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i'm having my checkup soon and I know how he's going to tell me I'm overweight and can use to lose like 40 lbs and my doctor and my mom takes it so seriously and tbh i've worked really hard this past year to be more positive about my body and to not let this number make me feel like shit and checkups are always awful for my mindset and i was wondering if you had advice you could give to help me ignore it? i dont want to slip back into my negative thoughts cuz ive hated my body for long enough

Just because you’re overweight doesn’t mean that you’re unhealthy, especially if you’ve been working out and eating healthy! Take a look at this photoset and show it to your mom as well. I’m sure it’ll change both of your mindsets and educate you as much as it taught me. :)

Also, just because you weigh more doesn’t make you any less of a person. I don’t know if you saw this, but the cover of the most recent Women’s Running Magazine cover features Erica Schenk, who is a plus sized model and avid runner and who is extremely healthy.