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3 Ways to Avoid the Temptation of Shopping, Especially When There is a Sale

What do you feel when you see this photo? Do you feel the urge to go inside the store because there is a sign for $2.00 tops? Stop! Just look at the shirt in front - it is not cute! Resist the urge and remember you get what you pay for. Second, you will probably only wear something from that rack only once, not at all, and it probably be difficult to match with other items in your closet - if you can find something at all. 

Did you know that if you shop when there is a sale, you are likely to spend more money?  It seems ironic because you would think your total bill would be less if there is a sale and the items would be less expensive. The truth is that you are getting less value because you are adding clothing items that you will likely wear less than the items you spend more on less frequently. Let me explain:

Stop spending money on sale items that add to the clutter in your closet! 

These 3 tips are guaranteed to help you let go of that shopping habit and start saving your hard-earned money for better quality items that you want or need or better yet, buy better quality items that are gently used.

  1. Notice the times or situations when you are more likely to shop. Do you primarily shop online or in a store? When you receive a coupon or discount in your mail or email, do you feel the need to use it? Most “deals” are advertising campaigns to get you in the store or on the site where you will end up spending more. That’s their goal! Think about it. You receive a coupon for 40% off an item or a free item with the purchase of a $25 item. You still have to spend money to get those items! Their trick works on most people because you think you are getting something for free. They are getting you in their store, where you will be tempted by more “deals” or other items that you can’t live without. Now, even if you do receive the item for free, you are still spending time, gas, and effort to receive the item. Time is money! The other consideration is that you probably don’t need the item and it is likely of poor quality. More often than not, this item is going to clutter up your closet and not add value to a simplified wardrobe.

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  1. Look at what is being offered on sale. Is it a quality item? Do you absolutely love it or is it just ok? I will be willing to guess that the sale is for an out-of-season item that you will have to store in another area of your house and will take up space. Before you buy, think, will this add to my clutter? If you have to store it until next season and it will take up more space, don’t purchase it. Now, there are some circumstances where buying an off-season item would be a smart move. If you find an amazing basic item that is timeless, of good quality, fits exceptionally well, and you can’t tell it is from last season, then this could be a good buy. Use your judgment wisely and if you can’t say “yes” to all of the previous statements, do not buy it!

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  1. Destroy any store cards. They are evil and will tempt you to purchase items you do not need. Even if you save a little money on an item, it will cost you in the long run. Almost every store will ask you if you want to save 20-40% on your purchase when you check out, but this “savings” comes at the cost of giving out your social security number and signing up for the possibility of more debt. Don’t do it! Also, retail or other department stores will tell you that you can save more money with their store card when you check out. This isn’t true! They send out store coupons in the mail and online all the time! All you need is their current four letter code of the month or season. Some cashiers will even give you the discount anyway if you ask, without using a store card. If you do make a purchase, use cash. It is safer and we tend to spend less when we use cash.

So, take the time to notice when you are more likely to buy things on sale. Remove the temptations and watch your cash flow improve! You can do it!


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