plus size mag


“Stay Golden”

My homage to some of the very best ladies ever on tv:  Dorothy, Rose, Blanche & Sophia. Strong, supportive, funny, kind, generous, irreverent, loving, beautiful women.

Pre-orders for this dress available via my etsy store. These dresses will be ready next month :)

ok remember how I made a post a couple of weeks ago about making a magazine for my MASS COMM class? Well my group presented our ideas for the magazine today in class and my professor got really hyped and was all like ‘this idea is amazing!’

And I really thought about it and I was like, you know what all jokes aside since this is just for class but it actually sort of is.

I decided that that is officially the main project that I want to get started/get traction about this year


If i decided to start up an online magazine that focuses on fashion, makeup, hair/body care and issues girls who are a part of the PoC, trans, lgbtq+, and plus size community face would you guys actually be interested in it and hype it up?

its going to honestly be a shit ton of work to be honest, but I need something to help put me on the map, but I also want to do something positive

Like I just want to create a magazine/space that we would feel safe in. But I seriously need feedback and reassurance because its scary to spend all of my time doing stuff and not really have anyone pay attention to it

Ugh. If I have to read that bullshit line one more time I am gonna scream. To all those “leggings are not pants” fashion nazis, you are boring me with your boring rules and your boring selves.

Well this fatty is wearing them as pants with a crop top! And I look cute af with my fake green hair and my ittybitty sausage dog leggings. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

If anyone else wants to wear leggings HOWEVER THEY DAMN WELL PLEASE feel free to go right ahead.

(The Doxtooth ones I designed & am wearing are found here.)