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Love who you are, embrace the body that you’re in, and encourage those who are struggling to do the same. 


In need of some TLC; Tacos, Loan Forgiveness, and Cheese Nips~


Baby shower bliss 🎀it’s a girl. (im)Patiently awaiting Mia’s arrival!

Nanny to be.

This weekend was great! Between my brothers wedding proposal and my best friend (of 10 years) baby shower, I have hope for the future.

I aspire to be a wife and carry a child someday.
Until then, I’m content with a sister in law and another godchild lol



Perfect Date Idea; We have a picnic, consisting of Pizza Lunchables, Capri Suns, and Gushers while we reminisce about 90s cartoons. XD


I don’t need someone to make me feel wanted. I’m conceited enough as it is



I am so shook.

I got a last minute invite to the Torrid Pool Party this past weekend and this happened.

These are from Allure and I’m on major websites with plus size models and bloggers.

I do not deserve this. I’m a grad student. I never considered myself to be a part of the body positivity movement.

But here I am. With all these other beautiful women.

It motivates me to accept myself for who I am. To stop hating myself and my body and to embrace it. To make a name for myself. The sky’s the limit, right? 💜