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This is what a blog’s first post is supposed to look like, right?

Coucou. Je dessine pas beaucoup ces derniers jours, je bosse à fond sur le scénario de mon projet BD ( c'est pour les cours aussi mais ça fait d'une pierre deux coups - c'est comme ça qu'on dit ? ) Ça avance bien j'suis contente. M'enfin voilà. C'juste pour vous donner des nouvelles !

J'vous fais des bisous.

anonymous asked:

Pros and Cos of cuddling with the Allies (plus Canada)?



☆ He’s like a big teddy bear. Extremally huggable and very squishy.

☆ He’d stroke your hair now and then and it would be surpisingly gentle.

☆ Laying on him is like being on a big pillow. With a blanket. And mascots. Seriously, he’d hug you with so much love it should be illegal.


♢ His hugs are sometimes too strong. You may end up being squished.

♢ He quickly falls asleep and snorts really loudly.

♢ He moves so much that in the end you’ll probably end up on the floor.



☆ Very gentle like gentleman he ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶t̶i̶m̶e̶s̶ ̶ is.

☆ He’d whisper to you sweet nothings.

☆ Surpisingly snuggly.


♢ He’s the king of loud snores.

♢ He never changes positions. You will probably get uncomfortable after a while.

♢ Sleeptalks a lot.



☆ He’s big like a freaking bed. Laying on him feels very comfortable and warm.

☆ He’d probably cover you completely so you wouldn’t need a blanket.

☆ He’d always make sure you’re feeling comfortable and if you are, he’d quickly change his position.


♢ He smells like alcohol.

♢ It’s too hard to leave his embrace.

♢ It’s very hard to fall asleep as he talks so much about everything that comes to his mind at night.



☆ He’d like playing with your hair.

☆ He wouldn’t mind giving you a massage and it would be worth it.

☆ He’d always make sure you’re asleep before he goes to sleep himself.


♢ Extremally uncomfortable at first.

♢ He sometimes chokes on your hair in sleep.

♢ You’d be woke up a lot as he would tend to lay on your body parts.



☆ His smell. It’s so beautiful that you would probably fall asleep almost immediately.

☆ He’d always tell you how amazing you are and how happy he is to have you.

☆ You’d feel like the most loved person on earth.


♢ He sometimes uses too much perfume.

♢ May be a little dirty and suggestive sometimes.

♢ He shifts a lot.



☆ He’s literally the best person to cuddle with. He’d so gentle and snuggly that you’d feel like in angel’s embrace.

☆ He’d sing you quiet lullabies.

☆ Just like France, he’d tell you how happy he is to have you by his side.


♢ Kumajirou would be jealous and might push himself in between you two.

♢ He has a lot of nightmares.

♢ If you’d leave his side in his sleep, there would be a high chance that he’d wake up.


Electric Guitars in Flying V Shapes - as requested! 

From Top to Bottom: 
The Original Gibson Flying V 
Jackson KVMGQ Pro Series King V 
Dean V Stealth 
Mayones Vidius 6 
Corey Beaulieu Jackson USA Signature KV6 
ESP E-II Arrow 
Kramer Nite-V Plus 


You know what I’m kind of happy Trump was elected. Why? Because Hilary kept saying that Catholics are “backwards” but as I a person who has grown up in the catholic faith I know that she just has lost her way and that she is just listening to the wrong path. Plus she was pro abortion and in the Catholic Church it says “from the moment of conception it is a baby a human being”. She told people that killing other humans before they have rights is OK. No that’s not ok it really isn’t. I’m prolife and so is Trump so I support him to a certain point. I look at this election based upon my religion not political views. Hilary is a liar and a cheat while Trump speaks his mind and his truthful. Trump said the things he did to get elected and for a show probably nothing more.