plus side of life

Been having trouble regressing lately.
I’ve just been a unproductive lump lately in between waiting for my job and volunteering days..

I still have no motivation to do much of anything and I hate it.
I just can’t wait to get this job and earn money again and get motivated again.
I’ve been so God awfully boring lately and I’m always so bored and nothing can get rid of that feeling.

I guess I just need to get myself readjusted now that I’m changing career paths and directions in which my life is heading.

Plus side, I’m FINALLY turning 21 this Saturday!
We’ll be staying at a Disney resort all weekend in a “royal room” which seems super nice and beautiful from what I’ve seen online.
And we’ll be going to Disney parks and Disney Springs!
I’m super excited!

- Luna

Fic Recs

Disclaimer: this is not ranked because all of these fics equally hold a large amount of place in my heart.

1.) fixated on one star  by alivingfire
* THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE!!! It’s because it’s in space and because there is this forbidden love thing going on. I absolutely love the names here and the quotes. You’ll love it, I swear (plus there is side ziall and it gives me life)

2.) these bountiful silences  by tommoandbambi
* This fic fucked me up for days and it hurts me in so much ways possible. It’s dystopian so if you don’t like that, I suggest you still read it because IT’S GREAT but WARNING: you should emotionally and mentally prepare before reading this. This is still so incredibly amazing and i really, really want you to read it ( also has side ziall)

3.) elysian  by wonderlou
* THIS IS GREAT GREAT GREAT and it gives so much more depth into the normal beauty and the beast story and it also gives me life. Everything here is perfect and yall should read it.

4.) we’re afire love  by rosemeetsdagger
* This also amazing and so very fluffy. It’ll make you cry of joyful, gay tears. Plus the smut here is great! This is the H-E- double hockey sticks fic that completed me.

5.) escapade  by dolce_piccante
* i cant eloquently word out how i feel about this fic but this filled every void that is in me. The fluff was amazing! The smut was wonderful and I might have read it more than once. I might also have made fanart based on this. (Hipster ziall that also gave me life)

6.) orange canvas  by aclosetlarryshipper
* This is so fluffyyyy and greaaat! Liam, Niall, and Zayn are the best friends you wished you have and its in Mexico. What could possibly go wrong?

7.) another hazy may  by deLILAh

8.) til i tasted you by kiwikero
* This is also very cute and fluffy and I relate to Louis so much on the obsession level and the cooking skills (or lack of) the ending is cute it made me blush augh. I love it.

9.) like a boomerang  by youwill
* The plot here is so complex and it lowkey ruined me but in the greatest possible way. You can never have too much larry. This so good I swear.

10.) touch me with your alien dick  by tvfeels
* the title is self explanatory. It does have fluff too underneath the smutty facade of the title I promise.

11.) A gold and green halloween by Tita
* one, harry potter. Two, draco malfoy. Three, halloween. Four, Larry as drarry. Need i say more?

12.) forelsket  by kosmicgirl

13.) torn on the platform  by Conscious_ramblings
* I need a Louis to my Harry and this made me want one so baaad. I wish I could meet someone in the train like this and I hope you do too so this is for you.

14.) flowers in your hair  by Ghostie09
* again, zayn, niall, and liam are the besties you wished you have, harry owns a bat and its wonderful and beautiful.

15.) chances over the purple sunrise by loupancake
* this made me believe in mermaids, believe it or not. So if you think that mermaids don’t exist, this i think will change your mind.

16.) orange you glad i stole your heart by nauticalleads (metamorphosis)

17.) Faking it  by TheCellarDoor

18.) i’ll blend up that rainbow above you  DamnGay4Louis
* i want to be Louis’ child. This is too cute. Imagine larry’s cuteness. Now add a smol and adorable toddler. Exactly.

19.) Oh Glory  by alivingfire

20.) Give me truths by iwillpaintasongforlou
* I really need a Louis in my life and this makes me more desperate to find a Louis. It’s so cute and overloaded with fluff and it hurt me and completed me and it made me gayer than a rainbow

21.) One To Make Your Heart Remember Me  by larrysrainbow (yours truly)

* Hello friends! I am shamelessly promoting my new fic haha. I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


The raven-haired boy held his hands underneath the running faucet inside the corner store’s restroom. His t-shirt and jacket laid crumbled on the floor on top of his backpack that was leaning against the wall. He took the bar of soap and ran it under the water, rubbing it until suds began to form. Once the soap was foamy enough in his hands, he began to scrub his arms, up to his elbows and then to his armpits taking a little extra time there. He had deodorant and body spray tucked away in that backpack of his.

Jughead Jones was homeless. This little sink was going to be his bath for right now. At least he didn’t have school the next day, but he didn’t want to walk around smelling like he walked out of a dumpster. He would shower at the school, but since it was Saturday morning and they were having some sort of sports game, he knew it would be too risky. Once his body seemed to be covered in soap, he took some water into his palms and began to rinse it off. He slipped off his beanie, tucking it into his back pocket and then used the soap bar to rinse his hair. He took the towel he had lifted from the locker rooms at school and began to dry himself off.

The situation he was in sucked. It was embarrassing but he had to make it work. He didn’t have much money on him and his dad would barely offer anything to him. Maybe he would offer one or two words of encouragement, but words can’t buy food or clothes. He grabbed the deodorant from his bag and rubbed it onto his armpits. Taking a quick sniff of himself, he nodded in approval. Jughead got changed, packing up his bath supplies and slipped out the beanie from his back pocket. He adjusted it onto his head and draped the backpack over his shoulders. Walking out of the bathroom, he snatched a few candy bars and went to the counter. The clerk looked at Jughead and then started to scan the bars. Jughead hadn’t noticed the droplets of water sliding down his face until they dripped onto the counter.

The teen paid for the bars and then walked out, unwrapping one of the chocolate bars. He took a bite from it and then started down the sidewalk. He munched away and surveying the neighborhood. Inside the teen’s mind was his plot about where he was going to sleep. Which house was empty or had a for sale sign? It wasn’t going to take long to figure out how to shimmy through a window or unlock the door. However, he did have to watch out for those alarms. The last time he pried open a window, a loud beeping started and dogs in the neighborhood started to bark. Before he could close the window, he took off running in the opposite direction. He managed to find an empty warehouse and sought shelter until the cops passed, but then he ended up falling asleep.

All that remained of the candy was its wrapper. He headed to the nearby park, tossed the wrapper into the trash can and went to sit down at a picnic table. He set his bag down and exhaled. The silence broke when he heard his nickname. The boy turned his head in the direction and saw his friend, Betty approaching him with a cute smile on her lips.

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my posts are gonna start getting more sporadic i got research funding which means im obligated to the project now lmao no more fun allowed


Rolling my eyes at my facial hair to be honest, for fuck sakes i never wanted any of this shit.
On the plus side my shadow game has gotten its life, and it breathes now. I mean look at that burnt orange hue on the corners of my eyes there.

Slowly but surely, surely but slowly my life is falling into place.
And i guess that is what they mean by mindfulness, being present in the ‘now’ because now is the only portal to life we have. We dont exist in the future but only in the present.
So when we focus on what is infront of us, we have better access to joy whereas when we look to the future, we take life away from ourselves by denying what life has instore for us at the present moment, we waste time looking for the overhyped future, when we could find what is positive now. There is always something positive we can direct our energy towards in the present, otherwise you wouldnt be alive.
Fight for it, fight to see what is positive in your life.

because i am very clever and smart, i walked all the way to the library to return books before remembering that i left the books on my desk, and then sat on the grass for a bit to think about my life choices, on the plus side the sunset was very nice and i also have a box of raspberries+blackberries on my desk

Invader ZIM Episodes in a Nutshell:

The Nightmare Begins: Alien goes to Earth and discovers a seething hatred for big-head-boy. Naturally, shipping ensues.

Bestest Friend: Zim discovers his first fanboy. The call was coming from inside the house.

NanoZIM: Zim puts himself inside Dib. Vore happens.

Parent Teacher Night: Zim’s robo father gets horrid flashbacks from his time in the war and no one does anything to help him.

Walk of Doom: Cameos. Cameos everywhere.

Germs: Zim apparently suffers from mania and goes into an obsessive cleaning episode. No one helps him or calls an ambulance when he terrorizes patrons of a MacMeaties.

Dark Harvest: This episode will fuck you up. Some strange level of vore happens I don’t even know.

Attack of the Saucer Morons: Zim discovers his fanbase and promptly does nothing to take advantage of it.

The Wettening: Dib jumps in a puddle and it all goes to shit.

Career Day: Molt; /mōlt/ (of an animal) shed old feathers, hair, or skin, or an old shell, to make way for a new growth.

Battle Dib: Dib steals Gaz’s pizza like a dick and gets what he deserves.

Planet Jackers: The entire planet gets kidnapped and Dib is too stupid to notice even after being told.

Rise of the Zitboy: All glory to the hypno-pimple.

Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain: Gir goes to great lengths to acquire tacos, causing the great adolescent taco desire of 2007.

Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy: Grandfather paradox. Gir explodes.

A Room With A Moose: Zim literally could have hurled the bus into a black hole or just opened the windows to suck all oxygen and life from his enemies, but no, he chooses a moose room. He fails.

Hamstergeddon: Zim creates his own hamster son. He kills it like a good father.

Plauge of Babies: Earth babies come from space. Confirmed space is a big vagina.

Bloaty’s Pizza Hog: Gaz has daddy issues.

Door to Door: Zim hallucinates a childhood mascot and is tortured by him for the rest of his life. On the plus side, he gets tuna.

FBI Warning of Doom: Mall Cop; Origins.

Bolognius Maximus: The sad truth is that right now, someone somewhere is writing a vore slashfic about Bologna!Zim and Bologna!Dib eating each other.

Game Slave 2: You know E3 it’s pretty much that with the same amount of manslaughter.

Battle of the Planets: Everything aside, Zim’s plan would’ve worked when you consider gravity and shit. Also, Dib gets himself into a rock hard ass.

Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom: Dib really has some fucking issues he needs to work out.

Mysterious Mysteries: Nothing matters anymore. Everyone is crazy.

Future Dib: Gaz was going to kill her own brother like she was really going to fucking do it. She was not afraid to taste blood.

Hobo 13: R. Lee Ermey/Richard Horvitz cage match.

Walk For Your Lives: (Slo Mo Guys background music intensifies)

Megadoomer: They see him rollin’. They hatin’.

Lice: Dib makes an asshole of himself. It’s hard to watch.

Abducted: You’ll wait for probes to happen. Probes do not happen.

The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot: Dib goes on an adventure to learn about otherkin and does not like what he finds.

GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff: No one suffered more than Squid Man.

Dib’s Wonderful Life of Doom: Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Tak the Hideous New Girl: Alien who happens to be female comes to earth to fuck up Zim’s shit. Naturally, everyone supports what would be a hate-fueled abusive relationship.

Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars: This is, in fact, the last you will ever see of the Resisty. Yes, that is their name.

Mortos Der Soulstealer: You’re pretty sure this is a documentary on the life of your roommate.

Zim Eats Waffles: This could have been a set up for hidden camera porn but thankfully Gir had more taste than that.

The Girl Who Cried Gnome: Zim leaps behind a girl, grabs her by the waist, and yanks her out of a hole. You may or may not get a boner, but either way you’ll feel like a sick person for watching it.

Dibship Rising: Tak’s ship discovers it is Dibkin. It realizes how stupid that actually sounds and kills itself.

Vindicated!: Mr. Dwicky didn’t mean anything to you until you got old and realized you’re just like him. Only in your version you won’t get abducted by Plookesians.

The Voting of the Doomed: Illuminati confirmed.

Gaz, Taster of Pork: Dib lays a nastyass curse on his sister’s mouth.

The Frycook What Came from All That Space: This is the umpteenth time Zim uses vore to favor him. It even works this time. You’ll be left wondering just how many times Zim plans on being swallowed.

The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever: Everyone dies alone and jolly under the Santa Dome before the Simpsons did it.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog, just wanted to ask if you think sjm is actually going to do a crossover between ToG and ACOWAR? Like I feel like there are too many parallels to be a coincidence. 3 faced mother is referenced in witch culture and p.551 acowar (amren quote), both series have 3 powerful sisters, wyrdkeys might =cauldron feet, the name cresseida is reused (blue blood matron + summer court girl). sjm is a careful writer, why do all of this... thoughts??

Thank you!  I always love to hear that people enjoy my blog. I hope you will love the posts I am preparing.  


I agree, SJM is a careful writer. I need more time to digest ACOWAR, however these are my first thoughts. 

I died when the carver drew out the the Eye of Elena (Eye of the Goddess) in the dirt of his cell (p.239), then wiped it away without clearly explaining its significance. 

I died again when Devlon called Nesta a witch. Could someone please cut Nesta, I want to see if her blood runs blue. And what is going on with Nesta’s eyes? I could have sworn there was a mention of Nesta and nails. 

And because SJM likes to kill me, “Three stones for the faces of the mother.” (p.551) Wait what? We have not mentioned the three faces in this realm. It’s the Mother, the Cauldron and long forgotten gods. 

But we cannot overlook the other gems that SJM gave us:

1. Cauldron is not for transporting grunt armies. It is for remaking worlds.

2. Amren to Nesta: “When you erupt, girl, make sure it is felt across worlds.” This sounds suspiciously like yielding and when she erupts, it should be felt across worlds. Hmmm, that means all the worlds are tied together. 

3. The cauldron broke into three pieces. And although SJM did not outright state this. I think it took three to reforge it. Amren’s fae being was still in the cauldron. Feyre gave power, what I would consider raw power. Rhys gave his life (plus power). On the flip side, in EOS, there seems to be more than just Aelin having to give her life to forge the key from three broken pieces. I have a feeling Dorian and Manon will be needed. 

4. There were gods before there were fae in Prythian. What if the same is true of Erilea? What if the fae are a little more recent in the history of Erilea, then the world of Prythian?

5. Amren is the child/creation of a young wrathful god, who finally yielded her grace. There were humans in her world too. 

6. Feyre has a magical mirror. The weaver had many mirrors. 

I have a feeling I am going to have a lot of crack pot theories coming from EOS and ACOWAR.

Haaa, I love how people complain about how evil Tumblr can be to people. Like, for me you’re all wonderful and I’m trying to escape my two brothers who tell me to go kill myself and a sister who only ever calls me names.

I’m sorry Tumblr. But you’re the nice ones.

eye zooms real hard @ fellow muns playing cosmic / personification muses.  give that heart a poke if you’re interested in a ship with this broody lump of beautiful star dust that is Eternity!!  honestly though i will be picky, there will have to be development. and if i’m not feeling chemistry then the universe can never have too many friends /o/


Maxwell, the former King.


@tainted-petals had requested Maxwell from Don’t Starve. 

I kinda REALLY got carried away with this one. I actually had this pic 99% done for almost… 2 weeks now? But between finishing up conventions and getting things sorted out with family I wasn’t able to finish this up till now. 

When I got asked to draw Maxwell I knew I wanted to do something a bit more then just a plain sketch of him. This was my first REAL attempt at him and I wanted it to be meaningful. Well DST have been coming out with new updates and one of them is being able to craft chess pieces.  One of them, King piece, is a broken statue with no arms or head, but is wearing Maxwell’s suit. 

Thanks again @tainted-petals for requesting this! This by far was one of my favorite requests. 0u0


Time to finish day 19 and I’ll continue tomorrow with this funny (so far) and exciting chapter. If Tom will follow correctly the north american mythology, then Coyote is the LAST character that people should trust. Even if he might pretend that he wants to help people/care for them, according to mythology, the Coyote will always hack a plan in order to reach his purposes, he only uses people around for his nefarious plans, He’s very smart and cunning. The plus side is that he’s also  mediator between life and death and he even tried to imitate God himself, by creating people out of clay but failed because he couldn’t stop laughing. Let’s see how this story will follow Coyote legend. Again, I’m…

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