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Talking About Plus-Size Fashion

In advance of this October’s exhibition, Items: Is Fashion Modern?, Michelle Millar Fisher and Stephanie Kramer speak with fashion historian Lauren Downing Peters and curator Clare Sauro about “plus-size fashion,” and what that means in a world where the majority of women’s bodies are not sample size. Read the interview here.

Green Roses leggings (2X being worn in pic)

…and to the sad cow who thought she was a hero because she dissed what I was wearing, but wouldn’t apologise when called on it, because apparently she could have said things to me “that were way worse than she did, and the fashion industry is a harsh place” here’s a big middle finger extended your way sadcase, I won’t stop wearing whatever I like, you can go right ahead and enjoy your small-view life somewhere else xo

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Is there any chance that the proudly fat Dobuita and the reluctantly fat Puddin' will meet and have a debate over the pros and cons of being fat?

maybe. Thing is Puddin’ is proud fat too, she’s a plus size fashion designer who’s aiming to open her own clothing line (with Dobuita as a model) but being THAT big just makes things harder and well as you’ll see in Puddin on the Pounds it doesn’t work out so well for Puddin.

Dobuita on the other hand handles her weight like a champ. I definitely plan for those two to be good friends, I just haven’t fully decided ultimately on what kind of relationship dynamic they’ll have.


A photographic history of Ready to Stare body chains from 2012 to now. Many of these styles are still available in my shop because I just can’t get myself to stop making any of these. 

The Debut "Self Love": My First Plus Size Collection

Tomorrow at noon I will release my plus size collection. I have worked on this collection for over 4 years. I’ve had so many ups and downs. People telling me that I couldn’t do it. I’ve learned so many lessons about myself and business.

This has been my dream since I was in school for Fashion Design. There was a dusty size 14 dress form that no one wanted to use. In that moment I realized the dress form represented the plus size industry and I knew what I need to do.
I’m not here to hide the plus size body.

I’m here to celebrate your curves. We are beautiful and deserve to be appreciated. I designed this collection with things that I love, stripes, pockets and the little black dress. I hope you ladies in enjoy.

Bias Blurb w/ Kai

Shortened Bias Blurb for anonymous <3

~ May I get a bias blurb? I’m 5"6’, have green eyes and have quite a polar personality. I’m a rather nice person but I’m an introvert for the most part. I’m very sarcastic and can sometimes be seen as mean or bratty because I’m very straightforward. I’m a full on artist! I; draw, act, design fashion, sing, dance ect. Plus size and proud. I’m extremely shy at first but as soon as I get close to someone I can become very strange. I’m very skinshippy and love snuggles. I love cute things, animals, anime and manga, kdramas, music, film and TV, and of course, the Internet. I am a lover of memes, and puns (even though I tell people otherwise). I constantly dye my hair new colors. I suffer from depression and anxiety disorders but I try to not let them get the best of me. Vegetarian. Pan/ace. And last but definitely not least my bias is Kai (omg if I hadn’t realized 3-4 didn’t send you wouldn’t have known my bias lol) i forgot a few more things (please don’t hurt me 🙈) I’m a night owl. I love sleep. I’m kind of afraid of marriage. I’m a writer. And I really love your blog 💖 ~    

Once again, it was the middle of the night and you were still inside your dance studio, practising a routine over and over again, until every movement was more than perfect! Your room emitted the only source of light at that hour and this drew Kai’s attention. When he got close enough to peep through a window, he was immediately captivated by your motions; his eyes following your deep concentration and flawless movements  <3

  • Kai would be blown away by your talent and hardwork; mesmerised by your creative abilities!! You would definitely be a source of inspiration to him!
  • He would find your shyness and introvertness at first, very very adorable. And as you creep out of your shell, Kai would love how comfortable you are around him and your sarcastic nature would always make him laugh heartedly <3 
  • You two would always be interviewed together in some way, either engulfed in bear hugs or simply just holding hands sweetly :)
  • Despite both of you being busy with your work, Kai and you would always make it a priority to spend some time off with each other. Even though I think you would love dressing up for fancy dates, you two would love the most being in the comfort of your home, away from the bustle of the outside world, snuggled together watching dramas or reading books.
  • Kai would be a source of comfort and security to you, and you to him as well! Whenever, you feel down, he would always try his best to lift your spirits, and him just trying would bring a huge sense of soundness to you! You two wouldn’t be afraid to share your deepest fears and stresses with one another; not hiding anything and always being completely and truly open with each other <3

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Thank you so so much for requesting and for the amazing detail!! I’m really sorry it’s not so in-depth but I hope you enjoyed reading it :))