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I woke up today and said, fuck the world! For all the girls struggling with stretch marks, rolls, love handles, fat, jiggles, everything that we are taught to hate, you know what we tell them haters? FUCK you! We have days where we hate ourselves so bad, but it’s only up to ourselves to take away that negative thinking. What is wrong with a fat girl being happy? So today, I’m going to love every jiggle, every curve, every particle of my body. I am going to love everything about my body that others had made me self-doubt my worthiness. My unapologetic fat Asian ass will be dancing, and there’s nothing more beautiful about that.


15 Charming Illustrations That Fight Fatphobia With Doodles And Flowers

Fat-positive feminist and artist Rachele Cateyes is fed up with [people’s] fatphobic bullsh*t. So she decided to draw about it.In her illustrated series called “ Glorifying Obesity,” the Portland, Oregon-native expresses how she feels about those who shame, harass and bully obese people for being fat. The illustrations are honest and powerful – pairing phrases like “Fat people don’t owe you shit,” with dainty flowers and hearts.  



I am so shook.

I got a last minute invite to the Torrid Pool Party this past weekend and this happened.

These are from Allure and I’m on major websites with plus size models and bloggers.

I do not deserve this. I’m a grad student. I never considered myself to be a part of the body positivity movement.

But here I am. With all these other beautiful women.

It motivates me to accept myself for who I am. To stop hating myself and my body and to embrace it. To make a name for myself. The sky’s the limit, right? 💜


This Self-Love Campaign Wants Women To Be Comfortable In Their Own Skin

Luzmaria Vargas is showing the world that a woman can be stunning no matter what size she is. In a contest created by MAC cosmetics for their new campaign “MACnificent Me,” the makeup company chose six winners to be the faces of the self-love campaign. The campaign is celebrating people’s personal styles and beauty – both inside and out. 

Watch the full video to see Luzmaria Vargas’ beautiful makeup transformation.