plus size outfit ideas

smellsliketeenpunk  asked:

any plus size grunge outfit ideas for back to college?(:

You can wear anything you want, you don’t need special clothes just because you’re “plus size”. Check my blog and remember that you can wear everything that you like!


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Top/Charlotte Russe Plus/5$/Up to 3X
Skirt/Forever 21+/14.90/Up to 3X

anonymous asked:

Any ideas for plus size outfits

Hey! I’m going to be honest here and say that I don’t have a lot of experience for shopping/dressing for having a curvy figure. I’ve looked around for inspiration and these are my favourite looks. I am so sorry that I cant help more!

You could try:

  • Crop jeans, blouse, blazer and loafers
  • Skinny jeans (make sure they fit well and don’t make you seem bigger then you are), peplum shirt, low heels and crop jacket
  • White tank, denim shirt, crop jeans, gladiator sandals
  • Maxi skirt, brown thick belt, black top (tucked in), denim crop jacket and brown sandals
  • Peplum shirt, knee length skirt, collar style necklace and heels
  • Printed maxi dress, ankle booties and denim jacket
  • Mullet skirts, tucked in tank top and jacket
  • White peplum shirt, dark jeans, knee-high boots and striped jacket
  • Blouse, black knee length skirt and bright blazer (It’s always good to add a little colour to each outfit and then it also become a focal point!)
  • Long black top, maroon jeans, black cardigan and black heels
  • Grey knit jumper (It’s best to avoid baggy and chunky sweaters), leather jackets, statement necklace (again becomes a focal point) and black jeans, black handbag and black ankle booties!

I hope this are helpful to you! I’m sorry I can’t help more :-( xxx