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Music Series: Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande

I hadn’t heard this song in a long time so it was nice to hear it again. I had forgotten there was a version he sings with Ariana, so I’ve given a link to the original and the collab via Spotify.

Give me romantic lyrics and I’m a suck-er. Anything romantic and I’m all in. The idea for this imagine came immediately before I even got halfway through the lyrics, so hopefully I’ll pop this one out a bit faster than I have been the rest today. Feel like my brain is in first gear and slowly oozing cheese because I’ve been writing so much cheesiness today it’s ridiculous! My apologies to those who prefer angst, just haven’t had the right songs in the queue yet for those. But never worry, do not fear, sooooo many songs in the queue, surely there are angsty ones awaiting you, plus I’m working on something else which will ooze angst like these have been oozing the cheese!

This is “Over and Over Again” by Nathan Sykes, with a collab with Ariana Grande.

Thank you for the request and for reading! xo



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TalesFromYourServer: The only time a customer ever made me cry

I serve at a restaurant in downtown Austin. We’re one of the only places open late at night, so our bar rushes are usually pretty wild. The only reason I took this job and continue to put up with it is because my dad is terminally ill and I have to help out financially. Plus, I’m saving up for grad school.

Anyway, I was covering for our graveyard host who called in sick. It’s a Saturday night, the bars are closing, and we’re on an hour and a half wait. My manager has already kicked one table out because a girl threw a cheeseburger at a guy (who appeared to be her ex), missed, and got the patty stuck to the wall.

So this guy walks in with two girls. He’s wearing a backwards Fox Racing hat and Oakley sunglasses at 2 am, which already tells me how this interaction is going to proceed. I tell him we’re almost on an hour and a half wait. Shocked, he and his friends take a step back and decide whether they want to stay. A few minutes later, this happens:

Guy (slurring his words): “Hey, baby.” Guy hands me a crumpled up $5. “What do you say we keep this between us and you move me and my girls up to the top of the list?”

Me: “Sorry man, it doesn’t work like that. There’s at least 100 guests who got here before you.” (Also, $5? Seriously?)

Guy: “Come on, we’ll be in and out. We’re like, starving.”

Me: “Like I said, I’m sorry. It just wouldn’t be fair.” I’m trying to shift my attention to other guests at this point because there’s a line out the door.

Guy (visibly upset): “Seriously? You’re gonna act like you’re all high and mighty when you work at a fucking DINER?”

Me: “Oh, so you’re insulting me now?”

Guy (laughs): “Yeah, actually. I am. Didn’t your parents ever teach you to go to college and get a real job?”

I usually let this shit roll off my back, but everything hits me at once. I think about my dad, how I’m doing this for him and my family, how I’m working two jobs to pay for school and about to graduate top 20% of my class… And here I am. Being treated like a human trash can. I start to choke up.

Me: “My dad is sick, man. This is how I get by.”

One of his friends pulls him away and tells him to stop. I run to the managers’ office and start crying. I feel so weak and stupid for taking it personally, but I guess I just hit a breaking point.

I tell my manager all of this, and she asks me to point him out when he comes back in. An hour and a half later, sure enough, he rolls back in with the smuggest grin on his face.

Guy (waving his phone my manager’s face): “My table’s ready!”

Manager: “Actually, I don’t think we’ll be serving you tonight.”

Guy: “Seriously? We’ve been waiting forever for our table!”

Manager: “Hun, I don’t have time for this. You made an idiot of yourself and got aggressive with my staff. Leave or I’m calling the cops.”

And that shut him up real quick. Y'all, this job sucks sometimes. But it feels so good to have badass coworkers who always have my back.

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What are your thoughts on Lance turning dark? I'm not asking for season 3 but just in curiosity tbh. We all see him as a precious boy to be protected at all costs (including me) and I feel like having him turn dark would surprise us all. Plus I'm really intrigued to see how Lance would use his charisma and insecurities in a villainous style and how that would play out with the rest of the characters.

one of my favorite things. in any piece of media. is good and pure characters. going ‘dark.’ and turning against their team. it’s the angst. GIVE ME ALL THE ANGST. GIVE ME ALL THE ‘I KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO TAKE YOU ALL DOWN!’ GIVE ME THE ‘YOU CAN’T BEAT ME BECAUSE I’VE BEEN WITH YOU ALL LONG ENOUGH TO KNOW YOUR WEAKNESSES.’ GIVE IT TO MEEEEE.

Sagiri Seina Last Interview

From Takarazuka Graph Magazine July 2017

*Translation by me. Please support the actresses by purchasing magazines, DVDs, and other merchandise.

  Q: So the curtain went up recently on your final stage production. How does that feel?

  Sagiri: Of course, I’ve become unable to avoid the thought that I’ll soon be graduating. Suddenly the feeling hits me. But the play (Sun In the Last Days of the Shogunate) and the show (Dramatic S!) are both surrounded by positive energy so I hardly have time to steep in those feelings (laughs). Plus, I’m not the type that can get simple enjoyment from things. Whether it’s my retirement performance or whatever, each and every time it’s a serious fight and I’ve got to be reckless!–is my style, I believe (laughs).

Q:  During the opening day greetings you were crying tears…

Sagiri: I was. That surprised me (laughs). Some people came on their day off, and there was also a  lonely feeling because not everyone could make it so we couldn’t have this day all together. But your friends are always there with you no matter what, and I felt all over again the things we had overcome together. I was also moved by the reaction from the audience and their response to the shows, and I was so happy I thought, “Ahhhh, I’m so glad I worked hard to reach this day.”

Q: In 2014 you became the top star, with your first Grand Theatre show being Lupin the Third- Pursue the Queen’s Necklace!-   Lupin is a role that has a strong image association in the world already. What were you you nervous about at first?

Sagiri: I was full of anxiety (laughs). But, as practice went along it became more and more fun.The biggest help to me was thinking about Lupin’s appeal- how he just suddenly shows up to help people and then just as suddenly disappears. Even characters that didn’t appear in the original work were really brought to life and I could feel the perfect connection of Yukigumi members in that show. The nervousness seemed to fly away after that, and I think that was a really good start (to my top star era.)

  Q: The next show was the completely original Hoshiai Hitoyo (One Night of Stars). It ran for two performances and came to represent Sagiri Seina as a performer.

   Sagiri: That was the first time during a first read-through that I actually made a noise in my throat. I felt like it was my responsibility to bring this wonderful story, this dream that could wrap you up in it and make you cry, to life for the audience. However, once Ueda-sensei’s serious practice sessions start… (laughs) I didn’t really have free time to be making plans. I really sank into the role though, didn’t I? To be able to carry off a role so completely different from Lupin- I am so grateful to have met with such a great play.

   Q: With the acompanying show La Esmeralda the term “tridente” was coined around you, Sakihi-san, and Nozomi-san, wasn’t it?

   Sagiri: Our roles in the play portion were in a triangle as well, so Saitou-sensei was kind enough to think of a catchy term to describe us (laughs). I get the feeling that it was like, “Alright, let’s get these three to make Yugigumi even more enthused!!” (laughs). Without Yuumi-chan (Sakihi Miyu) and Daimon (Nozomi Fuuto), the tridente would have been impossible. So they are absolutely imperative—without those two this type of relationship would have been impossible.

   Q: The current Yukigumi was born with the three of you at it’s center but after that, beginning with Rurouni Kenshin, the whole troupe started to really heat up performance-wise. That’s the impression that’s given.

   Sagiri: Everyone was visually like they jumped straight from the original work, weren’t they? It was important to give Kenshin fans a show that they could totally get into as well, so we gave it all of our energy and it was also a great chance for me to  put to use various role-playing strategies I’d learned to make this really big role come to life, don’t you think?

*********End of part one******* I don’t have a lot of translating stamina atm but I wanted to get something out there and there will be more coming soon!*******Please check back in a couple of days******and thanks for reading!!*****

Also, check back Monday (tomorrow) for something related that I’ve also been working on!

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Been having trouble regressing lately.
I’ve just been a unproductive lump lately in between waiting for my job and volunteering days..

I still have no motivation to do much of anything and I hate it.
I just can’t wait to get this job and earn money again and get motivated again.
I’ve been so God awfully boring lately and I’m always so bored and nothing can get rid of that feeling.

I guess I just need to get myself readjusted now that I’m changing career paths and directions in which my life is heading.

Plus side, I’m FINALLY turning 21 this Saturday!
We’ll be staying at a Disney resort all weekend in a “royal room” which seems super nice and beautiful from what I’ve seen online.
And we’ll be going to Disney parks and Disney Springs!
I’m super excited!

- Luna

Anonymous said: Is Rival-chan and the Fake Club Leaders made out out metal? or are they flesh and blood?

The girl the placeholders were designed after is named Furuike Nobuyo (last name Furuike, given name Nobuyo)

Furui is one way to say old in Japanese, so Furuike is her surname because she’s the old club leader. ‘Cause everything needs a meaning, or something.

(…aka, I didn’t wanna use @annoyedlord ‘s Placey/Puresu in case I characterized her incorrectly. Plus I’m unsure if it’d even be okay.)

J'adore avoir mes règles pendant la canicule (spoilers : non)

Déjà il fait chaud, et avec les règles, t'as l'impression que c'est encore plus l'enfer. Et puis tu sues encore plus, t'es perpétuellement moite

Mes ovaires dansent la rumba et la douleur est tellement forte qu'avec la chaleur, je risquerais deux fois plus de m'évanouir, et j'ai la gerbe, et j’ai envie de pleurer.

Le seul truc qui pourrait me faire aller mieux c'est une bouillotte et du thé

Mais il fait 42 à l'ombre


Paye ton utérus

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Hey so I'm gonna launch a Patreon and I feel really worthless and depressed PLUS I'm homesick and even though I'm going home tomorrow I'm only gonna be home for four days before I'm gone again and I really miss everyone at home AND I'm pansexual and I feel really oppressed cuz my fam is hella homophobic so obviously I haven't done out what do I do thank you my overlords





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((Have you considered using Pokemon Showdown or another PC-based client for Umi's gym leader challenge? It might be more accessible both for you and anyone who might want to put together a team for the purpose of challenging you online.))

“Pokemon Showdown”? Let me see…

S-so, such a thing exists… Then all those hours I spent breeding, training, and bonding-

No, they weren’t wasted… I learned a great deal. Still…

Being able to instantly create a team feels a little… dishonest. Plus, I’m concerned that some of the competitive terminology the site uses may be intimidating to more casual players.

Then again, I do need to get rid of these badges somehow… It may have been misguided to have 2,000 of them made.

…Very well. If challengers would feel happier using this site, I’m willing to do the same. The team builder is relatively simple to use, and once you have chosen a username you can challenge me to a battle.

My username is GymLeaderSonodaUmi, but please send the askblog a message first so we can discuss arrangements. If you need any help using the site, I’m more than happy to talk you through it.

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Why don't you use Grindr?

Idk, not my thing really. Plus I’m too busy catching Pokémon instead of catching boys.

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First I participated in Sterek Bingo, the I jumped into Sterek Reverse Bang like an idiot, then I got roped into doing the Sterek Summer Exchange, then my friend dragged me into doing the Sterek Exchange (which I'm excited about but thats besides the point), and now I'm marching my procrastinating ass into Sterek Week. Its like this fandom is out to get me or something.

Oh Anon, I so understand your pain!! For me it’s Sterek Week -> 12 Days Of Sterek -> Sterek Bingo -> repeat every year, and whenever there’s a Valentine event I participate in that too, I’ve done exchanges and Big/Reverse Bangs myself and I always have found those incredibly harder, but ofcourse since I mod for Week & Bingo my time to participate in other things is sliced into, plus I’m constantly doing oneshots and roleplaying Sterek, but I digress!

The Sterek fandom is so ample and bountifull, I’m in love~! I was hoping when Admin Void and I created Sterek Bingo that there would be essentially year-round events, since 12 Days Of Sterek and, usually, some kind of Valentine exchange take up winter, Big/Reverse Bangs and summer exchanges take up summer, and Sterek Week takes the fall, we just needed something for spring, thus Sterek Bingo! It looks like my wish is coming true and that’s FABULOUS!

All hail year-round Sterek, and more importantly, those like you, you special, special Anon, who PARTICIPATE in year-round Sterek!!  You’re the REAL MVPs!!!! Good luck to you Anon, and thanks for all that you do!

~Admin Asagi

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god i fucking hate that i can’t turn off safe mode just because i’m under 18

90% of the shit it filters isn’t nsfw at all, and what nsfw stuff DOES come across my dash isn’t filtered.

plus, i’m nearly 17, it’s not like i haven’t seen a titty in my life and will spontaneously combust if i see a titty

Je ne peux pas me laisser aller, sinon je deviens instantanément conne, l’alcool est une petite excuse, en fait il révèle, j’ai toujours besoin de la ramener, je trouve tout le monde bête, je lance un sujet et j’en change tout de suite,  parce que je m’ennuie je n’écoute pas et parce que je n’écoute pas je m’ennuie, je ne fais pas confiance à l’autre pour être intéressant, et plus je bois plus je m’ennuie moi même,  je me change en un petit moi, j’ai 7 ou 8 ans, c’est fatiguant et gênant.