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Can you lost some of your fave sbux drinks with their pp+ values?

No problem anon! I’ve actually already done this before, so hello copy and paste! Well, most of it, there is a new iced drink addition. lol

Hot Drinks:

-Skinny Latte (extra hott) - This will either be caramel or cinnamon dolce.

  • Venti - 4pp
  • Grande - 3pp
  • Tall - 2pp

-Hazelnut Latte nonfat milk

  • Venti - 6pp
  • Grande - 5pp
  • Tall - 4pp

I was also doing caramel flan lattes, but realized the caramel skinny’s are just about the same flavor at this point, so stuck to the skinny’s.

Cold Drinks:

-Light Caramel Frappuccino w/ the drizzle (I never give up my drizzle, and don’t worry about extra points for it, but you can always ask for w/o)

-Light Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino

  • Venti - 5pp
  • Grande - 4pp
  • Tall- 3pp

Iced Drinks (just recently trying to get myself to enjoy these) -

-Skinny Iced Caramel Latte Iced

  • Venti - 3pp
  • Grande - 2pp
  • Tall - 2pp

*I do not recommend the hazelnut flavor. It was very bland.


-Pumpkin Spice Latte nonfat milk/no whip

  • Grande - 7pp
  • Tall - 5pp

- Gingerbread Latter nonfat milk/no whip

  • Venti - 5pp
  • Grande - 4pp

-Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino nonfat milk/no whip

  • Grande - 8pp

-Gingerbread Frappuccino nonfat milk/no whip

  • Venti - 8pp
  • Grande - 6pp


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We need a steven + lapis episode! (Lapis is my fav character) it seems like the only steven lapis episodes were on 25+26, On joe's tumblr he mentioned steven will eventually fuse with a gem... since its been so long I think that could be a stev+lapis

A call back to last season’s double header could be possible, but we still don’t know what those episodes will be about- so I really wouldn’t count on anything! Plus Lapis at this point is still fused in Malachite. That’s one issue that DESPERATELY needs to be resolved, and I don’t think that’s going to happen very soon in the series.



lms if u cried a bit


10 Days of Hell Yeah, Delain- Day 1: Favourite Album

We Are the Others

Tough choice between this and The Human Contradiction, but in the end, We Are the Others won out. With themes of self-acceptance, technology, embracing differences, living in the modern world, and murder, it tells a story very near and dear to my heart.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 7.29.15

aqua aura crystal ring, OOAK + delicate teardrop gold ring by friedasophie

another swoonworthy set — this one from san francisco-based fave friedasophie. it’s a pair of rings including a prong-set aura crystal ring in a stunning aqua hue, plus a minimalistic gilded point ring with a thin, feminine silhouette.



this is literally one of the headers on the front page, with half of Maddie’s face cut off and cheesy (distracting) sparkles


Abby: “trust me, it will look great on the site” 

some employee: “but don’t you think we should make a banner the right size” 


oh and here’s the page for ALDC LA 

And no one wants you here. Plus what’s the point of this, it’s not even a link! It sounds like something from a horror movie. 


Fantastic foursome inception au

phil as their leader/extractor who lost his partner charlie (he went insane and obssessive over dreamshare and lost his hold of reality) and is haunted by him in his missions

pj as the architect who comes up with very terrifying and elaborate mazes but the colours of things reflect his true personality

Chris is the identity forger; a friend of pj’s who was looking for work after his stint at the west end and is put in the team. he mocks his characters during missions and sometimes pisses phil off but it amuses pj (and even though pj is straight chris is in love with him) so he keeps going and sometimes it messes up their missions but he still succeeds anyway

Dan as this emo kid who snuck into the warehouse trying to hide from a bunch of lads chasing after him and knew too much about dreamshare and phil finds him and forces him to stay and trains him as their second extractor because this kind of thing is dangerous esp if leaked to the public and pj is so surprised at how dan is so quick and eager to learn after he is explained what dreamshare is

they then realise dan will do anything to escape reality because irl he is depressed and he likes the thrill of the rush and wants to work in dreamshare forever if it means altering realities to happier and more exciting lives

And phil is slapped in the face with the memory of charlie because dan is going to the same path charlie did and phil starts getting very afraid, sometimes not letting dan go on missions and just making him set up the “kick” and he guises it as care because “dan is only so young, pj!”

And dan realises that phil has been preventing him from getting any missions and confronts phil and they fight and in the middle of the fight phil realises hes in love with dan and doesnt want to lose him like he did with charlie

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Do you have any tips on improving health within a month period of time. Like my ive been handle most of my depression but i need to make that jump from a semi dead tomato to functioning daily. Like i could go for a walk and not use all my willpower.☕

So this is a really great question because you’re experiencing such a pivotal point in recovery: making he jump from just kind of hanging in there to functioning daily again. Plus this is the point in recovery where you realize that you cannot aim for things to “go back to normal,” you have to find your new normal. But now is a great time to check in with yourself, set goals, and figure out where you’d like to get to. Start with just basic self care. Are you taking care of yourself? Feeding yourself nutritiously? Sleeping alright? Keeping up with hygiene? 

This chart is a really great place to start:

Once you’ve prioritized these things, you can start to add on bigger of loftier goals and plans. The best way, that I’ve found, to force myself to do these things daily is the app WayOfLife. Everyone is different, which is one of the reasons why I cannot map out a much more specific month long plan for you. Take you time and be gentle with yourself. Congrats on your progress so far!


FINE. tanggap ko namang 80% ako sa practical (salamat sa partner kong parehong kaliwa ang paa -_-“).

pero that was when kami lang ang nagsasayaw in front together with two more sets of partners.

nung pinasayaw kaming lahat dun, i did my best na talaga, and i don’t really care about my partner. care ko kung magdagasa ka jan. -_-” (bittermuch? haha!)

pagkatapos nun, napatingin ako kay Mam Baes and she’s looking straight at me, watching me. OMEGAAAAHD THIS IS THE TIME PARA MAGPAKITANG GILAAAAAS!!! >:D

and nagsayaw sayaw ako talaga kahit hagard na hagard na ako’t pawis pawisan, pinapanuod pa ng mga engineering students…

nung natapos na pinakamahabang 3 minutes ng buhay ko… at nung makaupo kaming lahat sa sahig ng gym na ilang libong paa na ang nakatapak.. tinawag ni mam ang pangalan ko!!

Sino si Marquez?

shete. katapusan ko na ba?!! O_O

nagtaas akong kamay. “AKo po.

Bibigyan kita ng plus point.

YOSS! Feeling ko naging 86 ako or 88. X)))