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*Marquee Day Club VEGAS* I never thought id get to wear a bikini or feel good in one infront of hundreds of people. But i do im not ever trying to glorify obesity i dont want naturaly thin people getting the idea fat is better some how the whole point of my blog is to show folks that fat people can totally be just as happy, successful, sexy and popular as anyone else! all bodies are uniquly beautiful! My point is and always will ne DO NOT WASTE YOUR YOUTH THINKING YOUR TOO FAT TO DO ANYTHING WEAR ANYTHING GO ANYWHERE BE WITH ANYONE confidence is liberating and joyful please enjoy your beautiful bodies this summer its yours to love dont let anyone make you feel like its not okay to be in the skin you have with every scar,stretch,blemish,squishy part, discoloration or ANYTHING ELSE i beg you to wear the bikini you always wanted this year and i dare you to stand, dance, swim and love being in it and not care weather people think it looks perfect only caring that people think you look HAPPY! not oppressed not miserable not ashamed HAPPY the most attractive and contagious behavior is smiling set the trend this year END FEMALE BODY SHAME -thank you 5,000 followers XOXO Lisalamb

When did black culture out peak everyone in fatphobia & diet culture popularity?

African American culture is so anti-fat, like it’s really prominent now. Fatphobia has always been in our culture, but IG, Twitter, and reality t.v. culture made it more pronounced. This flat tummy tea, waist trainer, slim/thick culture is really popular among black girls and women. A lot of thinspo blogs are owned by black women/girls. Like no one is actually concerned about health, we’re just on the trend that it’s “Wack to be fat” or “Big”. That’s why I’m relieved seeing the few black plus size bloggers promote health, fitness and fatness. Notice I said relieved because I still don’t think people’s value should be centered around how pretty and healthy they are. People of any type of health status should be treated like human beings.

It’s easier to promote health and fitness for different body types, but nooooo our culture is still obsessed with telling women our bodies are trends, and follow whatever is in, because it’s never really about health to begin. It’s about what flavor of the month men want **gag**

Now a days, I find more solace and help in non-black body posi spaces. I wish there were more body posi black women or WOC but unfortunately….


Happiness comes from within. I’ve loved myself at 100 and I’ve loved myself at 200 and I’ll continue to love myself until the day I die. I refuse to follow the trend of women shrinking as though they are not allowed the space they deserve. I stand here assuming the space that I am entitled to, and I will not falter. Furthermore -no matter their size- whether it be short, tall, fat, skinny, #curvy, or lanky. No matter what they are, women deserve #respect, #equality, and #equity I am proud because I say so. I am beautiful because I say so. #selflove

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can u do one about Michael praising your thighs but not in a sexual way bc that's the only appreciation I feel like thick-thighed women get like "ok but big thighs are sexy!!!! boys love it!!!" like oops no they don't unless the rest of you is thin I'm sorry I'm feeling very alone and ginormous rn!!!!!! lmao!!! sorry :(

(okay i hope this is kinda what you were going for) 

“you know what i love about you?” michael asked, peering up at you from where his head lay in your lap. you had been watching movies all day together, his head finally sliding onto your legs around the third movie. 

your fingers stilled in his hair, almost cocking your head to the side at his question. “what?” you asked. 

“i love your thighs,” he bit down on his lips. you laughed, rolling your eyes. somehow, you knew michael was going to say that. it was his favorite part about you, you should have known. “they make the perfect pillows. why are thigh gaps even a trend?” he ranted. 

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  • In TV: Claire Underwood is as graceful and cut-throat as ever in the new season of House of Cards. RuPaul’s Drag Race premiered its seventh season with this. And on The Fosters, Jude and Conner (Jonnor) finally kissed! It was awkward and darling and as sappy as network TV could possibly be. We loved it. 

  • In activism: BlackOut is beautiful.

  • In the visual arts: Trippy 2D 3D art made in Cinema 4D and other abstract work. 

  • In the literary arts: The good Dr. Seuss was born on March two-ss. Perhaps in his honor, the poets on Tumblr could rewrite this line in anapestic tetrameter. 

  • In fashion: Hopes of spring and sneaker season.

  • In the news: The Department of Justice released its findings on last year’s shooting of an unarmed Michael Brown by a white police officer, and the institutionalized racism within Ferguson, Missouri’s criminal justice system.

  • In science: Lots of interest in neuroscience after the Descartian First Meditation moment we had looking at that wearing dress. Also, octopus: That’s a hodge-podge of a tag, no?

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Awhile back, I was taking requests for post ideas. This topic was astronomically requested, and I’ve been working on this for the past two weeks trying to make a suitable guide for you guys! I tried my best toi thoroughly cover the above topics. Before you delve into this post, I do go over types of clothing that flatter different body shapes. If one of the clothing types I mention and are your absolute favorite, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! You should continue wearing what you love and what makes you happy! The ideas presented here are meant to me taken as loose suggestions in a guide format. I did my best to make an absolute masterpost of everywhere I could think of that sold plus size items.

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