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Je passe bcp trop de temps sur twitter mais je viens de voir passer une vidéo sur le compte de Macron qui montre un apparté entre lui, Merkel et… Christine Lagarde (et Trudeau qui poireaute à côté car il attend de pouvoir saluer Angela) en pleine discussion stratégique. Pas tout compris, mais j'en entend suffisamment pour voir que Lagarde parle un anglais parfait (Macron a son accent français, et Merkel un accent allemand trop choupi)

Merci, merci, merci, merci, merci, merci, merci, merci Nonny pour ces 43 secondes de pure perfection et de bonheur, je suis aux anges (oui, rien ne me fait plus plaisir que de voir Angela Merkel discuter avec la reine Christine et notre Microbe national, I have my priorities in check, thank you very much.)

La vidéo est ici, et je ne sais pas ce que je préfère :

L’OTP Microbe/Merkel qui sont clairement inséparables ? L’accent français on ne peut plus adorable de Loulou ? La perfection de celui de la reine Christine ? Celui typiquement allemand de Merkel ? La main de Merkel sur l’épaule de Loulou ? Trudeau qui essaie de s’incruster dans l’OT3 mais n’ose pas ? Le petit rire de Loulou ? La surprise de la reine Christine quand elle s’aperçoit que Trudeau est derrière elle ? La reine Christine qui prend les choses en main ? Le regard d’enfant de Loulou devant tous ces adultes qui l’entourent ? La bise Merkel/Trudeau et son petit “I just wanted to say good morning” ? 

Hey not to be dramatic but the fact that Lup Taaco is canonically a trans woman, plus the fact that Justin and Griffin specifically state that hers and Taako’s bad childhood was not due to the fact that she is trans and he is gay, plus Justin verifying her pronouns so he doesn’t misgender her, plus just the way Griffin put it into the show - just stating her identity as a fact, answering a few questions, and then moving on - literally makes me so happy I nearly cry every time I think about it thank u mcelboys for this good thing

Being Justin's best friend and dating Zach would include...

•Justin is very close with your family because obviously his isn’t great

•He’s introduced you to some of the best people in your life. (Zach being one of them)

•Justin hugging you constantly

•Play wrestling is a constant with you two

•Everyone thinks you two have hooked up, but you never have.

•You’ve kissed playfully though.

•All of his girlfriends have gotten insecure about you. Including Jess, who’s your friend as well.

•People think it’s weird that y'all cuddle but you guys have been doing it since you were five so???

•When Zach first met you he saw you at your most comfortable. You were hot tubbing with Justin at Bryce’s.

•Plus Justin was Uber protective.

•Zach had classes with you at the middle school you both went to but he’d never noticed you really

•Back to the first time you met, it’s middle school, hormones are high, and you’re in a bikini

•Long story short, Zach has to leave the hot tub after just a few minutes.

•Even after you get together, and after high school, no one ever lets him live down that little Zachy had to leave because of an unwarranted boner

•After you break up with Montgomery De La Cruz, for his cheating and his constant need to get into fights. Justin sees how lonely you are.

•He’s always wanted you to date Zach, the purest of his friends.

•"Ya know, Zach’s single. I think he’d take you on a date.“

•"As a favor to you? No thanks.”

•Zach starting to talk to you and sit by you at random times during the school day.

•"how much is Justin paying you?“

•"paying me? Think higher of yourself, Y/N”

•Zach convincing you to study with him at his house after a week of this.

•Justin’s right, you two hit it off

•Justin ALWAYS crashing your dates

•when you say things referring to “your man” from the stands at basketball games, they both look up.

•Justin shipping you two even more after Zach shuts Bryce’s comments about you down.

•Zach being the kind of boyfriend that wants to know fun facts and opinions you have.

•"I really don’t think Zach will ever know more about you than me.“

•"You have a ten year advantage”

•Zach’s mom repeatedly talking to Justin about your relationship. She’s protective, like him. They get info from each other.

•"he’s in love with her, Justin.“

•"good. Because she loves him”

•Justin looking like the third wheel

•But you, justin, and Zach all think of yourselves as the third wheel when it’s just you three hanging out together.

•"Id do anything for her, Justin"

•"Better stay that way, Dempsey"

AHHHHH hope you guys liked these. Keep requesting :)

Today’s Third-Years!

Today’s theme is: “I caught ya!”
They’ve just wrapped up their Fukuoka tour, and will be returning to Tokyo.  Where they will do their best of course!  But… there’s… something behind Hiroki???

"You are a good guy, Zach" (Zach Dempsey imagine)

I know this is blog about Riverdale, but I have some Zach Dempsey vibes a few days and I wanted to write an imagine of how I see him as character. I hope you don’t mind. Just enjoy!
P.S. you can send me any ideas. If you want about Riverdale - do it, if you want about 13 reasons why - do it. Just do it haha

WARNINGS: none I think, maybe some fluff and angst? Thats it.


Some people decides how to act around different people. If they want to show their weak, honest, popular, beautiful or most realistic side of them. Wanting them to show you their realistic side, you have to make them believe, trust and be by their side when they need you the most. It feels like everyone does it, right? Somewhat, yes. Of course, one of them was Zach Dempsey. In school he is guy-who-doesn’t-care or ,how you want me to say, fuck boy.
I met Zach on my first day in Liberty High School. We were in our freshman year. He was already surrounded by group of people who made him laugh. I was standing by my locker, while my body was occupied by anxiety. Two different people in one place. But long story short, I had huge argument with Zach in one of the parties, it made him came at me in school and ask me if I wanted to grab a cup of coffee with him. I gave him a shot and now we are best friends. Best friend who got to see his realistic side, besides his family. The only answer how it happened is - I was by his side, I always supported him and made him feel better about his insecurities. Usually guys don’t know what is joke and what is serious. He may be pain in the ass, but he is caring, gold hearted and friendly. Sometimes he gets angry by stupid things, then he regrets, but doesn’t show. Because he is “the cool guy”, right?
His mom had to work in another side of the country, his sister went to friends house to have “girly weekend” and Zach wanted to have a rest from all parties. On this Friday evening he asked me to come at his place and have some dinner, because it’s been quite long time since we hang out. Somehow it felt like he tried avoid me and I didn’t knew why.
“The way you and your friends called that kid… Wasn’t really nice” I said as I tried to reach plates from the kitchen cupboard. Zach walked next to me and without any problems reached plates and gave it to me.“Thank you” I smiled at him.
“It was just for fun. Plus I didn’t started, Justin was the first one” He shrugged like it was just another casual accident.
“Well that doesn’t let you to be part of this. Just because you’re in Basketball team with popular kids, doesn’t mean you can say shit to other people, Zach!” I raised my voice lightly. I just shook my head and filled our plates with food.
“Are we going to fight, because of this?” Zach asked.
“No.” I putted plates on the table and sat on the chair. “Are you going to stand there or what?” I tried to sound as nicer as I could. He listened to me and did as I said. At first between us was an awkward silence, so to dissipate this vibe I started to talk.
“I know you’re kind guy and what are you doing with your friends… This isn’t you. Because I know you too well. You’re a good guy, Zach”
“But I have friends. They are for me by my side.” Zach tried to defend his, not so nice, friends.
“By calling you a mommies boy, because you care about your family? Excuse me? They are by your side, because…” I stood silent for a few seconds “Nevermind”.
“I guessed that we are going to have a nice dinner after long time, but as I can see, I was wrong, (Y/N)” I heard growing anger in his voice. He finished his meal and walked to the kitchen counter.
“I’m just worried about you. I’m sorry that I act like mom.” I finished my meal too and walked where he was standing. There was that silence again, but I didn’t said anything anymore. I walked in the living room and sat on the couch. My fingers were rushing through every social medias wall. Until I felt body sitting next to me.
“I know I’m doing wrong and I would destroy anyone who would say anything horrible to my sister. But I’m afraid of loosing friends, being rejected, sometimes I’m even afraid to be physically alone.” Zach sighed and I looked up at him. He was playing nervously with his fingers.
“But you’re not alone. You have family who is loving you and believing in you, you have me. All of your group is hiding insecurities behind their words to other people, like all of you want other people to feel the way you feel and I know this feeling. But sometimes you should talk about your insecurities or whats going on inside your head instead of bullying people who did nothing. With your insecurities you can kill human being with words.” I took his hand and tried to comfort him. “You know, the stick has two ends”
“You’re right. Maybe I should stop having my head inside my ass” He giggled.
“You’re not a bad person, Zach. You just should stop being like everyone else.”
He moved slightly next to me and hugged me tightly. After our hug broke, I just putted my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.
Zach cleared his throat and started to talk.
“I’m sorry that I avoided you. I just wasn’t feeling myself for a while.”
“Thats okay, everyone have these days.” I looked up at him. We were just staring at each other until I felt my cheeks heating up. I giggled and looked down. I slightly moved away from Zach and nervously started to bit my lip.
“Is everything okay?” I heard his raspy voice.
“Yeah, s-s-sure” I said. There was intense feeling between us, so I started to shake my leg nervously.
“If this is because what happened about a minute ago…”
“No, no, no. I mean, yes.” I started to mumble.
“I love you, (Y/N)” Zach said with shaky voice. It felt like my brain stopped working and in my stomach was flying million butterflies. I just looked at him with shock. “For a long time. It’s now or never, am I right?” He giggled. It felt like he tried to hide his shyness.
“I love you too, Zach” I giggled and looked at him, even if my face burned. But his face had lightly red spots too.
“What? Really?” He was surprised.
“Everyone loves you” I laughed.“So why I wouldn’t love you too? Just in different way.”
Zach suddenly leaned into me and kissed me on my lips. This kiss was soft and careful, but full of feeling. Like he didn’t wanted me to break, like I was a glass and he wanted to keep me.
I placed my hands on his neck, while his hands hold my head. Our kiss broke and he touched his forehead next to mine. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me. His eyes were shining, his mouth transformed into beautiful smile.
“Thank you, God” He giggled.
This is the Zach I know, the one and only.

Want You Back - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Can u do imagine where YN and Justin are broken up and they both are famous and they go to an award show and Justin keeps staring at YN bc he wants her back?and u can do the rest💕💕💕

Warnings: none

A/N: {Y/S/T} stands for ‘your song title’ and {Y/A/N} stands for ‘your album name’. this imagine was kind of long, sorry!


“This LA traffic sure kills,” my manager said at the front of the car. We were currently on our way to the Billboard Music Awards, which was scheduled to start in thirty and we were about ten minutes away. The thing was, you could never be right abut how late you’re going to be in California. You’re either early or late, nothing in between. 

Tonight, I was joined by my manager, my mom and a friend. My friend was the plus one because Justin was originally supposed to go with me but, he broke up with me just a week before the award show. Shocker, right? We soon reached the arena it was being held at and the valet was ready to take our car.

“Well here goes nothing, {Y/N}. We got this,” my manager said while getting out the car. My mom and friend exited the car, leaving just me in the car. I really didn’t want to do this or even be here but, I was nominated for two or three awards and I wasn’t going to skip it just because my ex was here. I was better than that. I exited the car and the crowd went wild once I was in sight.

My manager led the three of us through the crowd and we were stopped by E-News. “{Y/N}! Could we get just a quick word with you?” I said sure, walking over towards where they were set up. “Wow! Can we just say that you look absolutely stunning tonight? Anybody in mind that you’re trying to impress?”

“Oh no! I’m not here to impress anybody except myself!” I joked. “I’m honestly here to just enjoy myself and accept these awards for the fans!” 

“One more question before you go!” They continued. “We know that you and Justin broke up. How are you feeling about possibly seeing him tonight? Any interaction?”

I thought for a moment before answering, “I’m not too sure about that. I think the real question here is if he’s going to show up.”

“Okay {Y/N}, thank you for your time. Everyone that was {Y/N} {Y/L/N} now we see…

I walked past them and stopped and took a few pictures on the red carpet, as much as I hated doing that. Multiple people were calling my name to look here, there and everywhere. It was enough to give me a headache, and these flashing lights? Don’t even get me started. We moved along the carpet and we were soon inside. We were escorted to our seats and I looked about to see who was sitting close to us. Ariana Grande and her team were to the left of us and Shawn Mendes was to the right of us. I was definitely getting pictures with them.

The next category is favorite pop song of the year. The nominees are.. Shawn Mendes, ‘Mercy’, Ariana Grande, ‘Side to Side’, featuring Nicki Minaj, {Y/N} {Y/L/N}, ‘{Y/S/T}’, Justin Bieber, ‘Company’!

The competition in this category was pretty tough considering I was up against A-list celebs. I’d be beyond shocked if I actually won against Ariana or even Shawn. Of course I was up against Justin, how surprising! 

“And the winner is… {Y/N} {Y/L/N}, ‘{Y/S/T}! Come on up {Y/N}!”

I was shocked to here my name be called. Was I dreaming? I hugged my manager and the other two who were with me. While hugging my mom, I noticed Justin was sitting just two rows behind me, staring at me. What was his problem? I ignored him and walked up to the stage to collect my award.

I walked over to the microphone, beginning to say my not-so planned speech. “Wow, I really wasn’t expecting this. Um,” I paused momentarily to look out at the audience filled with fans and celebrities and of course, I locked eyes with Justin. I nervously chuckled before continuing my speech. “I just want to thank my fans, family and my team. None of this would have been possible without you.”

After the awkward experience while being on stage, I couldn’t help but look back every so often to see if Justin was still staring at me, which he was. What a creep. The night went on and more and more awards were given out. Now, it was the end of the night and the award show was coming to a close. 

“And now ladies and gentlemen, the final award of the night! The category is Favorite Pop Album of the Year! The competition was real in this one. Anyways, the nominees are: Justin Bieber, ‘Purpose’, Ariana Grande ‘Dangerous Woman’, Beyonce, ‘Lemonade’, Charlie Puth, ‘Nine Track Mind’, and lastly, {Y/N} {Y/L/N}, {Y/A/N}!”

All I really wanted was anybody besides me or Justin to win this. The tension in the room was already enough to kill me. 

“And the winner is.. Justin Bieber, Purpose!” 

Oh, dear. I could already tell we were going to be here all night with Justin’s speech. 

I, after waiting almost three hours in this packed arena, finally got my pictures with Shawn and Ariana. This was what I was waiting for all night. I was getting done with my picture with Shawn, when Justin came into focus. I quickly thanked him and the tension from earlier returned. We stared at each for a few seconds since neither one of us knew what to say.

“Hey,” he started, rocking back and forth on his heels. I assumed he didn’t know what else to say because of his short remark.

“Congrats on the awards.” I spoke up. It was a sincere congrats although I wish it wasn’t. “You deserve it.”

“Thanks, you too.” He responded. “So, {Y/N} I was kind of wondering if maybe you wanted to go to an after party Scooter is hosting. It’s cool if not, I’ll understand.”

“Uh, sure,” I sheepishly said. I was unsure about my answer considering Justin and I were on rocky terms. “I’d love to go with you considering I’m not doing anything tonight.”

“Great. Let’s go.”


// Hey babe! Could i maybe have a fake insta with Shawn where im plus aized (cause i am) and he’s trying to convince me over insta that im pretty? Im having kinda a hard time right now..//

RANT(don’t read if you don’t wanna): I’m a skinny ass white girl who never got shit for anything and sometimes I am so thankful for that, because I don’t know if I would be strong enough to take shit from people the way plus size people, people of color etc. do. I salute every and each single one of you and I’m so sorry for what people like me make seem beautiful and acceptable. I am so sorry that there isn’t enough people representing you and everything you are. I really don’t believe in judging people by their size, religion, sexuality etc. because I don’t think a person can be more shity than to make presumptions about people based on those things and I just want you to know that not all  white, skinny (whatever the fuck is “okay” these days) think that we are by any means better than you for being what we are. I STRUGGLED finding a picture of a plus size girl around my (Shawn’s) age to use for this fake text and it just makes me so fucking sad, I don’t eve know what to say


Ariana Grande plus Justin Bieber layouts

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CP 14 Days of Love #6: Ruined Surprises

Day 6 of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Fic-A-Thon


The papers tumble from Justin’s hands back onto the desk where he’d found them while looking for his notebook.

“I was going to surprise you.”

Adam steps into the room, slowing lowering himself into a crouch in front of Justin.

“The Falcs,” Justin croaks. “You got a PTO with the Falcs.”

Adam can’t really read the shaky tone of Justin’s voice. It’s the tone that either precedes imminent fetal position or exuberant celly, and at this moment Adam has no idea which way this will go.

“Yeah, Rans. It’s just a trial period, you know, but yeah - I think I’m gonna give it a shot.”

‘You think’? Hell no! You will, Adam Bartholomew Birkholtz!”

“That’s not my name.”

“Oh my gosh - oh my gosh! Bro, honeybro, this - this is right. This is right.”

And Adam’s worry turns into a relieved laugh, at last, as he finds himself bowled over by all 6 feet plus of Justin Oluransi.

“You know I was coming to Boston with you no matter what, Ransy.”

“Yeah, but I was never gonna forgive myself if I had to watch the life drain out of your eyes at some stuffy office job. But this? Oh my gosh! Holtzy, this is the dream.”

Adam can only smile up into the dizzying joy reflected in Justin’s eyes.

“Yeah, yeah it is.”