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i have found the ultimate cure for yesterday’s episodes:

rewatching ssw and basking in the sheer beauty that was the 17th of october

My husband is off at a game dev conference for over a week. Usually he’s the one who will take care of the dogs first thing in the morning (feed them, let them out, etc). So of course, day one with just me, they start crying at 5 am.

You little shits, if you think pure spite isn’t enough to keep me in bed for at least an hour, you got another thing coming.

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I've got an idea for a scenario with Brook. Thx itsemerald btw, his suggestion was just what I needed to get it right. What if Lewis asked Brook instead? Brook could share some stories with Lewis and talk about things leading Lewis to understand Brook a little more and realize that they're not so different. I've got another idea for a more original scenario if you'd like to hear it. I hope to see more Brook along with the other boneheads in the future. I can't fit a skull joke here so: YOHOHOHO!

That’s always a possibility. And Brook will definitely be around since he’s one of the members of the group.

To every follower who puts up with my love of pineapple pizza: you’re my favourite.

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would anyone be interested in care boxes designed specifically for age regressors / chiregs/chirebs? there’s so much AB///DL and DD///LG stuff available but as a child regressor myself i want safe, non-kink things to be available to the community!

if anyone is interested please LMK (and if you feel up to it, tell me what you’d be willing to pay and some items you’d definitely want to see in the boxes)

i’m also more than willing to help anyone out who’s in a hard situation, be it monetary or just living with someone else and they need the care package to be very discreet.


A single mother has a backbone made of STEEL, and a heart of GOLD.




for @onvelvet: Rome

mood: reading multiple collections of poetry and prose, Renaissnce-styled villas,   sketching ancient architecture practicing speaking italian,spectacular views,spending hours people-wathcng in a cafè, hot and humid summer days

I really really really like the arc of Tsunade, before she becomes Hokage (yep too late i’m deep in it  hello darkness here i come)