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If I made clothing for women, pants would:
  • Have pockets
  • be made with quality (non-thin) fabric
  • have real pockets that you can fit shit in
  • have adjustable waists (bloated?  no problem)
  • I’m serious, you’d be able to put your whole damn hand in the pockets
  • be measured like men’s pants (34x32, none of this arbitrary size 8 crap)
  • also there would be pockets
  • actually fit different body types!
  • actually have pockets!
  • come in plus sizes
  • come with pockets
Jasper Storyboard Comparisons and Rankings

A comparison of Jasper storyboards inspired by evieisyourqueen/critically-bitter. Save two exceptions I chose boarders that provided a lot of Jasper content, at the very least a full scene’s worth. Katie and Lamar I didn’t include as they drew Amethyst disguised as Jasper. I didn’t know how heavily that influenced their drawings of Amethyst/Jasper in the episode so I didn’t include either of them. If they do board more for her or post more art of her I’ll probably update this list with them. Hillary wasn’t included as she hasn’t boarded Jasper at all, and unless I missed it or didn’t pay attention didn’t see enough art from her with Jasper to get a solid grasp on how she’d draw her.

All that said, let’s get this analysis started!

Colin Howard

I really like Colin’s Jasper! It’s fairly consistent and looks very nice. The arms are well defined and her jaw and neck look thick and powerful without seeming awkward. Said jaw is rounded but without looking too soft either. Her expressions are some of her best here, especially those smiles she gives. My favorite aspect is probably the hair though. It’s huge and fluffy, something about how Colin draws it gives it presence and feeling. All around a great Jasper.


Fun Fact- Colin also drew some of the early sketches for Jasper before her design was finalized!

Jeff Liu

While occasionally inconsistent looking, Jeff’s Jasper is still quite good. She reminds me of a Tiger a lot in this episode, fierce and intimidating. The hair seems to have less volume on the whole, but spikes up when she’s especially angry. The chin is either rounded or angular with her body a touch on the leaner side of Jaspers at times. I’m not always a fan of how he draws her mouth, but it’s a smaller complaint compared to other stuff we’ll be getting into… Another good one all said and done, if a touch inconsistent at times.


Joe Johnston

Another great Jasper! Her expressions are probably at their sharpest and most frightening here, just look at that grin! Her hair is really big here, though not in the same way as Colin’s. It really adds to her already massive size, which is always a plus. Her body type also seems to be just right here, not too small but not too thick either. The jaw looks more rectangular here compared to Colin’s rounder one. While it’s not my favorite, it’s certainly up there. 


Fun Fact- Jeff and Joe have also boarded Malachite the most so far!

Lauren Zuke

Here’s where it starts to fall flat a bit. The brief parts where Jasper is boarded by Lauren are… not great looking, to say the least. Looking at their sketches is a better indication of how their Jasper could look, but I’m still not a fan. Something about the torso feels off and the fact this is a leaner looking Jasper isn’t helping. The hair isn’t as big but certainly fluffy looking, The face has it worst here though, with the over all shape and the too big eyes making it look rather off compared to other Jaspers. At the very least it’s consistent, but it’s not helping much.


Paul Villeco

Surprise! Zuke’s Jasper isn’t my least favorite! That honor goes to the inconsistent and quite off model boarding of Paul Villeco, and my god does it show. All these are from different episodes and dear lord it’s bad. From the odd jaws and ridiculous proportions of The Return to the long neck and odd body shapes in Crack the Whip, it’s hardly ever looks good and looks ridiculous at worst. He has improved though and by Earthlings his Jasper manages to get some consistency, but it’s still a touch too lean and even the consistency falls apart once the corruption scene happens (though he also didn’t board that part entirely). It gains some points for saving itself at the end, but outside of that it’s my worst by far.


Fun Fact- Despite being my least favorite Paul Villeco actually boarded Jasper the most. Huzzah.

Raven Molisee

Now here’s a return to form! While some minor inconsistencies with the hands, hair, and teeth abound, this is still a great Jasper. A well proportioned and thick body, a strong jaw somewhere between Colin’s and Joe’s, nice looking hair on the whole and wonderful expressions, Raven’s Jasper makes me wish she drew her more on the episodes she had with her rather then Paul. All over a good Jasper, if lacking some sharpness on the whole.


Rebecca Sugar

Without a doubt my favorite Jasper. The hair looks wonderful, the right mix of volume and fluffiness. The body type is excellent, looking strong and well muscled but not leaning too far on the thick or lean side. The best part hands down has to be the expressions. While the eyes aren’t as sharp as I would prefer them Rebbeca never makes them feel too big and the range of emotions she gets on Jasper is amazing. Definitely the first person I draw from when I want to draw Jasper.


Fun Fact- In addition to never drawing Jasper with her helmet Rebecca also drew additional boards for Jasper in Chille Tid and Earthlings!


Amber Cragg

Amber hasn’t had a chance to board for Jasper much yet but I hope and pray she does soon. While some of the proportions look off and the hair not super consistent, Amber’s expressions are amazing on Jasper, in particular the detail on the teeth. More of Jasper’s huge canines in the art please. Now that she’s been upgraded to a storyboard artist maybe we’ll see some of her Jasper soon! Maybe? Please…?


anonymous asked:

Do you think it's important to stick with cosplaying people who are your body type? Like should a plus sized cosplayer stick to only plus sized characters?

No, I think it’s important to cosplay characters you enjoy and care about.

People will not always appreciate your cosplays (that’s universal no matter what you look like) but as long as YOU appreciate them it will still be fun and rewarding.


now that edward showed his ass I volunteer myself as the next makeup guru/kpop fan who yall should subscribe too. Im plus size myself and would never comment on a underage persons body type!!!! get with the winning team!!!!

A few questions i have

- how did Rika damage Jihyun’s eyes exactly 

- did Jihyun or Rika know about Jumin’s feelings for Rika

- the story behind Saeran turning into ray and getting hooked on the elixer like seriously though he’s been on it for eight years was he Rika’s guinea pig or something

- how did Rika get the funding for mint eye

- who is rika’s dealer and how come they never questioned why she needs so much meth and shrooms

- when did Jihyun and rRikaget engaged bc I’ve done some math based on the original/deep story and if I did my math correctly they were engaged when Jihyun was 17 and Rika 14

- why do people think Jumin is some type of pussy master dude has never been in a relationship and has never shown any interest in relations and sexual desires poor boy probably doesn’t even masturbate and gets wet dreams every night bc of it

- does saeyoung have a fleshlight or something bc on Zen’s route he said he wouldn’t let anyone in bc he has “stuff to hide” and when I read that I doubted it was spy related

- why does everyone forget that Zen and Jumin become friends on Zen’s route :(

- why does everyone forget how nice and caring Zen is

- why doesn’t Jaehee get more praise like she deserves so much love and hardly gets any

- tbfh why do we hesitate to ship Zen and Jaehee? like I know some think “she’s only a fan!!” but there’s no lie that she does have some type of romantic feelings for him and they were actually one of my first ships bc what fangirl doesn’t want to marry their fav

- why aren’t there more plus size MC fan art??????? like I’m plus size and I would love to see someone with my body type with Zen (mostly bc I want to get healthy and I know he’ll help in a really nice and loving and caring way)

BTS Lingerie They Would Like

Anon asked: BTS preferred lingerie looks🔥😘    

Now this is my kind of ask B) Thanks for requesting, and I hope you enjoy! Oh and for my plus sized people out there, I also included plus sized lingerie, cause I know some lingerie’s don’t work on all body types  -Spice

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“Rebirth Garments are gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability.”

My amazing friend Sky is doing a Kickstarter for their brand Rebirth Garments. They’re raising money to go to Queer Fashion Week where I have immense privilege of modeling for them, to create subsidized gender affirming clothing for youth, to fund accessible garments, and to complete some other awesome projects you can read about on the page!

They’re such a hard worker dedicated to liberation and I highly recommend checking them out – Not to mention there are some awesome perks!

Check it out here! :

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hi chu! do you have any advice on how to draw plus sized inklings? i never see any and always get discouraged. love your art btw~!

Aw man, don’t get discouraged, I’ve seen them out there! I don’t know if I’m the best person to give advice on this because I’m still learning to have more diversity to my body types myself! But in general, when i’m designing a character, plus sized or not, i always focus on basic shapes!

*disclaimer: these are just two examples of my own ocs and are in no way shape or form the only way plus sized people can be drawn!

Here are a couple general tips I follow when I’m drawing/designing plus sized characters/ people. My style tends to simplify the body a bit, so I usually focus on softer round shapes when building up bodies, and thinking about how things squish or hang on the body.

While I have some base line tips that can hopefully help you out, there are plenty of amazing resources on the net that have a much wider variety of tips and body types to offer!
This post has a good list of resources and references of fat people.
Some of which include fuck yeah chubby fashion, fatgrrrlselfies, and chubbyguyswag, all of which include great looks for plus sized cuties, as well as an assortment of plus sized body types to see and reference!

I hope this helps you out!

Breaking... (Epilogue 3/3 FINALE)

Link to part 2/3 (Masterlist will be updated tonight!)

A/N: This is it guys! The final part of the main series! I’m a bi nervous but I hope you all like it!

Wordcount: 4198

Warnings: Language???

Tags!:   @midnightokieriete  @renae-writes @deltablue202  @literally-melonkitty @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demi-godamit  @gum-and-chips@sweaterkitty-fluff  @pinkyiger7 @littlemissshortcakes @msageofenlightenment  @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandom-panda-221 @hummusandchips @spoopy-piineapple @ashwolfcub @myself-and-the-madman @sweet-fate @superwholockbooknerd526 @frozengal2013 @itsmikayblr @sarmar29 @arya-durin-77 @phantastic-fandoms @hoshihime98 @shinigamired  @martapetrovic @robotic-space (lol) @asprinkleofmermaids @pinkyiger7 (I’m tagging you twice my friend!) @satellitesuga @rose-coloured-nihilism @okie-dokie-artichokeme @alyssumax @pandartist @marquiis-de-la-baguette @abi-sans05 @tayahqr

Is Now Repaired

The scene suddenly turned dark, a heavy piano sound filling the room.

Eliza: “Stay alive… Stay alive….”

Alex: “Where is my son?”

Male EN member: “Mr. Hamilton! Come in, he came in a half an hour ago. He’s covered in blood-“

Alex: “Is he alive?”

Male EN member (Doctor): “Of course, you misunderstand. The bullet entered just above the girl’s eye, struck as she-“

Alex: “Can I see them, please?”

Doctor: “I’ve done everything I can, but head wounds are prone to excessive bleeding…”

Alex moved across the stage, revealing Philip sitting beside Titania as she lays down.

Alex: “Philip!”

Philip: “Philip


I did exactly as you said, Pa

I held my head up high…”

Alex: “I know, I know, shh (Philip: “I…)

I know, I know, shh (I…”)

I know, you did everything just right, shh

Philip: “Even before we got to ten (Alex: “shh)

She was pushing me aside (I know, I know, shh”)

She was pushing me aside!

Alex: “I know, save your strength, she can stay alive!

(Eliza: AhhhhhhAhhhhhh~) (EN: “Statisfied…”)


Eliza: “Is he breathing, is he going to survive this? (Titania: Look around…Look around)

(Philip: “She’s still breathing; she is going to survive this!)

Who did this, Alexander, did you know?” (Titania: At how lucky I am to be alive right now…)

(Philip: I did this! Oh my star, I love you so!”)

Titania: “Philip, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t let you die before me…”

Philip: “My love…”

Titania: “We played piano…”

Philip: “I could teach you piano…”

Titania: “You would put your hands on mine…”

Philip: “I would always change the line…”

Titania: “Shh, I’m satisfied…”

Philip: “I would always change the line!

Titania: “Shh, I’m satisfied…”

Philip/Eliza: “Un-deux-trois-quatre-cinq-six-sept-huit-neuf

(Titania: “Philip, you outshine the morning sun…”)

Eliza: “Good!”

Philip/Eliza: “Un-deux-trois-quatre-cinq-six-sept-huit-neuf”

(Titania: “I love yo-“)

The lights darkened around her face and she went limp.

Philip: “Sept-huit-neuf…


You weren’t sure what you were expecting, but it definitely wasn’t this. Philip clutched onto the woman, he covered his mouth and made some sort of horrified sound. It wasn’t a scream, more like a distressed sigh. That was it, that was you. You died before he had a chance, before either of you had a chance. You felt like you couldn’t breathe. It was so weird to see yourself die but not have it actually be you. It was weird to see someone who looked like the person you loved look so hurt. But it wasn’t him.

Angelica: “There are moments that the words don’t reach

There is suffering too terrible to name

You hold your child as tight as you can

Then push away the unimaginable

The moments when you’re in so deep

Feels easier to just swim down

And so they move uptown

And learn to live with the unimaginable”

Philip: I spend hours in the study…

I’ve read this letter before

And its quiet uptown

I don’t like the quiet anymore…

Father takes us to church on Sunday

Makes the sign of the cross at the door

And we pray…

That never used to happen before…

EN: “If you see him in the street, walking by himself

Talking to himself, have pity”

Philip: “My star, you wouldn’t like it uptown

It’s too quiet uptown.”

EN: “He is working through the unimaginable

His life has gone grey, writes to her everyday

They say he hears her voice as he reads!”

Philip: “You knocked me down, I fall apart…”

EN: “Can you imagine?”

Eliza: “Look at where you are, look at where we started

We know you don’t deserve this, Philip

But talk to us, that could be enough!”

Philip: “If I could spare her life, if I could trade her life for mine

She’d be standing here right now

And she could smile! That would be enough!

Alex: “I know you can’t ignore the challenges you’re facing

I know there’s no replacing what you’ve lost

And we all need time…”

EN: “If you see them in the street, walking by his side

Talking by his side, have pity.”

Alex: “Philip, do you like it uptown?

It’s quiet uptown.”

EN: “They are trying to do the unimaginable

See him walking in the park, long after dark

Taking in the sites of the sky!”

Philip: “Look around, look around, I’m helpless!”

EN: “He is trying to do the unimaginable!”

Angelica: “There are moments that the words don’t reach

There’s a grace too powerful to name

We push away what we can never understand

We push away the unimaginable

He is standing at her unmarked grave

There are too many words to write

He hangs his head…”

Titania: “It’s quiet, my love…”

EN: “Forgiveness, can you imagine?

Forgiveness, can you imagine?

If you see him in the street, walking by their side

Talking by their side, have pity

Look around, look around

They are going through the unimaginable…”

If you weren’t sure before, you certainly were now. This man was an actor, it was his job to act like the character but he wasn’t actually the person. You didn’t believe in soulmates, and falling in love certainly didn’t change that. That was the thing though, you fell in love with Philip Hamilton. He was awkward, he tried to be sly to hide it, he was anxious, constantly worried, loving, funny, and kind. You knew him, you could tell how he was feeling just by looking at him most of the time. You could just feel that this wasn’t him. It made your heart hurt too much. Philip…I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! At this point you were full on sobbing in your seat. I miss you…I miss you so much! I love you so much… You didn’t want past tenses; you knew he was dead. You were centuries apart, dead stars and set suns separate you. What were you going to do? The next song came in and you were disappointed with Alex. Why couldn’t you just stay alive, Alex? This isn’t what you were supposed to do! Even though you knew, this was always what he was meant to do. All of the next song was the same except for just one line.

Burr: “Now I didn’t know this at the time

But we were near the same spot his son cried (Alex: “Near the same spot my son cried!”)

Is that why

He examined his gun with such rigor?”

Alex’s death hit you similarly. It was sadder because the man looked like someone you knew, not because it was actually that person.  The final song came on and like the one before it, you only noticed one difference.

Eliza: “I tried to make sense of your thousands of pages of writing

You really do write like you’re running out of time!

I rely on Angelica (Angelica: “Angelica!”)

And our son! (Philip: “Sun!”)

While they’re alive

We tell your story! (Angelica/Philip: “We tell your story!”)

They are buried in trinity church near you

When I needed them most, they were right on time!”

You were glad that Eliza realized all the work she could do, but it still hurt to know what it took to get there. The show ended, everyone was applauding, you were too. It was a beautiful production, more so than you remember from just listening to the soundtrack. You and Anna cleared out of the theater.

“Alright, I will admit, that was pretty good!” She said, slightly impressed. You were exhausted at this point from the emotional train you had just been on.

“Yeah…it was.” You chuckled softly.

“Now it’s time to eat! We’re gonna walk since it’s not that far.” She informed.

“Is this the final surprise?” You raised an eyebrow, she nodded excitedly. You two walked together for a while and started to talk, which surprisingly was more comforting than anything else had been today.

“You excited for next semester?” She asked, you let out a puff of air in mock laughter.

“Excited? I still don’t know if I’m sticking with my major! Don’t get me wrong, I love history but sometimes I wonder if just being a historian is enough!” She rolled her eyes at your answer.

“Okay, listen up sister, I’m going to tell you what my Mama always told me. ‘Always run with the thing you love, never from it, or else you’ll lose sight of it.’ If you want to major in history, just do it!” She smiled, you stopped dead in your tracks.

“What did you just say?” Anna seemed confused.

“What? The quote? Yeah. It’s been in my family for years, it basically our moto at this point!” She laughed. You had heard that phrase before, that was the last thing Rachel said to you before she ran away. And that’s when it clicked. Anna and Rachel have the same eyes.

“Anna… I know your last name is Hansen but… What’s your mom’s surname?”

“My mom, uh… I think her last name was Spencer before she married my dad. Why?” You choked on the air for a hot second. Another realization came to you. Everything is reborn. You remembered hearing those words. It all felt like some weird conspiracy but it made so much sense. Anna is the descendant of Rachel. But that wasn’t the only thing. Angie… As Angie got older you had started to notice some similarities between her and someone but you could never figure out who. Until right now. There were some objective differences though. Anna was a bit taller than Angie, while Angie was more of an inverted triangle when it came to body type, Anna was curvier and plus sized, there skin was also slightly different shades besides their eyes being obviously different colors. But the face is what gave it away, same round and playful cheeks, same cocky smile. The personality was uncanny, self-assured, teasing, incredibly smart, confident to the max. That was all Angie…and all Anna.

“No reason…just curious is all.” You wanted to give her a hug but thought better of it. Maybe later. The two of you continued down the street, making a few turns until you came upon a street filled with people. Anna pointed at a building that appeared to be a restaurant.

“This is it!” She exclaimed.

“Whoa there! Isn’t this place a little expensive?” You asked worriedly.

“Well…That’s kinda the surprise! We don’t have to pay for it!”

“What do you mean?” You questioned suspiciously.

“You’ve been complaining ever since we met that you’ve never met my family. They’ve been wanting to meet you for a while too, so they offered to buy us dinner!” She said half excitedly and half forlornly. She led you inside and met with the hostess at the podium, the room was filled and there were a lot of people walking around. “Hello, I’m looking for the Hansen party.”

“Oh, table for ten! Right this way Miss!” The woman led you and Anna through the room, you had to squeeze past a few people but once you caught sight of the table you were a heading to, a ping of nostalgia ran through you. A man wearing black rimmed glasses, a dark green button up and black dress pants stood up, a wide smile on his face.

“Anna! My little angel! I’ve missed you so much!” He pulled Anna into a hug and kissed her cheek.

“Daddy, I just saw you last weekend!” She laughed.

“Doesn’t mean I still don’t miss you!” He turned and looked over at you. “Ah! So this must be the infamous Y/N I’ve heard so much about.” He smiled and held out his hand, you shook it and he looked at you appreciatively. “Thank you so much… You saved my daughter’s life, I cannot possibly think of a way to repay you.” You shook off the weird feeling nipping at you.

“Don’t thank me! Anna is my best friend, no one’s hurting her on my watch!”

“Well, I still feel as though I owe you. Perhaps the first step here is to introduce ourselves! My name Is Allen, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m a lawyer in case you couldn’t tell where Anna gets her interests from.” Allen, huh? “And this here is my beautiful wife!” He gestured to the woman sitting beside him. She had long brown hair and dark skin, she was wearing a light blue blouse and white pencil skirt. She was holding a napping baby in her arms so she couldn’t stand up but she smiled at you sweetly.

“My name is Elise, it’s a pleasure to meet you Dear!” Allen pointed to a teen wearing dark blue, he had really fluffy hair, not quite curly like Anna’s.

“This is my son Alem, if he asks you to spit into a vile, don’t do it.” Why does he only sound like he’s half joking? The teen winked at you.

“Hey there, cutie.” He said with a sly grin, Anna groaned.

“Don’t even try it, Bill Nye! Y/N is way out of your league!”

“The one with the headphones is Jacob.” Allen pointed to a preteen who was half paying attention to the conversation and half to his music. He had the ‘emo bangs’ that a lot of preteens seem to have, his left hand was covered in sharpie tattoos. “The one trying to hide his face in his shirt is Joseph.” Allen chuckled. There was a younger boy, probably about ten or eleven, who was actually trying hide inside his little button up shirt, he looked at you shyly. “Now onto the little ones, the red head is Wilson, the sweet looking one that’s staring at the pictures on the wall is Elia and this little guy here is Titan!” Allen gently patted the back of boy sleeping on Elise. The name struck you as odd.

“It’s a family name, as you can see most of our children are adopted but it’s a tradition to name one of the boy’s Titan and our oldest didn’t seem to fit it!” Elise informed you.

“Speaking of him, where exactly is terror number one out of eight?” Allen asked Anna. “I thought he was going to come here with you two.”

“I didn’t feel like waiting for him, too hungry!” She joked.

“Wow, I’m not even chopped liver I see!” A voice called out from behind you, you spun around in surprise and couldn’t help but hold your breath. You felt something almost snap in place. He was a little taller than you would’ve thought, wider shoulders, slightly darker skin, his hair was buzzed close on one side but longer and wavy on the other. Some things were familiar though, his eyes, although they were green, still felt the same, freckles were scattered across his nose and cheeks, the same sly grin that slow faded into a serious expression. “Oh, uh, hi…” He said awkwardly since you were standing so close to each other. “You must be Anna’s friend?” He asked nervously.

“Uh, yeah! I’m Y/N…Nice to meet you…” Why does my face feel so hot?

“Nice to meet you too…you can call me Phoenix.” The Phoenix will rise, because I have demanded it… He’s the Phoenix… The ache in your heart finally made sense. This was him.

“Ew! Nix, not you too!” Anna said with exaggerated disgust. She pulled you into a seat next to her, Phoenix sat across from you.

“So that’s how you treat your older brother who gave you the tickets to the show he’s in! I could’ve resold them but noooooo!”

“Wait! Stop the presses! The show you’re in?” You questioned.

“Yeah! I’m in the ensemble, what did you guys think?” He asked excitedly.

“It was alright, you know I’m not really into this play thing, especially not after I have to hear about it from you two 24/7!” Anna sighed.

“It’s not a play thing! It’s a fantastic representation of our history that is showcased in a hip-hop and rap music styling format!” He argued.

“That’s what I tell her! What’s it like being a part of that?” You were extremely curious and you just wanted to hear him talk.

“It’s amazing! Lin’s been thinking about having me take over for Anthony when he decides to leave.” He had a wide, goofy smile stretched across his face.

“Are you kidding me? Anna! Why have you never told me this?” You squealed.

“I have to keep his ego in check.” She snorted.

“What about you? You know what you’re majoring in?” He asked with genuine interest.

“History, specifically revolutionary and women’s history. Pretty obvious why I like Hamilton so much!” You laughed. All of dinner went like this, you were able to learn so much about them. Allen had a love for Shakespeare that helped Phoenix love theater. Elise was an author, and a rather popular one at that, who donated to several charities. Alem is top of his class and is hoping for a career in engineering and physics. Jacob is going to send in a portfolio to an art school this summer. Joseph at the moment is learning saxophone but he can play piano and flute as of right now. It was so fascinating, picking out all the similarities. You would have to be careful not to call them by the wrong name but it was just something that you had to adjust to. When everyone finished up, you said your goodbyes. Elise told you that she would love to have you and Anna over for Brunch next Sunday. You agreed, happy that they enjoyed you company. Phoenix tapped your shoulder and slid in front of you.

“Hi again, I uh, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed talking to you tonight… And um, I was sorta wondering if you would like to go get coffee or maybe tea sometime? We could talk about history or other musicals or maybe politics if you’d like… Honestly, we could just talk about anything. Wow, I sound super lame right now! You’ve just got this…sparkle to you. I can’t really explain it but I think you’re really interesting and would love to get to know you more…” He laughed anxiously, he cheeks turning light pink. You couldn’t stop yourself from grinning.

“Sure…sounds nice. That is if you can handle my opinions. I’ll get your number from Anna and we can figure it out from there, okay?”

“Awesome! I’ll uh, see you soon then…” He smiled at you one last time before going down the opposite street.

“Why you gotta do me like this?” Anna asked, her arms crossed.

“Do you like what?”

“Alright, listen. If you’re going to date my brother, we need some ground rules here. Rule number one, do not bring him back to the apartment or else he will never leave. Rule number two, I want you home before eleven when you two are together. And rule number three, you can either break up peacefully or stay together forever. There are no in-betweens or return transactions!”

“Yeah, yeah! Whatever you say mom!” You linked arms and began to walk down the street, heading for your shitty apartment. The scenes looked so familiar, this was the street where it all began.

“Hey, look at this.” Anna pointed over to a giant lamp post, shining a light toward the ground. More specifically, she was pointing to the base of it. There was a piece of paper covered in clear packing tape stuck to the metal frame. Your name was printed on it in pink pen.

“Anna…that’s so sweet!”

“Hopefully things can go back to normal now…”

“Yeah, maybe it can.” You looked down at the ground as you stood in front of the lamp post. In between the line of the pavement, a single stem of baby’s breath was peeking through.

The sun will always rise again… I love you so much Philip, maybe this can be our for real second chance.

-4 years later-

You nervously cracked your fingers, standing in front of the door. You got this Y/N! You can handle anything! You’ve worked really hard for this, teenagers are no big deal! You’ve made many important discoveries and you’re only 24! You can do anything! You took a deep breath and opened the door. A lot of the kids straightened up and looked over at you. You shot them a comforting smile.

“Good morning, everyone! My name is Y/N L/N and today is both our first days. It is your first day in this sort of class and my first day teaching. As most of you probably know, this is Women’s History class, a new elective that I am pushing for to become more common in our school boards. You all are the first to experience this class at a high school level! This class is going to be challenging but not impossible and it’ll probably be very unorthodox. To begin class, I want to take role call and, if it isn’t too personal, ask for your pronouns so that I may refer to everyone properly! This also includes any unlisted names that you may wish to go by.” You pulled out your clipboard with a list of names and went around the room. Once you were done you pulled your stool to the front of the room and sat down. “Thank you so much! Now, we’re going to spend this first day getting to know each other and the main topic of this class. Don’t worry, all you guys in here! This class is not just about women! Women’s History merges in with feminist history and we will discuss several male feminists, both past and modern. Now, can anyone give me a name of a person they’d consider a feminist or someone important to Women’s History? Don’t be shy, it’s much more fun if we all get involved!” A person near the back raised they’re hand.

“Yes, Casey?”

“Um, Susan B. Anthony?” they asked.

“Very good! We will be discussing her later in the year!” You smiled, a boy to the left raised his hand. “Oh! Another volunteer! Yes, Ashton?”

“Sojourner Truth?”

“Amazing answer! Another one we’ll have time to talk about!” A girl in the front hesitantly lifted her hand. “Go ahead Nadine!”

“M-Mary Wollstonecraft…she was a philosopher…”

“Yes! She was very important in her time period!”

“Titania Taylor!” Someone blurted out, you head spun in the direction of the voice.

“Who said that?” You asked. A girl covering her mouth moved her hand and spoke up again.

“I did…Sorry ma’am! I got excited!”

“No, no, no! Don’t be sorry! Actually, you could say I’m a bit of an expert on Miss Taylor’s life. She was always my main study so I’m glad you brought her up!” You gave them the rundown of your plan for this year until the bell rang. “Alright everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow and we can start with the lesson plan! Have a good afternoon!” After everyone cleared out of the room you grabbed your phone. The screen was black and you looked at your reflection in it. You traced the scars across your temple, this morning you were planning on covering them up with makeup but you were convinced not to. A name flashed up on the screen. Sunshine Boy~ You answered it.

“Hey there beautiful!” His voice chimed through the speaker.

“I was waiting for you to call!” You said happily.

“Well wait no more! In fact, you should come out to the parking lot!” You hung up the phone, grabbed your bag and rushed outside. He was leaning up against a wall waiting for you. You ran over to him and wrapped your arms around him, giving him a little kiss on the nose. “Hey there teacher! How’s my star’s first day going?”

“Better than expected, that’s for sure! How’s Voices been going?” You asked, he scrunched up his face.

“Honestly, not great. Major writer’s block…or musical block? I have no idea!” He messed with his hair.

“Aw, I’m sorry sweetie! It’s good that you took a break though, that usually ends up being what gives you the most inspiration.”

“Yeah, that and you. You give me a hell of a lot of inspiration!”

“Well, I’m glad you came to see me but I have to get back to being a teacher! I’ll see you at home, okay?”

“Oh! That reminds me, we are going out tonight to celebrate your first day! Also…I have something important to ask you. You aren’t allowed to ask so don’t even try!” You rolled your eyes but you loved his excitement.

“Whatever you say, babe.” He leaned down and gave you a quick kiss on the lips.

““I love you so, so, so much. I love you more than anything else. You are my fallen star and I would do anything for you, you know that right?” He asked.

“Of course I do, Phoenix. I couldn’t forget that even if I wanted to. You’re the only sunshine that matters to me…”

“Good! I’ll see you tonight then!” He blew a kiss to you as he walked away and you made your way back inside the school.

I wonder what he wants to ask!

Good morning Comfort Lovers! Hope your Monday is better than you think it’ll be. Today we’ll be looking at some of the many body types you lovely ladies are gifted with, and some tips on what best flatters your type.

Diamond Bodies:

  • Square, scoop, or V necklines.
  • Empire waists and wrap-style dresses.
  • Shirts with wide necklines. Strapless and off-the-shoulder tops with empire waists are also your friend! :)
  • Relaxed fits that fall from the widest part of your hip. 
  • Boot-cut or trouser cut jeans.
  • Straight, A-line, or lightly gathered skirts.

Hourglass Bodies:

  • Form hugging and wrap-style tops.
  • Empire waists and snug-fitting dresses.
  • Anything that nips at the waist with a flare at the hip. Flair should be balanced between your bust and your waist.
  • Pants with a wide waist band.
  • Figure skimming and pencil skirts.
  • Full skirts that hug tight near the top.

Figure Eight/Large Hourglass Bodies:

  • Narrow V-necks or other slim necklines. 
  • Fly-away cardigans with draping down front.
  • Wrap tops with simple sleeves that wrap around your natural waistline.
  • Boot-cut, slightly flared, or trouser-cut jeans. 
  • Pencil skirts that flare towards the bottom. 
  • Cargo pants, or any bottoms with wide or flared legs. 

Rectangle Bodies:

  • Tops with belted or gathered waists. 
  • Shirts with embellishments around the bust and shoulders.
  • Off the shoulder shirts and wide necklines.
  • Pants with wide waist lines and slightly flared legs.
  • Full, tiered, or bubble skirts of any length. 
  • Skirts with details, seaming or pockets. 

Pear/Triangle Bodies:

  • Shirts with empire waists with flowing fabric below the waist. 
  • Low draped, banded waists. 
  • Classic babydoll cuts, and full sleeves with details around the bust.
  • Simple mid-rise pants with no or minimal pockets. 
  • A-line, pencil or straight skirts. 
  • Boot or trouser-cut jeans with relaxed fits at the widest part of your hip.

Oval/Apple Bodies

  • Square or scoop neck button down shirts, nipped at the waist. 
  • Belted tops that flare at the hip.
  • Wrap tops with wide, deep V-Neck’s and simple sleeves.
  • Wide-leg jeans or cargo pants with prominent back and/or side pockets. 
  • Fuller flowing skirts that gradually skim away from your legs.
  • Straight skirts with a flirty flared bottom. 

Inverted Triangle Bodies:

  • Billowy tops with a snug-fitted waist.
  • Wrap shirts with a wide neckline.
  • Jackets with full structured shoulders and nipped waists.
  • Lightly gathered and a-line skirts.
  • Boot-cut or trouser-cut jeans that fall straight down your leg.
  • Simple slacks with minimal or no pockets.

And remember, these are just tips and pointers of the trade. If you love something that doesn’t conform to this list, go for it anyway! Nothing is more beautiful than confidence in yourself <3

Happy Monday, lovelies. 

anonymous asked:

So I don't feel confident in my body. I think I'm fat and I don't look good. I don't like how I look. I feel like everywhere I go I see only skinny people. I feel that only skinny people can make it big in the world of the internet. I suck in my gut to make me look skinner. I were jeans because I don;t like the way my legs look. I feel like everyone is judging me on how I look. I HATE my body. Do you have any tips for body confidence? (I'm sorry I have to down you in this but I can't talk (pt1)

(pt 2) to my parents about this

Oh man. I feel like I ghost wrote this.

Oh jeez. I’m not great at giving advice on this type of thing. I hate my body a huge chunk of the time. According to my BMI I’m obese. I’m transgender. I have a lot of the same problems as you, kid. But I suppose I’ve gone from in my early teens thinking I wasn’t worthy of any love or even had the right to eat because I thought I was so ugly to casually hating myself and getting a little better so I can try.

The first thing to realize I think is that you’re not as big as you think you are. I tell people I’m obese and they always respond with that I don’t look that big. Also, most people you talk to will have body issues. My best friend has a lot of issues in this area and to me she just looks a healthy weight.

Another thing to realize is that it can take a while to undo those things you’ve been telling yourself for so long. You can learn to love yourself. Everyone can do it. But it takes time, and some people get it done faster than others. There are some who get one inspiring lecture and get in the mindset by next month, and then there’s people like me who has been working on his self esteem for about four or five years now and only recently started to think he’s worthy of existing in public spaces.

Another thing is, the world needs all kinds of people. Look at Project Runway this season. They have plus sized models and skinny models and in between models and all of them are beautiful.

Look at those ladies. They’re both models on project runway this season.

And a couple of seasons ago an overweight woman won with a plus sized collection.

People are becoming more and more accepting of different body types and I think that’s really important. People are starting to see the beauty in all types of people. Fashion for larger people of different genders is showing up where before the bigger the clothes got the uglier they got.

I think one thing you can start doing is positive self talk. That’s hard but its helped me. Find something about yourself that you like and talk about that. I focus on my nose and my eyes. In time I’ve learned to accept my large misshapen feet. My gigantic hips and fat and stupid face still give me trouble but hey, baby steps. I’ve had days where I’ve felt okay enough to put my face on here. Today isn’t one of those days but I have had them.

I think if a loser and hopeless case like me can muster up enough confidence to go out in public and post a selfie once in a blue moon there’s hope for everybody. Pretty much everybody has body issues. Male, female, intersex, trans, non binary, we all go through this at one point or another. The great majority of us don’t look like models in magazines and even they have gone under the knife, wear endless layers of makeup, and still have their stomach bulges and stretch marks Photoshopped out. People with six pack abs only look like that if they haven’t had a big meal that day and are sucking it in. Men with large biceps only look like that because their lifestyle allows them the time to go to the gym a lot. Even people that seem to meet our expectations of beauty actually don’t. They’re stylized, photoshopped, and whitewashed until they make you long for soething physically impossible.

We’re in this fight together, kiddo. I don’t love myself yet. I’ll admit that. But I’m no longer hard on myself for hating myself. I’ll get there, and you will too. No matter how long it takes. Don’t be mad at yourself for disliking your body. That’ll only slow you down. Accept that this is how it is and you have the power to change your mindset. You can do it. Hopefully faster than me.

I hope that was helpful. Like I said kid, I’m right there with you. I know all the feeling you described.

I really hate how this whole “plus size” girl, “love all body types” movement is SO limited.

All these “chubby” and “thick” girls STILL fall into the categories of typical beauty standards.

And these girls have proportionately large breasts, and small waists. Not to mention completely smooth skin and unrealistic fat distribution altogether.

How about some girls with actual BELLIES, girls with CELLULITE, and large girls with SMALL breasts.

Also, many larger girls have flat asses, I wanna see y'all glorifying that.


So you can all blame this on @lesbabeths and @percyyoulittleshit. They were talking about Percy’s body type, so me being me and having 0.00 chill, I decided to share my HCs about ALL the demigods’ body types. All of them are depicted as they appeared at the end of the Heroes of Olympus series, and they are also wearing the underwear I HC them wearing. From the top:

  1. Percy Jackson: 6′ (1.83m); Percy is based on a mix of Michael Phelps and classical Greek sculpture. He is described as muscular, but the recently mortal Apollo can fit into Percy’s shirt, so Percy cannot be too brawny, otherwise the shirt would be super baggy. Still, Percy’s sword training, swimming, and horse riding necessitate a strong core and legs, and the sword-play especially requires strong forearms to dexterously wield the blade. He wears boxer briefs, since they provide support and fit with Percy’s more lackadaisical attitude.
  2. Annabeth Chase: 5′9″ (1.75 m); Annabeth is based on track and field athletes. We do not get much description of her body in the books, except that Leo calls her “tall scary blonde,” so I chose her height early on and went from there. Annabeth is a capable warrior but only ever uses a dagger until she picks up the drakon-bone sword in Tartarus, so she does not need much upper body strength. Her strength comes from a strong core and legs that she uses to outmaneuver opponents before striking. Annabeth seems like a pretty practical girl, so I think her underwear is only practical as well: sports bras and some generic ones as well for daily use.
  3. Rachel Elizabeth Dare: 5′4″ (1.63 m) So the books say that Rachel is “slim,” but I decided to go with a plus-size model body type for her. The fact that she is curvaceous in a way that Annabeth is not probably fueled Annabeth’s jealousy in PJO, and besides I like to encourage body positivity. Call me crazy, but for some reason I think Rachel has the BIGGEST collection of the laciest underwear ever. I have no logic for this HC, but it feels right.
  4. Hazel Levesque: 4′11″ (1.50 m) Hazel is described as being short, so I decided to exaggerate it a bit here. Since Hazel prefers a long cavalry sword she has pretty good shoulders and upper body strength, and since she rides often she has core and leg strength to keep herself in the saddle while striking. That is why she has such thick legs, much like Merida from Pixar’s Brave. Underwear from the 1940s and 1950s was mostly comprised of high waisted underwear and pointed bras that were not practical for intense exercise, so I chose a sports bra and modern high-waisted underwear instead.
  5. Frank Zhang: 6′9″ (2.05 m) Mars was a noble war god, but Ares was all about the fear and terror of battle, and what could be more terrifying in battle than a giant running towards you on the battlefield? I have spoken before on my HCs on how Frank’s blessing should have been handled, so think of this as a continuation of that line of thought: even though Frank now has the “ideal” warrior’s physique, it is freakishly so, and causes a new host of problems that Frank did not have before.The emphasis on his shoulders and pectorals are mentioned in the books, since those are the muscles that are the showiest and most intimidating. I considered giving him a more veiny, bodybuilder-ish look, but Mars is still a war god, and having so little fat is not practical. Frank probably alternates between compression shorts during training and boxer briefs at other times.
  6. Leo Valdez: 5′6″ (1.68 m) Leo is the ONLY demigod with a confirmed height, and while I expected him to look shorter in the lineup, I realized that Leo was supposed to be more of an everyman than the other demigods, so it fits. Even though Leo is the child of the smithing god, and smiths are often very bulky, Leo is not a smith; he is a tinkerer, and having no visible muscle tone furthers Leo’s feeling of not belonging. Still Leo keeps a cheerful façade, so I thought printed boxers suit him nicely.
  7. Jason Grace: 6′1″ (1.85 m) Jason is described as one inch taller than Percy and also thicker, so I based his body on Roman statuary. While the Greeks emphasized a more sculpted look, the Romans emphasized a more smooth look, so while Jason may not have abs like Percy he is just as strong. Jason also sports the Roman “aquiline” nose. I chose to go with briefs for Jason not just to differentiate him from the other boys, but because they are the most practical of men’s underwear, supportive and with the lowest fabric requirement, i.e perfect for Jason.
  8. Piper McLean: 5′4″ (1.63 m) Piper’s body type is straight up copied from the Venus di Milo, which is a Roman copy of a Greek original, something that seems to relate to Piper. Piper is not a warrior, though she can fight, but is not a defining trait of her character, so I chose to go with a softer look; no particularly defined muscles, but with a slight tummy. In keepinh with Classical ideals, Piper is not very busty, perhaps that is why she never thought of herself as beautiful in a world where the bust is so emphasized. Like Rachel, Piper also probably likes some more traditional underwear, and while I like to imagine that she sheds the “not like other girls” mentality, for now she does not go too extravagant with the undies and keeps it simple.
  9. Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano: 6′2″ (1.88 m) Romans pride strength in battle above all else, so Reyna needed to be well built. I chose to make her tall as well to give her a natural charisma and presence among the troops. Strong arms allow her to wield a sword, combined with a stacked core and strong legs for her Pegasus-riding. Reyna also keeps it simple with her underwear, using sports bras and compression shorts to keep from chafing when riding.
  10. Nico di Angelo: 5′2″ (1.57 m) They say that short people are so angry because they are closer to Hell. I’m not sure how true this is, but Nico seems determined to prove it. Malnourished as a child, Nico has probably stunted his growth somewhat, but the still keeps up enough strength to kill monsters and fight alongside a legion of dead Romans, so he must have some muscle tone. As noted before, the ‘40s were keen on high waisted gear, but I could not find any modern underwear that fits the bill, so Nico probably uses boxer briefs as well.
  11. Will Solace: 5′9″ (1.75 m) Will is described as having a “surfer’s body” so I started from there. He has tone but it is not too much and there is a layer of fat over everything.He works out a couple of times a week, as per his own doctor’s orders, but Will is not a warrior. Also, boxers seem to fit his laid-back attitude and lifestyle nicely. Credit where credit is due, his face and hair are based on @cherryandsisters‘ design, since to me, hers is the definitive Will Solace.

ADDENDUM I: @pepemclean asked about body hair. I really did think about it, but it is SO HARD TO DRAW so I forwent it on this round. I might go back and add it, but for now just know that Nico, Jason, and Reyna have lots of body hair. 

However, plus-size fashion is 1) hella expensive and 2) they think every plus size girl is actually a beach ball with limbs and try to dress us in a circus tent.

Like, we also have waist, y'know. Try being a little bit more creative with the plus size body types. I could get the same results if I cut holes for my arms and head in a table cloth. For free.


Just because I look like a pretty goth girl with make up, doesn’t mean I don’t have a natural side. I admit my acne can be shit and that’s why I love make up and the occasional filter. But I’ve decided if I’m going to be a body positive influence, I’m going to show both sides of me. Pretty and the raw

Hello, it’s your average fat girl over here finally taking matters into her own hands! This is a blog for plus sized readers to have more representation in self inserts and imagines, whether it’s centered around the reader being plus sized or the reader is just simply, obviously plus sized (my preference). This blog is exclusive to MCU characters and actors. Most fics will be gender neutral and with no specific race/religion/sexuality unless stated otherwise. I do not write MCU Peter Parker and will only post a fic on this blog if someone submits one (non-smut), but I do write Tom Holland. These fics are inclusive to all plus sized body types and any specifics will be stated! Requests are always open (can’t promise I will get to them immediately) and I accept submissions. 

You sweet thing (Gabriel x plus size!reader)

Request: You write stories? You should make a Gabriel x plus size reader story
Word count: 1042
Warnings: None really, just Gabriel ranting about your beauty.
A/N: I have never written plus size!reader before, I don’t usually specify body types, so any reader could be plus size to me. What’s my point…? Oh yeah, I’m not sure if you wanted the reader to be critical about her body or not, but since that’s what people usually ask for when requesting plus size reader inserts, that’s what I went for. Anyway, I hope I did a decent job and hope you like it!

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Hey sweetheart!” Gabriel jutted happily into the small apartment you shared. In his hands were two bags.“Heya babe,” you said and turned your attention away from the tv to look at your angel.
“Guess what I got?” he asked with that adorable smile you loved so much. He shrugged off his jacket and in a second he was next to you on the couch.
“What did you get, Gabriel?” You kissed his smooth cheek softly.
“I got your favourite!” He pulled out the candies he knew you loved. “Bought them special for you from that little place you like.” Affection for the angel spread in your heart, but along with a slight guilt.

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How to fall in love with yourself and feel a bit happier too:

1) Buy clothes that you like, rather than what others say you should wear or what is “made” for your body type. If you’re plus-sized and like crop-tops, then wear them. If you’re skinny and like baggy clothes, then wear them. If you’re tall and like heels, wear them. If you’re short and like ballet flats and sneakers, wear them. If you’re a boy and like skirts, wear them. If you’re a girl and like cargo pants, then wear them. If you like the clothes you’re in, then you are more likely to like yourself.
2) Eat good foods. Eat a bowl of fruit for breakfast, and a salad for lunch. Your stomach will feel good and so will the rest of you.
3) Keep up with hygiene. Brush your teeth in the mornings, and shower daily. It feels nice, I promise.
4) Do your make-up, but only if you want to. If you prefer not wearing makeup, then don’t wear it. People don’t care as much as you think they do. If you like to wear makeup, and it makes you happy, then do it!!!
5) Treat yourself. I don’t mean by buying expensive things. I mean, have an evening to yourself once in a while. Buy a face mask, take a bubble bath, paint your nails, catch up on your favorite show.
6) Prioritize and be proactive. Don’t wait until the last minute to do things that have deadlines. It’s less stressful to get things done ASAP. And when you lessen that stress, you will be more happy.
7) When you look in the mirror, don’t point out the bad things. Look at your positive aspects and learn how to love yourself not only for them, but for your flaws as well. Accepting the fact that you have flaws, and that everyone else does as well, will put you in a better mindset.
8) Don’t hurt yourself on purpose! Don’t do things that you know can be dangerous or even fatal! Find other ways to relieve stress or get an adrenaline rush.
9) Don’t hate on other people. Don’t point out other people’s flaws and don’t tell them that they are wrong. We all have different experiences and different perspectives. It’s unfair to hate on people because you believe differently.
10) Remove verbally and emotionally abusive people from your life. If they feel the need to attack you or to make you feel less than you are, then they. do. not. care. about. you. and you absolutely stop associating with that person.
11) Remove people that are bad influences from your life. Don’t stay with people that are continuously making you do things that you think are wrong. Don’t stay with people that pull you away from loved ones. Don’t stay with people that constantly try to coerce you into being someone that you are not
12) Last but not least, take care of yourself. Remember, people out there love you, and if they are able to love you, you should be able to as well❤️