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  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused
Undertale IRL

It’s here! The whole kick from the kitstarter has arrived! my box of friendship is number 11, if you got one, let us know whose is yours!

Pictured with some additional friends who arrived along the way - Prescription for Sleep, Vinyl and Extended Dog Song!! Still need to obtain a wardrobe and an army of plastic buddies but oh, ow, that Brexit Britain economy!

In the mean time, we’ve got all these cheerful friends! Featuring classic friends such as Ghoatly Jellybeap, Platonic Concept of Mama, <3s, Ahriman AKA Angra Mainyu brother of Ahura Mazda, Froggems, …Jerry, the one friend with the moths, Heckguy and As A Slime! 

Horso! Boat! The Pain of Living! Mr. Onion! Is that a Sims feeling meter! Slime or Rock! ‘Tentacle’! No seriously, is that one a Sim’s emotional gauge? Hard Mode Bug!

Plus he made them sticky so they’re even more fun! Skully! Tall Skull! Lisard! Date Lizard~! That Cupcake Spider Is Adorable! No, I Mean The One That Is A Cupcake But The One That Makes Em Is Rad Too! A Head! A Whole Head! DANCE! Guy Who Seriously Grinded Out Friendship Gold! Volcanx! Candlor! Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits! 

~Spooky Merch~

More friends than you know what to do with including hell faces why do they remain when I close my eyes!

The Amazing Extended Dog

The House of the Rising FUN! (located in Now Orleans, the dad is bad with names)

Whats in The Box??

Oh, yeah Undertell

It is not hands that open the box, it is desire

Also last count I believe is 7 confirmed dogs and a dog boat (maybe…??) but some dog watchers have rated it possibly as high as 51! This is if you factor in dog boat legs as individual dogs, contemplate amalgam dogs dogginess and consider hot dogs to be dogs (when in fact they are actually a kind of grass, you see em down by rivers all the time) 

got a dog number? let us know but show your working!

this one? definitely a dog, what else has bones

answer- THIS GUY!! (same guy, but definitely dog, note the bone)

great! so I have a little home for my art book friend too! I hope I can download the latest art book onto it to update them pesky pages!


With special guest star: THIS ISN’T EVEN MY VINYL FORM!

ACT 2: SECRET ACT (don’t look until 10th of october 8pm or cheat and make it that time!)

tiny cryptid, highly secret

cos ya need ‘can do’ to spell canon donut

ps (thank you!!)


So my two cents on the iPhone 7 Plus “Portrait Mode”…While it does a good job of mostly recognizing the subject that needs to be in focus and blurring out everything else. 

By not means its perfect, the software still has issues recognizing which parts should be in the same field of focus and which objects need to be blurred that are/aren’t part of the subject.

For example this photo notice some of the brush is in focus that is CLEARLY not part of the subject. Also notice that the bush that’s in front of the subject is also perfectly in focus. In a perfect world 90% of the brush should be blurred or out of focus, Except the brush that in the same line of field of focus.

Also it does a terrible job at recognizing fly away hairs or other thin, sharp or small objects that are part of the subject that should be in focus and just completely blurs it.

It’s a cool feature to play with it but still has major work ahead. I rather just stick to the non-portrait mode and just use that second lens that similarly to a 50mm lens.

In conclusion just stay away from “Portrait mode” unless you want your photos to look like a bad Photoshop job.

@staff someone better tell me how my headshot of a historical figure was tagged as nsfw. did you think his cravat was a vagina? was the tricorn just a little too dirty for the children? oh, john trumbull, you naughty man!


imo A La Mode should’ve gotten a damn animation like geez

Je veux un mode avion, un mode où plus rien ni personne ne peut passer. Une place seule, éloigné de tous, au milieu de ce ciel. Au milieu de ce ciel parsemé de souvenirs.
—  W.Paxton

I watched 101 by Depeche mode today bc it was at a tiny cinema near where I live and m y g o d, Depeche mode is my fav band since I’m born but this movie is pure gold, an awesome masterpiece, it was amazing, perfect, plus I love the 80’s so so much it was amazing the people were lovely and dm perfect as always. My god I love that band so much


Woo! I finally got around to doing the other Order members so this set’s done. The first one I posted had Present day Ivor so I kinda did a Past one as well (wanted to try drawing his armour). Shhh… Back when everything was ok. :’D Pls excuse me.

I’m also gonna do Jesse and gang and some side characters. Why? Well why not? Anyhoo, have a pleasant week ahead, guys! I’m gonna get super busy from here on.