plus size gyaru


Today there was a UK Gyaru comm meet in London, and I dressed himegyaru! I didn’t last very long in my heels on the Camden cobbles, and I was a bit of an inconvience to the other gals ;; But I was proud of how I looked, and it was a fun day, I felt like a real gal  ♥

Dress: DreamV

Cardigan: Primark

Boots: Liz Lisa

Wig: Lockshop

Hair accessories and jewellery: Claires Accessories

Tights: Offbrand


I’m going to share a little about myself for those of you haven’t already noticed I am a plus sized gyaru am I working towards losing weight yes am I happy yes do I like the way I look yes , but I know I can be healthier than I am rite now the reason I’m writing this is because within the last 2 months I have gotten 6 anon asks about my weight and how I should lose it and how I can’t be gyaru or ulljang because I’m fat. Some were nice people who are really concerned for my health and others were very rude and one quite amusing mainly because of the use of the fatty - Chan like really what is it 2005 ? But anyway I’m just going to make this clear I am a grown woman, and I have been battling my weight since I was little I have always been chubby / plus size ever since I can remember and have tried many methods of loosing weight and at first it was not because I had made a decision to it myself. It was because people were telling me to or saying you’d be more attractive if you lost weight or you’re clearly unhealthy which is completely false because being fat dosent automatically equal one foot in the grave. But to make a long story short to those of you cuties that are honestly concerned about me and my health please don’t be and if you really want to help contact me off of anon I would love to know who are. But for those of u who only use anon to talk shit you can go fuck a cactus with no lube. I Worked hard as hell to get my gyaru make up to where it is now and I actually work hard on putting coords together which I am going to start posting pics of because honestly at first I didn’t want the drama that would come along with my pics as far as anon hate and G_S bullshit but after some reflecting I am no longer scared I am confident and I am happy with myself yes I am on a weight loss journey but that dosent mean that I don’t like myself at this stage in my life either so I’m going to start acting like it and living freely as possible life’s too short to be scared.