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TOP 6 one shots (Can be written by anyone) plus links please🙂

I’m not a fan of doing ones like this normally because I want to list more than 5 because I hate leaving people out. I love reading everyone’s work on here so I don’t want people thinking that they’re not my favourites because they really are and I read too many to keep count of…

1. My absolute favourite is ‘Shield’ written by @geenalovesthelittlethings; to be completely honest, all of her stories are my favourites, haha. She’s incredible at writing.

2. Another of my favourites is ‘Panic Cord’ by Geena, as well. It’s so sweet.

3. I also really love the one where Harry is a pornstar and (YN) is new into the business, by @jawllines.

4. I love @permanentcross‘s Snowbound series. That’s a pretty great set of stories so it’s hard to pick one out of that.

5. Any Daddy!Harry story by @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly are my favourites, too. Jess always portrays Daddy!Harry in the most sweetest way possible and it just makes my heart burst.

6. Also, a little self-promo for a past story of my own here… but, I really love the Another Man story that I wrote back last year. That’s one of my favourites from my own collection.

Ask me my “Top 6”. xx

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So, you don't have friends? Like, no one? How's that possible?

Like, I do have friends who live near me. But they’re not friends I have things in common with. Just friends I’ve had since school and catch up now and again. I want friends who come on adventures with me and be creative with and not talk about mortgages and babies all the time. The friends who I share actual interests with don’t live near me so I do a lot of things alone. Plus I’m introverted and socially awkward af

Feeling a tad better.

I’m in high demand this afternoon at work. Working two projects at the same time is keeping me busy and keeping me out of my own head. 

Plus, I’m learning how to communicate better with a PM who hasn’t really utilized me in the past. I’m hoping this means he’ll take advantage of my skills more after this. I’m far better at formatting than the engineers - they don’t need to be - so it makes me feel like I’m useful.

I don’t think I’m out of my funk really, but I’m definitely out of my head… for now.

Service Dog Fund

Hey guys! Uh

I tried to do this before, when things were less solid on something, but I’ve been offered a puppy who is actually perfect for what I need. And I’m short. Plus, I need to update my two current dog’s vaccinations and such before I bring a new dog in, which means I need even more.

So basically I’m trying to raise about… 700 dollars?

I really don’t like asking for donations, but if you guys could donate to my paypal for this, I’d be eternally grateful. And if you link your tumblr username in the notes, I’d be happy to draw you something!!

Uh, so… Here’s the link, if you guys feel like helping out or are able to. ;w;

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Possible Promotion?!

So I haven’t been in the hotel game for long, (4 months) but my manager asked if I wanted to be considered for / apply for/ be the new night manager! It’s such good timing because I’ll be graduating soon and I need money to start paying more bills and housing. It would come with a pay raise and full time!

I’m so happy because she talked to my other manager and they both said they really like me as an employee and trust me, plus think I’m a good fit for the position since I do so well on my current NA shifts. I wouldn’t even have to start till I graduate (in a few months) so I won’t be stressed out.

I just wanted to share the good news with a group who would understand!

By: Redpanda095

You guys.  I have a legit, like thought and planned out idea for a story (not a post-ep, but inspired by this ep, and takes place probably around Christmas time…but it has nothing to do with Christmas).

But….it’s 11:30pm.  And I have two young children who will be up around 6/6:30am tomorrow regardless of how late I stay up.  Plus…work. 

I’m crazy for forgoing sleep to write, right?  I mean…I’m about 90% sure I don’t care, but I may regret it tomorrow.

Et ça ne m’atteins plus, ça me traverse, et puis, ça passe comme un courant d'air, et ensuite, je continue de vivre, le passé ne m'entrave plus, ni l'avenir, seul le présent compte.
My goal is to avoid the grocery store while these kids are on spring break.

Monday: beans and corn bread/ spaghetti
Tuesday: noodles/ spaghetti
Wednesday: eggs with tortillas/pasta with parm
Thursday: soup and noodles/ rice and chilli
Friday: leftover lunch/ chicken and rice

That’s my meal plan with what I have in the house lol plus I’m going to make some muffins and brownies this week. But hopefully that will hold us over….

Day 1: Yui Komori
(Intro day~ Do whatever you want)

And plus, I’m going to sparkle things up with my millions of colored pencils. XD so Yay! More colors!!!!!
I hope you guys like it!!!! ;w;


For some reason, I felt the need to draw this educational comic starring Medic explaining the heart symbol because, hey, Valentine’s Day! As far as I know, everything in this is factual (or at least the most likely theory.) I’m too lazy to cite my sources, though, so Google it yerself.

I’m insane for taking the time to draw this, but on the plus side, I’m WAYYYY better at drawing Medic now!

  • Me picturing myself with a boy: 😙💐☄💝💏😊💋✨💕
  • Me picturing myself with a girl: 😍💗🌈🍦🌻👭🌠💟☺️
  • Me picturing myself with an nb: 💘💫😌🌹⛺🎶😘💞🎉

SM: ok everyone get ready for our trip to Hawaii 


SM: no not you exo you get to work you’re asses off for another comeback oOps