plus reduced in price


🍭 Help me have money for the holidays!

Taking faceup commissions on legit resin BJD heads. Reduced price for limited time! 35usd plus shipping for basic faceup only! No tattoos/added designs. Subject to approval, very limited, please msg asap! Would prefer artist choice~

Oscar Doll eyes, 20usd! Plus ship. Really cool, just don’t work for my dolls!

Raouken MSD corset, 50usd plus ship. Super beautiful but I have a lot of them and need money! I might also have a light green cerisedoll size too, pics on request!

Dollzone Eudora, WS w/default paint. Reduced price! 100! Plus shipping. Good condition~ only a little rubbing at the joints!

Doll Chateau Russell, WS w/default green blue paint. 140! Plus shipping. Really cute! Great shape!

Souldoll L-Heart head, discontinued!! Slightly damaged default paint. 50usd! I can repaint for +25usd!

Soom Grey parts, CWS. 85usd! Plus shipping. Head, claw hands, wings, feet and ears. Total steal! I can repaint the head for 25usd, total parts blush added 75usd!

I do NOT charge PP fees, live in the US and I do have pets! Non smoking, all items sold AS IS. I can take pics for serious inquiries. Prices are NOT final but all sales are!

Make me offers~ hate sounding desperate but I kinda am! 😂

I also have a gently played with Attack on Titan Levi figma, no box but has all his parts. 35usd plus shipping. I can take pics if you need them!

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NEW STORE! The Abbott Chronicles is now The Auspol Chronicles! All the old designs are still there on reduced prices PLUS a brand new design: I’m Politically Correct AKA: Left Wing! Wear it as a shirt to make old white people on the bus uncomfortable! Come out to your family as a proudly left wing individual. Whatever motivates you!