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Gotta love how it suddenly turns out Spock can totally just sight-read hand-written piano pieces, and play them without problem

And Kirk doesn’t even comment on it

It’s just a thing now

Let’s talk about this picture. This is the first picture I have taken in so long where I am actually happy and confident. As a black plus size woman I have struggled to see myself as beautiful. I thought my natural hair was ugly. I thought because I was a size 26 I could never be pretty or elegant. But this picture really captures the natural beauty I am now beginning to see I have. Thank you to @unintelligentnuisance, my best boo, for taking this. You really helped a lot hun

captlorca  asked:

Ash + Bad days

He hides them under the sweet smile, under the tilt of his head, the widening of his eyes. He hides them under the innocence and the brightness, and he almost fools everyone. 


Tilly notices in the sideways slant of his smile and the way his mouth moves when he tries to think about how to answer her question about how he’s feeling today. She gives him an extra hug as they pass on his way to the bridge, her fluffy hair tied back but still tickling his chin. 

Michael notices in the slight pause before he answers questions, as he turns around in his chair on the bridge, and she gives him a touch of a smile, and he knows she’s worried about him. She brings him candy and a brief brush of her fingertips on his shoulder, which is practically the same as the hug he’d gotten from Tilly earlier, in the amount of comfort it brings him. 

Ash isn’t sure Lorca notices until the captain drags him down to the holodeck later, citing “training” as a way for Ash to work out his pain, as a way to get his frustration out, his pent-up energy, as a private place so that when he finally breaks and sinks to the floor, he has someone there to hold him. 

And after, when he curls up in between Tilly and Michael in their room for movie night, he silently thanks all his lucky stars that he has such good friends to help him through his bad days.