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Meet the pioneering plus-size models challenging ideals of male beauty
The world of male modelling can hardly be noted for its diversity of bodies. While high couture is ruled by slender androgynous adolescents, the high street is dominated by muscular Ken doll silhouettes. But this is finally changing. At long last, the body positivity movement is picking up steam in men’s fashion. In the same way that we have seen increasing numbers of female curve models break into the mainstream, their male counterparts are now doing the same.

Super excited to be part of this article in The Independent - it’s a great look at where the men’s body positivity movement is right now. 

People just put Tess Holliday on the cover. Are you paying attention, fashion industry?!

This cover is just the latest achievement for the rising model, who gained national attention after signing with a major modeling agency in January, which led to more gigs and the spread of her #EffYourBeautyStandards campaign. A magazine cover is a whole new level of success though, for Holliday and all of us.