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With one cover, Erika Schenk is shattering stereotypes about fat and fitness 

Erika Schenk has been an avid runner for nearly a decade. But 18-year-old Schenk isn’t just gorgeous and fit — she’s also a plus-size model. That’s why the world rejoiced when Schenk’s Women’s Running cover hit newsstands. And rightly so, people are finally starting to understand the truth about weight and fitness.


Ms. Brown


Fatshion february!! #8 - some form of media that supports ur body positive thinking


 This japanese plus size fashion magazine must be the biggest thing everrrr !! Im just totally in love with it! Forget even the fact that its completely for chubby asian women, but the whole magazine is just so well put together and the layout is so chic!! It has clothing advertisement, outfit inspo, street style shots , make up and skinroutine, love urself-campaigns 

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY relationship and date advice excecuted in cutesy manga! The whole magazine is normalizing fat girls’ lives and i absolutely adore it. 

Please buy it if u have the chance!


Some great plus size models in amazing photoshoots: Tess Munster, Chenese Lewis, Rayna Salcido Alvarez, Kelsey Olson, Jessica Jerome, Naomi Watanabe, Zoe Melissa Mae, Kailee O'Sullivan, Griselangel Paula, Kisura Nyoto, Lorna Litz, Ava Sfez, Jen Dickerson, Natalie Drue Hage