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“She had a little Taylor guitar, she got it out and she was like, ‘I had this idea for this song’ and she pretty much had the verse, bridge and chorus done, but we argued about that one chord — 'I just want to know you, better know you’ — she didn’t like that, and I kind of forced it upon her. It was quite a funny situation. It’s like [her room is] surrounded by Grammys; she has like seven or eight and like Billboard Awards and Songwriting Guild. And I’m like, ‘this chord,’ and she’s like [pointing to her awards]”
- Ed Sheeran

'Everything Has Changed’ music video came out 2 years ago today.


When it’s 2am and you got a bit high and take selfies and then am like “it’s a shame I’m cute even with this naked ass face with no one to send the cute selfie to”, so you post them on tumblr and know you’re cute even with no makeup on.

I’ve given myself a few weeks off the beatings of my body and hard core diet. The three weeks following Garth Brooks in September just really hit me hard. As well as two injuries don’t help. But that’s ok because I’ve come a long way and this journey wasn’t about getting skinny so much as being confident in myself again no matter what stage of transformation my body is in.

I’m spending a lot more nights seeing myself in the mirror and being ok with going to bed with the person I see looking back at me.

Unplugging from the matrix.