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I am pleased to let you all know that the surgery was a complete success. Just this past monday I underwent an 9 hour operation to remove the cancer in my stomach. 4 Surgeons, 5 Anistesiologists and countless nurses took their time and talent to help me save my life.

I was scared the moment I heard the words “you have cancer” I sat traumatized at the thought of losing my life with only 25 yrs experience.

I am so thankful for all of you.Through all the positive thoughts and loving prayers I made it through this whole ordeal. The fight will never truly end in my mind, everything I haven’t learnt from this battle has only trained me for my next one. I am so happy to have been given this second chance at life.

Guess Marilyn went for the rain check on martinis, it’s not this girls time  gimme sixty years then hit me up ;* I got some work to do down here.

Love to everyone of you  I hope this message find you safe. Lets party!!! oh okay recover…then…Lets PARTY

e is Back!

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