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Cybertronian s/o dating RID Sideswipe headcanons please? (and thank you!)

  • His flirting style is finger guns and corny pick-up lines. “My love for you is like the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going…” Even after you start dating he says them to make you giggle.
  • He likes to casually hang on you (head on your shoulder, arms around your waist, holding your servo with both of his) whenever he can. PDA just isn’t a problem for him, no matter how much Strongarm likes to scold him about it.
  • Sideswipe is always up for competition. He initiates random races- winner gets 20 kisses from the loser! He gets a little cocky when he wins, but he tones it down around you. Plus loosing isn’t so bad when Sideswipe is smiling into your kisses.
  • Of course he loves to show off for you. Not only his speed, but his skill and strength. His flips and tricks are amazing, but he often hurts himself trying to lift more than Grimlock to impress you. And when he’s hurt he’s awfully whiny. He needs lots of kisses to feel better.
  • It’s not hard to make him jealous. Even though he seems full of himself he’s still young compared to most bots. He can’t help but doubt himself, especially when a strong, handsome mech starts to chat you up. He puffs his chest out and grabs your servo, throwing petty insults at the mech in a very immature and passive-aggressive fashion. 
  • Make-outs with him are surprisingly slow. He’s not one to rush physical intimacy. It would make you both uncomfortable. Instead he takes his time with kisses, trying to hold onto the sensation of being so close to you as long as possible.

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22, 31, 37

22. List your kinks.

Spanking, Choking, Teasing, Back scratching, Hair pulling, Lip biting there is a lot

31. Whats the fastest way to make you horny?

Grind at me, grab me on my inner thighs and pull me closer to you. plus neck kissing of course

37. Do you like it when your sexual partner moans?

Other question. Who doesn’t like it?

Pumpkin Pie

Charters -  Dean x Reader

Summary - You make Dean a pie.

Word Count - 914

Warnings - fluff

A/N - written for @supernatural-jackles  Colors of Fall Writing Challenge. Thanks to my beta @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell 


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You were in the kitchen making your great-grandmother’s pumpkin chiffon pie. Led Zeppelin was playing softly in the background as you hummed and bopped around to the sounds of Stairway to Heaven.  You didn’t even notice that you weren’t alone until you felt strong arms wrap around you and soft lips kiss your temple.

“Whatcha doin’?” a deep gravelly voice said softly in your ear.

You lean back into him and absorb his warmth. “Well now that it’s pumpkin season, I needed to make some pumpkin chiffon pie.”

You can almost hear his brows crinkle. “What the hell is a chiffon?”

“Well, chiffon is a very soft, sheer silk fabric.” You explain.

He squeezes you tighter, “You’re putting fabric in my pie?!”

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Rainy Days in the Tower - Fred Weasley

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This was requested by hpfan-lyric. This was the request: Hey! Could you do a story where y/n and hermione are running around being ridiculous in the Gryffindor common room and Fred or George or Harry think y/n is being super cute and Fred or George or Harry picks up y/n and spins her around and they are being super fluffy?! Haha thanks love! <3. A/N: As you can see I picked Fred. I hope you like it, keep requesting

It was a rainy day in the common room and you wanted to go outside. You loved the rain better than the sun, but Hermione thought differently.

“It’s freezing out there. You could get sick. You could even get pneumonia.” She insists as you start to walk out the portrait door.

“I’m just going to pretend like I know what that is.” Fred, one of your best friends and boyfriend, snorts from his spot at the fire.

“Fine, but when you get sick and miss the big Quidditch match, I’ll visit you in the hospital wing.”

You glare at her and she smiles. “Fine.” You say, shutting the door. “What are we supposed to do then?” You ask as you flop on one of the couches and put your feet in George’s lap.

“You do realize we live in a castle right?” Harry asks you from where he was sitting with Ron playing wizard’s chess.

“1: The whole place is being patrolled by Filch because nobody is going to be outside, 2: We have explored every single corner in this school.” Fred says.

“And set of a firework in every one.” You comment, leaning across to high five Fred. “Plus not all of have an invisibility cloak to sneak around.” You finish, giving Harry and Ron a pointed look.

"Success!” Lee Jordan yells from his dorm room.

“What happened Lee? Finally got Angelina to go on a date with you?” George calls up.

Angelina snorts. “As if.”

“Sadly no,” he says as he walks down the staircase to the common room. “I’m not giving up on that yet.” He says to Angelina. “I finally got my old wizard radio to work.”

Not long after that you were all on your feet dancing to the music from the radio channel Lee had turned on. After doing a horribly off beat tango with George and an awkward waltz with Fred which involved stepping on each others toes and blushing, you made it your duty to coax Hermione away from her wall of textbooks and homework.

“Hermione live a little.” You beg her.

“I have three essays due Monday. I would love to (Y/N) but I have to study.”

You sigh and think for a moment. “I’ll do my own homework for a month and stop paying the one Hufflepuff kid to do it.” You never did your own homework. You knew the answers but were always helping the twins invent pranks and didn’t have time to write it down.

She seems to consider this for a moment. She was always lecturing you about not doing your own homework. “Fine.” She stands up and away from her pile of homework. “Now what?”

“Now you dance.” You pull her towards the middle of the room where the others were dancing. Harry had gotten Ginny to dance with him and Fred and George were standing on the outskirts of the group talking. Ron appeared from the kitchens with arms full of butterbeer. Hermione just stood there awkwardly so you grabbed her hands and made them move around.

After she loosened up you threw in a few twirls for good measure, causing her to laugh. You felt like her older sister and made it your job to make her laugh once in awhile. Ron passes you and you hand him Hermione’s hands. “I’ll be right back.”

You stopped at the table full of drinks and some other treats. Grabbing a butterbeer and a hand full of candy you do to sit in the window seat you claimed in your first year. Before you could Fred grabbed you and spun you around. You laughed and let go of the sweets in order to keep ahold of your butterbeer.

“What was that for?” You asked as he set you down.

“Because I love you,” He kisses your forehead, “And you were being really cute just a few minutes agos,” He pauses to kiss your nose, “And those sweets you had would have made your nose bleed for three days straight,” He says quickly before leaning in to kiss you.

“Hold on,” You say, pushing him away. “Are you trying to poison everyone here?”

“No of course not. Lee brought those down from our room. We just finished them but haven’t tested them but Lee must have thought they were normal. We were about to take them back but then you grabbed some.”

“Aw thats sweet.” You say sarcastically, “You didn’t want me to eat any.”

“Actually I was hoping you’d test them tomorrow with me and George.”

You stand up on your toes and give him a kiss. “Of course, I’d be happy to. Plus, Madam Pomfrey might make us stay in the hospital wing for a while. If we’re lucky we could miss Potions.”

“Where have you been all my life.” He says as he twirls you around. Thunder claps outside the window, causing the tower to shake and for you lean into Fred. If you had it your way, the rain would never end.

asoiaf challenge

 | 3. a scene you want to see on the show [1/?]

Sansa builds a snow castle | Storm of Swords

“The snow drifted down and down, all in ghostly silence, and lay thick and unbroken on the ground. All color had fled the world outside. It was a place of whites and blacks and greys. White towers and white snow and white statues, black shadows and black trees, the dark grey sky above. A pure world, Sansa thought. I do not belong here.”