plus there's a guy who's cute

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: pizza boy!au: satanic rituals

Shizuo was so, so, so confused.

He was cute, the guy who answered the door. He had a pretty face that an annoyed expression somehow only magnified and he tipped well. Shizuo’s day up to then had been pretty shitty: forget his homework, locked out of his apartment, late to work, traffic on the way to this address. But the cute guy who answered the door with a generous tip made it better, getting his number even more of a plus.

There was just one thing that Shizuo found odd:

The black hood, dark room, candles flickering, and chanting music in the background.

He was too surprised to ask, just heard a sigh and a ‘sorry’ in a tight voice as the extra piece of paper was pressed into his palm. Blinking as the door was closed in his door, Shizuo tilted his head before leaving.


“Shinra,” Izaya said, pulling the hood off, “I’m never doing this again.”

“Oh come on, Izaya!!”

“Celty is from Ireland. Not Hell.”

“I’m not necessarily trying to summon Satan, just any demon that can get me some answers!”

“…Why don’t you just ask Celty if she likes you?”

“Izaya, clearly you don’t understand women at all! You should, since that pizza boy’s probably too weirded out to call you.”


“Oh, right, my fault. Sorry.”