plus size style


Those of you that follow my blog, you know my affinity for dresses and skirts. I love them. There is simply something so feminine about that look that outside of winter you will rarrrrrrrely see me in pants.

For this post, I tried to mix it up a little. I styled this Elvi top with culottes from @asoscurve. I finished the look with light gray, suede sneakers from @kennethcole-blog to give it a more athleisure look.

Also, notice anything new about my hair? 💋💋


Model Philomena Kwao on being black in a makeup chair: “They’re almost afraid to touch me”

  • Plus-size model Philomena Kwao, who recently appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, is on a mission.
  • She wants to make sure no one forgets just how hard it is to be a black woman and in need of some quality makeup.
  • In a recent video for i-D, Kwao speaks with the model Iman about the struggles of being a black model in a makeup chair.
  • And of working with makeup artists who are clearly clueless about how to deal with darker skin. Read more

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I am in love with this skirt. 😍😍 I am from Hawaii, so this print totally reminds me of Aloha prints and a little bit of home. 🌴🌴

It’s a great transition piece for this weird weather right now. I’ve paired it here with a sleeveless blazer and tank. It could also be paired with a sweater, either cropped or tucked in.

Blazer & Clutch: Target. Tank: H&M. Skirt: Asos Curve. Heels: Dillards.


I basically have had “ants in my pants” with how eager I have been to post this look. My friend Peter shot this set Thursday and I’ve looked at it every day since then. It has been a long time since I felt this beautiful. 

Initially, I was afraid of this dress. I don’t really like to show off my stomach and it has a prominent cut out. I tried to shop around it and ignore it, but I couldn’t get the style out of my mind. So I caved. I could picture how I wanted this blog shoot to look from the location (Mount Holly Historic Cemetery) to the props I wanted to use to set the tone (vintage Nancy Drew novel). I was not going to let my fear of 5 inches of skin stand in the way of what I knew could be an awesome set. I am so glad that I ignored that voice inside my head.

Dress: Alice & You, via Asos Curve

Vest: Coco + Jameson, via Dillard’s

Wedges: KorkEase

Rings: H&M, Forever21, boutiques in Little Rock and Panama City Beach

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack

Clutch: Honestly, I believe it is an off brand version of a Kate Landry clutch.