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Sketch redraw of an old OC. Her name is Kaosu which is basically pronounced “Chaos” and she’s pretty mischievous, childish, blunt, and openly affectionate haha. She’s also part of an old OC couple pair I had with an artist friend on Instagram. 

Serious Cullen

“Apparently I spend too much time with a serious expression on my face, and it’s bad for my health.”

Part 1 of ‘The Many Expressions of Cullen Rutherford’

(A little collection I’m putting together of some of my favourite screenshots documenting his expressive nature. All are original 100% Cullen nothing added or taken away via mods).

big boy ready to crush caesar



↳ The Official Rules of Baseball (2/?)


Title: hair (Soulmate AU) PART 1

7 days of imagines

|day 1| |day 2| |day 3| |day 4| |day 5| |day 6| |day 7|

 I sat on the couch, I just got my hair dyed, bright blue. I just wanted a change to my boring hair color. A bright blue was just what I needed. 

 "Your soulmate might be pissed at you for that" my mother nagged

 "He’ll just deal with it" I said with a smirk

 It was a weird belief that your soulmate would change hair color when you dyed it or sprayed color in it. It happened to some people but people claim to prove it with science. 

 That night I was busy scrolling through my tumblr feed. I then saw a picture of Chandler Riggs at Stalker Walker convention with sudden blue hair. I looked at it for 5 minutes. Just staring at the one photo not knowing what to say. I jumped out of bed and got into my car. 

I had a theory.


 ((Chandler’s POV)) 

I woke up the next morning with a million colors in my hair. Bright unflattering orange, pukey green and yellow plus so many more. First blue now this? 

 "Your soulmate must really hate you" Grayson said

 "C'mon, your helping me. It’s war"


((Your POV))

 I was in the middle of a speech for class, when suddenly I felt something happening to my hair 

“(Y/N) your hair is changing!” My best friend yelled 

I stopped my speech and ran to the nearest reflective object. My hair was black, except some white writing on it “CR RULES”. 

During my study hall I was scrolling through instagram when I got to a video from Chandlerriggs5. 

 "Dear soulmate, should we call it truce. Meet me in six flags at 12 pm. You better be there you owe me for those awful colors.“ he said in his video

 I sat there awestruck.

 "What’s wrong?” The one friend I had in study hall asked

 "I have to go to Atlanta" I told him


Epic Korra Fanfic Plug Time!

I can’t believe i didn’t know about this story till now!! first chapter and i’m already hooked :D

I suppose it’s time to plug my Korrasami fic—but this time, with reader quotes!

Now… as for that last scene… I must admit that I’ve read hundreds, if not thousands, of korrasami fics, and by far, yours is the one with the most fidelity to each character’s personality. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing when writers write characters OOC, but it’s a wonderful thing to read the characters in their element, especially since we still don’t have comics… ugh, the wait is killing me! So this is a very nice breath of fresh air.

I love these characters! My fundamental goal is to continue the characters and world we love from the show as smoothly as possible, while getting to explore them deeply. I don’t have a 13 episode time-limit, so I can dwell and linger and explore all those many, many open threads the show left us!

And wow. That Korrasami ending was just wow. It was raw, touching and moving. Exactly what I look for in Korrasami fics. You’ve got yourself a fan.

Have to admit, I enjoy the gushing. Here’s more!

Ahhhhh! I love this! It has what I want from a Legend of Korra story! Korra/Asami, Korra *and* Asami being awesome together and apart, with their own storylines.

Our two leading gals are front and center, and they deserve nothing less! Their relationship hits the ground running—they have a lot of emotional baggage to catch each other up on. Still, they are very in love and very dorky and that’s just wonderful.

Admittedly, I read this chapter a few times. Or at least the korrasami parts, because I’m a huge sap. I know. Sue me. It’s your fault for writing fluff so damn well.

And apparently others agree! Not that it’s a fluff-centric fic… far from it.

Ugh. Why don’t you rip my heart out and throw it in a shredder, why don'cha?! All whining aside, one of the things I love the most about this story is that you’re taking the time to ask all the hard questions that were left open-ended when the show ended. In a way, that was good because–aaah ma guudness, look at all the lovely fanfics! But on the other hand, they were NAGGING questions, and not every fanfic has covered them! Jeesh! But we’re so lucky you decided to write this!

I’ve been writing for years, but never ventured into fanfic before. Korra is something special to me—in my personal life, certainly. But also, so few shows end so openly—the series resolved well, but there’s still so many questions up in the air!

(Plus, more than a few nagging little plot holes that are easily fixed by filling them with angst.)

Wow (as the little Asami’s would say) this is one of the best fanfics I’ve read in a while; I really like the way you are handling all of the arcs and base part of the story on plot holes left by te series. Something tells that the Avatarvetse is going through the a series of revolutions similar to those of the end of the 19th century + some more modern movements, I really like the parallels, specially with what is going on with the red lotus and fire nation.
I generally don’t like OCs in fanfics, but yours are really interesting, I specially like Nuktik. He has so many things to deal with! Can’t wait till Korra gets to the fire nation to Deal With everything, give the poor kid a break (and some more loving!). I’ll be waiting for the update, I bet it’s gonna be great (but take your time!)

Revolutions? Isn’t this a Korrasami fic? Well, yes, it very much is, but the scope is way broader than our two favorite gals. They’re both major world leaders and the world is still in flux. The decisions Asami and Korra make will impact how all that turns out. No pressure!

As for original characters—there’s a few. Just as every season introduced a few new faces to the cast, to compliment the plot and expand the world. But if there’s anybody in the show you’re looking for, odds are that they’re in here. I think right now Tahno and Gommu are the only characters ‘of note’ that haven’t been included to some degree? Did you even remember who Gommu was?

I have to compliment to you, because you’re expanding this fiction to a lot of Avatar’s world we didn’t see, at least in Korra’s days. It seems kinda difficult to manage all this mess, but you’re doing it extremely well.

I’m honestly surprised myself how well I’m pulling some of it off! Come for the Korrasami fluff—and there’s a LOT of fluff, especially early—stay to watch me juggle.

As you can tell, I’m rather well… invested in your fic. It’s been a great ride so far and your writing is superb! Especially considering the many threads you are weaving. Yours is a thoroughly engaging tale and I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

Luckily, they didn’t have to wait for long—other than a brief hiatus during winter break, I’ve been updating this fic consistently every two weeks. I’ve got chapters pre-written nearly through the finale, and I know how this all ends… it is gonna be great. Also, lengthy.

The writing is so smooth and nearly flawless that it’s not a hard read, which is always a plus especially when reading fics. The characters behave so closely to canon that it just feels natural. Basically, things that are normally hard for fic writers to accomplish seem so effortless here, which is one of the main reasons I’ll keep reading. Also, the concept of guns in the avatar universe is a really interesting idea and I really want to see how that plays out and how Korra and Asami’s views will clash. I feel it’s a very good conflict to bring up and in some ways it might even end up as a commentary on how guns are treated in our world, I’ll just have to keep reading and see. Lovely chapter!

Of course I point out compliments to my writing, but… guns?

They’re not the central focus of the story—that’s the characters, and Korrasami in particular—but they are the aspect that sets it apart from other fics. It’s not exactly a spoiler—they get brought up in chapter 1—but I was way more interested in how the various characters react to them than the guns themselves. I love this world and I love it’s characters… but as a writer, I’m interested in action, and consequence. There’s not much more direct a metaphor for that than pulling a trigger.

The story is not pro-gun. The story is not anti-gun. The story is one in which guns exist… and the world has to figure out what that means.

Alright, let me just say that I am very upset right now. I have now caught up with this amazing, intense, well written, and complex story, and Korra STILL has not found out about the guns!!! Like seriously yo! I don’t even know why I want the drama that’s gonna happen as much as I do but I NEED IT! It probably has something to do with the fact that you write fluff so well that I’m positive the angst and drama that’s about to be unleashed is gonna be ASTOUNDING!!

Somebody gets it.

Oh. My. God.

Yaaasss!!! This chapter was amazing in every way. I’ve been waiting too long for the 'shit hits the fan’ chapter but it was definitely worth it.

The worst part there is… the shit had only begun to hit the fan.

I’m so madddddddd.
You’re so awesome though, why you do this?
Anyway, very much good luck to you in grad school (yikes!) And specially kudos to you for taking on this beast of a story as eloquently as you have in the midst of that (I myself barely hang).
But yeah. Update soon! (End this perpetually familiar agony!)

But as bad as things get in this story—and they do wind up getting pretty bad—that’s all a down-payment on the triumph I have planned for the end. How well can Asami and Korra weather this storm? Spoilers: I love them and would never leave them unhappy. But getting there…

That’s where the fun is.

You want mad? I’m mad!!

Not really. This is one of the best expansive fics around and I’m super stoked you keep updating it. All the different plot lines are well thought out even as they twist around each other and meet up.
Can’t wait for more!

So maybe give the fic a shot, guys! I promise, there’s so many threads being explored, at least a few will speak to you. All you have to do is click on these words right here, I even made it easy for you!

(Completely perfect cover picture courtesy of drakyx. Visit her tumblr for more excellent art!)

A Little Update!

Now that I’m officially done with classes for the school year woo hoo I can finally completely focus on this blog! I’ve done some thinking and I have a few things to say so I made this little update so without further ado~

1. Requests are open again! I’m going to have a lot of free time since I only have a small part-time job now so I can dedicate more time into requests. Requests will be open until around May 20 since that’s my birthday and I’ll want to take some time off then!

2. Match Ups are closed for now! I really want to put more time into writing headcanons and scenarios so I’m going to close match ups for now. I may open them up again at some point so keep an eye out for that, but for now they are closed!

3. Submissions are a thing! I literally had no idea what a submission was and I guess mine was turned off but it’s open now so feel free to submit anything you’d like!

4. Help me come up with a lengthy writing prompt! Okay so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and I finally have some time to do it! Basically I want to write a multiple chapter story or pick one scenario and make a super long story-like response with any of the Mystic Messenger character(s) but I’m not sure what to write about. So if you have any thoughts, please don’t hesitate to give me an idea!

5. Talk to me! The next couple of weeks are pretty open for me and I tend to get bored easily so if you ever want to chat, Mystic Messenger related or not, I’m available! I also love giving advice so feel free to ask me anything!

That’s basically it! I’ve really enjoyed running this blog and making requests! I have some fun ideas coming up so stick around for them! Thank you as always for your support!! :3 


2 jades i drew in class

Guys, our local Viet-tien market started carrying one of the special kitkat flavors and it was the green tea one and ommmmg. I love kitkats for the crunch but the flavor is so smooth and pleasant.


A painting of my cousin and her fiancé, who met while studying birds in Australia, commissioned by another cousin as a gift. Rosellas are their area of expertise, but I couldn’t help going all out researching and adding Australian birds until the drawing was packed with them - they’re just too amazing *__*

As a little extra gift I made the little ink and watercolour bonus images below; one for Leonie & Raoul with rosellas and fairy wrens, and one for tea-expert Marjolein - thanks so much again for this sweet commission <3

My current favorite Simblrs/Legacies/Stories

I was assigned a separate phone for my  work caseloads…hooray! So now I can use my personal phone to receive notifications on my favorite Simblrs! So needless to say, I’m currently reading ( stalking!) these Simblrs, and you should too! LOL

1. @tinwhistletoo I just finished reading her Isolde story and it was ah-mazing! I have an irrational fear of vampires even pixel Sim ones ( I’m weird lol) but her story was so good…I didn’t even mind the scary ass vamps! Plus the romance was so storybook perfect, in a bloody terrifying vampire way, lol! Currently reading her latest story, and yeah, it’s got me hooked too.

2. @thefoxandhersimblr If you’re into complex love triangles, well developed characters and beautiful Sims…please read the Ivy Legacy. What amazes me is that it’s one of those legacies where there isn’t a long block of text to read in order to understand what’s going on…the dialogue itself is so well written you feel the drama in just a few short sentences. I want to master this skill, for real lol. I be writing essays, lol.

3. @simlishanddreams Ever read legacies or stories where the Sims feel like real people, and you just get super invested in them? That’s how I feel about this Simblr, I just adore it. 

4. @cinamun  Reading this Simblr is like watching a movie unfold! Alex and Larry had me laughing, crying, cheering…all kinds of roller coaster emotions, and I’m feeling the same way with Indya. Her pics are so detailed, I’m just in awe.

5. @simazinblr I love the Richards Legacy! I just discovered this Simblr not too long ago, and Jovan and Crystal are my dream couple! Plus Jovan is sooo sexy lol. 

I have so many more Simblrs I adore as well! Reading stories and legacies is such a relaxing pastime for me. This community is so talented, it’s so inspiring.

Kihyun 2014-2015 Compilation
Yoo Kihyun
Kihyun 2014-2015 Compilation

Kihyun 2014-2015 Compilation ✨ (19:59) by @yookihyun
(for some reason tumblr won’t let it play, probably because it’s 20mins.. so please just follow the soundcloud link to listen instead!!!)

NO MERCY: Hyeya, Bang Bang, Caffeine, 0 (Young), Hug Me
TRESPASS: Trespass, No Exit, One Love, Honestly, Steal Your Heart, Blue Moon
RUSH: Rush, Hero, Perfect Girl, Amen, Gone Bad, Broken Heart, Hero (Broadcasting Ver.)
EXTRAS: Attractive Woman, You’re Beautiful, One More Step, Must Have Love, Moon of Seoul

Minhyuk 2014-2015 Compilation ✨ by @monbebe

anonymous asked:

Hello can you rec some klaine fics?

I sure can!  You’ve hit on one of my favorite topics and pastimes.  Most of these will probably be familiar to a lot of you, but there’s a reason for that - they are just that good.

“Someone Like You” by @iconicklaine - this was actually the first multi-chapter Klaine fic I read.  GO.READ.NOW if you haven’t already.

“Go Your Own Way” by @zavocado - if you like some Badboy!Blaine, go read this and the one shots that follow.

“I’ve Been Looking for You Forever by Chloe Winchester - another Badboy!Blaine fic; its so so good.  I actually just finished re-reading it.

Everything by @mrscriss2012 - not even joking.  Just go read all of her Klaine fic.  They are some of my absolute all time favorites.

“Where There’s Smoke” by Stoney - its wonderful.  I should go read this again, come to think of it.  Firefighter!Blaine - who knew?

“Angel in a Red Vest” by @dontbefanci - more firefighter!Blaine and a delightful story to boot.

“Loving Arms” and “Syrup and Honey” by @heartsmadeofbooks

“True Like” by dualweilding

“Everyday” by @ohblainers

“Heartsounds” by @gingerandfair

These are just a few I can think of off the top of my head (and the tabs that are open on my iPad!).  I have read all of them so many many times.  I should also say that if you don’t like the sexy times, well, I’m not sure this is the right list of recommendations for you. 😉

You can find links for all of these on the @klainecrisscolferlibrary plus a TON more.  There are so many wonderful stories.  I firmly believe that we have one of the most talented and passionate fandoms out there.  And the fact that 2 years after Glee has ended, people are still churning out stories about these two idiots falling in love over and over in a thousand different ways speaks volumes about how impactful they still are.  And how much we all still love them.

do you ever love one of your characters so much more than is necessarily appropriate ….

anonymous asked:

Hi, you mentioned korean swear words and im curious. Do you have any posts of swear words? Or is it too nsfw? Ive always been dissapointed because i feel like korean swears are so weak compared to (especially british) english and i like to swear lol. But then again i know know very basic ones. But i mean 놈? 새끼? 자식? 미친? 멍청한? These are so weak haha

Have you considered that swears of another language feel weaker to you because….it’s not your native language lol?

First of all I will admit that when I said english lacks creativity in swear words, I was thinking of american english. British english uses almost all of the swear words common in american english, plus many more, so I would call it a more ‘swear-friendly’ dialect of english than american english. But as an american myself, I can really only speak for american english in my descriptions below, and I still think my argument applies to british english.

Korean has a simple swears which can be very easily attached to any common noun or adjective. A 선배 of mine likes to joke about how literally any word can become a swear if you add -새끼, and then add it on to everything in his proximety (나무새끼, 쓰레기통새끼, 꽃새끼..) There’s not a good equivalent for this in English. Even when it comes to attaching adjectives to swears aimed at people, English swears are lacking. For example, it is possible to say crazy bitch, ugly bitch etc just like you would say 미친년, 못생긴년 in korean, but unlike 년, ‘bitch’ has it’s own separate meaning on its own despite simply referring to a woman, so it’s not as desirable to be used this way. And then it comes to expressing 미친놈, 못생긴놈 etc in English, there’s no good equivalent for 놈 (the male version of 년). And then when you want to attach a noun on to these swear words instead of an adjective, korean has the simple construction of ~같은 년/놈/새끼 (ex. 개 같은 놈/년/새끼) which would be awkward and unnatural in english. Thus the fluidity of suffixes such as 놈/년/새끼 and prefixes such as 좆/쌍/씹/개 allows for creativity in korean swearing.