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In the spirit of the 2014 selfie roundup that’s going around on Tumblr now, here are 10 of my favourite tripod assisted selfies of the year! Unless I have someone to help me out, I shoot my own photos these days, and I’ve gotten comfortable enough with the self timer to get satisfactory results. I’ve shot more outfits this year than any other since I started blogging, which is pretty awesome, I think! Most of the time, I just try to get photos that are in focus and where I’m not mid-blink, but sometimes I accidentally get an excellent shot or two. And these are my 10 favourite unexpectedly excellent shots from 2014 <3 

I am in love with my body. Every single flaw makes me feel beautiful because they are unique and even though others may have similar flaws they arent identical to mine. Some days I dance naked in the mirror just to give myself a show. I deserve to feel sexy no matter what society thinks.

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Outtakes. Contrary to popular belief (since all personal style blogs are an expression of narcissism in some way or the other) not all photos from a shoot actually end up on my blog. These are some outtakes from the posts I’ve shot so far this year - in some of them, the technical glitches are obvious, but sometimes, there really isn’t any particular reason why one photo makes the cut and another doesn’t. 

For the actual shoots these originated from, please visit A Curious Fancy 💕


1. Hi, I had a really busy day and now it’s time to crash. 

2. I have finally mastered the art of the kawaii face :3


ASOS skort   //  Old Topshop blouse  //  Vila jumper  // Ancient Tabio tights from 5 winters ago which are still going strong, wonder of wonders  //  Hologram monk shoes bequeathed, again, by Marie ❤


What with the 40 degree temperatures, it reeeally isn’t possible to take photos out of doors now, so I thought I might do a makeup look! My inspiration is from the makeup at John Galliano’s F/W 2009-10 show, in particular this image which I found on Pinterest a very long time ago. I love a bit of gold on my face. The highlight of this look is my MAC Superslick liquid liner in Pure Show which is actually the best gold eyeliner I’ve ever come across. I added to the vintage circus-y vibe with my ASOS Denim smock and Flimsymoon Etoiles Collar. 

Here’s what I used for my face

  Sleek makeup Be Beautiful Blemish Balm    Benefit Boing concealer  

   Benefit Cha Cha Tint    Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Rumour has It    MAC Superslick Liner in Pure Show 

 Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner    Rimmel Scandaleyes Rocking Curves mascara   Maybelline Brow Drama eyebrow mascara   


It’s been years beyond count since I’ve bought clothes in India. I gave up sometime in 2009, mostly because I was tired of being constantly disappointed and excluded. There are more plus size clothing options in India these days, especially online, but it’s still rare that I can find something that fits my style and budget. This dress was an unexpected surprise, even more so because I found it at the local mall while shopping for my sister. It takes a lot to overcome memories of feeling oversized and out of place while dredging through racks of tiny dresses and tops, but I’m glad I did it this once because this dress fulfills all my boho fashion dreams for summer. The bag is also a local buy from eBay India, and while it took a bit of TLC (oiling and polishing) before I could use it, I’m super happy with how it turned out. 

Wearing ♥ Melange by Lifestyle dress {similar available at ASOS} ♥ Leather saddle bag {similar here} ♥ ASOS lace headband {similar here} ♥ Birkenstock Madrid sandals

Get the look ♥

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