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Holiday season is upon us, which calls for a touch of luxe. I’ve teamed together with Redrebs to show you how to style a cosy yet chic daytime look that’s perfect for a daytrip or outing with friends and family. Focusing on the luxury segment, Redrebs carries gorgeous plus size eveningwear with a distinctly festive touch. I’d styled this gorgeous lace LBD from them for an evening look a while back, today I’m dressing down the most lightweight and exquisite silk jacket to show you how eveningwear can be made to work for daytime as well!

I’ve kept the look simple in monochrome with classic pieces that I rotate regularly in my wardrobe. One of my tricks to wearing an outfit in a single colour is layering textures and shades. Although I’m predominantly wearing blue (with hints of black) for this look, I’ve picked out the individual pieces to range from royal blue to teal and navy. While single shade looks can be absolutely breathtaking in their drama, mixing shades and textures makes for a more wearable iteration on the theme! When it comes to style, I’ve always taken inspiration from the costumey and the theatrical - because after all, what’s fashion without a hint of the outrageous? I feel that today’s look in black and blue draws on a lot of those elements while remaining dapper and comfy enough to spend the whole day in. My Redrebs shrug is definitely today, and I’ve chosen the rest of the pieces to complement rather than overshadow it. It’s one of those classic fashion rules that don’t need to be followed, but it’s also one of my top tips for pulling together an outfit! So whether you’re looking to glam up or dress down this holiday season, have a look at Redrebs’ collection, they’ll have you sorted no matter your style!


✶ ASOS sweat dress {similar available here} ✶ Silk draped jacket ℅ Redrebs ✶ New Look velvet crossbody bagPineapple linen crew socks ℅ TabbisocksBoohoo Tassel ankle boots

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"body positivity" is bullshit

I’m not talking about plus size advertising campaigns featuring size ten girls wearing butt pads. I expect that bullshit out of advertisers. I know they are evil.
I’m talking about you guys, social media. You with your hash tags and your “celebrate every body” social media bullshit rhetoric. You’ve just created another fucking standard that 3% of people fit. Where you claim to celebrate all types of plus size women, you really only fawn over and celebrate one. Just the one. And you think you’re so body positive for that.
You post what I call “cupcake girls”, over and over.
Cupcake girls are never taller than 5'7". Cupcake girls are always super duper soft and round all over.
Cupcake girls have apple bodies, and reasonably sized busts and hips.
Cupcake girls can wear anything. Vintage. Bodycon. Pastels. Whatevs. Y'all still look the god damn same, you adorable round soft little things.
Cupcake girls DOMINATE the shit out of our tags.
And I mean, y'all are cute. But you are far from the be all and end all.
But for some reason, people find your images “safe”. So you and yours gets glorified. Good for y'all. Seriously. I’m glad someone here gets to be happy.
But the reality is, most of us aren’t cute little cupcake girls.
Mostly I’m on about tall plus size girls.
5’ 10" and up.
Girls built like Valkaries. With swimmers shoulders and skiers calves. Girls who are bust-heavy instead of tummy/butt heavy.
Why does your inspirational bullshitting not apply to us?
Furthermore, you’re actually causing us some major problems by overglorifying the cupcake girl figure on social media.
I work in the plus size fashion industry with a wide range of garments from a wide range of providers. Our industry’s marketing is VERY dependant on social media. Like VERY. VERY. V.E.R.Y. dependant.
And I’m at work every day, watching winter collections go past my desk and 70% are tailored for that cupcake girl shape.
The people who make these clothes look at what we do on social media to help dictate what they produce.
So next time you post “body positivity” or “plus size fashion goals” look twice to see if there isn’t someone a little more differently shaped who deserves your love as well and maybe those up the line will start making clothes for people outside the box.
That, or I’m moving to fucking Asgard, cause it looks like it’s the only place plus size girls over 5'10" are gonna be able to find a Christmas dress this year.


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Besides emphasising the curvy figure I have, 

I also try to do it with my facial features - making big eyes & lips even more emphasised. 

Necklace & Earrings from Accessorize London.

Lace Romper from EBAY.

Hey again,

Another look-post, featuring me :)

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Dress & Belt - Castro Israel

Heels - Aldo

Bracelet - Accessorize London

Necklace - Top10 Israel

Yellow Summer Look Post

In the summer time I like bright colors, mixed with other bright colors.

Some people don’t feel comfortable wearing colorful outfits, but that never scared me.

So here’s the next look-post, with a new tanned me.

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Dress - EBAY

Shoes - MARCHA

Bracelet - My great-grandma’s. VINTAGE.

Necklace - SNAP



anonymous asked:

So I was having a really horrible day, and then I was looking through my dash and saw your plus size lingerie post. I nudged my boyfriend and was like "Dude, look how awesome that is!" He immediately was like "I'm buying that. Tell me the website." And then we shopped and I got some free lingerie. Totally saved my day. So, thanks! :D

congrats on getting lingerie and on having a neato boyfriend who buys u lingerie ❤️❤️✨