plus that dude's the most beautiful thing

if u arent a sharks fan, join us!!!! here is 10 reasons why u should be a sharks fan (id attach pictures to complete the clickbait-y theme but im on mobile so)

1) dads. theyre all dads. sweet old men who just want (and deserve imho) a cup

2) theyre pretty good! theyre overall a strong team and know how to play well and balance both offense and defense (unless theyre playing a bad team then they forget how to hockey but it is what it is)

3) have u seen baby pavelski and babies burns??? cutest babies. the sharks have the cutest babies

4) the mascot is a shark like. how cool. and when they take the ice at home games they go thru a giant shark head. its rad

5) along with the dads, there’s also cutie pies like chris tierney and logan couture and Aaron dell! and tomas hertl is an angel tbh hes the cutest and sweetest and happiest little dude.

6) saved martin jones from the kings. he went undrafted and was the kings backup for a couple years (he won a cup with them and i have mixed emotions about it). and now hes our starter!!!! and he’s super good!!!!! and super nice!!!!! and super cute if u ignore the dead shark eyes he gets during losses and how he forgets to blink sometimes. he also really likes avocados and venturing outside of his crease

7) all of the kids??? the barracuda and the rookies??????????? are beautiful. theyre all beautiful and adorable and sweet. plus the barracuda are a really good team.

8) brent burns is single handedly saving the jersey number 88. whatta guy. hes also third in points overall!!!!! and he’s a defenseman!!!!!!!!!! the only guys in front of him are mcdavid and crosby so he’s first in points of real actual human beings in the nhl!!!

9) the players are super funny and unproblematic and theres no drama. theyre just a bunch of chill dudes playin hockey and havin a good time doing it. the most problematic thing is how confusing the captaincy situation has been over the past few years

10) overall just!!! the best team!!! theyre so good. the fans are great the org is great the players are great. please love them!!!

Boyfriend Jun Would Include...

A/N: I haven’t done one of these in a while. so here we go

  • People say Jun is a greasy person but come on Jun is the sweetest little thing 
  • Like he can be flirty at times and have that charm but how can you not like that
  • Jun as your bf would be wowowowo
  • Lots of skin ship 
  • Kissing is number one 
  • He may act confident about it but hes actually a really sensitive shy guy 
  • Like Seungcheol, Jun has a strong sexy charming outside but a soft squishy and shy inside 
  • He’s such a sweet person, he’d do anything to see his friends smile 
  • Jun is such a care giver he loves to take care and nurture things 
  • Like a mother, you’ll see your boyfriend feedings his members and tucking them into bed 
  • He such a intelligent fine china 
  • Who can also be a dumb ass just because he wants to 
  • Jun like attention but he’s not someone who begs for it
  • He rather have you set your eyes on him then the other way around 
  • He would approach you in a friendly way, befriending you before going in and stealing your heart
  • You two would  become good friends, sharing your interests, like the food you like, music, movies, tv shows….etc
  • Jun seems pretty open, like he’ll tell you anything that’s on his mind, 
  • If you ever here the term greasy and Jun put together, just remember Jun isn’t like that at all
  • This kid is so shy and sweet and gentle, yet fun and playful. Kind of like that childhood friend you grew up with. ONLY HOTTER BOII
  • Jun is kinda protective though, like if he sees you with another dude, he might get a little bit jealous, but he knows how to control himself
  • If he does feel like a little suspicious of someone he’ll like stare them down with those deep captivating eyes. 
  • Or he’ll say some rude comment but he drops them at the right moment super discreet so he wont come off as too blunt 
  • On that note this boy knows his way with words like DAMMMNNN the things he would say 
  • He’d be so honest with his feelings towards you like, he’d be the first to say I love you. He’d be the first to kiss you cause hes JUN and he has that confidence
  • Jun is the Prince of China (our little chinese prince :3) 
  • Like dude Jun is so talented like HE CAN ACT SING DANCE PLAY INSTRUMENTS 
  • Jun is everything dudeeeee its JUN MAN 
  • The most affectionate puppy ever 
  • When you two disagree with something, Jun’s the type of person to pout and whine until you makeup 
  • He hates seeing you upset, he’s such a empathetic person 
  • During sexy time, JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN 
  • HE WOULD BE LIKE THOSE REALLY SOFT AND GENTLE YET ROUGH AND FUN TYPES??? oki save me im too innocent for this :O
  • Jun is soooo sexy tho NO NO HES NOT SEXY he’s smexy dude 
  • Imagine jun in the morning when he wakes up, all tired and puffy and cute
  • His deep morning voice calling out to you
  • Jun is the type to text you GOOD MORNING HOW YOU DOIN LIKE VERY MORNING 
  • He prob sends a ton of emojis and emoticons cause hes cute like that
  • He takes secret pictures of you so he can admire your cuteness (sounds weird when you type it out but im sure hes not creeping promise) 
  • He’s also the type to like take exclusive selfies of himself to send to you
  • Like ones where he has his model face and others where he’s being stupid 
  • He’s more of a call then text person. he loves hearing your voice 
  • He loves to sing and hum for you how sweet
  • He loves to pat you on the head and hug you OMG jun ADORES HUGS
  • Back hugs, front hugs ALL KINDS OF HUGS
  • He likes being the big spoon cause he just wants to cuddle you man 
  • BUT HE LOVES it when you cuddle him too :)
  • Jun loves to take simple and chill type dates where you two just have fun 
  • But he also loves dressing up all fancy and dinning at fancy high class restaurants to treat you two 
  • He would offer to pay the bill a lot of the time 
  • But if you REALLLY INSIST hes totally okay if you split with him 
  • His kisses would start off sweet and slow, his soft pink lips gently brush past your cheek and find their way to yours. He likes to take things slow before BAM ITS JUN BABY 
  • Like after each kiss he’d have the widest smile on his face, while he watched you blush 
  • He loves making you blush 
  • He loves teasing you 
  • He’s the type of bf to call you late at night because he’s lonely and he just wants to talk 
  • He loves night adventures
  • Bur hes also the type to ensure you’re wearing your sweater and scarf because he doesn’t want you to catch a cold 
  • “Here take my jacket, don’t get sick on me!” 
  • Oki story time 
  • Imagine it’s around Christmas time, Jun and you plan on going shopping. You can see all the pretty holiday decorations and hear all the holiday songs 
  • It puts Jun in such a good mood
  • Likes hes just soooo happy 
  • You too are walking back to your house after all the shopping and eating 
  • And as you get to your door, he turns around and grabs you gently to steady you
  • “Y/N, how are your holidays so far?” 
  • “Good,,” you reply simply 
  • “Ahh, that;s good, By the way, Happy holidays.’ His lips curl into that cute little grin 
  • He leans down and places his forehead against yours, now face to face, you can feel his warm breath in contrast to the cold winds. 
  • He then kisses you softly on the lips, holding you for a moment, before pulling away to gaze down at you
  • “Happy Holidays Y/N, I love you.” He’d then ruffle you hair and pretend like nothing happened. 
  • :DDDD 
Babe and the Ficlets: Youth (Part 1)

Originally posted by poorbeautifuldean

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, Jody, Donna, Charlie

Word Count: 3012

Summary:  Dean Winchester, guitarist, lead singer, and most recently smitten with the new, elusive AV tech.  

Warnings: Mentions of drug use, Swearing

A/N: Hey guys!  I’m so nervous excited to bring you this series.  I’ve been working on it for ages.  I was pretty inspired by the band Daughter, so each chapter will be heavily influenced by a different song.  This chapter’s song is Youth.  There’s a saying: ‘If you’ve met one person with Asperger’s, you’ve met one person with Asperger’s.“  It is after all Autism Spectrum Disorder.  People exist all across the spectrum.  So, while I wrote some of my own experiences into this story, it is by no means a complete or definitive encapsulation of ASD.  And while you might not be able to relate to everything in this story, I still urge you to embrace your own vulnerabilities while reading.

Special thanks to my love @the-winchesters-beta, for kicking my butt and making me post things and for all her awesome words of support.

“God, damn it! Fucking piece of shit thing!” Dean swore, kicking at his amps. He played another riff, then bent to look at the source of his trouble.  This was the last thing he needed right now.  

“The feed is wrong,” came a soft, flat voice from the edge of the stage.  He looked up at the woman standing in front of him.  He fumed.  He was so sick and tired of groupies thinking they knew more than him about his own business.  She pointed to the amp and began explaining the problem.

“Here, let me,” she offered. She pulled the mess of cords she had slung over her shoulder onto the stage, wedging the gaff tape between her teeth.  She swung a leg over the edge of the stage and hauled herself up with small grunt.

Dean suddenly realized she might not be just a groupie.  Without waiting for him, she turned off the power, unplugged the amp, disconnected the input and took off the back panel.  Suddenly there were wires everywhere.

“What are you-,” he protested as she checked the wiring.  

“What did you do to this baby,” she muttered, pulling a Swiss Army knife from her back pocket, switching it open to wire strippers.  Dean was annoyed.

“If you break my equipment,” he warned.

“Break?  You’re lucky you weren’t electrocuted.”  He peered over her shoulder, watching her reconnect a bad wiring.  He suddenly realized she wasn’t challenging him, or testing his knowledge.  She was just fixing his amp.

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