mature

- Plus he can hang out with all the other popular senpais and earn some friends

- But he’s lowkey kind of insecure about the whole thing

- Like there are plenty of older people who can smoothly swoop in and take control of your heart

- He curls up against his cat at night and thinks about it

- He’s lanky while they’re buff

- He’s awkward while they’re confident

- He’s clumsy while they’re sturdy

- He’s sneaky while they’re straightforward

- And he’s younger while THEY’RE YOUR SAME AGE

- He pouts at these thoughts and groans at the fact of them while he struggles to sleep over this

- Is his playful, cat-like persona not enough?

- To try an impress you even more, he makes sure his hair is softer, that he is standing up straight, and that he’s making plenty of alluring eye-contact with you

- He even goes through the trouble of making you bento and trying to save up money to buy you a cat plushie

- Plzzzz look at him, he’s trying so hard and has a big smile on his face

- Anytime you’re hanging out with your friends, Lev makes sure that he’s all over you, wanting to grab your attention

- Or if he’s feeling too upset/jealous, he won’t be around you at all

- He stops before your house after walking you home one night and hugs you from behind

- “Do you like all the other senpais more than me?” he sadly asks, muffled into your shoulder

- You of course say no, reassuring him with other words and compliments of his demeanor and poke his nose at his silly words

- He is quite relieved, and his aura turns into a bright one as his long arms are thrown up into the air out of joy

- He happily walks you into your house, leaving you to a good night

- You know he is still an immature, silly, awkward, feline-like person who is totally not anything like his senpais, but that’s what makes him so special

1)i dunno which i love more if it’s khalid or his music

2)got a great compliment today. i’m not the only one who thinks my style is cute

3)theres this app that takes me closer to my dream of playing an actual pad, the rave pad things people give birth to awesome baby songs that groove your hips with the buttons and head banging for a dramatic effect. it’s a plus for guys with long hair and it’s a plus plus for facial appropriateness to make it look neat, but still hot enough to make him seem i dunno hot. still a wannabe though from the looks of it, but hell, any chance i get i’ll definitely take. it came with youtube tutorials about how to play the specific mixes, and with that, i was sold. i spent hours of my life earlier this afternoon on it, practicing a song’s chorus (cos yeah thats right, it'snot easy to be a professional musician) which i hella dont regret

4)no appetite for ((((love)))) food. or sleep. or going out. after i finish the izombie episodes what will become of me

5)told my classmate who’s as nerdy as me about my thought with the earthquake. it was about how ants are gonna feel it way worse, and in slow motion, just imagine it, it’s so funny with the sound effects and all. it’s gonna be tragic. but turns out the joke was on me cos this piece of genius sliced me good when she said that ants are too small to feel anything that intense that’s why when they fall off buildings they can still survive (too bad we can crush them though). isnt being numb enough to stop me from feeling it. goodness, i shouldve conquered my fear of amusement rides cos the feeling might be similar and i seriously loath that feeling. i guess he’s not the only one who’s gonna rock my world, apparently another world’s gonna rock it and it’s literally this planet

Queen Elizabeth II: Longest Reigning Monarch in British History
  • England: mum, mum, have you heard of the news???
  • Britannia: Whoah, why so excited, England, darling?
  • England: the queen finally passed 5:30pm!!!
  • Britannia: ... And that means...?
  • England: she's the oldest living monarch in my history! Older than Queen Victoria!
  • Britannia: I'm glad, honey. I actually quite like her and her spirit~
  • England: right? I'm so proud of her~
  • Britannia: England, you're in such a good mood~ so cute~
  • Canada: all I can hear from him is '5:30pm'.... Help me...
  • Britannia: Canada, America? Why are you here?
  • America: we can hear it across the STINKIN Atlantic Ocean!!
  • England: oh, are you lot here for the party? You're just in time I invited everyone~
  • America: ... Who's that?
  • Britannia: England.
  • America: no, seriously.
  • Scotland: that's England.
  • America: ... Da fuck he's too happy to be England!!
  • Ireland: I know, right???
  • France: Canada, you're here too?
  • Canada: huh? France, you're invited too???
  • France: no, all of Europe and I came to complain about the noise, but England instead... Invited us to a party...
  • Germany: is he okay.....?
  • England: oh, Frog you're here, good, good, you're just in time for the food~
  • France: h-h-he's scaring me!!
  • Wales: he's been like this since '5:30pm'-
  • Canada: t-that number again...
  • Europe: we feel ya.
  • Britannia: tehehe~ let him be happy~ it's a once in a lifetime chance to see England so cute and happy~ plus... There's food!!
  • Everyone: she was bought by food... Again...