plus size model: tara lynn


ilitw gang + insta’s.

EDIT! since i’ve had people mad and attack me for lilys fc because they haven’t read the tags im putting ‘tis here! lily’s fc is tara lynn a plus sized model, her face is slim and usually countered and doesn’t showcase a lot of lilys features i know, but i made sure to have a plus sized model. it’s hard to find plus sized models, never mind teenage ones who might look like lily so i went with tara seeing as they had a resemblance. i didn’t make her body the main showcase of the insta because that’s not like lily, which is why i didn’t showcase the fact that andy is trans or any of the characters are bisexual. if there’s any better face claims for lily, awesome, but for now, actually read my tags before you go on anon to complain to me.