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This is not the end; part II

Lily meets the love of her life for a second time.

part Iread on ao3

dedicated to @gxldentrio​; @padfootdidit​; @hiddenpolkadots​ 

The second time Lily meets him, she swears it’s like she’s fallen into a dream.

She’s been imagining what it would be like to see him again; daydreaming about what he would look like (windswept hair and bright eyes and that glorious, wide smile directed just at her).

So, when she sees him there and his eyes light up, it’s like she’s been swept away in a current of feelings. She says a little prayer, thanking God that she actually decided to come to the party after all, because otherwise she would have never have seen him.

Lily realises with a pang in her heart, quickly followed by giddy and abrupt butterflies in her stomach, that their story is finally going to continue.

This is not the end.

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might delete this later but, while i’m feeling good about it

got a new skirt a couple days ago and felt like being cute today despite the fact that all i did in public was clean my car and go to home depot

and then walked mine and walked Emma

it was a pretty day today


Enoch O'Connor (Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children):

Emily has been living in the children’s home for many decades but still, Enoch doesn’t know how to behave around her due to her peculiarity.


I sat in the big garden next to some bushes reading a book. While my eyes were darting over the lines on the pages, the other children had been spending their time in the garden as well.

Claire and Bronwyn sat in the grass under a tree playing with princess dolls, next to them were Emma and Olive performing a daily chore which was helping a baby squirrel.

Hugh and Millard were playing football and ran around the whole garden shouting and laughing. It had been a bit distracting but I just tried to ignore them not wanting to be rude.

“Emily, watch out!”, I heard Hugh shout and my head shot up to look what was happening. Right in this moment the ball collided with my head. “Ouch!”, I mumbled angrily holding my head and stood up.

Hugh and Millard ran to me wanting to know wether I was fine. “Hugh!”, I snapped and looked at him. Panic. “It wasn’t me, I swear! It was Millard.”, he said quickly pointing at the floating clothes.  “I’m so sorry, Emily.”, Millard apologised and I turned my head to look at him. Guilt. Shame.

“Maybe you should stop playing. Everyday some unfortunate event disturbs my reading.”, Horace claimed appearing behind me before I could say something. “It’s okay, Millard. I’m fine.”, I said giving him a smile and looked at Horace. Annoyed. I grabbed his arm and dragged him away from the boys.

It wasn’t like Horace and I didn’t like them, we rather preferred to be left alone when reading our books.
“Just ignore them like I do and read your book over here.”, I mumbled and sat down in the grass making him come down with me.

I concentrated on my book again but I could hear Horace’s voice in my head, “Uncomfortable.”
“What’s making you uncomfortable?”, I asked Horace quietly and closed my book.
“Uh… it’s Enoch. He’s staring at us again.”, he mumbled looking at the ground.

I looked up to the house seeing a figure in Enoch’s window. I was curious and wanted to know what he was feeling but he was too far away for my peculiarity to work.

My peculiarity was quite interesting: I had the ability to see what another person is feeling or in what state he was,  when I looked at the person. It was possible with every person, even with Millard. But sadly it only worked in a particular area.
Sometimes I even knew someone’s feeling without looking at them on condition that there’s a stronger bond between me and the person. In this case, I would be able to hear this person’s voice in my head telling me his true feelings. But then again, this was only possible in my area.

“How do you know that he’s staring at us?”, I wanted to know but he just grinned at me. Feeling of superiority. “You know something.”, I realised and moved closer. “What did you dream about? Tell me!”, I demanded making him laugh.

“Emily, I don’t have more information than anyone else does.”, he smirked. I groaned and rolled my eyes since it was obvious that he was lying. “Why can’t you just tell me?”, I asked him but before he could answer Miss Peregrine asked us to change for supper.

I changed into a simple gray dress before leaving my room and stepping into the hallway where I saw Enoch leaving his room as well. Sadness. I saw sadness almost every time when I looked at Enoch. I thought about telling Miss Peregrine once but I made a promise to all of them that I would never reveal their feelings. But still I felt sorry for him and wanted to do something.
In the last decades I tried to approach him many times but he never lets anyone get to close to him.

I gave him a slight smile but he turned his head away and quickly went downstairs. Nervous. Sadness.

I followed him into the dining room where only Miss Peregrine, Horace and the twins were sitting at the table.

I took my usual seat next to Horace and watched Enoch taking his seat and avoiding to look at anybody. Uncomfortable. Sadness.
“Curiosity.”, I heard Horace’s voice before I turned to face him. “Nothing happened. Everything’s fine!”, I assured him a bit loudly making him chuckle.

I looked at Miss Peregrine. Confusion. “Everything’s fine.”, I repeated, smiled at her and she nodded before all the other children entered the room and took their seats.

After we all had finished we went into the living room since it was time for Horace to project his dreams.
I sat between Emma and Millard, Bronwyn sat on my lap and leaned against me. She snuggled up into my chest while I wrapped my arms around her causing her to smile. “Loved.”, I heard her voice and I smiled to myself.
I caught Enoch watching us but he turned away. Nervous.

The night before Horace dreamed about clothes, as usual. He was standing in a giant closet filled with suits and bow ties and he danced around before trying everything on.

Then the image changed and you could see Enoch sitting outside. We all turned to look at Enoch, who shifted on his seat. Embarrassment. Sadness.
After that, a hand slightly grabbed Enoch’s shoulder and then you could see me standing next to him. He smiled at me while I sat down right next to him leaving no space between us. Now, everyone was looking at me and I blushed.
I wanted to avoid looking at Enoch but I couldn’t help myself. Excitement. Then saw me looking at him. Shock.
My heart stopped beating. Why is he feeling this? I felt the heat in my face and hoped nobody would notice.

While the others had focused to Horace buying clothes again, I still tried to calm myself down. Why was that whole Enoch thing bothering me so much?

I also tried to focus on the projection and saw me again but this time with Emma and a boy who reminded me of Abe.

Just then Horace’s projection stopped, this were all of his dreams. I allowed myself to look at Enoch again. Jealousy. Sadness.

“Now, everyone, get your masks. It’s time for reset.”, Miss Peregrine clapped her hands and turned around to leave the room.

Everyone did as we were told and a couple of minutes later we all stood outside ready for the reset.

I stood next to Horace, who smirked at me but I ignored him. After Miss Peregrine finished resetting the time we made our way back to the house and then to our rooms.

Bronwyn and I shared a room since she got nightmares pretty often. Plus, we were like sisters, anyway.
So, after we made us ready to sleep, Bronwyn laid down and I told a story like every evening. Tired. Content.

She fell asleep really fast that evening and I laid down in my bed as well thinking about Horace’s dreams. It seemed like Enoch was comfortable with me being close to him… so maybe he will accept my approaches soon.

I fell asleep with that thought but woke up again around midnight. I heard a sound downstairs and sat up in my bed. One look to the side told me said Bronwyn was in a deep sleep. Content.

I left our room quietly finding my way downstairs. I didn’t really know what I expected but when I entered the kitchen I saw Enoch taking some jars out of a cupboard. Confusion. Sadness.

“Why aren’t you asleep?”, I asked causing him to jump. Some jars slipped out of his hands and crashed as they collided with the ground. “Damn it.”, he mumbled collecting the hearts off the ground. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”, I mumbled quickly. I rushed to his side and started to collect the sharps.

“Stop that.”, he said harshly as he snapped away my hands. I looked up at him. Nervous. Concerned.
It made me smile, which then again made Enoch furrow in his eyes in confusion. “You’re concerned that I’ll cut myself.”, I explained and he nodded lowering his head. Embarrassment.

“Your peculiarity scares me.”, he confessed calmly continuing to clean up the mess.
“Says the boy who collects hearts to raise the dead.”, I chuckled hoping to make him laugh. But, nothing. Not even a smile. Shame. Sadness.

“That was a joke. I like your peculiarity.”, I said giving him a smile and this time I even got him to raise the corner of his mouth. “I know. You already told me.”, he breathed out before I wanted to help him again but he just glared at me. Concern.

While I sat on the ground, I watched him cleaning everything properly and getting new jars for the hearts.
“Enoch, I know… i know I’ve already asked you this… but why do I see sadness when I look at you?”, I wanted to know as he sat down next to me, his back resting against the cupboards just like mine.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m lonely.”, he said simply and shrugged. Without thinking I took his hand and waited a moment before interwining our fingers.

I felt my heart beating against my ribs and I looked up at him. Nervous. Content.
I blushed when I realised that I had never seen contentment while looking at Enoch.

“I need to go back to sleep. Good night, Enoch.”, I yawned after a while of comfortable silence and stood up after looking into his brown eyes. Understanding. Sadness.

“Good night, Emily.”, he said quietly and even smiled slightly before I went upstairs to my room. I laid in my bed when I heard him going to bed as well and then thought about what had happened the last twenty minutes.

I couldn’t help but blush again when I thought about his concern, him being nervous or him being content for the first time.

I realised that due to my peculiarity I had never really paid attention to my own feelings. I was always to focused on other people.

I felt excitement which lead to a huge smile on my face.
Could it be that I had fallen in love with him? I mean, that would explain my interest in him even after getting rejected. And now, while I was thinking about it I could list many times where I got nervous around Enoch and where I watched him secretly.

So maybe, I actually was in love with that boy…


To be continued…


I’m sorry for the mistakes: English is not my mother tongue. Anyways, this is the first time I upload a fanfiction so I hope you like it. :)


I drew two ocs for @felishi the other day. And I’m just now posting them. I am so on top of everything. *thumbs up emoji placed here*

Squip Squad: Summer Jobs

(Hey! I’m back at it again with some headcanons because I love the squip squad so much.)

-Michael got a part time job to help his family out. Though he didn’t want a job just yet, he couldn’t just let his mom work 24/7 on her own.

-He applies at this grocery store across town and starts working right once school gets off.

-He was still too young to do much, so he worked as a stock boy.

-One day he saw Jeremy walking over with this box, and he kinda freaked.

-”Jer, what are you doing here?”

-”Working. I thought it was obvious.” Jeremy says with this sly smile.

-Once he found out Michael was working here, he didn’t want his friend to do it alone so he applied as soon as he can. Surprise

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so earlier i was playing tyr jg, and our solo aphrodite had a score of like,, 0/6/2 or some shit, and even though we were winning, she wanted to surrender bc she was upset bc she was doing bad and just wanted out of the game.
and not that i got like, ridiculously ahead levelwise, but I was pretty good on gold and stuff because i got a hella good amount of early kills to get a chunk of my build up, enough to tank some damage.
so, i call for this aphrodite to follow me, and im sort of just leading her down some lanes and soaking up damage for her when possible bc she was lvl 14, and i was 17 or 18 i think? either way, her level made her a target for the enemy team, plus she was keeping me alive with some pretty spicy heals, so they just wanted her dead.
Honestly i just wanted to help her farm so i took her to split push towers w me, and id let her build stacks when clearing the waves to get to tower. she went from being upset and lightly salted to what seemed to be pretty content as soon as she began to catch up and get her build online with some help.
i think it’s nice that if a teammate isnt having a good time, just help em out a lil bit. guide em around the jungle to take camps, but be there with them so they don’t get attacked by a rogue enemy. i managed to scare off a rama a few times literally just by walking up to him when he shot at my Aphrodite, it was lit.
And also now because of this I view Aphrodite and tyr being friends somehow? it seems like a funny concept lmao

  • SecretCountry (in the chat): Have you and Bakura ever cosplayed as each other?
  • Marik: Yeah! Come on, man... and I nailed it. I nailed it! He was *giggles* he was hesitant to go the whole hog and get a tan because he hates putting effort into looking sexy.
  • Marik: ...
  • Marik: *softer* In my opinion he doesn't need to put any effort into it.
  • Marik Plays SWTOR - Live Stream - 8/23/16:

My favourite nerd whining in history was the folk saying Aloy was “too clever” and “how could she even read lol” because she literally grew up with wikipedia articles popping up in her eyes. It’s a plot point lads, it’s explained in the first 30 minutes, you are terrible at understanding things. Plus there’s that other pretty hefty reason she’s so smart but spoilers.

Especially because they’re actually just annoyed that one of the best protagonists in one of the best games this generation was ~female~

little floral pearl I did as a warm up.

pearl is adorable and I love and support her