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i feel like junkrat is protective by nature with just about everything, especially his s/o. what sould happen if he felt threatened that someone would try to steal them away from him?

“I’ll get us another drink”, you hummed happily, grinning as you pushed yourself away from the table.

“Alright darl”, Junkrat practically sung, leaning over and pressing a hard kiss to the side of your head. You giggled, wiggling as he began to litter softer, smaller kisses to your cheek before you stood up, his hand rubbing your back lightly. “Get anythin’ ya want sweets! Everythings going on Hog’s tab!”

Your brow shot up curiously, looking to the large bodyguard, receiving a slight shrug and a snorted grunt. That was as much confirmation as you were probably going to get, eyes lighting up giddily. Junkrat tittered maniacally, your own giggle twinkling as you skipped away from the men to get a refill on all of your drinks. The watering hole you had stopped in rested close enough to ‘civilized’ society that you didn’t have to worry about all the liquor being irradiated, and  the establishment was surprisingly clean, not new or shiny but comfortable. It was still packed full of the same types of people you’d expect in the middle of the Outback, but even then you didn’t expect things to go too awry . You knew how to handle yourself fairly well, plus you had come in flanked by the infamous Enforcer and his infamous demolitionist employer. That should afford you protection enough.

Sauntering up to the counter, you bounced on the balls of your feet while you waited for the barkeep to notice you. When you did, you quickly placed an order for the same three drinks you had gotten before; a dark stout in a ridiculously large mug for Mako, a strong hard cider for Junkrat and a bubbly lemonade-vodka blend for you. You continued bouncing as you waited for the old man behind the bar, leaning your elbows into the bar and humming a nondescript tune under your breath, not noticing the two other Junkers that stumbled up behind you.

“Wouldya look at the ass on that one. Real nice, ain’t it mate?”

“Fuck yeah, nice ‘n tight, yeah?”

A shiver rolled down your spine, their voices close and purposefully loud and thrown in your direction. You glanced to the side, revulsion making your stomach flip as the one nearest to you caught your eye and winked. Your nose wrinkled, head turning to the side as you exaggerated your movement to show your lack of interest. Your amused bouncing had stopped, arms crossing over your chest, tapping your foot slightly. The bar tender’s back was to you as he worked through your order, Hog’s and Jamie’s drinks already on a small tray, yours being shaken in some kind of silver tin.

“Ohhh lookit, she’s a fuckin’ prude.”

“Little bitch just needs some right dick and I’m sure she’s be purring nice and sweet for us.”

You resisted the urge to shout the vitriolic statements that rolled on the back of your tongue, not wanting to start a bar fight, just wanting to get your drinks and spend time with your boyfriend and his best friend. But that didn’t mean you had to just stand there and take everything.

“Fuck off”, you huffed out, eyes lighting up as the bartender set your drink on the tray and turned with it, lightly placing it in front of you. Finally you could get out of here. Grabbing the edges of the platter, you smiled appreciatively at the bartender. “Thanks!”

Turning with the drinks you almost stumbled backwards, careful not to spill the beverages you held in front of you. The two taller, drunk men stood mere inches from you, blocking off your path back to the table. You tried to peek around them but they shifted, dipping their faces closer to yours and pushing you a step back.

“Eyy missy, you ignorin’ us?”

“Yes I have to get back to my boyfriend”, you huffed out, fixing them with an irritated glare. “Now move. Please.”

The ‘please’ was to appeal to some kind of decency the two men had but it only earned you a sneer. The greasier of the pair leaned even closer towards you, his hand lifting to grab at your face, your eyes going round as you were unable to move.

“Now c’mon y–oy!”

“The lady said hands off.”

The man leaning towards you was suddenly thrown back, landing hard on his ass, Jamison standing over him. There was venom in his bright orange-yellow eyes, your Junker growling menacingly as he stepped over the felled man and put himself between the harassers and you. His hand stroked at your face briefly, the deadly serious anger in his face flickering to worry as he looked you up and down. A silent question of if you were okay was met with a half nod of the head, a relieved smile settling onto your lips.

“Hey! Fuck off cunt!”

You watched the look of absolute malice slip back onto Junkrat’s face, his metal hand lightly stroking your cheek before he turned back around. He rolled his shoulders, standing to his full height, fists clenched at his side. Gone was the nervous, bouncing energy Junkrat normally embodied, taking a backseat to the fiercely protective, possessive nature the man had. What was Junkrat’s was Junkrat’s, he didn’t like sharing and he didn’t like people that threatened what was his. He was used to having so little so when he got his hands on something that he wanted, truly wanted, he was not going to let it go for any amount of money in the world. It made you feel safe, irreplaceable, chasing away any doubt that he truly wanted and loved you. You were his greatest ‘treasure’ and he wouldn’t let some garbage make you feel unsafe.

“Now you whackers, you either fuck right off or I’ll shove one of me bombs up yer ass and we’ll see how much ya fucking talk when yer entrails are painting the walls.”

Bigfoot (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

word count: 5336 (its a big one) 

warnings: swearing (but yall probably knew that already)

YALL im so sorry for how stupid the premise and majority of the dialogue is in this,,,,but tbh im rlly proud of it 

and AS ALWAYS: i live and breath bc of feedback, so dont b shy!! tell me what u think abt this pls !!!!

You leaned against the side of Jared’s car, checking the time on your phone every five seconds as you grew increasingly impatient. He always drove you home, and if either of you were late getting to the car it was typically you.

Okay, it was always you. If nothing else, Jared was punctual.

Usually, at least. This Thursday, he was ten-no wait, eleven-minutes late, and as you stood in the heat you began to consider the thirty minute walk home.  The parking lot had mostly cleared out by now, just a few cars left and even though you knew they weren’t, you couldn’t help but think the underclassmen still waiting for their parents were judging you.

You sighed, checking the time again and rolling your eyes before you heard the slapping of shoes against pavement. You looked up, seeing Jared running towards you.

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sorry if u've done this already but can u do an RFA react to finding out MC is suicidal/mentally ill and self harms? or at least one with saeyoung specifically! u don't have to do it if ur uncomfortable tho!!

Okay real talk time: self-harm is never the answer. I know from personal experience that purposely harming yourself doesn’t help you out in the long run. People always say that things get better and they honestly do, even if it takes some time things do get better. I’m not proud of my own self-harm scars but when I look at them, they always remind me that life truly got better. I sincerely hope that you’re doing okay anonny and if you aren’t, please don’t turn to self-harm. Even if it seems like no one in the world cares about you, remember that my and all of the Mystic Messenger characters love you and want to see you happy! Alright enough of my rambling, thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung watched as you sighed sadly yet again from your spot on the couch
  • It seemed to him that you were upset, more than usual lately and it concerned him since you were usually such a cheerful person
  • He tried his absolute best to get an answer out of you but you always dismissed his questions, blaming your mood on random things
  • When he asked you yet again what was wrong, you felt frustrated at yourself and got up to go to your bedroom
  • Yoosung felt defeated, you always seemed to never want to talk to him or go out with him anymore and it hurt that you never turned to him for help
  • As you were leaving the room, Yoosung grabbed onto your wrist accidentally pushing up your long sleeve
  • His eyes went wide in horror as he saw he multiple self-harm scars that littered your skin, some old and some new
  • At that moment, Yoosung hated himself for not noticing sooner so instead of words, he pulled you in for the tightest hug of your life
  • Yoosung didn’t let go for a long time, but when he did, he used a shaky hand to wipe away your tears as he gave you a sweet kiss and even sweeter words of support
  • “I’m so sorry that I didn’t notice your scares sooner MC. I love you so much, I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re alone okay? I’ll do absolutely anything to help you, just say the word and Superman Yoosung will be there for you!”


  • Zen had assumed that your real life self would be like your chatroom self, bright and bubbly but he was mistaken
  • You seemed to wear a fake smile, like a mask that only Zen could see and it truly broke his heart
  • He would try to do anything to see a real smile from you from shameless using cheesy pick-up lines to buying you your favorite flowers
  • But nothing seemed to work as you continued to put on a fake mask every single day, and Zen wanted a it to stop
  • One day when you were doing some minor cleaning, Zen tried to ask if you needed help, that his services weren’t limited to cleaning
  • Yet again you wore that fake smile that Zen hated, he was about to turn leave the room until he saw you push up you sleeves slightly to reveal scars
  • Zen had once played the role of a depressed man and knew exactly how you got those scars, they were self-inflicted
  • Before you knew it, Zen picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bedroom then gently removed your shirt
  • Without a word, Zen placed feather-light kisses to every single scar you had, murmuring words like ‘beautiful,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘wonderful,’ and ‘perfection’
  • His words and act of love brought tears to your eyes as he laid down next to you, making you cuddle into his chest as you listened to his loving words
  • “Please don’t feel like you’re less than perfect MC, you are literal perfection. I love you with every ounce of my being so please, no more hurting yourself. I promise to always be here to love and support you my princess.”


  • Jaehee had an uneasy feeling in her stomach when you refused yet again to leave the bed
  • You seemed to never want to leave, only for the occasional bathroom breaks and even rarer food runs
  • At first, Jaehee just assumed that you had a rough day and needed some rest except your routine of staying in bed all day has lasted over a week
  • Jaehee knew something serious must be wrong, she’d sometimes walk by and hear you softly crying
  • She really had no idea what to do anymore so she decided to just go for it and ask you directly what was going on
  • When she opened the door, Jaehee slowly sat next to your sleeping form on the bed, she was at least happy that you were sleeping instead of crying
  • But Jaehee noticed that you sleep shirt’s sleeve had been slightly pulled up and revealed your self-harm cuts
  • Jaehee let out a gasp and felt the tears forming, her bodies startled you awake
  • She wrapped you up in a loving hug as she continued to cry into your shoulder, saying how sorry she was and repeated how much she loved you over and over again
  • Jaehee let out a shaky breath as she gave you a long and loving kiss, she wanted her feelings of support and love to be shown through the kiss along with her words of support
  • “I should have been more here for you MC, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t. But I want you to know that you can use me as a shoulder to lean on whenever you need to. You do not have to go through this alone, please remember that I will always be here for you.”


  • Jumin knew that he and the other members were excessive when it came to asking if you ate your proper meals on the messenger, but now he’s glad that they all did
  • You would never eat around Jumin or even when he was at work and his staff watched you push your plate away from you
  • Not only would you refuse to eat, Jumin noticed how sad you were through your eyes, they seemed lifeless and hollow
  • Jumin tried bluntly asking you about what was going on and if you needed to see a doctor or therapist but you would only shake your head and never leave the penthouse
  • It truly hurt Jumin’s heart to see you in such a state of despair and sorrow, he truly wanted to help you be he had no idea how
  • One day Jumin received a call while at work from one of his staff members that informed him you almost passed out from lack of energy and locked yourself in your bedroom
  • Never in his life has Jumin made Driver Kim drive, knowing that you were in pain all alone made Jumin’s heart race with regret for leaving
  • Jumin burst through the locked bedroom door with his desire to help you plus the door was surprisingly thin
  • He found you curled up in a ball and staring at some weird marks on your arm
  • You didn’t even bother making eye contact with Jumin as you let some tears slip past your eyes
  • Jumin was quickly at your side, kissing your tears away but stopped once he noticed what exactly was on your arm
  • Your self-harm scars were all Jumin needed to have the pieces click together for him and before either one of you knew it, Jumin started crying
  • Jumin took you in his arms, cradling you in his lap and he gently rocked you back and forth as he placed small kisses on your forehead, whispering his words of apologies and love
  • “I’m such a fool for not realizing it sooner MC and for that I apologize. You’re the strongest, funniest, most amazing person that I know that doesn’t deserve this pain. I will get you any and all the help that you need but until then, know that I will always be here for you my dear.”


  • Seven knew it
  • He was sure that you were in pain, that you felt all alone, that you thought no one was there for you
  • Seven understood because he felt the same whenever he left his brother and fell into his own depression
  • So he dawned the 707 mask and tried to do anything to help you from telling corny jokes to attacking you with tickle fights
  • But it seemed like nothing would improve, you would fake laugh, a sound that Seven despised more than anything, and thank Seven for his efforts
  • The pain of seeing you so depressed made Seven’s heart ache so he decided to put an end to your internal suffering
  • He came home one day, cheerily calling your name as he held some bright flowers in one hand and a new fluffy blanket for cuddles in the other
  • When he didn’t get a response, Seven quickly started panicking and searched the house for you, terrified as to where you were
  • Seven turned to the bathroom door and noticed the light was on, praying to every God known to man that you were alright in there as he busted through the door
  • But what he saw ripped his heart out, you were sitting on the floor with a bloody blade to your wrist
  • He immediately knocked the blade from your hand and crushed you with a hug, he should have known sooner about your self-harm but he didn’t and now he was paying the price
  • Seven didn’t saw a word as he helped clean you up and carried you to the bedroom
  • He made you lay down so that your ear was next to his heartbeat as he ran his slender fingers through your hair
  • Seven cupped your cheeks and wiped your newly formed tears away as he professed his his love and support to you
  • “If you ever feel sad or alone, remember that my heart, the one you’re listening to know, beats because you’re with me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy and healthy MC. I know that life can be tough but remember that I love you more than words can describe so live on MC.”
Some horribly written langst because it's 1AM

On the first night it was a nightmare, crazy, frightening, pulling Lance from his sleep in a cold sweat, his eyes wide and body completely tense. For another several minutes he laid straight on his back unmoved recovering, giving himself a few seconds to remember it was just a dream. It scared him. He couldn’t believe he had the guts, to even consider giving up voltron and and the blue lion to Lotor, just so he could selfishly see his family.

But if it were real, wouldn’t the others give it all to protect their families? Was it selfish? Lance pondered but convinced himself that the others would be disappointed more then ever, if he told them he considered himself over the them, voltron.

Lance took deep breaths in and try to calm himself. He was just being selfish, and needed to stop it and just sleep. But he struggled and ended up with little sleep that night.

He thought he should ignore it. And continued, tired through the next day, he didnt seem to gain attention from his teammates and decided to take it as a plus that they didn’t notice the bags under his eyes or how his actions were forced or lacked performance.

For the next two night the nightmares continued, different each time, feeling more selfish each time. Lance continued to pretent that he was being arrogant worrying about it and would further more believe that considering his teammates also continued not to notice, that his condition did not matter and he should proceed to ignore his dreams and late nights.

But his tired actions did show through his performance. At training he failed everytime to hit the target, he could barely keep up with Keith when they ate lunch, and when Shiro was explaining the details of their new mission, Lance slept through half of it and was scolded by Keith to wake up. But the others, one by one, did start to notice. On the second night It was Shiro first, he picked up on it quickly and instantly tried to confront Lance about it. He asked if Lance was alright, saying he seemed out of it, but Lance conjuring enough energy, smiled falsely and manged to convince Shiro he was alright. On the morning of the third night, Hunk came to get Lance because they had training, and manged to squeeze in the question to Lance about the thrashing Hunk had heard that night, but Lance blew him off giving a cocky smile, and walked off ahead of him.

His dreams got more and more intense, and by the forth night, Lance shot out of bed curling himself into a ball because after four nights of repetitive dreaming, his brain had finally gained the guts to tell him; voltron didn’t need him. He had tried, tried so hard to protect his family, he abandoned his position and he had raced out in open fire and he had failed to get to his family in time. He broke down, after everything, crying, weak, without the blue lion, without the other paladins and while he cried, the others told him voltron couldn’t afford a paladin as weak, rash and useless as him. They left, manged to find a replacement, who did better, fought better, assist without complaint, all out a paladin they claimed better, while Lance was cradling himself, abandoned. Giving full consent.

He woke from this dream frightened, tense and crying. He failed to notice how his bed sheets had flown off his bed, because he was to focused on his dream. He failed to think of anything besides how he let voltron down. In a dream that finally proved to him that after all this time he was right, he was useless in the war against Zarkon.

He failed to tell himself any less as he cradled himself, crying.

Hunk came bursting into Lance’s room. He had had if, for four nights now, he had heard thrashing, crying, literal tears rolling down Lance’s face and he had had it. Hunk burst into Lance’s room, spotted Lance curled in a seating position, tense and afraid.

“Lance!” Hunk called him and Lance tensed more, he began thinking how loud he must have been and regretted allowing himself to be. Without wiping his tears, Lance looked up to Hunk and muttered quietly and dryly;

“I’m sorry,” the grip Lance held around his knees tightened. Hunk didn’t expect an apology and manged to mutter a quiet; “what..?”

Lance gulped and tried to hold back any tears that still threatened to spill.

He repeated himself. “I’m sorry,” Hunk’s expression of worry and slight anger at how Lance tried to hide this, continued to show through his confusion. Lance forced himself to elaborate. “For being loud, I didn’t realize, I’ll be quiet.”

It took Hunk a second to understand. Lance thought he was angry. Hunk scolded himself, before he did made a loud enterence, and the way he shouted did come off as irritated. And Lance looked horrified. Hunk couldn’t believe he manged to gain this reaction but he had, and immediately began to wonder what rendered this fear in Lance.

“Lance,” Hunk muttered, worried and confused, but Lance did move a muscle.

“I’m sorry,” Lance repeated himself, and Hunk quickly acted.

“No, wait, Lance I’m not angry.” Hunk caught himself and entered Lance’s room, slowly in hopes Lance wasn’t actually freightened of him, but the closer Hunk got the more tighter Lance’s grip seemed to become, the more tears rolled down Lance’s face, the more Lance tried to hold himself.

“I’m sorry, so sorry,”

“Lance, no, it’s ok I’m not mad, I promise,” Hunk didn’t move any closer, as Lance seemed to back further away from him.

“You don’t need to lie,” Lance said, shaken, “it ok, you don’t need to pity me, I know,”

Hunk began to catch on quicker, with the thrashing he heard, it was obvious Lance had a nightmare, more then one.

“Lance, I’m not pitying you and I’m not lying,” Hunk wanted to know what Lance had dreamt of, it obviously wasn’t good. “Lance, you’re my best friend, and I’m worried.” Hunk tried to step closer but Lance didn’t seem to believe him.


Annnnnnd that’s all I’m writing for now. Cause I am tired and have no idea where this is going.

new yorker min yoongi

◦ pairing: reader x yoongi

◦ rating: pg

◦ word count: 1.2k

◦ requestCan you make a Fluff with Yoongi, i don’t know what kind of fluff story but anything because i’m feeling for lovely yoongi this month. 

◦ a/n: Yoongi’s V Live got me emo. He just wants to wander SoHo with a coffee in hand 😫 LET HIM LIVE. Anyway, maybe he didn’t get to when he was in NY this time, but if there’s anything I can do, it’s this. (It just so happened to fill an earlier request I got, so two birds in one stone!!)

m a s t e r l i s t

The smell of rain stuck to the damp cobblestone ground as you practically dragged your boyfriend behind you. He hid under the brim of his hat, looking down as he worried about who might see him. “Jagi…” he started, his voice was raspy and worn from the night before. All the growling and rapping two nights in a row plus all the travelling and lack of sleep prior had really taken a toll on his voice.

“Babe, can you just open your eyes for a second,” you huffed impatiently. You had gone through all the trouble of sneaking him out of the hotel and you weren’t even sure if he even looked up from the ground yet. You knew New York might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially for a Daegu boy, but you knew that Yoongi had wanted to see SoHo and you had at least hoped that this would pry him out of his ball cap. “I know it’s no Seoul, but this is my home! It’s where I live and where I have fun. Can you just be here with me for a minute?”

Yoongi locked his eyes with you. “That’s not it at all. I love being here with you, you know that.” He took his hat off and looked around cautiously before readjusting it on his head. You knew he was right. It wasn’t every day that he was the one in your city. It was usually you who went to him, but with the tour stopping in Newark, you were swimming in the bliss of having him right beside you in public. “We just have to be careful is all,” he shrugged, but finally looking up from the ground, you could see the smile play at the corners of his lips. He squeezed your hand in his, and with the same lips that he heeded caution about being seen, he planted a soft kiss on your lips.

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The 102- Part 21: The Cost Of Living

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Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Characters: Bellamy, the reader, Raven, Octavia, Finn, Clarke
Warnings: swearing, angst, crash landing, hurt!raven, trouble’s a brewing on the Ark
Summary: The camp races to stop the culling of the Ark, will they come up with a plan and execute it in time? Or will 300 innocents be killed as a result of Bellamy’s actions? 
Taglist:@bellamybb@bellamyimagines@bellamyimaginess@bellamyfanclub@bellarkefanfiction@the100writers@the100fanfic@the100imagine@the100imaginess@the100imagines@the100imaginesblog@the100imaginesdaily@bellamyblakesgun@bellamyblakeedition@bellarkesurvivestogether@bellarkefanfictions@bellamyblake-imagine@bellarkewrites @the100-edits-and-imagines@bellamyimaginess@the100writers @bellamywritess-blog@thehundred-source @all-time-foes @beautiful-chaos-blake @the100imaginess  @justauthoring @livi-thewerewolf @your-fav-imagines-writer @blakesmurphy100 @wukindly @imaginebeauty @imagines-all-day-everyday  @imaginaryimagines @bellamyblake-imagines @sone-of-a-blake @clarkkeee @octavia-marie-blake @youcanjustimagineit @hesragnorssoulmate @tvshowturtle @ranbowbabyangel @tvfandomimagines @iausscribbles @sanestilinski @writingkeepsmewhole @iamfire355 @jordsie @helpimtrappedinastory @all-imaginess @bethelbee97 @john-murphy-smut @naturegirl16 @winter-commandos @theadventures-of @see-the-fandom-imagines @hellsbellsbellamy @murphysluv @fandomsmillion @johnmurphyneedslove @knocking-on-murphys-door @imagine-the-100 @dontstopxx @diary2000 @ilovejlsandthejanoskiansx@odonviagra​​ @eli-cya@thehundred-source @ourbellaangello @lovelynerdytraveler @mesmericbell

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It was as if Bellamy would do whatever you said, like your opinion actually mattered to him. You didn’t know why this was, being as you’d broken up with him hours earlier, but it seemed to be true. Even though your face had been set in a hard line, and your voice sounded bored and even a little annoyed, he’d taken your advice and told Clarke, Finn and Raven where the radio was.

 The five of you set out on a hike through the woods to a nearby stream, where Bellamy had supposedly thrown the radio the night before. While Finn and Clarke were optimistic about the radio still working, Raven, you and Bellamy were doubtful. It had been sitting in the bottom of a river for hours now, there was no way in hell it would still be functional. 

But even though you and Bellamy both grumbled and insisted that looking for the radio was a waste of time, Finn and Clarke were tenacious, and the five of you set out to find it regardless. 

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clevverblocker  asked:

THANK YOU!!! That Otayuri post for "Send me a ship lalala" was golden <3 Can I request another one, pleeeeaaaseee? KuroKen. YOU ARE AMAZING.

Hi! AAAAA I’m glad you liked it :D you can request as many as you like; writing this stuff is a good breather from the heavier WIPs I have :) and AWWW THANK YOU!! YOU’RE AMAZING TOO ^_^

Who said “I love you” first

Kuroo. This needs literally no explanation, but all one needs to know is that it happened right before they were both about to fall asleep, as they were spooning. 

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Both of them. Kenma tried to hide this fact as well as he could, but nothing escapes his boyfriend’s notice lmao.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Kuroo. He makes them so sweet that Kenma reports having rotten teeth sometimes. Kuroo responds with, “See, I knew you had a sense of humor somewhere in there, Kenma!”

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Kenma. Being more perceptive, he’s better at understanding Kuroo’s needs/wants, and always buys the best romantic/cute gifts (he does it sparingly because he doesn’t actively look for gifts, he just buys something if he spots it and it fits what he thinks Kuroo would like). It never fails to make Kuroo swoon (”You try to have that unapproachable look, but you’re such a fluffy sap, Kenma!” “Am not” “Are too”… and so on).

Who initiated the first kiss

Kenma did. It was after their third date, and Kuroo was fidgety all night. Kenma knew why, and he was thankful that Kuroo was trying to give Kenma time and space to become comfortable with their new relationship. But Kenma felt like the time was right, and he knew that at this rate Kuroo would never make a move, so he took the first step instead. 

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

It depends. Sometimes Kenma can’t sleep at night, or he wakes up really early, so he wakes Kuroo up with a kiss. Other days, Kuroo wakes up early to go work out and returns the favor.

Who starts tickle fights

Neither. Kuroo isn’t ticklish, and he knows it can genuinely upset Kenma (he remembers that one time Lev tried and was promptly scratched because Kenma couldn’t control his reflexes), so he doesn’t risk it.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Kuroo does sometimes, a teasing smirk on his face. But he knows how self-conscious Kenma is, so he never means it seriously. Kenma knows this is grateful for that. 

One time, however, Kenma was having a bad day, and he asked Kuroo to join him. Kuroo was surprised, no doubt, but he didn’t let it show and he didn’t tease Kenma about it, sensing the atmosphere and the weight of the request.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Well, when Kuroo had a part-time job in college, Kenma actually did this a couple of times. It always took his boyfriend’s breath away. When they both started working full-time after college, Kuroo tended to this more often (as it was ‘a pain’ for Kenma to go over LOL).

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Both of them, really, but Kuroo was much more obvious about it. He kept stumbling over his words and blushing each time he messed up a word. Kenma, the quieter one, didn’t have as many telltale signs and watching Kuroo be nervous actually made him calmer. Halfway through the date, when he could no longer deal with the nervous ball of energy that his boyfriend had become, he simply placed his hand on top of Kuroo’s and said, “Kuroo, relax. It’s just me. We’ve had dinner together for years now.” Kuroo tried to say “But everything is different now!” but Kenma continued, saying, “Just because our relationship has changed doesn’t mean we have to. You’re still you, and I’m still me.”

Things got progressively better after that.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

OMG DEFINITELY KUROO. Kenma will just sit in one place, pulling his legs up and not moving until Kuroo confirms that the spider is far away enough.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Neither. Kenma doesn’t drink, and Kuroo can hold his liquor really well. Plus, according to Kenma, Kuroo doesn’t need to be drunk to loudly proclaim their love, he does it all the time when he’s sober (Yaku thinks it’s so cute that it’s gross).

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Look here for a moment: Star and Marco's Friendship + Star’s Wand Theory = ?

So, if you are a big fan of Star vs. The Forces of Evil and a Starco shipper, I suggest you stay and indulge yourself in this post of mine. I will make sure you won’t regret it. 😉

This is long overdue and this is probably me just ranting more of my favorite cartoon animated shows on tv but I still want to put this out there because there are some great animated series out there that don’t really get enough credit because they are deemed “just cartoons” which is really shallow of some people. Just because it’s animated, it doesn’t mean that there is no depth in their characters or story. As I mentioned in my last post about “Zootopia”, there will always be something more than what lies on the surface. I admire the creators of these shows because they really pay attention to details which is important. (I LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. YOU ROCK!) Ok! back to topic.

Now, we all fell in love with the amazing perky monster fighting Princess from another dimension, Star Butterfly, and her badass adorkable Karate chopping bestfriend on Earth, Marco Diaz, on the first season of “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” ever since their first episode which aired on Disney XD last year. We all watched their adventures, shipped them hard ever since “The Bloodmoon Ball” episode, witness their bond of friendship strengthen from their last episode, and anticipated for their 2nd season to come which finally aired on July this year and not to mention that jaw dropping, sugar pumping trailer! (YAY!)

I’ve been up to date with their episodes this season 2 and there are some important points I would like to share with you all. If you’ve noticed them or not, please feel free to comment your thoughts below my fellow brothers and sisters.

First and foremost, let’s recap what happened with Star’s wand from the last episode of Season 1 to the 1st episode of Season 2. Now, her wand was destroyed and became a new wand with the help of a new unicorn and the wand’s star was broken into two with one missing piece that we now know is in Ludo’s possession as seen from the episode 2 in the show. In S2 ep1, the wand is clearly malfunctioning and acting weird like going berserk in blasting random energy without Star’s authorization. In the recent episode, she’s fixed it with the guidance of Glossaryk by finding the thing that doesn’t belong which was TOFFEE’S FINGER.

I was astonished by this reveal and confirmation that Star’s mom, Queen Moon, DID have a past with Toffee which explains his evil actions during season 1 when he forced Star to destroy her magic wand in order to save Marco with the spell her mom first taught her. His line hinted that he was close with Queen Moon before and it was proven in Queen Moon’s tapestry,

According to the tablet Star has read about her mom, Moon the Undaunted, she had cast her darkest spell that will forever haunt the immortal monster– Toffee. Now, from what I understand from this episode and the previous ones, Moon and Toffee definitely knew each other very well and were very close friends until this very moment weaved in Moon’s tapestry. It definitely means that she probably cursed Toffee and banished him due to a betrayal or a big fight which caused a rift between the two.You can really see Moon’s anger in the picture and the shock from Toffee’s face. It’s kinda hinting that Moon really cursed him because if you’ve notice he can grow his body parts back, all except for his missing finger. It doesn’t lead much on but Toffee’s finger probably signifies that it is important to both of them; it definitely is symbolic. 

Next, Toffee’s line in the last episode of Season 1 clearly had something to do with Marco’s role in Star’s prophecy which is one of the reasons he kidnapped him. He said that Marco was a disappointment even though he was trying to be polite with Marco and didn’t really want to hurt him or Star because he was only after the destruction of the wand. He is expecting something from Marco, that is definite. 

And there were moments when Marco would be seen sometimes something related with a suit which we know is Toffee’s main outfit. Plus, Marco doesn’t really know what he’s going to be in the future and this shows him in a suit. It is not for sure but Toffee probably sees Marco’s potential in his plan. So I’m gonna quote what other fans have been theorizing: Toffee is to Moon as Marco is to Star. This is because they clearly have a strong connection with each other.

Thirdly, THIS WOMAN:

Eclipsa. (Her name totally suits her btw and you might know why). She definitely has something to do with what will happen in the future and it will surely have something to do with Star, Marco, Toffee, and Star’s wand. I don’t exactly know what but she definitely signifies something bad will happen and/or she might have something to do with what happened between Moon and Toffee, she is after all the Queen of Darkness. It’s possible! Come on! She married to become queen and gain power then eloped with a monster. She could’ve been the sword that tore apart Moon and Toffee’s friendship. She was queen before Moon could take her place so it kinda makes sense that she was still there when that scene happened. 

I’m kind of sad for Glossaryk though. He wasn’t even “tall enough for the ride” but he still saw them all no matter how wonderful or horrible it must have been. He looks so sad in the tapestries. He is the Princess’ adviser and guide/teacher when it comes to using their wand and magic but it’s clearly seen that he cannot change their decisions whether it be bad or wrong because they control their own destinies. He is merely a teacher, a guide, an observer in every generation. 

BUT HAVE YOU ALSO NOTICED THAT IN MOST OF THE TAPESTRIES, THERE WERE ALWAYS SOMETHING RELATED TO A MONSTER??? Star’s tapestry is already being woven therefore what is about to come might be already prophesied or can still be changed since not much of it has been certainly woven yet. The monster can be anyone: Toffee, Ludo or even Marco (I’m certain each of these 3 will play huge a role in Star’s destiny). 


Hopefully what I fear won’t happen: that Marco will be the monster that Star has to face. It was seen in season 1 when Marco’s monster arm said that he will always be a part of Marco and that he will never truly be gone so that means that there IS something evil residing within Marco (as it is in everyone) BUT it just needs a trigger. 

(I’m anticipating these in the future episodes and after reading the Wiki fandom’s list of episodes synopsis on the future episodes I will look at Jackie for this. Maybe. She’s not evil but she might be one of the causes something bad to happen between Marco and Star’s friendship’s future. But I’m just putting her as a possibility because she’s a variable in this and not to fully pin this on her because other reasons could be Ludo, Toffee, Eclipsa, or even Miss Heinous.) 


~~~More of this theory to develop in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see what ride they have in store for us. EXCITED FOR THE NEW EPISODES! WOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!! 

College Activities

@assisreal | AO3I really enjoyed writing this for you. I hope you like it.

by @miserylovestheinternet

Scott convinces Stiles to join the USC lacrosse team and it turns out that university lacrosse has some perks.

Stiles collapsed to the ground as he finished running his last lap. He heard laughing and squinted up at the boy standing above him.

“I cannot believe I let you convince me to do this again.” Stiles groaned. Scott the bastard just laughed harder. After high school they both got into USC and when they found out that being in different dorms and having completely different majors meant that they hardly ever saw each other Scott insisted they join the lacrosse team.

The trojans were unlike the BHHS team in about every way. No Jackson was a bonus but the main thing was that they were all just so nice. Stiles immediately felt comfortable around them a feat he never quite accomplished with his old team.

“You wouldn’t be here, willingly taking time out of studying to run around on a lacrosse field, if you didn’t love it too.” Scott admonished. It was nice to be on the field again, plus it didn’t hurt that he was actually fit now and wasn’t completely terrible. But he was never going to tell Scott that.

“See that’s where you’re wrong Scotty. I’m here for you not lacrosse.” Stiles said as he reached out a hand for Scott to help pull him up. It wasn’t until he was standing up that Stiles noticed one of the senior team members staring at them and because it was Stiles the guy that looked like he was trying to kill them with his eyebrows just happened to be the guy he had a huge crush on, Derek Hale.

“Awww you loooove me.” Scott mocked snapping Stiles’ attention away from Derek and back to his best friend.

“And I regret that fact everyday.” Stiles teased back catching Scott in headlock to give him a noogie. Scott shoved him off and they made their way back to the locker room with the rest of the team.

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Flower Petals|1|

Originally posted by beui

Pairing: Reader x Jimin 

Genre: Fluff, teensiest angst 

Words: 6,568

A/N: This is mostly just a cute little fic based off of a cute dream I had. It’ll be a small three part series. Enjoy~

You jumped up to pick a bloom from the tree above, spinning around and holding it in front of you. Jimin shook his head and grinned at your shenanigans, eyes crinkling up into crescent moons.

“This should be your next color!” You declared, squinting your eyes and imagining the color replacing the bronze that was currently on his head.

“Pink?” He asked, somewhat incredulously. You nodded and waved the flowers at him.

“Yeah, you wanted to color your hair right? This is the perfect color for the Spring Festival.” You explained. The pleasant pink color would highlight his dark eyes and match with his cute pink cheeks but you kept that information to yourself. Instead, you continued to wave the flower in front of him, getting closer and closer until it grazed his nose and he giggled, pulling away.

“Y/N!” He yelled in mild irritation. He swatted the flower away gently.

“Hmm?” You hummed, feigning innocence. He just laughed, a sound that felt like music to your ears.

“We should focus on writing the song.” He said, trying to keep himself from smiling. You fluttered your eyelashes at him playfully.

“I am! You have to make beautiful memories to write beautiful songs, right?”  

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Getting Back to the Roots

Joseph had no idea why his boss had wanted him to warn Coach Larson. For all intents and purposes Coach Larson was doing an amazing job finding the perfect athletes for almost all the school’s teams. When they needed a heavy weight wrestler he was able to find a heavy weight wrestler. When they needed a new lineman he was able to find the perfect lineman. However Joseph knew not to question his boss.

Out of everyone he’d ever met that was one of the people he never wanted to be on the wrong side of. Hank Richards was one of the most ruthless bosses he’d ever met. Even though he’d chosen a field in education he’d found that Hank was not found of teaching. He didn’t care what happened to the students after they graduated college. All he wanted was their money.

“Maybe James is giving too much away in scholarships…” Joseph mumbled to himself. He quickly waved the thought from his head. That’s not why he was here. It was to let Coach Larson know he was currently being put on a watch list. He’d have to let him know not ask any questions.

It took Joseph a little longer than he thought it would to find Coach Larson. He’d been out back with some of the football players helping them throw a football down an abandoned street. “Coach!” Joseph called, “Can I talk to you for a second?” Coach waved his teammates to keep throwing the football back and forth. He walked over toting his usual big smile.

“Can I help you with anything?” he asked.

Joseph took a deep breath, “I’m here to deliver this package to you. I don’t know what’s in it. I’ve just been given it from the dean. He said he’s going to start looking into your activities more. I don’t know anything else. You will have to talk to Dean Richards about it.” He finished his exhale. The heat had already started to get to him. The bright sun didn’t feel good on his aging skin anymore.

“Oh did he now?” Coach Larson’s eyes gleamed. “Guess he’s too scared to face me himself?” A deep laugh rolled out of Coach. His entire body was practically shaking up and down. “Eh this isn’t too bad. Thought I would have to be worried for a second.” He paused looking at the package in his hands. “You know what? Why don’t you throw the ole pigskin around with the boys?”

“James… No… I couldn’t. I have to go back to work,” Joseph looked disheartened. He loved playing football in his college days but a knee injury took him out. Sure that was back in the 80’s but he still missed being able to run around with the other guys.

“Nonsense! You’ll do great. It’s just catch,” he gave Joseph a nice pat on the back. “Oh and it’s Coach.”

Before Joseph could even think about it; the football came barreling towards him. His body reacted on instinct. His hands shot up and caught the ball perfectly. “Nice catch!” one of the guys shouted.

“Thanks,” he shouted back. This was a feeling he hadn’t felt in years. Plus his knee wasn’t even hurting. Besides taking an extra 20 minute break to ‘bond with the students’ was good right. That’s what their Dean always said. He didn’t want us stuffed into offices all the time.

Coach just smiled watching Joseph debate with himself. His body was already starting to show some of the changes. The white in his beard quickly disappearing while the wrinkles he’d gathered from listening to that stuffy old dean went too. He was slowly becoming the man he had been; a strong intimidating guy who knew what he wanted.

“Damn Coach,” he cursed, “Mind if I take off my shirt?”

“Not at all my boy. You’ve been working hard today. Might as well cool off,” Coach replied.

Joseph didn’t notice the thick gut he’d grown over the years had completely disappeared. He was too focused on making sure the football made it to the target. He winded his muscular arm back and threw it down the long alleyway. “Good throw Joey!” shouted the guy.

“Fuckin right!” He shouted back. “Joey’s got game!” He jumped up and down a few times excited that he was able to play for a little bit. He didn’t realize how much energy he’d have cooped up from sitting in that office for the dean all day. The sun felt great on his 20 year old body.

“So I’ll see you at the game on Friday?” Coach asked.

“Course man. Wouldn’t let the guys down.” Joey jumped up and down excited that he’d made the football team.

Your Home. (Our Home.)

Based on @ramskulls‘s awesome Green-thumbs AU, in exchange for some excellent artwork. Featuring police officer Casey and flower shop owner Leo, and a lot of cute boyfriend fluff. (also minor background relationships even more rare than theirs.)

AO3 version if preferred.


Casey and Leo move in together. Accidentally. And without noticing.


It starts, probably speaking, with a forgotten jacket.

It’s still casual at that point for them; coffee shop dates, movie nights, the occasional bar trip with Leo’s siblings. They’re testing the waters still, Casey and Leo, to see where they really click, and where they might need to work on things. So they’ve been sticking to light stuff; things straight out of fourth grade. Hand-holding, knees touching, and rare and momentary kisses- things that are so sickeningly sweet, its tooth rotting. It took them months to reach this point, but each slow step of the way has been wonderful to experience.

Of course, there’s always a point that a relationship moves a level upwards. Neither of them noticed reaching that point, or going above it. Not until much later.

Leo’s hours in the shop are steady, regular. He knows his schedule and work hours like the back of his hand because he’s the one who made them. Owning a flower shop can be tiring at times, especially when customers get overly picky, or cause a fuss because their rose order wasn’t just right, but it’s worth it. Mostly because he loves his work, and partially because he just likes being in charge of his own job hours.

Casey on the other hand, his hours can go all over the place depending on what tough case is on his desk that week. He’s not exactly high up in the system yet, but he’s up there enough that he’s called into all sorts of messy situations. When it’s not stressful, his work is just plain tiring, and sometimes he wonders why on earth his younger self wanted to be a police officer so much. Most nights, or days, depending on the shift, he’s pretty tuckered out from either paperwork or dealing with plain old stupid people for too many hours.

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I’m going to put this up on AO3, but I don’t have an account yet. So in the mean time:

Perfect Pairs: A JONSA Modern AU

Summary: Jon meets the girl of his dreams at the Dog Park.


Jon was woken up by a hot, sticky lick across his face from chin to forehead. “Ugh, Ghost…” he complained half-heartedly, pushing the big dog aside lightly so he could sit up and grab his glasses off his nightstand and check the time.

5:45. Jon thought wistfully of the good fifteen minutes of sleep he’d had left before his alarm would go off, but once he was awake he was awake. And from the way his dog’s red eyes were watching him, if he tried to lie back down he would be met with protest.

Ghost was an albino Alaskan Malamute, the runt of his litter. Some people were alarmed at his appearance, but Jon had known he was the dog for him the moment they had met. Jon had always felt like a little bit of an outcast, and so did his dog.

Those red eyes that made Ghost unique watched Jon with excitement as he got out of bed and put on a pair of sweatpants over his boxers. He also put on a black hoodie and his running shoes. He left his dark curls down and messy, like he usually did when they went out in the morning. For his part, Ghost only had to wait for Jon to attach his leash to his plain black leather collar.

They had a few routines depending on Jon’s mood and Ghost’s energy level – a run, a walk, a trip to the park nearby their apartment. From the way Ghost’s feet bounced as he moved, Jon judged it to be a park morning. Plus, they had a little extra time, so he made sure to grab a tennis ball before they left.

Jon was yawning the few blocks there, he was up late reviewing for a case. He’d been assigned as Assistant Council to one of the more experienced lawyers in the firm, the closest he’d gotten to actually practicing law since he’d joined Baratheon & Sons six months ago, so his performance had to be perfect. The late-night studying was worth it, he was tired but he felt prepared.

The trip to the dog park felt worth it, too, when they got there. The park itself was small, just a fenced green area on a building-less city block; But it was nice, well-kept, and convenient. The company was what really caught Jon’s attention. There was one dog and one owner in the park – it still wasn’t 6 a.m., and it was a cold autumn morning, so that was understandable. A sleek silver-coated greyhound, and one of the most beautiful women Jon had ever seen.

She was sitting on one of the benches, rubbing her hands together for warmth and watching the dog run around the park at lightning speed. The first thing he’d seen was her red hair – soft and coppery and draped all over her shoulders – and the pink cat-eared hat he remembered were called ‘pussyhats’. It made him smile a little, as he unleashed his dog who was pulling on his leash in excitement after they had entered the park. Ghost ran up to greet the other dog, but instead of watching them his eyes went back to her.

She was watching their dogs – like he probably should have been – but he was noticing how astonishingly blue her eyes were. They were crystal-clear, nothing like the grey London fog that surrounded them. She was bundled up in a thick scarf and pea coat, his eyes trailed down her long skinny-jeaned legs that seemed to go on forever stretched out straight from the bench until they hit her short-booted feet.

“Oh!” Jon almost jumped when she exclaimed this, in a light, breathy voice. He turned to follow her gaze and saw Ghost sitting with tail thumping while the greyhound ran in tight circles around him. His red eyes followed the other dog continuously, looking almost star struck. “I’m sorry. She’s not scaring him, is she?”

Jon’s heart leapt at the sound of her voice, like he was a fifteen-year-old kid again. When he turned and her blue eyes were trained on him, he swore he was back in high-school when Val had winked at him and caused him to run into a door. An awkward, inexperienced kid who’d never held any girl’s attention, that’s how this young woman made him feel.

To try not to show that to her, he flashed a smile and reassured her, “Not at all. I think he’s more entranced.” He glanced over his shoulder, to where Ghost was now lying down tail still whipping while the female dog continued to run around him. She was a beautiful dog, and she looked like she was having the time of her life circling Ghost and watching him watch her.

He looked back at the beautiful owner to see her smiling in relief. It was a small smile, and reserved, but Jon appreciated it all the same. Feeling encouraged, he tried to keep the conversation going, “She’s gorgeous.” You’re gorgeous. “What’s her name?” What’s your name?

She took a moment to look him over, and Jon wondered what she thought – he hoped it was good. Her expression seemed to soften a little when she looked back towards their dogs. “Lady. And thanks, she knows it.” He laughed a little, he had noticed the slight vanity of the dog, but it was charming.

“What about yours? He’s albino but, is he a Husky?”

“A Malamute. His name’s Ghost.” Jon nodded towards the space on the bench beside her, an unspoken question, and to his relief she gestured for him to take a seat with her small, graceful hands.

“Is he always this relaxed?” She asked, smiling again – less guarded than before. Jon wanted to see what she looked like when she really smiled, when she laughed.

“No way.” Jon said, shaking his head at his dog who was now belly up. “He was practically dragging me here. He’s besotted, it’s totally out of character.”

A bigger smile, when was the last time he had felt so happy talking to anyone? “Well, I wish I could say this was out of character for her, but…well, she runs like crazy for about an hour a day and then lounges around like the queen of Sheba the rest. But darn if she doesn’t look good doing it, and it’s my fault anyway.”

“You’re fault?” Jon asked, completely enamored with every word she said.

“Yeah. You see, I always take pictures of her…I can’t help it. She’s just always been so cute. I even made her an Instagram account. She’s always posing now…”

“Pffft…” Jon started laughing, she was so earnest and straight-faced – and totally obsessed with her dog. As someone who was totally obsessed with his own dog, he found that charming too.

“Hey, I’m pouring my heart and my troubles out to you, here. Don’t laugh.” She almost managed to get this out straight-faced, but her lips curled up. “Don’t laugh.” She repeated, but she was laughing now too.

A sharp beep from Jon’s watch broke the moment, a reminder that he had to get ready for work. He stood up slowly, regretfully. “Ah, time to go. Ghost!” The white dog tilted his head to look at his owner, but didn’t move. Lady, however, started slowing down when she heard him. “Time to go, boy!” Ghost rolled over and gave a light bark in reply – he didn’t want to go anywhere.

“Here, maybe I should…Lady!” His crush said, calling out to her own dog. Lady skipped over, but took her time doing so. It looked like her running time was over. Ghost was happy to get up after that, following behind his own crush. Jon got Ghost’s leash back on as soon as he was close enough. And noticed that Lady’s leash was put on the same way. He felt stupidly relieved that they were both leaving at the same time – that she wouldn’t be there for some smoother guy to hit on later.

You don’t even know her name. You don’t know anything about her. She probably isn’t single. How could she be?

“Jon.” He blurted out as they stood up. She looked at him in surprise. He smiled, trying to pretend he hadn’t just mouth-vomited his name at her. He held out his hand, because grown adults shake hands and that’s what he was, not a teenager. She shot him a funny look but accepted the handshake.

“Sansa.” She replied. And then they were leaving, and Jon wasn’t sure whether to walk alongside or wait so he just kind of froze. Just after she closed the gate behind her and Lady, she turned back and gave him a small wave and faint smile.

He must have been grinning back, all semblance of cool gone. It hit him a moment later, when he was still there and her in the distance, how similar they were to their dogs. There she was, running circles around him and looking great doing it. And here he was, loving every second of it

anonymous asked:

How about “Oh god please don’t make me eat anything.” & “Well you can’t take it on an empty stomach, so I’m gonna have to force you to eat something.”

Thanks so much for the request! I’m actually almost caught up on mine at the moment, so I would LOVE some more – specific characters, specific scenarios, hell, even just one word of inspiration, I’ll write it! Sorry this is going up so late, but hopefully you guys will still see it.

So…with this prompt I kept wanting to write really bad period cramps, and idk if people find that gross in a kink setting, but I decided to go with it. If any of you have been keeping up with my complaining you’ll know that’s the specific brand of hell I’ve been suffering through a lot lately, so this fic was kind of cathartic haha. That might also be why it got super long. And I figured for this topic I’d bring back my fave pair of BFFs cause they haven’t had a fic together in ages.

Also, would anyone be interested in me writing a multi-part sickfic at some point? I’ve been throwing that idea around lately and I wonder if anyone would like to read that kind of thing

“So do you think it could be love?”

Morgan laughed, ignoring the wave of sharp pain that suddenly coursed through her abdomen.

“In your dreams.”

Cici laughed too, rolling her eyes. “It won’t kill you, you know.”

“You sure about that? I don’t see any proof.”

“I’m alive, aren’t I?”

“I don’t know, are you?”

“So what’s wrong with her, then?” Cici asked. “Why is she not the one? Besides the fact that she’s a ginger.”

Morgan frowned, wincing for a moment at another stab of pain. She’d started the night before, and while she was used to pretty bad cramps, these were quite a bit worse than usual. She’d choked down a piece of toast to she could take an advil in the morning, and that combined with her usual morning swim had made the pain relatively easy to ignore. Now though, she could tell the medicine had fully worn off, and eating enough to take more was going to be difficult. Now there was a persistent dull ache in her lower abdomen, which was intercut by sharp bursts of pain that were only getting more frequent and more severe as the minutes passed.

“Gingers are great,” she replied, forcing her face back into a more neutral position. Cici was the kind of person who could get stabbed in the chest and would probably still try to shrug it off. Morgan complaining about pain would’ve been like Cici complaining about how hard it was to swim the length of a pool.

“You just hate them cause of your ginger phase,” Morgan laughed.

Cici blushed. “Okay, we don’t speak of that, and you have definitely deleted those pictures if you know what’s good for you. But if you want to ignore the worst flaw, what else is the problem?”

“Uh…she’s too southern.”

“I thought you liked the accent.”

“It’s adorable, but if I’m not expecting it I feel like she’s about to tell me I’m going to hell, not kiss me.”

“Is the kissing worth it?”

“Oh, obviously. But imagine me in Georgia.”

“Already thinking about moving in?”

“Or just visiting. I’d rather die.”

“Okay, fair.”

Another cramp hit Morgan without warning, and she had to swallow hard against the wave of nausea that accompanied it. Cici seemed to notice this time, and raised her eyebrows in a silent question. Morgan just shook her head.

“Plus she’s super neat,” she said. “It’s weird. Every time I go to her apartment I’m like scared of making a mess cause it’s so perfect.”

“Trust me when I say you’ve got the good side of that deal,” Cici laughed. “I don’t know. Sometimes you meet the love of your life and it turns out he’s gone sixteen years without cleaning his own room. You just learn to adapt.”

“Look at you with your sage words of wisdom,” Morgan replied. “It’s almost like you’re not – fuck!”

Another burst of pain came on like a knife to the stomach, and this time she couldn’t help but react. She doubled over and tapped rapidly on her left hip bone, and the sensation was just distracting enough to keep the nausea manageable, at least for the moment. She could already feel sweat beading on the back of her neck, and her hands were getting more than a little shaky.

“Whoa, hey, are you okay?” Cici asked.

Morgan nodded quickly as the pain receded slightly again, back to a level that consumed most of her attention but was bearable.

“Fine,” she replied tightly. Now that she could handle it again, her reaction seemed more than a little extreme. “Just cramps.”

“Are they bad? Do you need something?”

“No, I mean, it’s dumb, I do this every month, I just—”

She had to stop again, pressing her lips closed and hitting her hip to the point of pain. Of course, she did deal with this all the time, but this was starting to seem like one of the really bad days. The cramps were getting more and more frequent, and starting to blur into a wave of sharp pain that never really left, just got even worse from time to time.

“Well it looks like it hurts,” Cici said, frowning a little. “You don’t have to tough it out if it’s that bad. Do you have a heating pad or something?”

“My heating pad – shit – my heating pad’s a little bitch,” Morgan muttered. “Doesn’t even get hot.”

Cici laughed nervously. “Mine always works for me. Maybe I have a better one.”

“Nope,” Morgan replied. She dug her nails into her arm as the next cramp came, trying to divide her attention between the two sources of pain. “Just better pain tolerance. And a better uterus.”

“What do you use, then?”

“Rice pillow thing.” Even forming long sentences was starting to feel a little difficult, as the pain fought for more and more of her mental energy. She forced herself to straighten up, and when she felt a slight lull, to get to her feet. “I’ll grab it.”

She took a few steps forward, but her legs shook instantly, and sweat started to run down her back. She had to stop and bend forward as another wave came on, tapping hard against her leg and fighting the urge to curl into a ball on the floor.

“Shit, okay, you’re gonna sit back down,” Cici said, quickly walking over to Morgan’s side. She offered her hand as a support, but Morgan just sank to the ground where she was, hugging her knees to her chest.

“I’ll do it. Just…don’t die,” Cici told her. She crossed over to the kitchen, where a green rice pillow sat next to the microwave. “What is it, two minutes?”

“Four,” Morgan replied in a small voice.

“You sure? Won’t that burn it or something? Or burn you?”

“Hasn’t happened yet,” she muttered. She squeezed her eyes shut against another violent cramp, swallowing the thick saliva that was starting to pool in her mouth. The nausea was getting almost as bad as the pain. Part of her wanted to throw up just to get some temporary relief, but she knew she’d be fighting dehydration for the rest of the day if she did. And then there was really no chance of taking more painkillers.

“Just do it,” Morgan added, when Cici still seemed to be hesitating. “Please.”

Cici quickly started the microwave and walked back over to Morgan, kneeling at her side.

“I never realized you got it this bad,” she said. “Is it always like this?”

“Not always. Just a bad month.”

“It came on fast, huh?”

“Yeah,” Morgan nodded. It was always like this. One second she was essentially fine, and the next, the rare stabs of pain she could fight through had become an agonizing constant. She had to be careful not to lie in bed for more than a few minutes after she woke up sometimes. It got out of hand that easily.

“I’m just being a baby though,” she got out. “It’s fine, I can deal. You should go. I’ll call you later, okay?”

Cici shook her head. “You…you look bad, Morgan. I don’t think I should leave you alone. I don’t mind.”

Morgan didn’t protest any further. Having someone there didn’t actually do anything for this, but it did make her feel just a little less out of control.

The four minutes of waiting for the rice pillow to heat up were torture. Morgan couldn’t bring herself to talk much, and she ended up tuning out half of Cici’s attempts to distract her as she concentrated as hard as she could on not puking then and there. Her mouth was overly wet now, and the nausea threatened to overtake her with every burst of pain.

Cici winced a little as she took the rice pillow out of the microwave, but she handed it to Morgan anyway, who instantly lifted up her shirt and pressed it against her skin. The scalding pain came instantly, but it was still more bearable than the cramps, so she held it there, even curling in around it to get as much of the heat as she could.

“Is it helping?” Cici asked.

“Yeah,” Morgan replied. The actual pain was lessened a lot now, but the nausea hadn’t gone down along with it. If anything, it was worse. The heat against her abdomen was making her sweat even more, and the air in the room suddenly felt thick and suffocating. “Kind of.”

“Have you taken anything? That might be good.”

“Took an advil this morning. That helped. But…” Morgan swallowed hard and removed the rice pillow for a moment as the heat threatened to overwhelm her. Her skin was red and angry underneath, and Cici looked shocked, but she barely gave it a second thought.

“Just had toast earlier,” Morgan explained quickly. Thinking about food wasn’t helping anything. “Not supposed to take it on an empty stomach. It’s been seven hours.”

“And you haven’t eaten? Shit, forget the meds, you need to eat!”

Morgan wanted to reply, but the combination of the mention of eating and an especially awful stabbing pain in her abdomen took all words out of her head. She pressed the rice pillow against her stomach again, but she knew it was too late as she felt a gag starting in the back of her throat.

She ran to the bathroom as fast as she could while still half doubled over and retched emptily over the toilet, feeling tears squeeze out of the corners of her eyes. The pain hadn’t lessened yet; if anything, it had just increased. She gagged harshly, feeling liquid just at the back of her throat.

“Fuck, are you okay?” Cici rushed into the bathroom and knelt down next to Morgan, the shock obvious in her voice. “I thought that was helping.”

“It was,” Morgan got out. She retched again, and a small splash of bitter vomit fell into the toilet. “Just…not enough.”

“God,” Cici muttered. She quickly gathered Morgan’s frizzy hair away from her face and rested a hand on her back. “Okay, it’s okay. Um, I think, but…”

She trailed off as Morgan brought up a much larger wave of watery sick, shuddering as she did so. The pain had taken a backseat to the nausea now, which was a welcome relief, but the sick feeling still seemed to choke her. She gagged dryly a few times before she spat out another mouthful of vomit into the bowl. Her whole body was shaking now, and it was a struggle to even hold her head upright enough to avoid making a mess.

“I’ve got you, don’t worry,” Cici said softly, and Morgan was vaguely aware of arms anchored around her, holding her up in a sitting position.

Morgan closed her eyes as she retched up a small amount of bile. She gagged again, but she could tell her stomach felt empty, and the fact that the pain had momentarily abated told her she was probably done for now. She slumped backward, still weak and shaky.

“You sure you’re not sick?” Cici asked. “You can tell me, it’s fine, it’s not like I’ll be mad if I catch it.”

“Nope,” Morgan replied hoarsely. “Just cramps. Just a bad day.”

“Goddamn,” Cici muttered. She quickly reached out and flushed the toilet, then sat back again, letting Morgan lean against her for support. “Does anything else help?”

“Hot bath. But I don’t see one of those.”

“You could come use ours. I don’t think Al’s home. And if he is I can make him leave us alone.”

Morgan shook her head, wincing as another cramp pierced her abdomen. The relief that throwing up brought was always far too brief. Now she was back to being in pain, and much shakier and dizzier than before.

“You really want to add carsickness to this mess?” she asked.

“Okay, true,” Cici admitted. “But you said the advil worked, right? So what sounds easy on your stomach? Do you want just crackers or something? Or maybe something more substantial to fill you up quicker?”

Another wave of pain and nausea hit Morgan at her words, and she quickly tapped her hand against her hip to try and distract herself.

“Oh god, please don’t make me eat anything,” she muttered. Just the thought was already threatening to make her sick again.

“Well you can’t take it on an empty stomach, so I’m gonna have to force you to eat something,” Cici countered. “That or it’s not gonna stop hurting.”

The thought of the pain decreasing, even a little, was more than tempting, but Morgan could tell there was no way the cramps would let her keep anything down for long.

“I can’t,” she replied.

“Okay, think about it,” Cici said. “The pain’s making you sick, not anything that’s in your stomach. If you’re going to throw up again, you’re going to throw up again, whether you’ve eaten or not. It can’t hurt, right?”

She was right, and Morgan knew it, but food still sounded completely awful. Still, she could already tell the lack of anything in her stomach was getting to her. She felt weak and faint, like some fragile little being that the knife in her abdomen could tear apart in a second.

“I guess…bread or something,” she gave in. “Can you find it?”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” Cici replied. “Just…hang in there. I didn’t even know this could get this bad.”

Morgan just shrugged and leaned backward against the wall as Cici stood up and left. She knew she might feel better curling forward again, but the shakiness and exhaustion were hitting her hard now. She almost felt like she could fall asleep, but her heart was going far too fast, and the intermittent surges in her cramps would never let her rest.

She couldn’t decide if it was far too soon or far too late that Cici came back, setting a glass of water and a plate with a few slices of bread on the ground next to her. She handed her the rice pillow too, which was scalding again – perfect. Morgan pressed it to her stomach gratefully.

“Just eat what you can,” Cici said. “It’s not like it’ll kill you if you take it now, but it will make your stomach feel worse. I’m guessing that’s not what you’re going for.”

“Yeah,” Morgan agreed. She took a bite of one of the slices of bread, which felt dry and dense in her mouth. She had almost swallowed it when a particularly bad cramp hit her, and it was all she could do not to spit it out instantly. She forced herself to slowly get the rest down, though it stuck in her throat.

“Drink too,” Cici suggested. “You look pretty dehydrated. That should help at least a little.”

Morgan took a shaky sip of the water. The pain in her abdomen protested against swallowing anything more, but it at least helped the dry bread the rest of the way down her throat. She tried the bread again, and it was a little easier this time, but the large slice in front of her still felt insurmountable.

“This is kind of fucked up,” Cici said, as Morgan slowly forced herself to take bite after bite of the bread in front of her. “It’s like when I had appendicitis. But every month apparently. Shit.”

“Told you, it’s not normally like this,” Morgan told her. She winced, averting her eyes from the food in front of her. The heat on her abdomen was starting to lessen, and the cramps were really starting to hit with full force again. She swallowed thickly.

“You sure it’s not on the lower right side? Cause that’s not something you want to wait on. As I…learned, but…”

“It’s not,” Morgan mumbled. Another sharp pang sent a wave of sickness over her again and she felt a familiar pressure at the back of her throat. “Just…everywhere. Fuck, I—”

She scrambled over to the toilet as a gag overtook her. Spit dripped from her mouth, and warm liquid started to climb up her esophagus again.

“Shit,” Cici muttered, but she was at her side in an instant, holding back her hair. “Okay, it’s okay, don’t even worry about it.”

Morgan retched violently, her whole body trembling. A thick glob of brownish vomit fell from her lips. She spat forcefully into the water. The pain was still shooting through her, and that combined with the force of the gagging made tears run down her cheeks. She retched dryly before bending forward and bringing up the full contents of her stomach in one large watery wave. She gagged again, but only bile came up, stinging her already raw throat. After a few seconds, she leaned against the toilet seat, shaking and more drained than ever.

“Okay, you’re done, come on,” Cici said softly, gently prying Morgan away from the toilet and helping back to her position against the wall. Morgan hugged her knees to her chest again, already anticipating the next wave of pain. She could tell the respite would be brief, and she was too weak and dizzy to enjoy it.

“So what else can we do?” Cici asked. “There has to be something, come on.”

Morgan shook her head miserably. “There isn’t. Once it gets like this I just…I feel like shit until I can pass out or something. It doesn’t stop.”

“It has to,” Cici insisted. “You have to be able to keep something down eventually, right? Won’t your body kind of get used to it and let you eat?”

“I mean, eventually,” Morgan replied. “But fuck, that…that could take hours. I don’t even know.”

“Then we’re gonna keep trying.”


“An empty stomach isn’t making you feel any better,” Cici said. “I can tell. You look exhausted. So unless you think you can sleep right now, we’ll just keep trying. Because it’s gonna work sometime. And I’m gonna be there when it does.”

“Cici, seriously, don’t stay,” Morgan got out. The thought of being alone was worse than ever, but she couldn’t stand the idea of Cici being disappointed over and over again if the pain kept up as long as it normally did. “It’s really nothing.”

“Even you don’t believe that. Come on, I’m staying. Unless you have another plan. Let me heat this up for you so you can keep burning yourself if that honestly helps. But I’m not going anywhere.”

Morgan wanted to protest, but she ended up wincing instead, clenching her fists through a cramp that left her breathless.

“Thanks,” she said instead, once the pain had subsided a bit.

Cici half smiled. “Of course. Any time. Hell, call me every month if this is what it’s like. I had no idea.”

She stood up, brushed some of the curly hairs out of Morgan’s face, and left the bathroom. Morgan just closed her eyes, hoping for a second or two of rest. She’d done this before, and she would do it again. It was always hell, but she was always fine. And at least this time, she didn’t have to do it alone.

your-candy-coated-darling  asked:

Ok, so I know it's kinda really early but...I had kept this pent up all day yesturday. UF/US/SF skelebros who have a short and chubby S/O who is always smiling. Always cheery and kind to others. One day the S/O comes home crying. They had been bullied all day because of thier hieght and weight and just couldnt keep a fake smile on anymore. Sorry, I know it's early, and that this ask isnt very happy. You dont have to do it if you dont want to, but thank-you either way. ILY, Bye. ~Elle

[ Oh my gosh you cruel person
xD No, just kidding – this is a good level of angst because it involves cheering up and I love cheering up! ^ ^ Anyways, hope you like it :) 
Sorry it took so long! ] 

UF! Sans: Out of all skeletons, this guy is the most surprised at first about your cheerful self because he needs to keep reminding himself it’s normal here – people being kind to others and such. People say it should’ve been normal where he came from, but it wasn’t. Not to him, at least. If you didn’t hurt others, you were one that got hurt. At least, in public, anyways. But because of this, he didn’t really think much about what was behind the smile nor how others treated you; of course if someone directly bullied you in front of him he would probably not hesitate to threaten them at the very list, but outside of his sight? He never really noticed very much. If you’re smiling, you must be happy, right? Well, maybe not, but Red doesn’t much assumptions very often. He knows that smiling means you should be happy, so he wouldn’t understand why you would do so when you’re not happy. Once you come home crying, he’s honestly a little surprised, but his anger quickly takes over as he glares forward, taking hold of your wrist gently. “Why are you crying? Who did this to you?” His voice is stern, but you can tell from his eyes he’s pissed. If he could, he’d beat the crap out of the person who did it right then and there, but he manages to calm himself down for your sake, so he can help you. Of course he still hates whoever made you cry with a passion, especially once he finds out why, but in the end he’s honestly not in the mood to deal with someone who’s a complete waste of time he could be spending with you.

UF! Paps: He’s cherished your kindness. More than ever. Just like his brother, he doesn’t get how you can do something just for other, but he’s grateful for it. He wonders if you’re really feeling the way you look, but the fact that you put on a smile, every day for others is incredible to him. Especially since he would never be able to muster up the amount of kindness he gives you to strangers he’s never seen before. Admittedly he’s tried, mostly when you haven’t been around, but he only has so much patience for people and doesn’t want to accidentally up snapping at them. Of course, when you come home crying, he immediately sits you down and asks you what’s wrong… and then he’s angry. More so because he can’t believe that there are people cruel enough out there to treat someone so hard working and kind this way… of course, he’s not going to be happy at you for keeping it all hidden, but now that he knows, he’s going to make sure you’re feeling loved and happy every day that he can. The people who hurt you? They can go f*ck themselves. He’s not interested in anyone else but you.

US! Sans: So this little ball of energy is pretty similar, and although he notices that you’re very helpful and kind to others (and loves it too), kindness has never been a rarity in his world. He’s really just glad to see you happy. So when you come home crying, his expressions admittedly changes to worry and sadness as he rushes up to you, grasping your arms gently. “Human? Are you alright?” he asks, his voice soft for once even as it rings with concern. Once he knows what’s up, he feels his soul sink with sadness. Was this happening the entire time? He feels terrible, that’s for sure. Regardless of whether you try to assure him that it was your fault, he still feels terrible. Expect loads of warm hugs and cocoa that evening. Plus a small speech on not hiding your feelings from him anymore because he wants to make sure you’re feeling as happy as you can whenever possible.

US! Paps: He knew something was up. From the beginning, mostly. There was always something he would notice – an off smile, a shaking hand, eyes lowered slightly down. He noticed. And yet, he kept it to himself, on the slight chance maybe it wasn’t true, and that by speaking up he would ruin your mood. He’s asked if you’re okay, and all he’s gotten is a “great!”, so it’s hard to say anything. Even if he’s sure something’s up. So he’s not that surprised when you stumble home with tears in your eyes, though he’s obviously not happy. But he doesn’t ask. He makes his way over, shutting the door behind you gently and kneeling down to give you a hug. “Come on, it’s okay. Deep breaths.” He doesn’t know exactly what happened, but for now, all he cares is calming you down first until you can say. Though he’s not letting you out of this one, not now. But even once you say, he’s not willing to let you go in the slightest.

SF! Sans: You make him smile. More than he has ever. Just seeing you bubbly and happy and cheerful makes him wish he was the same, almost. But he can’t help but just smile every time he sees it. He knows this world is full of kindness, but yours is different. Aside from the fact that it’s his kindness, and he loves nothing more than to see it. So to hear that some f*ckers came and took it away from him is enough to issue a frown. He strolls back and forth, trying to keep himself calm enough so he doesn’t stroll out the door and kill a random person on the street, before turning to you as you continue to cry. What is he doing? He hates himself for not thinking of trying to comfort you first, and then heads forward and gives you a gentle hug, not caring whose around even if they’re inside. He’s still angry, but he knows killing whoever even thinks about it would only make worse problems. No, he just wants to be there for you. He’s pretty sure you said at some point getting arrested wouldn’t help very much.

SF! Paps: Just like the others, he’s adored your kindness to bits. He loves seeing you happy and smiling and just overall looking adorable that you make him hard to not hug and kiss you in public if you’d allow it. Your kindness easily filled up the remaining hole in his heart, and now he’s even trying to spread some of his to others like you do, and help them out when they need it, but none could do it as amazing as you. And yet, at the same time, none could hide the sadness as well as you, either. Because he doesn’t notice. So his first reaction to you coming home crying is confusion, even if he doesn’t waste a second in holding you close and rubbing a hand down your back. Once he knows what’s up, he just feels terrible. Terrible that he couldn’t pick up on it or be there for you when it happened. He continues to hold you close, pleading that next time you let him know what’s up so he can help you. Because for you, he’d do anything.

Let the games begin - Ch. 6

Photo created and gifted by the brilliant: @wonders-of-the-enterprise

Today dear reader, we’re checking in on our beloved heroine and see how shes doing, along with Jo. We‘ll also be checking on the boys and how they react to finally having their girls back home.

3,788 word(s) of - I guess the best way to describe it would be mostly fluff wrapped around a tiny ball of angst.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5 

There will be one more chapter, plus a prologue. So close guys! SO, if you want to be tagged for the rest, yay! Just shoot me a message. If you don’t want to be tagged, then shoot me a message and I will try to keep my tears to a minimum, and go to my room and sit in the corner. Be gentle. I am a delicate flower.

Special thanks to: @outside-the-government for encouraging me to write again, and for being my beta and idea bouncer, and for creating this monster.  Also @imoutofmyvulcanmind for being an idea bouncer, and letting me torture you with snippets, yay!

Tags: @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @hellhoundsandunicorns @yourtropegirl @bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr @fandomheadrush @darlinleonard @trekken81 @trekkimagines201 @arrowsshootyouforwards @captian-hannah-kirk @kaitymccoy123 @starmission @kilismaiden @malindacath @starr-trekkk@the-the-sound-of-the-bees-blog @lurkch @random-fandom-lady @supernaturalgeekygal @captainjimsexypantskirk @devanshade @imagineangryspacegrump @pokemonlover591 @earinafae @souperhoolok @falloutstump27 @azure23x @grgoyldef2 @fandom-obssessed-sloth @arcticbubby

You had drifted in and out of consciousness. Every time you roused, your body was on fire. You wanted to scream, but your body wasn’t responding, wasn’t functioning. The sounds of some kind of commotion were getting louder before you allowed the pain to take you away once more into unconsciousness.

Sometime after that, when your mind became aware again, you felt pressure on different places, then a warm liquid snaking its way through your veins, you succumbed to the darkness yet again.

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Chained Up (M- Jungkook)

*This was screaming sub!Jungkook on the top of its lungs*

Request:  Ooh ooh!! Maybe A smutty one for Jungkook with Vixx’s - Chained Up?? That’s hella kinky 😏😏💜

Word Count: 3,169 words

Warnings: Sex toys, a bit of degradation, swearing, deep fantasies and shitty writing 

“Do you know what you’ve done, baby boy?”

“I teased my mistress on stage too much.”


“I’m s-sorry.”

“Tsk. Who said you could speak, baby?”

“I’m sorry, mistress.” He felt your hand squeeze his thigh with your nails, digging hard enough to leave marks on his skin. Your hands travelled to his neck, enclosing it with your thumbs caressing his cheeks before you pulled his hair.

“Look at the beautiful little Adam’s apple on your pretty throat, Jungkookie.” You sucked on his neck, making sure, he would have to hear the stylist noonas complain but he moaned to feeling of your delicate lips against his skin, just begging to be marked by you.

“You’re so pretty with your skin covered in hickeys, baby.”

“Thank you, mistress.”

“How lovely, your cock is red.”

“M-Mistress.” Your hand touched him, pumping him and he bit his lip. He already had a cock ring on him, preventing him from releasing even if he wanted. You watched his face contort to the pacing and grip of your fingers around him. Your mouth let out a slew of naughty phrases that he would make him only blush.

“Do you want me, Kookie?”

“God yes!”

“Jungkook. What the hell?” He looked around to see his wrists weren’t tied, he was completely naked in front of you and you weren’t punishing him for anything.



“Do you remember three years ago when we went to the petting zoo and the-”

“I’m up, I’m up. What do you want?”

“Did we do anything last night?”

“Besides showering together and you cuddling up to me, nothing really.”


“Yes, Kookie, nothing. Now can we sleep, please?”

“Of course, yeah.” He really couldn’t go back to bed, his wet dream leaving him with a growing need and throbbing boner. He knew you hated when he touched himself without your permission, he wished you wouldn’t touch yourself either but he couldn’t sleep with a boner. He bit his lip; slowly pumping himself like you would in the beginning before you picked up the pace. He imagined your pink tongue around his shaft, licking around his girth and his tip tickling the back of your throat. How your nimble fingers pumped him while your sucked him and your stunning hands playing with his balls while he had a dry orgasm. He felt his cum spilling into the tissue, the sticky fluid still ending up on his hands and he cleaned himself up. He joined you back in bed, spooning you once again before sleeping again.

“Kookie!” He grunted before opening his eyes, seeing your body sitting on his. Your ass was just brushing against him, his damn morning wood obvious to you and you had a playful look on your face.


“That’s not my name, baby boy.”

“Sorry, mistress.” You slide your body back down to his bulge, pawning him through his boxers and humming sweetly. You licked him through his boxers before playing with the waistband and slipping his boxers down. His cock was as rouge as his dream depicted and you smirked, knowing that he could touch himself the same way you touched him. You were the only one that could make him shamelessly whimper, moan continuously, the only one whose name that will escape his lips with a breathy gasp.

“You’re so hard this morning, baby. Can you tell me why?”

“It’s because of you, mistress.”

“What were you thinking?”

“Your lips around my cock, denying me orgasm after orgasm until there are tears in the corner of my eyes. Your hands pumping profusely and moans coming out of my shameful lips. I want you to ruin me, mistress.”

“Always so honest.”

“S-Shit.” Your tongue licked upwards, giving his shaft a quick lick and he shivered to the feeling.

“Good boys get what they want.” You pumped him slowly, the technique you had will always be better, than whatever his years of masturbation had told him. You sucked on the head slowly, his precum leaking into your tongue and you swallowed him.

“M-Mistress.” You bobbed your head as he gripped the sheets and you never wavered in your pacing, nearly having his whole cock inside your mouth and he moaned as your tongue licked around his girth.

“Mistress, it feel so good.”

“Where do you want to cum, baby?”

“Your chest.” You stripped off your shirt, revealing your bra and he stood up with you moving onto the floor kneeling in front of you. You pumped him until he released on your chest, his seed straining your bra and landing in between your cleavage.

“How messy.” You slipped your bra off, tossing it into the laundry hamper and slipping your shirt back on. He could see your black panties through your white shirt and you slipped them off.



“You have no underwear on..”

“Jungkook, I told you not to save it yet. Only save it when I put a cock ring on you, okay?”


“When’s the gala?”


“Maybe I should wear that new dress I bought? Oh, I have to get my hair done too. And baby, don’t you have practice?”

“They want us to save up out energy for the performance tonight.”

“You guys are performing with a mystery group, right?”

“I don’t even know who, babe.”

“Are you sure, I mean how would you practice without them?”

“The choreography is made in a specific way where you could practice without the other group plus they’re coming back from a tour too. They couldn’t fit time for us anyways.”

“Then, I’ll look forward to it.” He smiled at you and you went to go do the laundry. He followed you, sitting on the dryer while you loaded the machine and he peeked through your shirt.

“Jeon Jungkook.”

“Yes, babe?”

“Quit staring at my chest, you perv.”

“I’m not staring, I’m glancing.

“If you keep glancing, I won’t think about hitting you, I would be hitting you.”

“Mistress, why are you so hard on me?” He hopped off the dryer, standing in front of you and wrapping his arms around your waist. He pulled you closer, noticing your eyes avoiding his own and this was one of the brief moments when he had control over you. When you slipped into his dominant streak and let him control you, he usually took this chance to have you writhing under his touch and screaming his name but he only kissed you longingly.

Your lips craved beyond just his lips, the way your hand slipped down to his crotch, playing with his boxers again before you slipped them off him.

“They were dirty.” You said with a wink and he covered his crotch.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before, Kookie. No need to be shy.” He still rushed upstairs after you patted his butt, precum leaking into his hands and sighed. He was simply turned on by the gentle touch of your lips and the way your hand palmed over him again. His body reacted to every one of your touches, making him moan, groan, shiver, shudder, bending down to your every whim.

He slipped on a fresh pair, the scent of cinnamon sugar filled the air, his nose tracking down the scent, and it led to you. You were placing cinnamon rolls into the oven and had just shut the oven door, him taking the chance to sneak behind you.


“Kookie, you scared the crap out of me.” He held you in his arm again, his chin resting on your head and you bummed as you two swayed.

He kissed your ear and you placed your hands on the arm that was around your shoulders when there was a knock on the door.

“Come fucking on.”

“Kookie.” You giggled as he walked over to open the door, glaring at the people before realizing it was his hyungs.

“Woah, he’s glaring at us.”

“Did we interrupt something, Kookie?”

“Yes, I was going to spend some time with my lovely girlfriend.”

“She’s our friend too, Jungkook.”

“But does it have to be today?”

“Jungkook, who is it?”

“Y/N.” You were wearing tights and underwear now, thank god he knew how Taehyung’s eyes would rake all over your body when he thought that Jungkook wasn’t looking. The problem was he was always looking; you were too beautiful to go unnoticed. The sole reason why you weren’t allowed to come to the practices was that you were his distraction even if you aren’t doing it voluntarily.

His mind would just wonder to you, he would end up taking longer breaks trying to take care of you or he would try to show off or he would miss steps because he was too busy staring at you.

“Earth to Jungkook.”

“I got this.” You pinched his nipples, making him snap his head at you and tickle you to the death.

“I-I’m sorry..oh my g -god.. Kookie.. Stop!”

“Leave your fetishes in the bedroom.”

“We’re trying to eat here.”

“Jimin, when did you get those snacks?”

“You were too busy feeling each other up to notice.”

“He was tickling me.”

“I don’t judge.” You throw a pillow at Jimin, making him have a straight face and you hide behind Jungkook.

“Why me?”

“Just hand her over.”



“It was just a pillow, Jimin.”

“It’s more than just a pillow, it’s my pride.”

“What pride, Jiminie?”

“Yah!” The other boys laughed as Jimin turned to Taehyung, leaving you be and you two took over the loveseat. He was resting his head in your lap, your hair brushing through his hair while his fingers drew little pictures on your knees.

The other boys came over to have a movie marathon since Namjoon, who is adamant that it wasn’t him but regardless of the string proof that it was, broke the tv in the dorms.

“I think we should watch Marvel movies, especially the ones with Iron Man.”

“That’s an unhealthy obsession.”

“Jin oppa, what about you and Mario?”

“She got you there, hyung.”

“You’re cold, Y/N.”

“I’m sorry, oppa.” You blew him a kiss to Jungkook’s discomfort and he caught it, playfully swooning. You giggled and he looked up at you, wanting you to pay attention to him.

“I guess we’re having a Marvel marathon.” You smiled and glanced down at him, him turning his hair away from your face but still rested his head in your lap.

He watched the screen, trying to forget the hand that was gently stroking his head, your hand on his ear down his neck and rubbing his shoulder.

“Are you mad at me?”

“It’s just a little joke; you know these lips are for you and only you.”

“Hm, baby, look at me.”

“Oh shit.”

“Namjoon, language.”

“Shit, sorry.”

“You’re putting double in the swear jar when we get home.”

“You have a swear jar?”

“You won’t believe how full it gets. I have to empty every week and when Namjoon breaks something, it fills faster than light.”

“I don’t appreciate the exaggeration, hyung.”

“Then don’t swear, Namjoon. You and Yoongi are on par with each other.”

“My swearing caliber is much higher than this kid’s.”

“Not something to be proud of, Yoongi.”


“It’s already 3, we got to go.”

“I’m staying with Y/N.”


“She can do my makeup and hair, I trust her.”

“If noona gets mad again, I’m not saving your butt like last time.”


“Yeah, yeah just don’t have fun and forget the gala.”

“We’re not like that.” You both said and they laughed at you two. You both stuck your tongues at them and pulled down your bottom eyelid.

“Later, kids.”

“Use protection.”


“We don’t need little Kookies running around.”


“Harsh, our maknae is no fun.” They left and he shut the door behind them. He pulled you along with him, taking you to the bathroom and showering with you.

“You have such good hair, baby.”


“I love it, especially when I’m pulling it. So beautiful.”


“Come on, we have to get ready.” He let you pull him along, telling him to put on his suit before you worked on his face. You did his makeup first, carefully doing his hair after so it wouldn’t mess up.

“Kookie, sit still.”

“It’s taking too long.”

“Unless you want to lose an eye, you’ll sit still.” You hissed and he did as you said, letting you finish him up before you got dressed yourself. You still kicked him out of the room as you had something to hide and came out when you were done.

Your dress was the colour of champagne, the colour was beautifully complimenting your skin and he liked the little slit your dress had. You hadn’t done much with your hair and he couldn’t tell if you had heavy makeup but he still thought you were gorgeous nonetheless.


“Let’s go.”

The gala was full with other celebrities of every kind, actors, singers, models, tv stars, everyone. You were clenching onto his arm and he squeezed your hand to get you to look at him.

“I’m here for you, Y/N.”

“Thank you.”

He found the table that you were going to be seated with the boys and they greeted you all.

“On time too, you two kept your heads to yours then. Well at least not now.”

“We’re just holding hands, she’s not going to get pregnant from that.”

“Calm down, Kookie. They’re just joking.” The event started, people talking about the new exhibit which is why this gala exists. You knew he was still upset and you rubbed his shoulder. He relaxed under your touch, his clouded anger clearing out and he went to go get you something to drink.

“Jungkook oppa?”


“We did hosting together, Sae Ron.”

“Right, I remember. That script was very cringey.”

“That is true, oppa.”

“You got invited too?”

“I’m glad, and I’m happy you’re here too, oppa.”


“I like you, oppa.”

“Sae Ron, I have a girlfriend.”

“And she would appreciate if you would be so kind to excuse us, little girl.” You pulled away Jungkok and he knew he was going to get it. He could tell by the way you clenched your fists over your dress, avoiding his gaze and pulling him out the car when you were home.

“You wanted me to punish you, right? Prepare for it. Strip.” He did so, teasing you a little even though you were angry and took off everything. You slid on a cock ring earlier, making sure he would save it until you got home. You handcuffed him and sat him on the bed.

“You’re hard, baby boy. Was it because of that little girl?”

“No, mistress.”

“You know I don’t like it when you lie, Jungkook.”

“I know, mistress.”

“Then, tell me the truth. It’s because of her, isn’t it?”

“Y-Yes, mistress.”

“How dare you, Jungkook? She’s too young for you and you were forgetting something very important. You belong to me.” You hissed in his ear and he nodded, feeling you pull him up.

“Bend over with your hands pressed against the wall.” He felt the cold leather of the whip you used, biting his lip to the sensation of pleasure that came from every flick of the whip and he moaned to the feeling.

“You like that, baby boy?”

“Yes, mistress.” You used your bare hands, your hands having some strength in them when you slapped his already sensitive ass and pulled him back.

You pushed him back on the bed, letting him watch you undress yourself and he squirmed in his handcuffs.

“If you were a good boy, you would get to touch. Now all you get to do is eat my pussy.” You said in his ear, pushing him off the bed and lying down with your legs open for him, his mouth dry just looking at the sight of your wet pussy in front of him.

“What are you doing, staring at it? I said, eat me out slave.” You only called him that when he wasn’t listening, degrading him and he began licking slowly. When he picked up the pace, your hands flew to his hair and messed it up in the process. He didn’t care, having the pleasure of tasting you was all he needed and he only wanted you.

“Oh, Jungkook.” You moaned his ears, making his cock twitch at the sound of his name. Your moans were a strings of melody that can only be played in a bedroom and he would be glad to hear it all night.

“Suck on my clit-shit fuck just like that.” He kept going, you grinding your hips against his face while he tasted your orgasm.

“Lick it clean.” He did so, his tongue picking up the juices from your orgasm and he sat up. You kissed him, tasting yourself in the process and you stealthily reached for his cock.


“It’s red, do you want to come, baby bun.”

“Mistress, please.”

“You don’t deserve it. Flirting with that little girl, she’s not even old enough to give consent. Pervert.”

“I didn’t think about her like that.”

“Then what did you think about?” You pumped him while he struggled to find an answer and he accidentally groaned your name. You glared at him for a moment but returned to pumping him.


“What did you think about?”

“How cute she was.”


“Don’t I look better, baby? Keep your eyes on me.” Neither of you broke eye contact, staring at each othe for days and groaned again. You swallowed him, bobbing your heads again and feeling the hot metal around his cock beginning to burn.

“Nobody’s going to blow you like me.” You dogged your nail into his thigh and he groaned, not in pain but blissfully.

“Nobody knows your body best than I do.” You pulled away from his cock and pushed him onto the bed again. You slipped on a condom and quickly sunk your hips down on him.

“Oh, fuck, mistress.”

“Shit, Kookie. You’re so big.” You bounced your hips, his hand unable to touch your sinful hips that rolled, grinned and bounced on him. You moaned out his name, liking the feeling of his cock filling up inside and he wanted to move his hips but he could tell you weren’t in the giving mood.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” He nodded, not trusting his own voice and you rode him until you reached your second orgasm and tighten around him.

“M-Mistress.” You slipped the condom off him along with the cock ring and kept pumping him until he came all over his chest.

“You’re all dirty.” You unlocked his handcuffs, setting him a towel to wipe the semen of his stomach and  you kissed his cheek after. He looked at you, snuggled up to him with an angelic smile on your face and he found himself smiling. 

He was whipped and he loved it.

~Admin Blake

A Little Accident (Bias x Reader)

Trigger warning: abortion. Please don’t read this.


The only word to come out of your mouth as you look at the pregnancy test you hold in your hands. A word you continued to repeat when that second line appeared as you prayed that it wouldn’t. 

You lean against the counter, your entire body going cold. You stand there for a full minute, your mind blank until one thought comes to light. I’m pregnant.

The realization sets in and you throw the test against the wall in a fit of rage and fear. You were scared. You were still in school, haven’t even figured out your life yet and you were about to have a kid? 

“I’m still a kid!” you yell to no one in particular. You have the sudden urge to throw up but nothing comes up. You hear your phone ring while someone knocks on your apartment door. 

You pick up your phone, “Hello?” 

“Mind letting me in?” B/N asks on the other line. You lean your head against the wall, releasing a sigh. He is the last person you want to see. 

“I’m not home,” 

“Then why is your car outside?” 

“I went for a walk,” 

He says, “Where are you? I’ll come meet you,” 

“You wanted to have dinner tonight, right? I’ll see you then,” 

He’s silent for a moment and you feel terrible for rejecting him. You hadn’t seen him in over two weeks, “Okay…” he reluctantly says.

You toss your phone on the bed, going under your covers. You hug yourself into a tight ball. How would he take the news? You were both young, working on your careers. A child is not what either of you had in mind. Sure, the topic sprung up, as it does in every relationship, but that was way ahead in the future. Way. Ahead. 

You start crying, feeling immensely overwhelmed, “I can’t have a kid now,” You weren’t even sure if you wanted children in the first place. 

You stop crying suddenly, sitting up as one thought comes to mind. What if you were to handle it before he even knew? The thought makes you crumble. To you, this bundle of cells inside of you was a baby. You can’t imagine how you would feel afterwards. Plus, how would B/N feel if he knew you didn’t tell him? 

You grab your pillow, screaming into it. When did this happen? B/N was gone for two weeks, the night before he left you both said your goodbyes in the most physical way and you took your pill, how did this happen?

“This is why they say to wait until marriage to have sex, because stuff like this ends up happening!” 

You need to calm down. You walk to your kitchen, opening a bottle of water. 

Can I even drink this? you wonder, Will it hurt the baby? 

“What am I even thinking right now,” you drink the entire bottle, realizing your hands are shaking. 

You’ll tell him. You don’t know what he’ll say or do, but you at least have to let him know before you make any other decisions, “I’ll tell him tonight,” 

You walk into the restaurant, looking better than you felt. You’re wearing a royal blue dress, with it hugging all the right parts of your possibly-soon-to-swell body and blood red heels. 

You find him sitting at the table, his finger moving over his phone as he puts it to his ear. You feel your phone vibrating. He’s calling you. You step in front of him with him turned around looking for you, “Hello?” you say and he spins around. He stares at you, eyes unblinking before a shy smile moves over his lips. You fight your own smile and break the silence with mild humor. 

“Are you going to pull my chair out or not?” 

He laughs, pushing your seat in as you sit. His hand is on the back of your chair as he looks down at you. 


He kisses you and you’ve missed the taste of him, “I missed you. You look beautiful,” 

You almost forget the situation at hand. You nod with a smile, anxiety setting in as you thank him. 

“Let’s order big, because I’m starving and you’re the only one who can match up to me,” 

He orders a platter of food, but unlike before as you two raced to finish, your plate is still full. 

He puts down his fork, looking at you, “Not hungry?” 

“I don’t have much of an appetite tonight,” 

He frowns, “Is it because I’m eating like a pig?” 

You smile, “No,” 

He folds his hands on the table, “Then what is it?” he asks, giving you his attention.

You look into his eyes, seeing his patient and tender love for you, and you feel your eyes watering. What would this child do to your relationship? How much would it change you both? 

His eyebrows furrow as he notices your switch of emotions, “Babe?” He reaches across the table, taking your hand but you quickly pull away once you feel your chest heave. If he touches you again, you’ll break like a dam. 

You get up, walking towards the doors. B/N is delayed from speaking to the waiter before he catches up to you.You’re fumbling for your keys when he takes your arm, causing you to drop them. 

“Y/N, what is going on?” he asks. That just makes you want to cry more at his lack of understanding. You bend down, reaching for the keys but he takes them, holding them out of your reach. 

“Give it to me!” you yell at him and he just stares at you. His hurt look makes your tears fall faster. He’s never looked so confused. 

“What just happened in those few minutes?” 

“Nothing,” Stupid answer. 

“That was not nothing. What’s wrong with you?” 

“I need to go home,” you reach for the keys but he holds them away from you. 

“Not until you explain what just happened,” 

With that, you fall on the ground in a fit of tears. B/N is surprised, unsure of what to say or do, and you can’t even blame him. 

People are staring and you could care less. You see him squat in front of you, pressing the keys into your hand, “We can go home,” he says softly. 

You shake your head, “You should go home,” 

He sighs, “I’m not leaving you here,” 

“You will though,” 

He smoothes his hand over your hair, “Now why would I do that?” 

The words are on the tip of your tongue but you can’t find the will to say them, “This…we aren’t working out,” you say instead, “You’re barely here, you’re always traveling and working, there’s no time for me,”

He looks at you and you know how false your statement is. He knew you understood his job and you worked with it. If you felt as if he was neglecting you, you’d always let him know. So saying that made no sense, “We need to take a break,” you might as well have said you wanted to break up.

He shakes his head, “No. Try again,” 

“You think I’m joking?” your change the tone of your voice to make him understand how serious you are. 

“I think that something is going on that you’re not telling me,” 

You look away from him, your tears coming again and you lower your face to your chest. He doesn’t rush you but you sense his nervous energy. He lets you cry, even though his heart is clenching at what it is you might reveal. 

He’s still holding your hand when you whisper, “I’m pregnant,” you don’t think he’s heard you, but by him removing his hand from yours, you know he has. You look up, but his face is blank of any expression, “Please say something,” you wipe your tears, touching his leg. Your stomach is clenched in anticipation of what he’ll say or do and you’re prepared for anything. 

He covers his mouth with his hand, appearing to be in deep thought, “How?” his voice sounds small. 

“The night before you left when you were here. I took the pill but-” 

He leans his head back with a grunt, “It’s my fault. We were in a rush and I didn’t wear protection,” he falls into a seated position in front of you, running his hands roughly through his hair. People have to walk around the both of you. He’s still thinking when he suddenly punches his leg, “Shit!” 

“Same thing I said,” He doesn’t say anything and now you’re getting worried, “Look, I get if you don’t want anything to do with this. I considered an abortion and if it comes down to that-” 

He visibly winces while waving away the thought, “Stop it, it’s not like you got pregnant by yourself,” 

“But we can’t have a kid now,” 

He sits beside you, putting your statement aside for now, “I honestly thought you were going to say you cheated on me, I felt like throwing up waiting for you to say something,” 

You’re not smiling. He pulls you into a hug, “I’m sorry,” 

“For what?” you ask.

“For putting you through this. I can’t imagine how you feel. I’d be scared too if I was pregnant,” 

The statement makes you laugh despite the circumstances and he releases you, satisfied to see you smile, “You’re taking this very lightly. You didn’t even question if the baby was yours,” 

“Well, for one, that did cross my mind,” you glare at him, “Then I remembered how good that night was before I left and that there’s simply no way any other guy could match up to that,”

“That’s probably why I’m pregnant,” you realize. 

He scratches his head, “Yeah, you’re probably right,” 

I decided to leave the option open for you guys whether you want to keep the baby or not, since we all have different views. 

Let Me Help You Ch. 3

Pairing: Adrienette, etc.

Rating: K+

Story summary: Marinette pushes herself a little too far. Adrien feels an unexplained need to protect her, offering his help and hoping to learn more about his classmate in the process.

AO3 link!

Ch. 1 ~ Ch. 2 ~ Ch. 3 ~ Ch. 4

Adrien leaned back in his chair, staring at the sleeping girl beside him. He smiled, amused at how comfortably at home she looked. Her raven hair was splayed across the pillows, her pigtails having come undone in her slumber, and she snuggled deeper into his sheets with a content sigh. He reached over to remove the damp cloth he placed on her forehead earlier and placed the back of his hand on her cheek to feel her temperature. Thankfully, the medicine brought her fever down and gave her some much needed rest. Nodding in relief, he stood and walked over to his computer monitors, plopping into the rolling chair and bringing up the Ladyblog to read up on any potential akuma attacks.

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