plus sized confessions

I want to hold your hand tighter and pull your body closer. While we whisper all the secrets we’re afraid to share with anyone else.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Confessions of a woman madly in love #19.

“I desperately want to direct or animate a Disney movie, but I’m scared that if I make one move wrong, eg, not make characters plus size etc then everyone will hate the film and hate me. But I’m also nervous that if I do add a POC character and do something wrong then I’ll be called a racist, something that I am not. I just want little kids to look at my film and love it and cherish it, and inspire them to live their dreams, not offend or hurt anybody. It breaks my heart really.”

“The recent criticism of Moana- on how Maui is a bigger character, really pisses me off. People complain about the skinny princesses & wanting bigger characters. Here’s Maui and they complain about him?! He’s not promoting obesity. He’s not saying pacific islanders are obese for god’s sake. He’s built like a strongman & is a magical demi-god. I hope this film does better than Frozen because it looks so beautiful and amazing. Find something valid to criticize because Maui’s size isn’t offensive!”

C: Can’t stand the fact that ppl just assume that a plus size girl should settle for any guy that comes her way. Like my peers keep pushing me to date this guy that I’m not attracted to (he’s creepy) just because he likes me. I don’t like him but my friends are like “You should be lucky someone even likes you.” Like wtf. I refuse to settle for any guy. I’m allowed to have a type of guy I like/standard with guys I’m attracted to. 🙄. The fact that I’m a virgin also makes me picky about guys.

“While I’m not offended by Disney’s heroines being ultra thin, as I recognize it’s a stylistic choice, not necessarily a statement on beauty, I would really love for Disney to create a plus-sized princess. Especially a just plain fat princess, who is just as creative and smart and brave as the other princesses. I feel it would be a true inspiration, and it would be such a boost to plus-sized women and girls everywhere.”

“Despite the outcries of people claiming that it would be "encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle”, I do really believe that Disney should make a plus-size female character… Who ISN’T a villain or a side character! In a culture that tells people that they are inherently “bad” and not pretty if they don’t have a certain body type, I think it would present a really positive message to young people"

“It’s almost impossible for me to get merchandise for Disney, since all the clothing I could get is marketed only towards small children and toddlers and there’s no Disney store anywhere nearby me, not to mention my…ahem, generous proportions. Why can’t some of these stores realize there are adult Disney fans, too?”

MOD NOTE: My biggest recommendation is to go to heckyeahdisneymerch and search her tags for clothing, plus sizes, etc, and see what other options you have apart from the Disney Store. You can send a request to her as well. Check the sales on, ask cast members here on tumblr when new clothes come in as well. And what stores do you have near you (Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc)? Check their plus-size section as well as their Disney sections for adults. If push comes to shove, you can check men’s section as well since their clothes aren’t always so form fitting. I know plus-size adult options are very difficult to find however - my mom has the same problem with Disney clothes for my sister.

“Honestly I think one of the most disgusting things that the parks have is a size limit on the face characters. There’s no real reason that they couldn’t at least be a little chubby, and I know it has affected SO MANY women who want to be face characters. And I shouldn’t have to force myself to lose weight/change who I am when I have worked so hard to love my body just the way it is! Either Disney needs to make a plus-sized princess, or get rid of size limits.”