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Rebel Wilson made a red carpet statement we need to talk about

When asked the classic “who are you wearing” question, Rebel Wilson gave the designer name: Eloquii, one of the only plus-size brands mentioned on the red carpet that night — or any night. And it’s a brand more people should know about — because not only does Eloquii deliver actual on-trend, cool clothes above a size 12, it’s actually affordable.

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This Unique Vintage maxi has such an early 20th century vibe, it took me right back to the time I was obsessed with Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury hipsters. The hat and shoes are from widely differing eras but on the whole I feel this is the sort of wearable period look that I immensely enjoy. 

♥  Hibiscus Maxi Dress c/o Unique Vintage ♥  Woven leather T-Bar shoes from ASOS {There’s a similar pair here and also one here} ♥  Vintage Borsalino hat from Fabgabs Etsy  ♥

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links and I’ll receive a small amount of compensation if you choose to buy anything through these links. Thank you for supporting my blog!  ♥

Throwing Rocks at the Sky // nottheonlyone

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Harry Styles

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Explicit language, sexual content, angst, enemies to lovers, age difference, kid fic (sort of), university student Zayn, Rockstar Harry

Word Count: 36, 286

Status: Complete

Zayn scoffs. “You’re trashed, dude.”

He can’t believe he’s arguing with a rockstar outside a small venue in Brooklyn. A rockstar he’s idolized for years. A rockstar he’s defended multiple times and praised countless times.

Harry Styles could fall onto the dirty pavement and hurt himself now for all he cares.

“You’re trash!”

Zayn shakes his head. He’s upset. He’s tired. And Harry fucking Styles has ruined what he’s sure would have been an amazing night. He needs to get out of there.

Zayn turns on his heel. He needs to get home. He’ll just slip in and let Louis and Niall know—

“Hey! Where are you going? I’m talking to you, Pretty Boy! Gonna go write shit about me, huh? Gonna go make shit up about me so you can cash in? Gonna get your fifteen minutes of fame like everyone else?”

He’s thrumming with anger and heat and disappointment when he quickly turns and shouts, “Fuck you, asshole!”

AU where Zayn runs a fairly successful and popular music blog and ends up writing a scathing review on indie rock sensation Harry Styles after a not so pleasant first encounter.


Do you ever plan an outfit around an accessory, tumblr? I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that I do. As soon as I clapped eyes on these adorbs Erstwilder toucan earrings I knew they had to be mine, and that I’d be wearing them with this dress, (which you’ve totally seen before).

In the interest of full disclosure I was so chuffed by the way this outfit came together that I wilfully broke one of my own cardinal rules of age-appropriate dressing and wore two novelty items in the same outfit. What’s more I’m not even sorry. Haters gonna hate regardless, so knickers to ‘em. 

So, this post finds me on location for once. Karen paid a surprise visit this weekend and we went to check out the Joseph Cornell at the Royal Academy. Having missed out on the Sonia Delaunay, which I really wanted to see, I was determined to catch this one. For those of you who aren’t familiar, he’s the chap who never travelled anywhere aside from in his imagination, and created art in boxes. He was quite an odd fish by all accounts and I’ve been fascinated by his work for years. It was lovely to see so much of it in one place.

(I didn’t take this. I nicked it off the internet. Please don’t take me to court, Anonymous Photographer! Just ask me to take it down or give you a credit).

I had to chortle at the name of these shoes because they are about as cool as my Hotters are hot. They are, however, fantastically comfortable as they have memory foam inner soles that I don’t have to remove to accommodate my orthotics. It really is like walking on air and they were only twenty quid. My bolero was brand new with tags and cost me £3.99 back when I was teaching in Liverpool last year.

…and here is my lovely photographer in her cattastic new H&M top! Seriously, how cute is it?! I am gutted they haven’t used this print on anything in my size. 

After the exhibition we had lunch then went for a pootle around Piccadilly, pressing our noses up against various prohibitously expensive windows in arcades that only MPs, landed gentry and obscenely rich tourists can afford to spend money in. We spotted this rather fabulous paper creation on our travels…

We also popped into Fortnum’s so’s I could top up my depleted supply of Smoky Earl Grey teabags, and finished up in Green Park. All in all a very civilised day out in my beloved city.

didn’t think you would get any fan art of these two did you? please do more with these characters, I ship them so hard thanks to you. P.S. sorry for the crappy drawing, doing it on computer isn’t my style, plus I don’t know how to do it anyway
Well you’re definitely right about that! By far the last thing I was expecting. I caused you to ship this huh? My bad. But thank you very much for making it! I think it’s actually kinda cute. Although now this makes me wonder if anyone else has ships for this blog. 

I need your opinions..

So I was thinking about re-doing the dialogue for my comic…only problem is that Paint Tool SAI (which I’ve drawn the entire comic in so far) doesn’t have a text tool.

Plus the style I’ve drawn it in, relies heavily on transparency and I can’t just bring it over to another program without ruining the transparency to my knowledge…nor do I have another program aside from MS Paint that could do that.

So please can you all let me know if the hand-written dialogue I’ve been doing looks okay? I’m really scared that all this work is going to be ruined..

Also hey here’s some sneak peeks haha. But please let me know if it looks okay or if you have any suggestions on how I can add text in without ruining my transparency.

anonymous asked:

As much as I dislike Taylor, I don't see her being forgotten anytime soon. Plus, they're style is different. But, I know what the anon meant & I do think CL can do well. Even just attending the VMAs had people asking who she is & wanting to be fans.

Yes, I was really surprised.. the only thing she did was to walk on the red carpet but yet.. so many people are curious about her. It makes me really happy to know she’s being acknowledged by the public.

The Count’s Daughter ~ Snow Troupe 2014


I didn’t technically exaggerate when I said last weekend was my last free one till October 10, but this weekend was previously planned zukathon weekend.  And today my boss told me to come in at noon since I was working late into the evening on Friday correcting someone else’s incompetence. \(o.o)/

I paid very little attention to The Count’s Daughter when it came out. It was a Nissay show in the aftermath of Sou’s taidan and the before-math of my Chicago adventure, plus this floofy style did not match my perception of Chigi. So I wrote it off, and then liked it quite a bit more than I thought I would. 

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Posted this on Facebook after seeing yet another former coworker engaging in fatphobic nonsense.

“I am so sick and tired of seeing so many people’s hang ups and internalized fat phobia. You really and honestly think a PIXAR character that portrays a CHILD is wondering Why they don’t look good in a bikini? Do you ever stop and think what you’re doing and saying isn’t harmful and exclusionary?

Here’s my big, FAT pale ass in a bikini. If you don’t like it, delete me. I don’t need your toxicity in my life.”


Untamed Style - our size and personal style shall not be shamed.

Wearing a Fall trend for this edition,
velvet bodycon dress in midnight blue and silver grey - River Island uk 18.
Accessorised with a rope braid necklace with black feathers, H&M boots