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Hey do you like Poe Dameron and Kes Dameron and want to know more about the Dameron-Bey household? You should read this fic then. 

Curse The Stars, by sugarspiceandcursewords, on AO3. 12k words, Kes POV, set at the beginning of TFA.

When you are twenty-five years old and the structures of justice have faltered before your eyes, you fight. It isn’t necessarily one thing, one moment, that pushes you into the battle, but when you make the choice you are certain. There are others who are certain, and they have friends, and resources, scant though they are. You are galvanized by the strength of your convictions, and they sustain you through operations that test your physical limits as well as choices that test your emotional and moral ones.

But after months and years of war, always looking over your shoulder, always having three contingency plans, eventually it’s no longer really about the future of the galaxy. It’s about the people beside you, cut down in twos and threes and sometimes tens, about protecting them as best you can. It’s about the pilot in the orange-striped A-wing who is too good to be beaten, and too strong to be beaten down, and too beautiful and smart for any words with which you could try to capture her. It’s about the amazing, perfect child you’ve made together, who knows nothing of the Empire but also knows nothing of freedom or safety.

And when the blasters fall silent at last, you seize that fragile peace with both hands, less because you are confident in its permanence and its virtue than because you have so little left to give of yourself. You make a new life with your luminous wife and bright-eyed son, and you spend years just catching your breath, learning how to sleep easy.

And the Force scorns you for a fool.

I didn’t mean it.
This Requesthey! don’t want to push u and I know all of you are busy but you’ve still done a great job of keeping the blog running!! hope all is well. could you do a niall one where you have a young daughter and she maybe says something about y/n’s body when y/n yells at her for being bad. Like maybe niall comforts her or gets angry at the daughter or something ? Only if you have time! X


You began to feel frustrated as you tugged off the baby pink shirt of your body. Throwing it with the others on your bed you dug through your drawers again.

Everything felt too tight — too short. You grabbed your favorite olive green Cosby sweater and pulled it over your head. You thanked a higher power that you bought it oversized. A small giggle could be heard outside of your closet followed by a, “Mommy what are you doing?”

You walked out of your closet to find your daughter stepping on the pile of shirts you threw earlier. Scooping her up in your arms you left little kisses on her face causing her to giggle again. “Mommy was just looking for a shirt to wear and made a mess.” You said with a smile as you set her back down.

“What about all these shirts? What’s wrong with them?” She questioned looking at you with bright eyes.

“They didn’t fit right,” You sighed thinking about having to get rid of some of the shirts,”but come on let’s go get you something to eat I know you must be hungry.”

You walked out of your room and into the hallway, you paused as you passed your daughters room. Glancing at her she could tell she was in trouble, “y/d/n what did mommy tell you do before we eat lunch?”

Her voice seemed to match her size as she mumbled, “Clean my room.”

“And what did you not do?”

“…Clean my room.”

You huffed as you looked at the messy room, “You realize you’re in trouble right? When mommy asks you to do something you should do it.” You said seriously.

She jutted out her bottom lip as her cheeks turned light pink. “No dessert for you tonight.” you state.

She begins to whine but you shush her and tell her to start cleaning her room.

“B-but mommy this is no fair! Your rooms not clean and you get dessert!” She said as she crossed her arms over her chest. Her eyes were glossed over as tears cascaded down her cheeks.

“Y/D/N don’t argue with me just clean your room.” You assert.  

This only caused her whining to increase in volume, “You’re just mad b-because your shirts don’t fit anymore! Don’t take your weight gain out on me.” She hiccuped out.

At first you were shocked that something like that even came out of her mouth and then you were angry, “Clean your room. Now.” You bark out her which only make her stomp in circles. “Okay, fine, wait until your dad gets home.” You declare.

Stalking out of her room you run your fingers through your brown tresses pulling at the roots a bit.

You walk into the kitchen and angrily grab a pot out of the dish-rack and begin cooking.

It doesn’t take long for Niall to get home. He calls out your name but you ignore him still angry about Y/D/N attitude earlier.

“Hey, you didn’t hear me calling you?” He inquires.

He wraps his arms around your waist but you shrug him off, “Okay what’s wrong?” He asks.

“Y/D/N was bad today. She didn’t listen to me when I told her to clean her room and then proceeded to talk about my weight.” You said.

“She did what?” He asked in shock, placing his bag on the counter top he ran a hand through his hair. “I’m gonna go talk to her alright?”

You hummed in response and turned you attention back to cooking you could hear his the stairs creek as he ascended them. You let out an aggravated sigh; your thoughts mocked you for being so worked up over a little kids comment. You started blaming yourself for not being patient enough with her something Niall was always good at.

You had already finished cooking and began setting the table when you heard Niall and your daughter walking down the stairs. Her eyes were still red and puffy from crying, with a little nudge from her father she shyly came up to you.

“Mommy..” She mumbled at she tugged at the jeans you were wearing.

You set down the forks in your hands and turned towards her, “Yes Y/D/N?”

“I-i’m sorry about what I said earlier. That was really mean of me and didn’t mean it.”

You glance at Niall and let out a sigh and lean down so you could be eye level with her, “It’s okay hun, just know that you shouldn’t say things you don’t mean just because you’re angry.” You say softly.

She nods and smiles a little, “I know daddy told me.”

You smile with a small nod and ruffle her hair, “Alright come on help me set the table it’s time to eat.”

You walk over to Niall with a tired smile, “Thanks.”

He wraps and arms around you and places a chaste kiss on your temple, “Not a problem love, now come on let’s eat I’m hungry.” He chuckle with you playfully hit his side.

- Jorie

Huh, seems like my drawing display’s pen has run out of battery! For the first time since breaking it in. About a month ago. Further experiments needed to find out whether the time varies by the amounts of use per said month, but daymn, I was expecting it to drop waaaaaaaay earlier!

Yup, still zero regrets. 


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