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   Horoscopes and Tarot Overview for January 12, 2017

                   Full Moon from

           (Horoscopes heard weekdays on 100.7 WHUD at 6:45 PM)

The Moon is in home base Cancer until this evening with many aspects and a Full Moon at 6:35AM EST, when the Moon in Cancer opposes the Sun in Capricorn. We may find, more than anything else, we need to find center, an even keel and a soft place to land in our lives. There is a realization that we need both an emotionally satisfying home life and a kick-ass public side plus a way to balance them both. Stay sensitive yet aware of what happens around you. Make a commitments and stick to them.

Soon after the Full Moon, Mercury moves back into solid Capricorn until February 7th, helping us speak our truth from a grounded standpoint. Remember to be flexible when a stubborn streak shows up, otherwise be a person others can count on to do and say the right thing at the right time.

Late this afternoon Venus and Neptune both in Pisces align and spread psychic awareness throughout the universal field. Look for creative ideas spurring us to woo loved ones, or consider finding a spiritual guide. Financial matters need watching but do not make any moves today.

 The Moon moves into romantic Leo at 7:08PM, with a great follow up to a lovely day. Connect with lovers, close friends and relatives and express your heart. This can be a marriage/commitment proposal night, be prepared.

Tarot Cards of the Day: the Ace of Pentacles, the King of Pentacles and the 10 of Pentacles-we have an abundance of earth power today to keep us tethered to the earth while our heads are in the clouds, we can find happiness in family, friends and abundance. Be grateful, empowered and solidly centered in home and work issues.

Let’s protect the throat and heart chakra, with blue and green agate, make a lavender, lemongrass, myrrh blend. In yoga use backbends to add to your power.

Aries-it’s time to go after what you want in a direct way. That doesn’t mean there won’t be clashes, but sometimes a little conflict helps clear the air. Move into a more romantic phase and pay attention to your loved ones’ needs. Pay attention to money issues.

Taurus-this is quite a day for healing, forgiveness and compassion. Learning through mistakes gives you the support and knowledge you need to move forward. Speak the truth, stay engaged with people who love and care about you and return the favors.

Gemini-you may be on an emotional roller coaster today that touches on every aspect of your life that needs a little attention. Look at your financial picture, your love and family life then make the adjustments necessary to bring extra love into your world.

Cancer-a Full Moon in your sign brings out your most loving caring side, especially if you have been hiding your feelings. You are more insightful, spiritually connected and wiser than usual, but you are also very day-dreamy, so ground, center, and relax.

Leo-pay attention to your health today, especially if you have been busy or distracted. There is some strong energy helping you communicate well. Wait until your gut feelings kick in so your head and vision clears. Beauty is surrounding you, pay attention.

Virgo- you are social, caring and ready to be romantically involved with someone you have loved from afar. Be optimistic and ready to move ahead on your inspired ideas, it’s the right time. You will be pleasantly surprised by success, go with your instincts.

Libra-you are clear headed and ready to make some decisions, despite the fuzzy air and dreamy feel of the day. Stay positive and straight forward, speak plainly from the heart. Your creativity and imagination with help balance work and play and love.

Scorpio- there is an abundance of emotion circulating but that subtle explosion of power can trigger a rebirth of spirit, a refocusing of plans and recommitment to the important people in your life. Open your heart, share your ideas, and your love.

Sagittarius-the Full Moon shines a light on some important issues you may have left slide. Look carefully at your money and career plans and make sure they are still set up to work. This is the time to make the appropriate changes and use some positive inspiration.

Capricorn- the Moon opposite your sign pulls out some emotions and a bit of drama you may have not realized was there. Be ready for changes in money and love matters that takes you to another level. Your patience and strength of character brings rewards.

Aquarius- today proves you can be practical. It’s time to take better care of yourself, your relationships and your career life first. Love and care surrounds you, keep your eyes open for those you care about most and return the favor. Compassion is the key.

Pisces-today is a banner day for you, so spread love and forgiveness wherever you go. Your imagination works overtime helping you escape your current stresses or worries. Write inspirations down for use at another time, but develop the ideas you have now.

i haven’t played mass effect andromeda yet (waiting until it actually comes out) but i’m pretty sure i prefer ‘maybe sometime wonky animations’ in comparison to ‘blank face and as much minimal animation as possible’ like in the previous games, but that’s just me. 

here’s an itemised list of me being a hamilton mess

1. every single day not switching off fast enough after playing Alexander Hamilton as my study hype-track and having to commit to performing along to the entire first act 

2. every single day not switching off fast enough after getting to Non-Stop as my second study hype-track and having to listen to the entire goddamn musical

3. i’m trying my best to not annoy the shit out of my flatmates by singing full-volume again so instead i spent a lot of time lip-synching REALLY EXPRESSIVELY

4. this happens so often and i get so into it that i keep accidentally doing the same wild hand gestures and facial expressions whenever i listen to Hamilton whilst grocery shopping

5. i was wandering around the beach the other day without even having music on and “i rely on angelica while she’s alive/we tell your story” came into my head and i burst into full-on tears. there are at least 10 different lines that do this to me.

6.i almost never used to cry at media and now i cry at everything i watch sometimes just because ‘it’s so well-made!’ and i blame hamilton for opening my emotional floodgates.

7. i thought i was doing well at keeping my obsessiveness on the DL but when i posted my ‘I GOT HAMILTON TICKETS’ FB status, my sisters friend who i have met once and who lives three hours away said “yay, i’m so happy for you, even i know how much you love this!” and i DON’T REMEMBER EVEN SPEAKING ABOUT IT TO HER

7. similarly, at trixis bday house party the other day i was chilling in a room and one of her friends who i barely know went “this one’s just for you, sophia!” and put on the mixtape version of Satisfied. once again i don’t even remember ever talking about it to him 

8. there’s a chance that number 7 happened because of that time i was rapping so loudly in the shower that i didn’t realise trixi had friends hanging out in our bathroom-adjacent living room. i cannot rap or sing but i have volume and enthusiasm so that was a treat for them all im sure

9. i wrote an entire fucking essay on it for my actual degree

10. didn’t even mean to semi-quote in the title it just keeps happening without me even noticing

it makes me mad tbh that people are mad at lucien for what happened in acomaf like…. do you not understand… his past… his relationship with tamlin,,,, i jsuytssjnh fhnjdf 

anonymous asked:

"plus side, stefan has only ever called elena the love of his life" lmaooooo me tho and that can't be taken away

Nope. It really can’t.

Michi and I were talking and I made a joke about Solas pining-painting because that is in fact A Thing. Or at least a thing that I’ve done. And then it stopped being a joke and this happened.


Silas stared blankly ahead from the bed they’d shoved him into. Gauze was over his eye, hiding the fact it’d turned from blue to white. They’d just finished completely washing his eye out from the chemical mix that he’d managed to get into it. The prognosis where his eyesight was concerned wasn’t good, they’d said. So there he was, taking it all in. On the plus side, he could contemplate life without the threat of being murdered. The fear still hadn’t left him though, so he jumped out of bed when he heard someone approach. “Who…Who is there?”

The House Next Door

This is my first time writing about the skeletons. Here is the first chapter but another 15 with more skeletons can be found HERE so if you like this chapter you might like the rest of the story.

Chapter 1: A day at the Fair

Overall Summary:  The first time you met monsters you manage to run into four of them and literally run into one of those four. Now they are apparently moving in next door with their siblings and you can’t seem to imagine a life without monsters. On the plus side they tell horrible jokes and have endless amounts of energy. So what could possibly go wrong.

Chapter Summary: you spend a day at the fair

Rating: probably G

Pairing: Reader x all the skeletons

You smiled happily as you walked through the fair grounds. It was your first day off work in such a long time that just being able to stroll along the gravel path basking in the warm sun relaxed you. It was such a shame that Louisa, your best friend couldn’t make it today. You were planning on spending the day with her but she said she needed to do some cleaning around her café. It didn’t matter to much though, you were just enjoying the sights and smells. You could hear people laughing and screaming as they went on the multiple rides, your sense of smell was assaulted with the scents of fried and sweetened food. Bright coloured booths and rides littered the side of the path as you walked. You were honestly enjoying yourself, so much so that you weren’t watching where you were walking until you crashed into someone standing in front of you. The force of this knocked you and the person you ran into straight to the ground.

“OH MY STARS, I’M SO SORRY MISS! ARE YOU OK?” you looked up only to be face to face with a skeleton who was kneeling in front of you eye sockets(?) filled with what appeared to be concern. Monsters had been on the surface for around two years but even so you never really had a run in with one and now you had literally run into one. One that resembled a human skeleton it would seem. That’s not menacing. You realized you had been staring at the monster and been ignoring his question. Shooting up to your feet you nodded almost violently

“Yeah I’m fine, I’m great even, never been better haha” oh god had you actually just said that so nervously? You’d have felt embarrassed if you had the time, fortunately before you can the skeletons face lit up as he stood and dusted himself off.

He was in what could be considered a very childish outfit, a baggy grey t-shirt, black shorts, bright blue gum boots and gloves both of these appearing to be almost two sizes too big and a blue and white bandana was tied around his neck. The skeleton finished dusting off his clothes and placed his hands on his hips smiling up at you. The little skeleton was shorter then you by about a head. Yeah so this was happening and you defiantly weren’t having a mini break down inside your head. It’s not that you were scared of monsters, you’d never met any before so that threw you for a bit of a loop and monsters usually don’t live in this city or at least you hadn’t seen any. Maybe you were being dumb though. I mean he seemed nice enough for a talking skeleton. Maybe you should say something.

“Uh, are you a-alright?” damn your nervous stuttering 

“MWEH HEH HEH! OF COURSE HUMAN!! A LITTLE FALL LIKE THAT COULDN’T HURT THE MAGNIFICENT BLUE!!” You let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding in, a small wave of relief washing over you. You were nervous, sure, but you didn’t want to hurt the little guy, or anyone for that matter. You were about to apologize again but a voice spoke over you drowning out your words.

“BLUE I HAVE ACQUIRED THE….. OH HELLO HUMAN” you whipped your head around in an attempt to locate the owner of the loud voice, who had just assaulted your ears. It was another skeleton this one was almost a head taller than you and wore long brown pants, boots, red mittens a white top that appeared to be hardened like armour and a red scarf that flew lightly in the breeze behind him. He also appeared to be holding two servings of fairy floss, one of which he handed to the short skeleton

“Uh h-hello?" 

"WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY SOME FLOSS MADE BY FAIRIES?” He offered you the sugary treat to which you politely declined. Watching in slight awe as this new skeleton ripped off a piece and placed in his mouth. How did a skeleton even eat? Did they need to eat?

“UH HUMAN? ARE YOU OK?” You blinked rapidly at the question realizing you had been staring at the two are in front of you. 

“MAYBE YOU HIT YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU FELL?” The smaller one said 

“YOU TOOK A TUMBLE HUMAN!? THAT IS HORRIBLE ARE YOU ALRIGHT??” The taller skeleton look at you, eye (sockets?) filled with concern. You shook your head and smiled at the two 

“Sorry, I’m fine really. I just. Well I’ve haven’t actually talked to a monster before. Let alone two. I guess I’m just a little over whelmed.” You laughed and rubbed your neck nervously. Both of the monsters looked slightly taken aback by your comment “Oh god I’m sorry! You must think I’m so rude! I’m Y/N L/N” both skeletons faces lit up as you held your hand out after introducing yourself. The tall skeleton was the first to grab your hand and shake it rather enthusiastically and with an iron grip. 

“IT IS WONDERFUL TO MEET YOU HUMAN!! I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS” Papyrus released your hand only for it to be immediately snatched up by the smaller of the two whose grip was just as crushing and movement just as energetic and jarring as the taller counterpart. 


 "Well it was lovely to meet you Papyrus. Blue.“ You nod at each in turn and get ready to continue your pleasant stroll through the fairgrounds alone. It seems your new acquaintances had no intention of letting this happen as they began to walk with you.

 "DO YOU COME HERE OFTEN MISS Y/N?” Blue asked from you left

 "To the fairgrounds? Uh not really. I had the day off and thought it might be fun. I work in a cafe so I thought the fair would be a nice change of scenery. That’s why I’m here today"

 "IT IS INDEED FUN!“ Blue agreed nodding enthusiastically.

"Why did you two come today?" 

"AN EXCELLENT QUESTION HUMAN!” Papyrus spoke holding up his hand before going into his explanation


 "YES OUR SMALL HUMAN FRIENDS SAID IT WOULD BE FUN!!” Blue explained smiling happily up at you. 

“And are you having fun?" 




You had been walking with the two skeletons for a while and despite only meeting the two about 20 minutes ago it was rather enjoyable. The twos never ending energy just seemed to rub off on you and you found yourself jumping up and down excitedly as they talked about the rides they had ‘Conquered’ today. They’re energy was just so contagious. You were just laughing with the two when you suddenly stopped walking, straining your ears you heard loud sniffling, slightly muffled against the screaming and laughing of everyone else in the park. You try to locate the noise only to spot two figures in the alley between two tents. One was on the ground clutching their knee to their chest and appeared to be a young child. The other was looming over the kid. He was extremely tall and intimidating. The kid ran his arm across his eyes like they were wiping tears away from them. Was the tall guy beating the kid? Was he bullying him? Either way it wasn’t something you could just stand by and watch.

Your pace quickened as you drew near the ally the voices of the two reaching your ears 

”-SUCH A BABYBONES. I WOULD NEVER LET MY SELF GET WOUNDED SO EASILY" the voice was grating and low, almost scary

 "I AM NOT A BABYBONES!! THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY A TRAP SET BY THE HUMANS AS A FORM OF INJURING ME!“ The other yelled back. This one was higher pitched and demanding. Like a bratty child. As you got closer the figures became clearer. More skeletons. You steps faulted. Did you really want to talk to four monsters today? You’d already broken your talking to monsters at all virginity and these two looked actually scary. Well scarier than the two previous skeletons. The tall one was in a lot of black and red armour that was practically covered in spikes and the smaller one was in purple and gold with just as much spikes. This one was also sitting on the ground and appeared injured.

"HUMAN THERE YOU ARE! WE THOUGHT WE LOST YOU!!” You turned to see blue and papyrus standing behind you at the entrance of the ally.

 "Oh sorry, I heard someone crying and thought I’d come see if I can help" 

“I WASN’T CRYING YOU FOOLISH PEASANT” you turned to see the small skeleton glaring at you whilst the tall one had his arms crossed and seemed to be scowling at your very presents.

“BERRY! EDGE! SO THIS IS WHERE YOU RAN OFF TO” papyrus happily bounded over to the two. Him standing next to one standing you notice they were very similar. However this new skeletons features were a lot more prominent and he had a scar running down his right eye (socket?). Said skeleton seemed to ignore Papyrus completely and continued to snarl at you 

“WHO IS THIS WORTHLESS CREATURE” his words were etched with what could only be described as hate. You were gonna say something before blue stepped in front of you. 

“THIS IS MISS (Y/N)!! SHES OUR NEW FRIEND AND SHES SUPER NICE!” Blue cheered happily. The tall skeleton scoffed.

 "SOMEONE AS PATHETIC LOOKING AS HER? OF COURSE SHED BEFRIEND YOU TWO IMBECILES" his smiled victoriously at his own comment which had appeared to make the two other skeletons mad as they both started yelling at him to apologize to you to which he would bluntly refuse. As this was occurring you bent down to the small skeleton still cradling his leg on the ground. His face had three claw marks running over his right eye and his sockets glistened with tears.

“Are you ok sweetie?” You said in your best soothing mother voice

 "I AM FANTASTIC PEASANT. WHY WOULD YOU ASK SUCH A STUPID QUESTION" he sniffed, trying to refrain from allowing the tears to flow to no avail.

 "You appear to be crying" you smiled sitting crossed leg in front of him. 

“FOOLISH PEASANT!! THE MALEFICENT SANS DOESN’T CRY!! IT IS MERELY AN ILLUSION CREATED BY THE LIGHT YOU IDIOT” the small skeleton sniffed again. You ignored the fact that he was so clearly crying and smiled softly at him not because you wanted to it was more that you knew if you didn’t he’d call you more names and you were determined to prove you weren’t an idiot. Even if it meant pretending to be nice to a bratty skeleton.

 "Of course how dumb of me. If hypothetically you were crying, say because you were in pain? Maybe?? What would you say would be hurting?“ You tilted your head as he looked up at you brow (bone?) frowned 

"W-WELL IF I WAS CRYING BECAUSE I WAS IN PAIN. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE AS STRONG AS ME. I WOULD SAY IT’S BECAUSE MY, MY KNEE WOULD BE HURT, IF SOMEONE AS MALEVOLENT AS ME COULD BE HURT” You continued to smile as the skeleton pouted. How a skeleton could pout? You had no idea since they were made of bone which from your memory was usually pretty hard. But you also decided this was not the time to ask as one skeleton was crying in front of you whilst pretending they weren’t and three others were standing behind you yelling at each other.

“Alright” you nodded slowly “can I see your knee?" 

"NO!!” The small skeleton screamed pulling his leg closer to his body. You smile dropped slightly. Why was he so defensive? Seriously he was like a 5 year old. He might have been a five year old. He was a skeleton it was hard to tell. 

“What if I can promise to make the pain stop?” He sniffed at this and looked sceptical. 


"I’ll show you but you have to give me your knee ok?” There was a pause before the small skeleton slowly let go of his leg. You slowly reached over to it and gentle pulled the leg onto your lap. Inspecting the leg there seemed to be a small gash just below were the two bones connected. White gunk was slowly flowing out of it. Like blood. You would of marvelled at the fact that you had a literal leg made out of bones resting on your lap if the owner of said leg wasn’t looking irritated at you. You pulled your water and a tissue out of your bag and drenched the later with the former. “This might sting but then it will be like nothing happened” you smiled at your patient. Gently placing the wet tissue on the cut you heard a sharp intake of breath as you cleaned. When the wound was cleaned you reached into your pocket and pulled out a bandaid. Due to your clumsiness you learnt to always carry them around. Always. You gently ripped off the paper and stuck the small bandage to the bone. Before smiling and looking up at your patient. “There you go! All better see” you smiled as the skeleton just inspected his knee.

“WOWIE HUMAN!! YOU FIX BERRYS KNEE!” You turned to see the other three were all watching you 

“AND YOU GOT HIM TO STOP CRYING” The skeleton in front of you, Berry, shot to his feet immediately 



 "MISS (Y/N) ARE YOU OK?“ Blue asked you concerned etched into his features. 

"Yeah I’m fine?” A little annoyed at the bratty Berry for being well a brat and not saying thanks for fixing his knee, but not gonna say that out loud. I mean these guys are monsters after all and, at least the pointy one, could probably rip you apparent in seconds and have no problem hiding the body. Speaking off the pointy one did you catch his name? Papyrus had said he was here with blue, berry and….

“WHY IN THE HELL IS YOUR NEW PET STARING AT ME?” He snorted distastefully

 "Sorry. Uh your Edge correct?“ He scowled at you once more 


 "CALM DOWN EDGE, THE HUMAN IS REALLY NICE AND OUR FRIEND.” This friend thing might be pushing it you did only met this monsters like half an hour ago. 


 "Says the yelling at me for no good reason. Seriously do you need to have your ego boosted so badly you’d just start yelling at random humans to make yourself feel better about yourself?“ And it appears your patients has officially run out. Well it was good why it lasted but bratty kids really take it out of you. Edge’s face contorted into what could only be described as rage. His whole body shook and you felt like you were about to get hit. Before Blue, Berry and papyrus starting trying to conceal they’re giggling. Very badly mind you. 


“Listen pal. You gonna act like an ass I’m gonna treat you like an ass.” You smirked seeing the tall skeleton boil with rage. Seriously. There was no reason for him to be treating you the way he was. Granted you might be being a little hard on him but golly you just couldn’t muster up the energy to care all that much.


 "so much like this conversation?“ You smiled. That sure seemed to shut him up.

As Edge stumbled over his words in rage trying to come up with an aliquot retort, the ally was filled with a loud bing noise. The source of this noise was apparently papyrus’ phone which he pulled out of his pocket. After reading whatever the text had said and typing out a short reply he addressed the group.

 "ALAS MY DEAR FRIENDS IT SEEMS MY BROTHER HAS ARRIVED TO TAKE US HOME. WE ARE TO MEET HIM AT THE GATE POST HASTE!” He then proceeded to turn and return to the main walk way of the fair grounds. Blue followed him out before Edge gave you one last glare and stomped after the two. 

“WELL PEASANT? AREN’T YOU GOING TO MOVE?!” You turned to see Berry standing behind you. His arms crossed and glaring in your general direction. 

“Uh Berry you know I have a name righ-”

 "SILENCE PEASANT!! I DO NOT CARE FOR THAT ARE YOU COMING TO THE FRONT GATE WITH US OR NOT!!“ It sounded more like an order then a question. Looking down at your watch you figured it was probably time you went home to.

 "Sure. Let’s go”

 "EXCELLENT PEASANT! ONWARDS" he practically pushed you out the alley before proceeding to stride next to you as you caught up to the other three energetic skeletons. As you reached the gate you weren’t at all surprised to see another skeleton.

Although this talking to all the new monsters thing that was happening today still had you freaked out. Anyway this skeleton would have been slightly taller than Blue and seemed rather, well chubby for someone who you assumed couldn’t gain weight. He was in black shorts a blue hoodie and well pink house slippers? An odd choice at best but if it was socially acceptable you’d probably spend all day in your pyjamas. He’s eyes were half liden and a smile spread across his teeth which grew when he saw his brother enthusiastically waving at him. You walked slowly behind the group. You should at least say good bye right?

 "hey bro. did you have fun?“ The new skeleton asked 

"OH YES SANS IT WAS QUITE ENJOYABLE!! AND LOOK WE EVEN MANAGE TO MAKE A NEW FRIEND” Papyrus gestured to you as he stood aside. His brothers smile seemed to faultier for a split second before returning.

 "heya buddy. nice to meet you. i’m sans. sans the skeleton.“

 "U-uh (Y-y/n). (Y/n)(L/n)” damn that nervous stutter was back. Before he could say anything else. Blue grabbed your arm and jumped up and down excitedly.

“MISS (Y/n) YOU SAID YOU WORK AT A CAFE CORRECT?” You nodded. A café, a restaurant and in an office building but who was keeping track. “CAN WE EAT THERE?” He asked pointing to himself. You were a bit taken aback. These were the first monsters you’d met and you definitely hadn’t seen any in the cafe but you couldn’t see why they couldn’t come. Louisa probably wouldn’t care as long as they ordered something.

“Yeah? I don’t see why not blue”

 "seriously kid? your cafe serves monsters?“ It was sans and he seemed generally surprised by that fact. 

"Can’t see why we wouldn’t.” You smiled. He seemed a bit skeptical over the idea. 

“Here why don’t you come check it out for yourself? I work there most days so I’ll probably be your waitress. Honestly it shouldn’t be a big deal” you handed the skeleton a business card with the cafe details on it.

At this moment your own phoned buzzed and speaking of the cafe it was Louisa telling you she made you dinner in her shop. But if you wanted it you had to be there in fifteen minutes.

 "Whoa sorry I got to run. It was really nice meeting you all. Well it was really nice meeting most of you. I hope you drop by the cafe" you yelled the last bit turning around and walking off at a faster pace than normal. You always loved Louisa’s cooking and like hell you were gonna miss out on it.

Poor Manny finally got to the bottom of his skin condition ..autoimmune skin disease…basically doggo lupus ..Tail with an idiot attached will be stuck on steroids for the rest of his life …plus side is his condition is manageable and he can have a good life …down side steroids not good on large dogs physiology

I’m starting S2 of Love. It was dry and awkward before, so im expecting more of the same. Just like my love life and jokes.

But on the plus side, my dog loves his poop more now so, I’ve got that going on.

Is it the end of the month yet?


My body is not ignorant, my body is intelligent. When I imagine myself as a diosa, my body picks itself up and I stand tall, upright, and lifted. I talk back and I walk back to oppression when I reimagine myself as divine. Through this my positive intentions for the future are magnified!!!!

“We are taught that the body is an ignorant animal intelligence dwells only in the head. But the body is smart. It does not discern between external stimuli and stimuli from the imagination. It reacts equally viscerally to events from the imagination as it does to real events.” 
― Gloria E. Anzaldúa

I thought I chipped an upper back tooth, so I went to the restroom and put my phone in my mouth to take a picture and see if I did.

Naturally, a guy walks in, looks at me, my phone halfway in my mouth, and looks on horrified. He begins to back out of the entryway.

All my brain can to think to shout, mumbling with my phone still halfway in my mouth is, “Don worwry, I pwomose I knowr what I’d Doingk!”

Are we reblogging old fandom stuff? To give a warm welcome to our last two weeks of Homestuck? Alright then!

Here’s my humble, main and on-going offering to the Homestuck fandom:

The Witches’ Saga:

Act I - A Distrait Life of Mistakes.  ( @requisitionforms
Words: 164,076 (plus another  114,928 in shorts, ficlets and side-stories)

Life after the revolution is nowhere near as glamorous as the revolution itself. 

Non-SGRUB AU, chronicling Eridan Ampora’s fall from grace and subsequent attempts to unfuck his life, to varying degrees of success, while remaining blissfully unaware of larger machinations at hand. A cross between smutfest, character pieces and a ludicrously complicated background plot that spans several universes and culminates with the heralding of the End of the World. (Every World.)

Act II - Wreckstuck. ( @that-stupid-fic )
Words: 173,161

The story of Her Imperious Condescension is the story of the Alternian Empire, you cannot tell one without dwelling into the other.

A long, convoluted look at how Alternia, as Karkat and company experienced it in canon, came to be. Following after a seadweller girl that becomes Empress out of need first, and later a monster out of spite. Stretching across millennia, it follows every piece falling into place, precisely according to plan. It’s a horrible story about horrible things happening to not-quite-horrible people. Do yourself a solid and don’t read this one. (But if you do end up reading it, let me know so I can point at you the moment you realize you shuldn’t have read this thing, and say I fucking told you so.)

Act III - Sights On Heaven. ( @theroadtripfromhell )

In which the world - every world - is Ending, and all that’s left is a Promise, a Bargain and a Grudge.

Or, a bunch of assholes run around trying to keep the world (and every other world) from going BOOM.

A thousand sweeps after Distrait left off, the world is really ending, and all the plotlines hanging in the previous two installments begin to come together. Also a nearly 100K long treaty explaining exactly why entrusting Eridan “I Am A Disaster On A Scale Previously Unheard Of” Ampora with the fate of the universe is a tremendously stupid idea. And yet…

If you’ve ever wondered what I spend all my time screeching about? Now you know. The estimated end word count for this ludicrous mess is currently clocking at about 800K words so, you know. No biggie.