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How to fall in love with yourself and feel a bit happier too:

1) Buy clothes that you like, rather than what others say you should wear or what is “made” for your body type. If you’re plus-sized and like crop-tops, then wear them. If you’re skinny and like baggy clothes, then wear them. If you’re tall and like heels, wear them. If you’re short and like ballet flats and sneakers, wear them. If you’re a boy and like skirts, wear them. If you’re a girl and like cargo pants, then wear them. If you like the clothes you’re in, then you are more likely to like yourself.
2) Eat good foods. Eat a bowl of fruit for breakfast, and a salad for lunch. Your stomach will feel good and so will the rest of you.
3) Keep up with hygiene. Brush your teeth in the mornings, and shower daily. It feels nice, I promise.
4) Do your make-up, but only if you want to. If you prefer not wearing makeup, then don’t wear it. People don’t care as much as you think they do. If you like to wear makeup, and it makes you happy, then do it!!!
5) Treat yourself. I don’t mean by buying expensive things. I mean, have an evening to yourself once in a while. Buy a face mask, take a bubble bath, paint your nails, catch up on your favorite show.
6) Prioritize and be proactive. Don’t wait until the last minute to do things that have deadlines. It’s less stressful to get things done ASAP. And when you lessen that stress, you will be more happy.
7) When you look in the mirror, don’t point out the bad things. Look at your positive aspects and learn how to love yourself not only for them, but for your flaws as well. Accepting the fact that you have flaws, and that everyone else does as well, will put you in a better mindset.
8) Don’t hurt yourself on purpose! Don’t do things that you know can be dangerous or even fatal! Find other ways to relieve stress or get an adrenaline rush.
9) Don’t hate on other people. Don’t point out other people’s flaws and don’t tell them that they are wrong. We all have different experiences and different perspectives. It’s unfair to hate on people because you believe differently.
10) Remove verbally and emotionally abusive people from your life. If they feel the need to attack you or to make you feel less than you are, then they. do. not. care. about. you. and you absolutely stop associating with that person.
11) Remove people that are bad influences from your life. Don’t stay with people that are continuously making you do things that you think are wrong. Don’t stay with people that pull you away from loved ones. Don’t stay with people that constantly try to coerce you into being someone that you are not
12) Last but not least, take care of yourself. Remember, people out there love you, and if they are able to love you, you should be able to as well❤️

You sweet thing (Gabriel x plus size!reader)

Request: You write stories? You should make a Gabriel x plus size reader story
Word count: 1042
Warnings: None really, just Gabriel ranting about your beauty.
A/N: I have never written plus size!reader before, I don’t usually specify body types, so any reader could be plus size to me. What’s my point…? Oh yeah, I’m not sure if you wanted the reader to be critical about her body or not, but since that’s what people usually ask for when requesting plus size reader inserts, that’s what I went for. Anyway, I hope I did a decent job and hope you like it!

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“Hey sweetheart!” Gabriel jutted happily into the small apartment you shared. In his hands were two bags.“Heya babe,” you said and turned your attention away from the tv to look at your angel.
“Guess what I got?” he asked with that adorable smile you loved so much. He shrugged off his jacket and in a second he was next to you on the couch.
“What did you get, Gabriel?” You kissed his smooth cheek softly.
“I got your favourite!” He pulled out the candies he knew you loved. “Bought them special for you from that little place you like.” Affection for the angel spread in your heart, but along with a slight guilt.

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“Rebirth Garments are gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability.”

My amazing friend Sky is doing a Kickstarter for their brand Rebirth Garments. They’re raising money to go to Queer Fashion Week where I have immense privilege of modeling for them, to create subsidized gender affirming clothing for youth, to fund accessible garments, and to complete some other awesome projects you can read about on the page!

They’re such a hard worker dedicated to liberation and I highly recommend checking them out – Not to mention there are some awesome perks!

Check it out here! :

I really hate how this whole “plus size” girl, “love all body types” movement is SO limited.

All these “chubby” and “thick” girls STILL fall into the categories of typical beauty standards.

And these girls have proportionately large breasts, and small waists. Not to mention completely smooth skin and unrealistic fat distribution altogether.

How about some girls with actual BELLIES, girls with CELLULITE, and large girls with SMALL breasts.

Also, many larger girls have flat asses, I wanna see y'all glorifying that.


It’s always and honor when the groom trusts you with how he will look on one of the most importants days of his life!

In This Outfit

Bowtie- custom made by me (

Shirt 20- K&G (side note on the shirt. Guys it is very important that our shirts fit well. Ok so shirt sizes are measured by the circumference of your neck. So if your neck is 18 inches around than your shirt size will be 18. The issue is it doesn’t at all take in account the diverse body types of the plus size gent. So offten times they will just make the body of shirt bigger than most will need to insure that it will fit everyone. So for most the shirt will have an a grievous amount of unnecessary fabric which makes us look sloppy and not well put together. The solution is tailoring! My clients shirt had to be taken in about 6 inches.)

Pants 44 (also tailored), suspenders, shoes all from K&G.

I would love to work with you!

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Thomas Sanders on Plus-Size Girls

“Some people feel insecure about their body types, I know I was for a very long time. I’m not particularly tall. I’m kind of stout and stocky-built, and so it’s something that I’ve always been kind of self-conscious about. But, I just learned to love the body that I have because, you know, we would never be this critical about other people as we are to ourselves, and we just have to learn to love the bodies that we have, of any size, and really enjoy them. The bottom line is: all sizes…I love!”

Sports Illustrated has made history and it’s about time

Good things come in threes, For the first time ever, SI’s swimsuit issue has three different covers with three different models, showcasing an array of body types. Notably, the set includes plus-size model Ashley Graham. Ronda Rousey is featured on one of the other two covers.

“ As a fat woman I’m tired of the stereotypes regarding fat people as a whole. Movies and dramas are especially bad because they keep showing the “fat, lazy, over eating, yet lovable” character. And the losing weight plot as a path to happiness? Is always a must have and sends the message that you HAVE TO be thin to be happy (it is very rare that fat characters are happy the way they are). I’m not talking about health: you can be overweight and healthy, just like you can be thin and unhealthy. I’m talking about body types. Don’t lie to me and say “it’s a cultural thing”, or “Koreans are all thin”. Obsession with thin is present in most cultures nowadays (it’s a global thing). Kim Ji Yang (first Korean plus size model) is proof that there are different body types in Korea (search for her interview). It saddens me because when I saw Jung HyeSung’s character in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds… I knew right away they would use the character Myung Eun (the princess) as the same stereotypes all over again. It is likely they will make her character lose weight. And even if they don’t (I’m talking about the remote possibility her character remains fat the whole drama), why won’t they use a fat actress? It’s not like they don’t exist (Hong Yunhwa, Lee Gukjoo, Yang Hyeji, to name a few). I’m not dissing thin people. All bodies are beautiful. I’m talking about specific problems about the way fat bodies are portrayed in the media. It’s always the message that you have to conform into a beauty standard and the association that thin = healthy. Guess what, it’s not. Even if you’re not healthy, you still deserve love, and happiness. “

Addition to this confession:

“I’’ve sent a confession (not published yet) a while ago about the problematic view of fat characters (worldwide, not just in dramas) and I gave the example of the Princess in Love in the Moonlight. Well, in episode 9 we find out she lost weight (as expected). Once again, fat characters as used as stereotypes ("it’s easy to loose weight; everybody can and want to do it; that person lost weight and now their skin is clear, their crops are grown and all is well”). I’m disappointed but not surprised. “

trans women shopping tip

Having trouble finding clothes that fit your body type/ I know I was.

One thing I can recommend, if prowling through thrift shops and box stores is getting to be a drag, is the store Torrid. I’m a trans woman, and they’re a welcome relief.

They’re aimed at plus-sized women, but there’s plenty there for other body types. They have long, flowing dresses that won’t fall awkwardly short and can be really billowy if you’re conscious of any bulges. They have cute shoes in double-digit sizes. And they’re cute!

The only downside is that they’re on the pricier side. If you can afford to shop there, even for just a few quality dresses to boost your ego, it can be nice though. At my location (and hopefully others?) they’re having a pretty big sale on everything in the store right now, too.

Good luck.

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This is for the in between people

For the people who aren’t size two skinny but can’t be part of fat acceptance either
For the people who don’t see models with their body type because they aren’t plus size but they aren’t small
For the people who feel left out of the fashion world
For the people who spend hours online clicking between plus sized and regular, debating between it falling off or squeezing something wrong
For the people who can’t find clothes that fit their bust, waist and hips all at once
For the girls who need to have dresses altered at the belly because they needed to buy one that’ll fit at the top and bottom
For the people who are ashamed of having a little chub and try to justify wearing an exposing bathing suit by looking at both fatter and skinnier people who do it
For the people who think swimsuit shopping is a nightmare because they’re all made for plus size or small and your in-between self is either falling out or being squeezed in
For the people who buy high waisted shorts only to find that they’re too big in the waist but a smaller size won’t get over their thighs
For the boys who feel too insecure to wear a tight shirt and who can’t find pants that work with their legs and waist at the same time
For the in between people, because we just don’t get any positivity
For those of us who aren’t fat nor skinny. Hang in there, everyone ♡