plus size fashion designers

I want to make sure that this blog showcases the many shapes and colours of fashion design, so if your blog features models/designers who are:

  • plus size
  • POC
  • LGBT+
  • disabled

or otherwise unrepresented in mainstream media I would love to follow you!!

Talking About Plus-Size Fashion

In advance of this October’s exhibition, Items: Is Fashion Modern?, Michelle Millar Fisher and Stephanie Kramer speak with fashion historian Lauren Downing Peters and curator Clare Sauro about “plus-size fashion,” and what that means in a world where the majority of women’s bodies are not sample size. Read the interview here.


“What inspired me to pursue something in sewing was because I couldn’t find clothing in my size. So I figured that I would just make it myself…. We want fun, funky clothing. We want to be able to show our personality when we’re walking down the street. We want people to be like wow, I love your outfit.”

-Ashley Nell Tipton, Project Runway winner 2015.

Green Roses leggings (2X being worn in pic)

…and to the sad cow who thought she was a hero because she dissed what I was wearing, but wouldn’t apologise when called on it, because apparently she could have said things to me “that were way worse than she did, and the fashion industry is a harsh place” here’s a big middle finger extended your way sadcase, I won’t stop wearing whatever I like, you can go right ahead and enjoy your small-view life somewhere else xo

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