plus some other people too


I wasn’t even planning on doing a follow forever, but I thought that since it’s the end of 2014, I could. (plus i saw some other people do this, so i wanted to do it too) The blogs listed here are my closest tumblr friends and absolute favourite blogs, but I LOVE every single blog I follow ♥ Thank you for making my dash so amazing this year too. I also apologize if I forgot anyone!! if you think you should be here, message me please :)

j-royale minhvuns veality jounghoseok pikkuchangjo bomblast ygjunkie bomminator daesunki adorkableplaygirlz minronie n-uest popobaek m-inhyuns myungssu calandocaress kyuberrytin qaerin nuestism stopsehunnie nuestlovestory yestokpop daes-glam-llama alatarielz hallupallu just-a-haru discosarang baeko chaelinssi minjixc 

Happy New Year everyone and thank you once again! I hope 2015 will be great for all of you :)