plus the eyes im so sorry lol

ourvirtualhug  asked:

Stoner + plus size Y/N with bad boy Mikey. Btw I love your blog and I though blurb night was friday

okay so imagine doing the whole netflix/chill bit with stoner!michael on a little blanket fort he made for the two of you in his apartment in honor of finals being over and he’d totally be content with just watching old holiday themed disney movies with you and the mood would be amazing but then the urge to smoke hit him like a bus and he pulled an already prepared joint from the front pocket of his joggers and he’d avoid eye contact with you because he already knew how you felt about the annoying habit of his so he’d just light the blunt, close his eyes and take a drag, pulling your body closer to his. “michaeeeell, do you really have to smoke that in the house?” you whined, “its cold outside and plus its my house!” he objected. “so, im sorry princess, but my house my rules.” he smirked, taking another drag and omg you’d just continue to playfully argue and you’d pout until he eventually put the joint out and he’d go back to cuddling you which would eventually turn to tickling and yes wtf this is so cute i want this

((and it was blurb night but I definitely forgot lol im trash sorry))