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What would change Kai's hair style too if you had the choice? I know from experience of how hard drawing that anime hair can be XD

Hmmmm, well, just a little. The show Kai had these weird spike bits that reminded me of icicles so i would probably make it more idk smoother looking? idk how to explain it. plus drawing kai’s hair is pretty fun imo so im not really complaining haha


Custom crystallization I did for a user on here. Used a large clam shell and grew cotton candy pink crystals. The crystals formed a lot finer this time, giving it that pretty geode effect. And you should see how it sparkles. It’s so lovely ♡

Do NOT remove my caption.

little floral pearl I did as a warm up.

pearl is adorable and I love and support her

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw similarities between Katniss and Peeta and Diana and Steve. Plus, blond Chris Pine looks pretty close to how I imagine thirty-something Peeta looks.

Nope you’re not alone. I can’t say that I picture Chris Pine physically as Peeta though, but then again no actor can live up to the mental image I have of my angel son. It’s an impossible standard to meet lol. 

For me, one of the best things to come out of Produce 101 was the fact that I found out who Jang Geunsuk was. After I watched the show, I did a little more research on him and now, honestly, I’m in love! Definitely my favourite Korean actor (plus he’s so good looking it’s not even fair how pretty he is!)


gay mermaid tries dark red lipstick, is never taking it off again, more at 11

Reign 3x03

Firstly, sorry this has taken me so long to write, and in advance… sorry for the length. I think I have just been watching the episode OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN that I haven’t been able to fathom it into words, but let’s give it a go anyway….

Mary and Francis 
These two continue to break my heart. Every time they gaze into each other’s eyes, every time they tell each other they love each other, every time they fight for each other just makes me want to curl into a ball and cry my eyes out. I am still not able to watch their scenes properly. Call me a coward all you want but their scenes are just too much to handle- by anyone’s standards! 

Adelaide and Toby are such great actors too! It’s actually scary how good they are, they make me want to crumble in a pile of dust! That dance scene deserves an award; it was the most heartbreaking thing to see them try to hide their sadness about what was happening, and they did it so incredibly well.  

Also, if I hear or read any more complaints about the historical inaccuracy of period dramas (in general) I am going to FLIP because not every single little aspect of history can be replicated so accurately that no one will be able to see some sort of flaw. Personally, I think the makers of Reign do a really good job, so cut them some slack- PLEASE! 

Plus, if a bit of historical inaccuracy meant that Francis would live, I think we would all shut up then don’t you think? Basically, what I am saying is does Francis really have to die?????

Claude and Leith 
I am sorry but these two just get CUTER AND CUTER! I really hope something happens between these two, because I think they are really good for one another. Even when Claude is being a spoilt brat, when Leith is with her, she is really cute. I have grown to love Claude, mainly because she is no longer sniffing around Narcisse, but also because she is really funny, and this season DEFINITELY needs some of that! 

Leith is cute too. I just knew he was going to sleep with that girl! That look in the courtyard was just FAR TOO obvious and when Claude caught them I was so annoyed!  Leith…

But then after he followed Claude and told her he had to find a way to stop his feelings towards her from developing; I melted again and the cute smiles returned on Claude’s face so that was really nice to see :D

And last but NOT LEAST..

Lola and Narcisse
Ok, so the first think we see of them in this episode is A. BED. SCENE. Excuse me whilst I just go into my room and scream the house down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVED IT! It was everything I wanted…

> Craig’s chest ahahaha ;) 

> Not just kissing…

…and lots of it EEEEK! 
> NECK KISSING (which has always been a secret hope of mine…) 

Whoever didn’t didn’t absolutely DIE when this happened is just MENTAL!
I think even Anna must have lost her mind filming that scene haha!

It was all just sooooo sweet, cute and typically them at the same time. It wasn’t too innocent and sweet that it seemed fake and forced; I like that they have kept Narcisse still very cheeky yet charming and affectionate…

Instead it seemed very natural, and that they just really love each other. DON’T DO THIS TO ME! :’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’)

Also, I liked this idea of Lola telling Narcisse not to scheme or plot to find a way for them to be together, again being honest and open with him, and Narcisse actually listening…

In the last episode everyone went CRAZY over what Narcisse did, but in this episode because we genuinely saw Narcisse saying that he would leave things alone, and actually doing that as we didn’t have a little scene with him trying to plot something in secret, I think it shows Narcisse trying to ‘become the man who deserves’ Lola :’’’)

The proposal and acceptance was just UNBELIEVABLY good!!! It was one of the BEST things I have ever seen! Plus can we all just appreciate how handsome Craig looked and how pretty Anna looked?! These two will be the END of me! 

Another thing I found REALLY sweet was the fact that he took the ring from his own finger and put it on hers. It was such an affectionate and genuine gesture and it just made me practically dissipate, no matter melt!

As a side note: The MUSIC throughout this ENTIRE EPISODE WAS UTTER PERFECTION! That version of ‘Stay With Me’ still gives me gooseboops :’’’’’’)

Second Scene
Narcisse’s cute suggestion that he wants to feel Lola’s ‘skin against’ his was again cute and cheeky, just how we all like him. I have seen some remarks that this was ‘insensitive’ whilst Mary and Francis were dancing and ‘bad timing’ but come on guys 1) Narcisse doesn’t know anything about Francis’s health, and 2) why shouldn’t he saying something like this? 

I think the reason for the timing of this conversation was to highlight the fact that these two do consider the bigger picture and think of the long term and serious consequences of what they decide to do. Which is something that has ALWAYS attracted me towards this couple: they are realistic and discuss things in an level-headed way as opposed to being too far up in the clouds to see all the problems they will inevitably face. 

I also loved Narcisse saying, ‘I swear I will help you and Francis raise your son.’ He really meant it and I LOVE him for that. 

Some of the things Lola said like, ‘I am not sure that’s you.’ Really was a kick in the teeth, but you could tell that she didn’t want to believe any of it. She wanted to just believe in him like she always has secretly done- that in the end he will do the right thing. This is why I think the writers felt a scene after Francis was convinced and gave his blessing was not necessary because we all know that Lola sees the best and worst in Narcisse, but loves him all the same. 

Also, can I just say, Narcisse’s scene with Claude and Charles was HILARIOUS and REALLY CUTE!!!!! I love the protective and fatherly Narcisse we saw, and I hope we’ll see more of this side of him - because, if anything, it was as hot as hell!!


Third/ Fourth Scene: THE WEDDING!!!! 

> Lola’s dress was absolutely beautiful 

> Narcisse looked oh-so handsome 

> The candle light decorations were romantic and so well-suited to them 

> The glances at each other ALL THE WAY THROUGH the ceremony were absolutely, ridiculously sweet! I was hoping when they did got married they would be all cute throughout it! AND THEY DIDN’T DISAPPOINT…

> The KISS! 

> As @xx-archangel-xx pointed out, the licking his lips thing Craig does!

> The way he looked at her when he lifted her veil

I don’t know WHY I am pointing out all of these things, I know everyone saw them, I think it is just an excuse for me to re-live it frame by frame hehehe. 

For the reason that they are now married, it could be a bit of a worry that these two will become boring or one of them will become too complacent and the other will stray, BUT! because their entire motto has been ‘The beginning is often promising, the trick is to go on that way.’ I think it would be the STUPIDEST THING for the writers to back on this idea. 

Catherine butting her MASSIVE NOSE into their final scene really got on my nerves! (Though when Lola and Narcisse were holding onto each other’s hands I nearly had a heart attack!) 

It was inevitable that she was going to make a reappearance and want to ruin things between Lola and Narcisse again, but it would make NO sense for Narcisse to go back to her, so hopefully this isn’t too much of an issue we need to worry about- emphasis on the HOPEFULLY. 

I know these two are going to face some REAL problems throughout this season, but I don’t mind that, just as long as these problems don’t ruin their feelings for one another- but anyway I don’t believe doing this would, again, make any sense anyway. 

So I just hope the writers know what they are doing, and don’t ruin all the RIGHT things they have done for this couple because as Narcisse said- THEY ARE RIGHT FOR EACH OTHER!

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It’s showtime! Because of the cross country move we’re about to embark on we dressed my daughter Wednesday up in her costume a week early. She is a huge Tim Burton fan and her favourite movie this year is Beetlejuice.

I know the post isn’t necessarily storage related but I did DIY the costume! I had to make the pants because finding kids pants in white is nearly impossible! (And for good reason.) I used tea to stain the suit a bit and then I made the stripes and tie out of black duct tape. (Duck Brand) We did have some perfectly nasty teeth but lost them literally hours before showtime.

Still, she looks pretty stellar. Plus, how many little girls do you know dress up as Beetlejuice? That makes her the coolest kid this Halloween.