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Nathan and Wes cleaned up their dishes and headed out the kitchen. 

“I got the new Sims of duty world war 2 game if you wanna play that” Nathan said as they walked out 

“Oh yeah? That game looks so good, i’m down plus you know im gonna kick your a-” 

“Hey’re home early” Nathan said awkwardly as Teddy made his way through the front door and towards the kitchen. 

“Hey son, er yeah i forgot some files this morning and I'm  on my lunch break i needed to come get them!” 

Wes rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly… And Nathan looked around smiling awkwardly.. Teddy sensed the awkwardness and introduced himself. 

“I’m Teddy, Nathan’s father…” he said shaking his hand.

“This my er… friend Wes..” Nathan said chewing on his lip awkwardly he hadn’t been prepared for his dad to be home. 

“Nice to meet you..” Wes said returning the handshake 

“Nice to meet you aswell, i’m just gonna say hi to Kaia and Ronnie and be off, See you later Nathan.” 

Teddy went into the kitchen and Nathan and Wes made their way up to his room. That wasn’t as bad as Nathan had imagined… thought he’d only intoduced them as friends well that’s what they were right? Or were they more than friends? He didn’t know he wasn’t sure how all this worked and he didn’t know what Wes’ game was. 

im so excited rn tomorrow is my first day off since the beginning of august i’m so AMPED

plus i’m fostering a cat rn so i get to spend my day off with a very sick but very sweet cat HELL Y E S


A Week In The Life: Tuesday 2PM-3PM: Development

Today was my last tutorial of the Michaelmas Term tutorial (basically seminar) cycle, in which we designed experiments to test the effects of certain substances such as the Sonic Hedgehog inihibitor on the normal development of bodily systems such as the circulatory system! I never really talk much in tutorials because I rarely feel confident enough to so they are rather stressful for me, I try to speak up sometimes but I don’t feel good doing so (apart from in the two tutorials on Zika Virus and Chronic Granulomatous Disease where I was actually confident in the work I’d done). The tutorial was all I had today so I am putting my evening to good use by setting up shop in the library and going over mainly biochemistry as it’s a tough module and it’s always 9AM on Wednesdays so I’m not really at my best.

Plus tonight I’m gonna pre-read some stuff for my remaining lectures this week. My copy of Janeway arrived this morning (not gonna lie, that book will likely be my best friend for the next 3 years) so I can use that to get up to speed on central and peripheral tolerance before Thursday!

Progress: Development Lectures - Cell Biology Lectures - Medical Microbiology Lectures - Development Tutorial - Biochemistry Lectures - Molecular Biology Lectures - Immunology Lectures

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Hello, I am not asking for an emergency request, but rather an emergency hug. The guy I liked has gone though so much crap in his life that it caused him some mental issues and now we just found out he has a rare heart condition that causes him pain. He told me this today I’m really scared right now and don’t know what to do. I just need a virtual hug from you because I’m still distressed, but your stories have helped, so I guess that’s a plus. Thank you

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I’m sending the strongest virtual hug I can!!!!! I know it’s scary right now, I can’t even imagine, but you’re gonna make it through this. I know it.

I’ve started taking care of myself more, starting with brushing and flossing my teeth everyday and just making it a habit. plus I’m getting my meds today!

Hoseok Fic Recs

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After Months of empty promises and multiple nights, filled with reading hoseok smut i’ve finally finished this shit storm of smut from the best hipped man….JUNG HOSOEK

all bolded fics or writers mentioned are ones that have been recently added.

Also if you ever want to send me your own fic recommendations I”m always up for some more reading…

Last Updated: 10/18/17

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