plus size realness

If you’re fat and you still recite a phrase like “real women have curves” or “men like meat but only dogs like bones” to justify your size, you are an embarrassment.

Find your confidence in yourself without having to step on someone else to get there.

If the amis are a solar system in which Enjolras is the sun and the other eight are the planets, Marius has to be Pluto since he’s a little out of the loop and whether or not he is one of them is a matter of opinion


This is what I wore today and it felt great! 💃🏽👑💋
(Ok, my midriff was a little cold at times, but I live in Canada! It’s to be expected!)

Just a Lazy Day

So, in this fanfiction, I did an evil thing that broke a couple of hearts (insert evil laugh here).  @cute-ellyna, the fluffy here is all for you.
Take this as a sort of compensation for the pain!
And many, many thanks to all the people who commented and reblogged and wrote tags. Be sure, I read them all!

Cullen Rutherford X Demetra Trevelyan

Post Trespasser, nsfwish, shameless fluff

“Do you fear I’m going to disappear if you’ll allow me to breathe?” Demetra couldn’t restrain a soft laugh, when Cullen hugged her a bit tighter.

“I fear you could find something else to do in our home, decide to go and put an end to the best moment of my day.”.

She smiled, pretending innocence “Oh dear, if I’d know that you needed a bath so badly…”.

He pinched her wet bottom, making her squeak and laugh harder.
“You know,” she said after a moment, adjusting herself on his lap and gently running her nails along his cheek and chin “I should forbid you to shave again.”. Her husband smirked, pressing weat kisses along her throat “Mia told me I seem a vagabond, with a six days long beard.”. Demetra giggled breathlessly, brushing her lips against his damp curls “Uhm, I don’t know, I find it… quite hot.”.

He kissed the hollow between her collarbones “You’re a teaser, lady Rutherford.”.

“Your fault, you… ah… you’re re too tempting, lord Trevelyan.” she stuttered, enjoying his clever, slow caresses against her skin.

He grinned – Maker, that grin that could make her weak in her knees even after all the time together– and kissed her hard, his tongue eagerly searching for hers. Pressed as she was against him in the bathtub, she could sense his excitement rising very fast.

They had already made love once, but he didn’t seem willing to leave their bedroom anytime soon.

And, honestly, she wasn’t going to complain. 

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