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Christian Siriano designed Leslie Jones a stunning dress for her ‘Ghostbusters’ premiere

Last month, Leslie Jones tweeted that many designers were unwilling to make her a dress for the premiere of Ghostbusters. But the honor of designing the 48-year-old actress’ gown went to Christian Siriano, and oh how he came through. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy were also in attendance at the premiere and representing the beauty of diverse body types.

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This dress is the result of a really messy abstract acrylic painting I cut apart and taped back together so I’m kinda hella proud of it. This will be in my store hella soon btw. 🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😊


<p>I went to a fairy event this weekend and tried out a Shironuri look for the first time. </p>

<p>Dress and Flower Crown made by me: PrincesssChristie</p>

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From Fattoid Industry’s new line of Summer Wear comes Beach Whales no. 4: Rainy Days.
Not every day in Summer is sunny; for the days that aren’t, we’ve got you covered. Made from hydrophobic fibers, the rain won’t soak through this piece, and with it’s detachable hood, it’ll keep your head dry too, and Even when it’s not raining, there’s still plenty of pocket space. The fabric is light and breathable so you won’t overheat in the summer heat. This look is designed for comfort and ease of movement, and as Fattoid Friendly Wear, it’ll always be a great fit, no matter your size. 


“What inspired me to pursue something in sewing was because I couldn’t find clothing in my size. So I figured that I would just make it myself…. We want fun, funky clothing. We want to be able to show our personality when we’re walking down the street. We want people to be like wow, I love your outfit.”

-Ashley Nell Tipton, Project Runway winner 2015.

Talking About Plus-Size Fashion

In advance of this October’s exhibition, Items: Is Fashion Modern?, Michelle Millar Fisher and Stephanie Kramer speak with fashion historian Lauren Downing Peters and curator Clare Sauro about “plus-size fashion,” and what that means in a world where the majority of women’s bodies are not sample size. Read the interview here.

plus size fashion designer 1: hey what do fat chicks like?

plus size fashion designer 2: uhhhhhh pretty much just always having their tits out i think. also shirts with butt capes