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Guys expect girls to have huge breasts, a small waist, a big butt, long hair, a flat stomach, tanned skin, a cute face, long eyelashes, perfect eyebrows, full lips, a thigh-gap, long legs, wide hips, thick thighs, know how to cook, show a lot of skin but not dress “slutty,“ be sexually experienced but not be promiscuous, love wearing snapbacks, sneakers and high heels *but not be taller than the guy while wearing said heels*, has to love watching sports, won’t call them on their b.s., won’t be jealous of their female “friends”, has to love wearing lingerie, push up bras, yoga pants, thongs and g-strings but can’t wear uggs, heavy makeup, big sunglasses, high-waisted jeans, high-waisted shorts, red lipstick, fake nails, fake hair, leggings, pantsuits or their hair in a bun, must always in the mood to have sex, be “open-minded” in bed, can’t have beauty marks, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, too many tattoos, kinky hair, dark skin, body hair or a vagina or breasts that don’t look like what they’ve seen in porn and can’t weigh more than 120lbs.

And yet they’re deeply offended when girls say they don’t date guys shorter than 6 feet.

Belly Beads!!!! I had an idea in my head… “accessorize your fluffiness” it said! And the way my life is set up if I don’t get ideas, visions, and creativity out I barely sleep!!!
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A lot of women and girls look at models, thin and plus size, and compare themselves to them… i know i do. Many plus size models, particularly the “successful” ones always have such smooth flawless skin, no cellulite, no roles, somehow still have… Flat stomachs too. And never any double chins… Perfect jawlines… Idk i just want to see more women (and men) with “flaws” in the industry.


Just a fat boy in a crop top!

In this outfit

Joggers XL- Rugged Wearhouse $5!

Sweat shirt XXL- Forman Mills $3!
So I found this sweat shirt for jus $3 last year. It was this Mauve pink which I knew was gonna really be on trend so I scooped it! Other than the color the sweat shirt didnt at all wow me so I never wore it! Every so often I check my closet for clothes that I haven’t worn in a while to determine whether they need to be donated or refashioned. This was definitely an item I wanted to refashion. It was simple. I jus cut the bottom elastic off. My secret to crops is not to make them too high. I try to cut then 3 to 5 inch above my belt line. It’s enough to definitely be recognized as a crop top but without me having to be sure all of the lent is out of my belly button before I wear it! LOL! I paired it with some Timberlands (unshown) and was on my way!

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It’s been a minute but I’m back! Business and opportunities have really picked up and it has taken allllll of my time but I missed you guys!!!

Let’s talk about this outfit very quickly.

Jersey was thrifted for $.99! Score! It’s a medium but because practice jerseys like this were made to fit over shoulder pads you can get away with buying them 2 to 3 sizes smaller than normal. I have a few solid color ones available if you’re interested!

Pants can be found at rue 21 (online) or American Eagle (online). Just a little tip.. if get them from American Eagle they have skinny fit but I’ve noticed that if I get my size they are loose. Order them in your size, and the size smaller. See which ones fit better and return the others to the store.(note that if you pay with paypal you WILL NOT be able to return them and get cash back. Only a store credit) I feel good when I return a plus sized item that was only available online, to the store because I know some plus sized guy is gonna go in there and find it and be so happy that they had their size IN THR STORE!

Oh and as always please note that I’m fatter in person! Lol! Dont come on here calling me skinny! I am a solid 285lbs!!! 😆😆😆

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FATshion FEBruary day 1
So it has begun and there would be no better way to kick it off but with this dope submission!

Meet Ady Delvalle
From: Boston
IG: iam_adydelv
FB: Ady Delvalle

Hat: Forever21
Elongated shirt: Parish Nation
Pants: Akademiks
Chelsea Boots: ASOS
Watch: Michael Kors

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