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more qrow branwen shit

Okay so I’ve been thinking about volume 4 a lot since it ended and I still have several questions about it, particularly these moments.

I watched these scenes over and over again in an attempt to figure it out. A thought finally hit me. The two recurring factors in these scenes are Qrow being poisoned by Tyrian, and Jaune and/or Ruby being there. So, I took it upon myself to do a little bit of research on the symptoms of scorpion stings.

It was made very clear to me that a scorpion’s venom is highly likely to cause hallucinations that can last until the wound is treated. I thought some more, and… something popped into my brain.

What if Tyrian’s poison caused Qrow to hallucinate, and he keeps seeing Jaune and Ruby as Tai and Summer? (bonus if he thinks Ren is Raven bc hair) It would make sense in the scene where he says “Tai she’s not coming” because he’s facing Jaune when he says it, so he could’ve stolen a glance at him and hallucinated. In the scene where he grabs Jaune’s hand, he may have been hallucinating about a past battle with team STRQ and urging “Tai” to be careful. And in the scene with Ruby, he may have been imagining a time when he was injured and “Summer” was there to comfort him. Just putting it out there…

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