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The Chase (M - Hoseok)

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Word Count: 5,806 words

End me

“Just one more.” You rolled your eyes at your dad, he crouched lower like the paparazzi as you stood at the staircase. It was your first day of junior high, wearing your blue and brown uniform. You wore a navy blue vest over your white shirt with your beige plaid skirt. You hoped to be a contender for class president but your dad was joyous of the fact you were going to his dream school. It was one of the best schools and he was over the moon when you were accepted. He ironed your uniform for you, promised to ride you to school every day and even bought you a new cell phone.

“Dad, I’m going to be late. Plus, you got so many photos already.”

“Fine, fine. Let’s go.” You let out a sigh of relief as you sat in the passenger side and stared out the window. The large trees that held white flowers welcomed you as you left the car. You walked through the gate, other kids talking with their friends and you turned around.

“Don’t forget that we have dinner with our new neighbours!”

“Okay, bye dad!” You ran into the school, the clean halls welcoming you and you saw the large board that told you which class you were in. 1-5… You skipped down the hallway, going to room 1-5 and seeing a black-haired boy already reading and a brown haired boy doodling on the desk next to him. You saw your teacher sitting at his desk and he looked at you with a huge smile.

“Pick any seat you like.” You choose the seat next to the window, in front of the two boys and waited as the kids began to file in until the class was filled. A girl with long brown hair sat next to you and your teacher began welcoming your class. He started with everyone introducing themselves starting from the back.

“Hello, I’m Kim Namjoon.” You were intrigued by his already deep voice, assuming everyone was still puberty. The boy next to him spoke next and you attentively  listened.

“Jung Hoseok. Nice to meet you.” He added an unnecessary wink and you could already tell he was going to be a flirt.

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Travel Diaries: National Museum of Singapore

Hello, people! As promised, I am gonna share my museum adventures in Singapore. I feel a little guilty because I have never been to National Museum of Philippines (I know, I suck), but I’m planning to, soon!!

In my entire lifetime, this is just my 3rd visit to a museum. My first was Museong Pambata. It was an elementary field trip and I can still remember how fun it was!! The second museum was Mint Museum of Toys. It is a private collection of vintage toys from different countries. My brothers and godmother visited there 4-5 years ago, I think? And on my third time, I learned to appreciate and love museums even more. Here goes my third Museum adventure:

1. I got lost for about 20 minutes, but Google Maps is the new best friend. When I saw the building, it was a relief because I thought that I will never get there na! I bought tickets upon entering the museum. It is free for SG citizens and permanent citizens, costs 5 SGD for student tourists and 10 SGD for adult tourists. Trust me, super worth it!

2. First off was Balik Palau: Stories From Singapore’s Islands. I did not expect Singapore to be so full of history and stuff. This part of the museum is full of artefacts, historic boats, marine specimens and video interviews. What  made this part remarkable was a white wall with a question, “Singapore Islands: What are your stories? What are your hopes?” And people were free to write their thoughts in post-its. 

3.  Next stop was Genesis! It is an exhibition showcasing 245 black and white photographs around the world of Sebastião Salgado. I posted my favorite photograph from the collection on my Instagram. Those women are called, ‘Mursi’. They are the last women in the world who wear lip and ear plates. The thought is just creepy and cool at the same time.

4. When I got out from the second gallery, I went straight to We: Defining Stories. It is a series of photojournalistic images of the iconic moments in Singapore since the post-war years. Also had a talk from one of the museum’s staff about Manila and Singapore. 

5. Next one will be my favorite because it’s the largest and coolest! Before entering, a staff from the museum gave me a tablet. Every artefact, statues, photograph of the Singapore History Gallery has a number on it, the number will be entered on the tab, and viola the information will be given on the spot through the tablet! I stayed there for an hour, trying to read through everything and take pictures of the cool stuff. 

6. After that, I roamed around the Food, Fashion, Photography and Film Gallery. I never really had the chance to read through everything because I was so tired and my feet were starting to kill me.

All in all, it was better than I expected it to be! I learned so many things from this adventure, plus got so many photos taken! Too bad, I was not able to roam around the whole place because I got there during mid-afternoon, so here is another tip: Do not underestimate museums. You need a lot of time roaming around and taking pictures. Half a day is not enough. Have a happy weekend, guys! 

(New) bucket list: Before I die, I have to visit 50+ museums. Yay! 

I’m super excited to finally share this – I photographed a travel story in Kashmir for Condé Nast Traveler late last year, and the feature has been published in the March issue of the magazine!

Above, a photo & a story from this shoot opens the Features section in the March issue. I was so damn happy to see this shot had turned out after my film was developed.

It was a dream assignment, and I’m really excited to share the work that resulted - Kashmir is a complex, beautiful, diverse place and I hope to show you some of that over the coming months. I have a lot of photos from this assignment, and I’m putting them together into a larger project.

I’ll share the tearsheets, plus outtakes and many more photos soon. 

Big, huge thanks to Leonor Mamanna & the team at CNTraveler for this opportunity.