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from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco

some babyz crying for b.a.p´s BLUE album cover… least you guys didnt get something like this!! 

i mean!! look,,this one is actually REALLY PRETTY!!

the struggle of a BABYELF lol

pd; although i like the japan albums cover better, this ones are actually pretty decent plus go with the whole color series.

I don’t see the hype that NCT Dream’s Chewing Gum got. It has probably got to be the worst kpop song ever. It sounded like some disney junior ish. Plus why the hell are teenage boys dressed to look like they’re five. Just goes to show that SM stans will drool over anything under SM.

Younger//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Reader.


“Scott, I’m seventeen.” You glare at your brother. He’s insisting that you come with him to some senior thing. “Plus, I’m only a junior.”

“Yes, but I don’t want you home alone.” He crosses his arms.

“I’m fine. Just go.” You try to shoo him out of your room.

“Stiles is going to come get us. I want you ready by time he gets here.” Scott leaves your room before you can protest. If you’d known Stiles was going you would’ve gone with no complaints.

You quickly put some makeup on and try to dress yourself up a bit. You walk downstairs, feigning a pout so Scott wouldn’t be suspicious.

“Y/N, don’t be a big baby.”

“I’d rather go to the hospital with mom.” You sigh. That was a lie. You’d follow Stiles anywhere. Yeah, you were that sister. It wasn’t obvious though, you were good at hiding your feelings.

You hear Stiles honk outside and you follow Scott to the Jeep. You climb into the backseat with Liam.

“Are they making you go too?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Stiles is, yeah.” He shrugs.

“Welcome to the club.”

“Hey, Y/N.” Stiles gives you a lopsided grin, looking at you through the rearview mirror.

Your heart skips a beat. “Hey.” You try to calm yourself down, knowing both Scott and Liam could tell when your heart rate sped up.

You stay in the car, Scott deciding not to push it. When he and Stiles return he turns to look at you from the front seat.

“What?” You knew something was up.

“I have to go out of town tomorrow.” He raises an eyebrow.

“Good for you? I don’t know what you expect from me.” You adjust your seatbelt as Stiles chuckles.

“Don’t laugh, she’s been around you too long.” Scott glares at his best friend. “Stiles is going to stay the night with you.”

You choke on your spit, “What?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun. I’ll bring movies and stuff. It’ll be like when we were kids.” Stiles smiles.

“Why can’t I stay by myself? I have like zero alone time.”

“You have no friends, Y/N. You literally do nothing but sit on your phone. What alone time do you need?” Scott rolls his eyes.

“Hey, shut up! I do have friends. All of my friends are human, too! So..shove it.”

“Hey, am I not your friend?” Liam pouts, the younger boy making you laugh.

“No, you’re my friend.”

“You have one supernatural friend.” Scott turns back around in his seat. “Regardless, Stiles is staying with you tomorrow.”

“Whatever.” You sigh.

“Hey! You get to hang out with the Stiles Stilinski. Some people would pay good money for that opportunity.” Stiles jokes.

“Oh yeah?” You tease. “Like who?”

“I-..u-…a-…” He stammers. “Some people. I said some people and I won’t clarify.”

You grin, looking out the window.

He came over the next night right after Scott had left. “So, I’m sorry you’ve got a babysitter but at least it’s me.” Stiles smiles.

You decide to take a risk. What’s the worst that could happen? A week of awkward silence?

“No, I’m happy that you’re here. Rather you than Scott.” You smile.

He chuckles and puts his bag down on the couch. “Oh yeah?”

You nod, biting your lip. “Mhm.”

He gives you a once over, clearly checking you out. You lay down on the couch, pretending to be oblivious to his wandering eyes.

“Hey, didn’t you say you started watching Friends again?” You pick the remote up.

“Yeah, why?” He sits beside you.

“Watch it with me.” You smile up at him.

“You wanna watch Friends with me?” He chuckles.

“Yeah.” You smile and throw a blanket over him.

“Okay.” He wraps an arm around your shoulder and turns the TV on.

You stay up until close to 4 watching TV with him. The two of you laughed all night.

“We should probably head to bed.” You look over at him.

He glances at the clock, “I’m not tired.”

“Let’s just go and hang out then. My mom comes home from her night shift at eight.” You stand up and stretch.

“Okay, let me get changed.”

“Yeah, me too.” You nod before climbing up the stairs to your room.

You grab a pair of shorts from your dresser and one of Scott’s shirts that you’d stolen.

You hear Stiles approach, an idea filling your head. You’d left the door open a crack and you decide to use that to your advantage. You pull your shirt over your head, thankful you’d worn a cute bra. You slide your jeans off, tossing both into the dirty laundry.

You hear Stiles take in a sharp breath, making you smirk to yourself. You unhook your bra and toss it aside.

You know he’s still there, you feel his presence. You know he’s a gentleman, he was raised right, but you also know that he’s in a predicament.

He stands in the doorway, frozen in place. He knows he shouldn’t be watching but he can’t help it.

You pull your shirt over your head, piling your hair on top of your head afterward. You step into your shorts, pulling them up. You glance in the mirror before climbing into your bed. You pretend like you never saw him, or that you did it on purpose.

“Hey, are you coming?” You smile as he opens the door.

“Y-yeah…I’m coming.” His cheeks are flushed.

“Are you okay?” You look up at him innocently.

“I’m fine. Yep, I’m great.” He stands in your room awkwardly.

“Sti, you get in the bed. I don’t bite.” You pat the spot beside you.

“Yeah, but I might.” He mutters as he sits beside you.

“Hmm?” You look over at him.

He shakes his head quickly, “Nothing.”

“Stiles, you’re like fifty feet away, scoot over.”

He scoots over so he’s right beside you and you lay your head in his lap.

“Wanna watch a movie or are you ready to go to sleep?” You look up at him.

“We should probably head to bed.” Stiles nods.

“Well, stay with me. Please?” You bite your lip.

He nods, “Yeah, okay.”

You move over and lay your head on the pillow, Stiles getting under the covers.

You can’t sleep, you just stare at the ceiling, kicking yourself for not making a more obvious move.

“Hey,” Stiles says quietly.


“Have you slept?”

“No. You?” You turn over flip your lamp on.

“Nope. Not a wink.”

“Cuddle me.” You grin.

He looks nervous, “Okay.” He wraps his arms around you and pulls you to him.

“Maybe Scott should go out of town more often.” You hope you weren’t too forward.

“Oh, I agree. Maybe I should send him false leads so I can spend more time with you.” He smiles.

You stomach churns in excitement. “Oh, please do.”

He looks at your face, his eyes watching yours before staring at your lips.



“If you’re going to kiss me, just do it.”

“Oh thank God.” He breathes out before pulling you closer so your lips meet his.

You’d both been waiting for this moment, you never shared your feelings with anyone, you’d just hoped a moment exactly like this would happen.

He pulls you on top of him so you’re straddling him. You kiss his jawline before returning to his lips.

“Y/N…” He breathes out.

“Yeah?” You continue kissing his neck.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this exact moment.”

You pull away and smile, “Oh, I may have you beat. I’ve liked you since the first time Scott brought you home.”


“Definitely. I loved your little dimples.” You giggle.

He wraps his arms around your hips. “Well, I think you may have to show me everything else you love about me.”

“I don’t have a problem with that.” You smirk.


Kuroko no Basuke Replace Plus : Welcome to Teiko part 1 (my translation) > <<br>

This is my very first time posting and translating something so if any *or many mistake of using and placing word yeahh feel free to remind or criticism me (if must)…

And if you want to know i spend more than 12 hours (total) only translating 30 sheet or less  *if more that that i don’t wanna know anymore
So if i have some spare time, I try to translate the next part…Lasty, Japanese and English not my mother language because after i check again there are some missing part so for continues in here

@slipister doneeee…

anonymous asked:

Our company has started putting big, round, bright pink stickers that say "PLUS SIZE" on the front of all junior-plus shirts. If I see them while working freight, I always pull the stickers off. Not only is it tacky, but it's hurtful. I've lost a lot of weight in the last year, but I used to wear plus size clothing. It was embarrassing enough shopping in a section labeled "PLUS", but to have stickers on the front like that? It would have been that much worse. I really hate the stigma it creates.

Won’t that make it harder to find for the people that want those clothes?



She’s really cute, and I like her. i hope they make a new toy for her sometime in the future for Titans Return someday. Plus the other Headmaster Juniors. Especially Cancer! Giant crab boy when.

I ended up trying to do a drawing of her car mode but getting kinda tired for it. But I’ll do it maybe sometime in the future!


Explanation Please *Cristiano Ronaldo imagine*———————————————————————————————————-

“You’re literally a blessing Y/N” Katia said 

I chuckled, “I’m not really we’re family, I don’t ever have a problem watching over Jose plus Junior and him will have a lot of fun” I said

She gave me a hug and a smile, “I promise I’ll be back in like an hour-”

“Kat take your time, really Cristiano should be home soon you’re good”I said cutting her off

She sighed, “Alright, I’ll see you later Y/N”She said as she walked out of the door

I chuckled waving, when I turned around both of the boys were sitting down on the floor playing with Junior’s new collection of toys that I’d just gotten him the other day. As I walked over to the couch, I decided to watch some TV since I knew the boys would be playing for quite some time.

After a while of searching through the channels I stopped at an old rerun of some tv show. “Y/N can I ask you a question?” Jose asks looking over

I smiled at him as he came and sat down next to me, “Sure whats up?” I asked

He sighed, “What’s sex?” 

As soon as those words left his mouth, I just stared at him for a moment before it really registered to me what he’d said to me. “I’m sorry what?” I asked

Jose chuckled, “What is sex?”He asked once more


Junior sighed, “Jose its the birds and the bees” Junior said

Both Jose and I looked over to Junior, “What?” We both asked

Junior set down his toys and stood in front of us, “It’s the birds and the bees, it’s how babies are made” 

I stared at Junior, “And who told you this?” I asked

“Pai told me”

I nodded, “So explain it”Jose said

I chuckled slightly, and watched the two of them as Junior began. “So bees like flowers right” 

Jose nodded his head, “Yeah"

Junior clapped his hands, making a face. “Jose bees get love from flowers and then make babies”

Jose shook his head, “I don’t think so, Y/N is that true?” He asked as they both turned to look at me. I stared at them for a second, “Um not entirely” I said

“But was I close?”

I chuckled, “A little”

~30 Minutes Later

This got the boys completely interested as they gave their full attention to me and stared. “So what do you boys want to know?” I asked

Before I could even say anything Cristiano came into the living room. Taking a seat he looked between the three of us , “What are you guys talking about?” He asked

“Tio Cristiano, whats sex?“Jose asked

Cristiano stared at both Junior and Jose, before looking at me. He looked down at Jose and chucklwd, “Why do you ask that?” Cristiano asks

Jose sat up, “I heard the same noise from your room just like Mae and Pai” He said

Cristiano looked at me for a moment and I shrugged, “Um sex is just the birds and the bees” Cristiano said repeating what Junior had said.

Jose nodded, “Junior told me about it and Y/N didn’t say anything” He said

Cristiano nodded his head, “Well sex is like that, in order to make babies um you need pollen” Cristiano said awkwardly

I chuckled and got up from the couch, “I’m going to got get something from the kitchen” I said

It didn’t take long for Cristiano to come into the kitchen as I was closing the fridge, “What?” I asked

He raised an eyebrow, “So you spoke to them about sex?” He asked

“I mean technically I didn’t talk to them about sex, they brought it up” I said

“I told you not to scream” He said

I raised an eyebrow, “So it’s my fault?” I asked

He nodded crossing his arms, “I mean if the shoe fits, wear it” He said

My mouth fell open, “I wasn’t the only one screaming something” I said

Cristiano rolled his eyes, “I wasn’t the loudest one” He muttered

I scoffed, “To be clear this conversation wouldn’t have happened if you would’ve just checked to see if the kids were sleeping” I said

Cristiano didn’t have a chance to respond as Katia walked through the door. “Hey guys” She said smiling

I smiled back giving her a hug, “Hey Katia"I said

She smiled, "What’re you guys talking about?” She asked sitting on the counter

Cristiano and I looked between each other before shaking our heads, “Nothing”

Katia chuckled, “Thanks for watching Jose for me Y/N”She said

I smiled, “No problem”

And right then and there Jose and Junior walked into the kitchen, “Mae we heard Tia and Tio having-”

“A yelling match!”