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Don’t save your best dance moves for your bathroom mirror! Get out there and rock that dance floor! Shake them hips! Do those body rolls! 
#TwerkItOutGurl #BustASeam XDD



Here’s to another year of joy, happiness, and positivity! 


I used to worry about having my arms exposed. I would wear jackets and undershirts all the time. One day in middle school, my dad asked me “Why are you covering your arms? It’s okay to have them out.”
Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of reassurance from the ones you love to get you through tough times. XD


Be the Support System that your past self needed.
Don’t pay attention to the ones that berate you and focus on the ones that celebrate you! 

Happy Big Girl Appreciation Day! 


To have a day of appreciation for a body that many critique, is a beautiful thing! Never forget that you are a spectacular individual who is worthy of love and kindness! 

HAPPY BIG GIRL APPRECIATION DAY!!! You deserve it, gorgeous! XD


I almost lost my purse and keys to the weather today because it was so muggy~


My favorite outfits of 2016!  XD

Instagram ; @Alibabaaam 


My hair is starting to grow out again and I’ve finally figured out how to use highlighter. As with most of my outfits, this is a mix of old and new pieces in my wardrobe. The top is vintage and the skirt from River Island, which makes them completely unrelated to each other except for how prettily they go together. I’ve had a love affair with blush for the longest time, to the point where I’m dreaming of a blush and gold dress for my wedding. My fiance even did up my blog layout in that colour scheme (which you might have missed if you generally see my posts on your dash!) I’m feeling all the romance for summer right now, soft, tender, glowy looks, a bit diaphanous and floaty, pastel with a hint of shimmer: perfect. 

Wearing  ♥

Vintage silk top ♥ River Island skirt ♥ Unique Vintage cat purse {available here} ♥ ASOS heelsUncommon Goods bangle ♥ Benefit Sun Beam highlighter  

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“You know that stripes make you look bigger, right?”
Well, I am a bigger person in general, sooooo…. #StripeSquad


The Outfit

New Look Plaid Shift - Similar by Alice & You  The Whitepepper Wool Bomber Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace Unique Vintage Black Cat Purse Topshop Heels via the wonderful Marie  MAC Diva  

The Location

The Humming Tree, Indiranagar  Sreejita and I had been planning to go have a drink here for a while now. I love “aesthetic” spaces and we both love a good cocktail, so this place was win all around. It finally stopped raining too, and Hummus, pita, and Sangria felt perfect for complementing the warm afternoon sun. 

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Last week, I went out of the house more than I have in a month. And it’s actually been really good for my mental health but hard on my back. It sucks when I actually want to go out and do things but my body doesn’t cooperate – then again, that’s hashtag spoonielife for you. (For those who might not know: I have scoliosis and it’s a. lot. of. pain. I don’t like to talk about it a huge deal.) Pain issues aside, it’s been quite lovely getting all the sunshine and feeling productive, even if it’s just taking outfit photos! I was feeling sunnier than I look here but it’s easier to get self conscious when shooting alone in a park with people. I’ll just let the chrysanthemum blooms make up for my wistfulness instead.

A little about my outfit: both the top and skirt are by Junarose, sent to me, once more, by Lianca from Love, Lianca boutique. Both pieces are lovely and the rosette top isn’t atall scratchy as I’d feared it might be. One thing about Junarose’s sizing - it seems to run really quite big. I normally don’t find it necessary to size down, but in this instance I wish I could have! (I got both the top and skirt in a UK18, which is the smallest size Junarose does.) I ultimately got the skirt tailored to fit before wearing it in these photos.

WearingJunarose rosette top and suede skirt c/o Love, Lianca boutique ♥ Brit Stitch saddle bagASOS pointed flats {similar here

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“Oooh, gurl! Where’d you get that outfit?!”

There are more of these located on my tumblr page under ‘Outfit Break downs” ! XDD


1. Hi, I had a really busy day and now it’s time to crash. 

2. I have finally mastered the art of the kawaii face :3


ASOS skort   //  Old Topshop blouse  //  Vila jumper  // Ancient Tabio tights from 5 winters ago which are still going strong, wonder of wonders  //  Hologram monk shoes bequeathed, again, by Marie ❤


Top/Macy’s Women’s Apparel/23.49$/Up to 3X
Skirt/Forever 21 Plus/14.90$/Up to 3X
Shoes/Torrid/19.99$/Up to 13
Bow/Bealls Outlet/5.99$


Cubbon Park is such a pretty place. The heat let up for the first time in days with a thunderstorm as we were shooting in the bamboo grove. My sunglasses became pretty redundant at that point but my summer uniform was perfect for walking around in the evening cool afterwards.


★ New Look lace top {similar at Modcloth} ★ Vintage St. Michael skirt {similar at Curvissa★ ASOS Huarache sandals {similar pair by New Look}Brit Stitch satchelUnique Vintage sunnies 

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