plus size clothes sale

This was a very nice find so I’m sharing it.

-The photo makes it look grey but it’s actually black.  Also comes in white.

-It has a HOOD I repeat this is a HOODED dress

-Although you can put the hood down and it just looks like a fancy collar

-Material is sheer and stretchy


-Very affordable garment

-Sizes run from S to 3XL.  They do run larger than the chart indicates.

-All occasion (work, parties, various important Sith things you may need to do)



Several orders that were placed at my shop earlier were never sent through to me, but were charged with their new payment system - Stripe. From what I can understand, Stripe authorized payment (sometimes several times for a singular order) but Storenvy never received record of it. I’ve emailed Storenvy support and anyone whose order was “lost” or overcharged. All PayPal payments look fine. I’ll be marking items in my store as “coming soon” so that no purchases can be made, but it won’t look like I just abandoned shop. Orders that were able to be placed normally will be shipped as normal. If you’re concerned that your order was mishandled in some way, please email me with your order number at so I can verify for you.

I’m so sorry guys. Please understand that I am working to get this resolved ASAP!

nelson-and-murdock  asked:

Hey, I just went to Styles for Less to buy some earrings on sale and they have plus size clothes from 14-24/26 (or 1x-3x) both in store and online. But I think their clothes run small. Do you guys think they're any good for plus size shoppers? Their target is teenage girls.

I am not sure.  Followers?

-Mod Siarl


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