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I had my senior prom a couple of weeks ago so here’s a few pictures of me and my date! I had a blast and I am so happy I decided to do a less traditional dress, I had a lot of fun and it was easy to dance in because of the stretchy fabric.

Dress: ASOS Curve
Shoes: ASOS
Choker: Walmart (it was on sale for $4 but a good one can be bought on ASOS for $8 and it’s made for bigger necks!)
Clutch: Thrifted


Wearing ✶ Angel dress c/o Dare Fashion ✶ Mustard OTK socks c/o Tabbisocks ✶ ASOS velvet heels 

Let me tell you about a memory of apples. The winter I was 9 years old, my mother came back from Delhi with a basket as tall as me filled with the shiniest and reddest Kashmiri apples I’ve ever seen, before or since. And she gave me a copy of The Magician’s Nephew, a book concerned heavily with the Biblical apple. As I sped through the book while munching my way through the basket of apples, I became convinced that this magical fruit of Life that C.S. Lewis kept going on about was none other than my jewel red Kashmiri apples. It added just the right amount of surreality to what soon became my favourite book for the next few years.

I wanted a touch of the same surreal dreaminess for this autumnal look with Dare Fashion, and my thoughts immediately went to that memory of apples. I was getting these super witchy vibes from the Angel dress, so I wanted to have some fun playing with that vibe on the last day of October! Dare Fashion has lots and lots of witchy, gothic styles in plus sizes upto 5X for all you fatshionistas who love an alternative look. And all their clothing is ethically made in San Francisco, which is such a huge plus! This is something that reflects in the quality of material, stitching and trims. Once you wear the Angel dress, you really notice the attention to detail that sets it apart from mass produced garments in similar styles.

Although Halloween has never been very culturally relevant for me, I wanted to seize this opportunity to push myself a little bit out of my comfort zone with makeup! This is pretty much my first time doing a smoky eye - I can’t decide if I like the results or not but I feel a little less uncertain playing around with eyeshadow after this. I’m exceptionally good at getting stuck in fashion ruts, as a result I sometimes forget what it is that draws me towards fashion in the first place. It’s the experimentation, the fun of playing dress up and trying on looks because why the hell not?! What do you think of this look? Would you want to see more such out of the comfort zone looks from me? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Taking this body off to Fuerteventura tomorrow. Yesterday I got called fat, because I ordered a dominos. My first one in several months as I’ve been dieting and really focusing on keeping healthier. At the time I was stressed, not feeling very well and I just completely broke down. I took some pictures to help me feel better. And it worked. Yes, I’m fat. Yes, my stomach is a bit jiggly. But I’m not going to let other people’s opinions change my confidence. This fat body is gonna be sunning it up on the beach. This fat body is gonna be chilling by the pool. Don’t like it? Look away.


Last week was our third anniversary - I can’t believe it’s been three years already! Unlike last year, we were together this time (the pains of long distance relationships across borders!) so I wore something pretty to go out for dinner and drinks with my Moosh. We look some photos in Cubbon Park before the light faded and then strolled over to Social for cocktails and the arguably the best poutine in Bangalore. I felt rather festive in my burgundy velvet skirt and snowflake stockings from Tabbisocks - ‘tis the season after all! The best thing about anniversaries around Christmas is how joyous and festive everything is all around. I might post some photos from our Christmas celebrations later - we managed to dish up a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but forgot to get any pics of it! In the meantime, I hope y’all are having a joyous, restful and much needed winter break ♥


New Look frill top {Similar}✶ New Look quilted velvet skirt ✶ Tabbisocks Snowflake socks ✶ ASOS suede clogsBoohoo circle bag

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Wear. That. Crop. Top. Sis. ❤️

That’s all I’m sayin…. in some of these pics I have on a mesh bodysuit underneath (courtesy of #Forever21) because at work, we aren’t allowed to show midriff. BUT if you’re branching out into crop top land then this is a good way to ease in if you’re not comfortable with the occasional exposure of skin. Baby steps and shit. But ain’t no rules for real. Get the crop top you’ve been eye-balling. But do it the way YOU need to.