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What's the weirdest thing about your crush?
  • Ino: His sense of humor, for sure.
  • Karui: The size of his stomach is a mystery to me.
  • Hinata: W-whiskers.
  • Temari: Hair. Looks like a pineapple.
  • Sakura: His left eye. The rinnegan just creeps me out.
  • Karin: The teeth. They're too sharp.
  • Ino: What are you talking about? Sasuke doesn't have-
  • Karin: I wasn't talking about Sasuke.
  • Suigetsu: Hey ladies, what up?

Brain: What is it you love so much about Night in the Woods

Me: Well, let’s see.
1. It shows the harsh realities of living in the lower middle class
2. Accurately portrays the struggles of a starving urban town
3. Puts a lot of value into the bonds between family and friends
4. Shows the inconsistencies and sometimes unhealthy realities concerning religion and what happens when you put too much anchorage in your beliefs
5. Gives a very logical perspective to religion and ethereal entities as a whole
6. Has a mentally ill character that is not romanticized, is not evil, and is not magically ‘cured’ by the end
7. Shows that suppressing anger is not always the best option.
8. Has very relatable and realistic characters
9. Shows the struggles of ordinary folks just trying to make due and make the best out of their shitty lives
10. Doesn’t spoon feed you the idea of happily ever after and shows that a lot of the time life sucks and there is no real reason for it and you just have to roll with the punches and get hurt and it’s okay because when it hurts to lose something, that something meant something to you.

Brain: And the gay couple

Me: Well, yes, they were a very nice touch

Another dinner attire outfit!
This time I ended up in queens, feeling myself all night! So here’s what I’m wearing today!

Off the shoulder top: Forever21
Sheer maxi skirt: GitiOnline
Ankle strapped sandals: Torrid
Lip clutch: REBDOLLS

I accessorized with gold hoop earrings and a few bangles. Head band, necessary because my hair is a mess! Lol. Turned out fine, though.

Bering & Wells: Split Screen #50

Is This It?

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Characters: Kenny Omega/OFC/Dean Ambrose

Warnings: NSFW, Some potentially uncomfortable mentions about previous encounters. lil slashy.

A/N: This is gonna be straight up this-would-never-ever-EVER-happen-filth and a shameless self-serving self-insert. BUT it has a nice angsty plot. So uhh yeah. See you guys in HELL. This part isn’t so bad as it’s just the setup, but the next part. Oh man. 1 of maybe 3.

“Please, please, PLEASE be on your best behavior.” She sighed as she tried to smooth down Dean’s messy bedhead and straighten up his flannel shirt, admiring his roughly handsome face.

“Im always on my best behavior Kitten.” He growled, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in for a deep kiss. “Most of the time.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t go out, just stay here. You and me. We can make our own fun.Y’know….Maybe a fun game we can play involving you me and a bottle or two of Japanese whiskey. Strip poker?”

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