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Does anyone else look up old commercials from their childhood?  I still know the songs and I get all happy seeing them.  It’s also a trip to see how far technology has come in such a short space of time.  When I was a kid, our phone commercials were telling you to call your MCI operator and let them know you want long distance for only $29.99 a month plus the cost per minute, and you could even get one of those touch tone phones sometimes!  It’s wild.

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I'm not sure if this has been said yet but as a plus sized FTM trans kid I COULD NOT find a binder and I was freaking out. But then I found an amazing little store through storenvy called Shapeshifters that makes custom binders! They're $50 each so a bit pricey but they fit amazingly and they actually flatten me even though I have a G cup bra size naturally. I would definitely recommend any plus size trans guy to them! They go through storenvy OR their own website! Worth the investment!

holy shit thanks for letting us know this is really important like,, holy shit

binders that can actually flatten a large chest !!!!!

if anyone else has used this store please let us know what you think of it as well - there are a lot of people out there who want to bind but can’t get binders that fit because most binders seem to be made for thin people with nothing above d or dd cup bra sizes

thanks a lot for this, anon

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tbh shiro favors keith the most n personally i think thts why he wants keith to lead voltron even though hes obviously not gna be a good leader + allura or maybe lance should lead

imo, i think Keith actually does have some leadership potential? (then again i think all of them have leadership potential), but the issues i have with him leading is that he’s way too impulsive, reckless, acts like a lone wolf wayyyy toooooo much, not to mention he doesn’t have a very good understanding of how teamwork works. i think he’s better off acting like, a second in command or something.

impulsiveness & recklessness examples:

  • driving off the face of a fucking cliff with 4 other people, one of which was unconscious
  • putting himself in situations where he keeps getting ejected into space
  • trying to take on Zarkon all by himself
  • almost attacking the sentries on the Balmera only to be stopped by Lance 
  • charging off into a village that was on fire
  • forgetting the main point of the reason he and Shiro went into the Blade of Marmora base so he could go through the trials which put the mission in jeopardy to make allies 

like…….. a lot of these things he’s done have only caused/almost caused more problems than not. (not saying his impulsiveness has always been a bad thing, but it doesn’t always benefit the interest of the team either)

acting like a lone wolf:

  • again, the attempting to ditch the team in the middle of the night
  • him also ditching Lance, Pidge, and Hunk even when Lance pointed out it was a bad idea
  • fighting Zarkon by himself,
  • going through the trials of marmora by himself

not having a good understanding of how a team works: 

  • his whole lone wolf attitude keeps him from relying on his teammates and keeps his teammates from relying on him
  • the way he tends to force people to do something when he doesn’t agree with what they’re doing (ex: trying to force Pidge to not leave the team by yelling at her and guilt tripping her, snapping at everyone and saying they have to go into the blade of marmora base when it was suggested they didn’t)

there’s also how he kinda doesn’t really have a good grasp on diplomacy and empathy too cause like

  • in the balmera arc, Hunk tried to console Shay by saying they can beat the robobeast, Hunk turned to Keith and was like “tell her Keith” and Keith was like “can we?”, not realizing Hunk was trying to reassure Shay
  • he was acting really hostel to the Arusian warrior and was like “i will fight you you little shrimp”
  • again the blade of marmora thing where, even LANCE pointed out it was a bad idea to take Keith on a diplomacy mission because what ended up happening is Keith fucking pissed everyone off by bringing a weapon with him and then later almost got the base destroyed when his lion freaked out

so while i do believe Keith has the potential to lead, he certainly doesn’t have the right traits that would make him an effective leader in this situation. i can easily predict him butting heads with Allura a fuck-ton, trying to boss everyone around, getting impatient with them, not knowing how to deal with them emotionally, getting the team in trouble for his lack of diplomacy skills, the list goes on. sorry Keef, but i think you have a looooooooot to learn about being a leader before actually taking that seat in the black lion.

(not to mention his relationship with Red was really really highlighted in this season so what gives anyways???? him and Red are like a perfect match and shouldn’t be split up because Keith is like the only one on the team who is the most compatible with Red)

as for Allura being the black paladin, i fucking love that idea. it would be so awesome to have this beautiful woc leading the team as a princess and a paladin. it would be so! amazing!?? plus, she’d obviously make a really good fit for the black lion. she’s a born leader, she’s strong, she’s diplomatic, she’s empathetic, she’s whipsmart and already holds the team’s respect as a leader. 

HOWEVER, there are ALSO some issues i have with Allura being the black paladin, mainly having to do with what that would mean for the team dynamic, as well as from a narrative’s perspective.

see, if Allura were to become the black paladin, it would just be too easy. it wouldn’t really challenge the team’s dynamic because it’s just swapping one established leader for another, so there wouldn’t really be much character development for the rest of the team.

it would also mean that they’d be taking the two leader roles on the team and conjoining them into one, which, isn’t the wisest choice. it would make things a lot more stressful for Allura because now she’s the only one leading the team and has the burden of being a princess and the black paladin, plus there’s no one else to balance things out. with that said, there wouldn’t be anyone to challenge her authority and her choices because she’d be the only one in charge. and sometimes a leader’s authority needs to be challenged because they do not always make the best decisions, as we’ve seen with how Allura and Shiro dealt with the whole Blade of Marmora thing.

Allura was very distrustful towards the BoM, and didn’t want anything to do with them. but Shiro was able to convince her to work with them. if Shiro hadn’t of been there, they never would of gained the BoM as allies because Allura would have made the wrong decision.

this isn’t saying Shiro didn’t make any bad choices either. Shiro picked Keith to go with him into the BoM base. and we all know how that went. (it was only because Keith turned out to be part Galra did the BoM actually decide to bother negotiating an alliance)

and you know who challenged Shiro for making this choice?

thats right kids, Lance did. aka something a leader would do.

Lance, who possesses SO MANY leadership traits nobody, not even Shiro, seems to acknowledge. 

Lance is a team player, self sacrificial for the greater good, diplomatic, patient, decisive, smart, empathetic, well balanced and well rounded, and! literally a natural born leader! there are so many instances on the show where Lance takes charge of the situation! even before Shiro became the “official” leader of their group, Lance was the one acting in charge of things! 

but i’m gonna stop myself before this post gets way too meta, lmao.

basically i prefer Lance as black paladin above everyone else but you guys already know that ;D

Ok no. I didn’t particularly care because the anime isn’t canon but guys that letter wasn’t for Sakura’s birthday. That is WAY overreaching. It is far, far more likely that he gave his letter to Sakura for her to offer THEIR congratulations to Naruto. You know, like couples do.

No one sends “congrats” for someone’s birthday. Plus there wasn’t anyone else who wished her a happy birthday either. It makes no sense. The congrats was meant for Naruto, but Sasuke wanted it to come from the both of them, hence why he sent her to relay the message instead of sending it straight to Naruto.

Idek why I even bothered to write this when it’s just SP filler anyway. It just bothered me to see so many of you overreaching.

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Can you do one where Betty and Jughead first meet Polly's baby like waiting in the waiting room while Polly is in labor and talking about how great of an aunt Betty will be

Polly’s Baby

Betty couldn’t believe it - in just a little bit, she would be an aunt. 

Polly didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby in advance. Betty couldn’t wait to find out if she was going to have a niece or a nephew. 

She played with the hem of her sweater, looking up as the doors of the maternity ward opened and Jughead strolled through, rushing over to her.

“Did I miss anything?” He asked in a hushed tone. 

Betty smiled and shook her head. “No, the baby hasn’t come yet. Pol’ didn’t want anyone in the room with her, so my mom is a little upset. And the Blossoms are just pacing around, hoping to see the baby.”

Jughead took Betty’s hand out of her lap and slipped his fingers between hers.

“I can’t wait to watch Disney movies with her. Or him.” Betty smiled over at Jughead. “And hear those sweet baby coo’s.” 

Jughead smiled back at her. “Their first Hallowe’en is going to be pretty fun for you.”

Betty’s face lit up. “Jug, I hadn’t even thought of that! Oh my God, that is going to be amazing.”

Jughead laughed. “I remember once when we were little, we never had much money to use for costumes, so I usually just dressed Jellybean up in something and didn’t dress up myself. I let her have all the candy. So one year when we were especially tight on funds, we blew up those little water-balloons and just filled a giant clear garbage bag with them and strapped it around her little body. She was a literal bag of jellybeans. She kept falling because of how big it was on her but she didn’t stop smiling the whole night.”

Betty stroked her fingers against the top of his hand, smiling. She loved hearing about his happy memories. “I’m definitely going to need you to help me dress up my little niece or nephew each Hallowe’en.”

“Oh yeah?”

A nurse walked into the room and Betty’s head snapped towards her.

“Elizabeth Cooper?” She called, looking across the waiting room.

Betty popped up from where she was sitting. “That’s me.”

“Polly is ready for you and your boyfriend in the room. Parents are welcome after Betty.” The nurse read off a sheet.

Betty pulled Jughead up and walked past the double doors the nurse led them into. She pointed to a room on their left.

Betty stepped gingerly into the room, Jughead by her side.

“Pol’?” Betty murmured. 

There in the bed was Polly, propped up by pillows. She had a light sheen of sweat on her forehead. She was cradling a tiny, pink form in her arms.

Betty stepped closer, Jughead lingered in the corner. He wanted Betty to have her moment.

Polly leaned her arms forward, handing the baby off to Betty.”I want you to meet Violet Elizabeth Blossom.” 

“That’s such a beautiful name, Polly.” Betty smiled as she gently took the baby from her sisters arms, remembering what she had heard about holding newborns - support the head.

“Whenever Jason and I were alone outside, he would comment on the purple flowers - how vibrant they were. I couldn’t get that out of my mind when I was thinking of names. And her middle name is after my favorite sister.” Polly smiled.

“I’m your only sister.” Betty laughed.

“My favorite girl then. My two favorite girls in the world.” Polly smiled, looking at her sister smiling down at the baby in her arms.

“We’re going to have so much fun,” Betty cooed down at the baby. “I’m going to show you all the best Disney movies and read you all the best books. And we can have dance parties!” Betty stroked a finger across the baby’s back.

“Hey Pol’? Why didn’t you get Mom and Dad in the room before me?”

“I wanted her to meet her namesake before anyone else.” Polly smiled. “Plus, they would change the energy in the room.” 

Betty nodded understandingly.

“Hey Jug, you want to hold the baby?”

Jughead walked closer to Betty and Polly, smiling. “You sure?” 

Betty nodded, knowing how great he was with babies. He seemed so calm around them. 

Jughead reached out his arms and scooped the baby into them easily. “Hey little flower girl,” He cooed. “Me and you can team up and drive your aunt crazy when you’re a little older.” He smiled. “I’m going to show you all the best pranks.”

“Oh God.” Betty and Polly groaned in unison.

“Yes I am.” Jughead continued, rocking slowly on his feet. 

[Femslash February]: Asleep

lol that it’s only day 2 and im already late with this >.>

Day 2: Asleep (Chlonette)

Words: 2133

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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The first time Chloe stayed after school to study in the library, she found Marinette sleeping over her books at a study table near the windows. 

Lycée turned out to be a lot harder than Chloe had thought, and trying to keep up with all of her homework without getting frustrated and forgoing it completely was almost impossible. It led to her bringing in half-finished homework assignments or not bringing in any assignments at all since it happened that Sabrina wasn’t in any of her classes this year. Her teachers packed her up with review sheets and extra homework every single day, and she had to use the hour study sessions at the end of every day to finish up all her work before she went home. It was absolutely deplorable stuff, but even her father was putting his foot down about it, which meant she really had no choice this time around. 

She was dragging her feet to the library and looking for a seat when she found Marinette at a study table all by herself. 

Chloe raised a brow. She didn’t really see Marinette much anymore. They were on completely different bac tracks and they were in completely different classes for any subjects they did share. She did occasionally see Marinette in the halls as they walked to their respective classes, but putting in the energy to mess with her was a lot harder now. It wasn’t the same now that they barely saw each other. 

But, apparently Marinette also stayed for the study blocks after school. And apparently she wasn’t faring too well. 

Chloe put her books on a chair two down from where Marinette was sitting. She was passed out on top of her tablet, and her right hand was still clutching the pen she was using to mark up the book they must have been reading for her French Literature class. Chloe reached over to check the page they were on and realized that Marinette was almost as far behind in the book as Chloe was. 

Huh. And she always thought that Marinette was a studious little thing. 

If Marinette was here, it was probably because she needed to be, and Chloe had far too much studying to get done to even bother with being petty. She poked Marinette in the forehead until she jerked up in her chair and rubbed at the cheek that was pressed against her tablet. She turned her head and groggily blinked up at Chloe. “What are you doing here?”

“Same as you probably,” Chloe replied. She shoved Marinette’s book closer to her. “Come on. I don’t need your snoring distracting me.” 

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Being Baekhyun’s sister

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  • Okay so like I had this thought in my head of what it would be like being related to Bakehyun so bam here we are-
  • I mean I needed to make this bc who the fuck wouldn’t want to be related to this happy sunshine
  • I might make a “Being Baekhyun’s brother” version after this one-
  • Alright so let’s go!
  • Being Baekhyun’s sister would make lots of people to expect you to be just like this beagle; loud, excited, energtic etc. but boy are people wrong.
  • you’re a shy, silent, antisocial introvert which really makes people go “are you sure you’re related to him??” bc people are stupid and don’t realize personalities have nothing to do with being related to someone
  • Because of your introverted and shy personality Baekhyun views you as very precious and that he must protect you! I mean he’s your brother so he’s going to protect you anyways but still-
  • He may protect you but he will straight tease the hell out of you or annoy you or get sassy with you
  • He’s the only one allowed to treat you like that though if anyone else tries to he’ll hurt them
  • You also live with him bc your college is like right down the road for his house (s h u s h lets just pretend he has his own house that’s close to the exo dorm okay?? okay) 
  • Living with him is kind of hell but it’s like a fun hell…maybe it’s mostly fun for him though
  • He pulls so many pranks on you but it’s almost always with the help of the beagle line
  • Like on time you had just gotten out of the shower and you were drying off and getting dress and then you were going to dry your hair until you caught a glimpse of something in the bathroom mirror that made you do a double take. That little sunshine fucker had put red dye in your shampoo…not just any type of red though but the red that Chanyeol had his hair dyed to
  • The scream you let out was so terrifying that it almost made Baekhyun and his friends piss his pants
  • ooohhh yeah i forgot to mention he decided to pull this park while almost all of Exo was over…well anywho he did so…
  • “BYUN FUCKING BAEKHYUN!” was literally the scariest thing that any of them had heard-
  • You came marching down the stairs in just your sports bra and sweat pants and lets not forget that new “amazing” red hair, pissed to the high heavens. Like you were so mad that you hadn’t notice the other members yet bc your focus was just on your big brother
  • He looked away from the tv and at you with the biggest shit eating grin you had ever seen. “Oh hey sis, love what you done with your hair” Insert him laughing along with Chanyeol whom he had gotten the hair dye from here
  • By this time you had noticed the other boys whom were all sitting spread out in the living room, staring at you with wide eyes….well besides Sehun because Suho had clamped one of his hands over the maknae’s eyes
  • “Oh my god..I’m so…holy shit…I’m sorry” was all you could stutter out before stumbling over yourself and then running back upstairs
  • Once you were dressed “properly” you were letcured by Suho for like fifteen minutes about using bad words
  • It took about four to five months for all that hair dye to fade away and you tried to stay mad at him the whole time but it’s hard to stay mad at that lil sunshine
  • Baekhyun is a good brother besides the pranking and being a little too over protective….okay maybe way too over protective 

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  • You were going on this date once with a guy from your school, he was on the dance team of the school, he was in the fencing club, (I’m making some weird ass clubs and shit up here guys bc idfk anything about college)  he was very smart, and funny, and kind and he had a nice group of friends 
  • Well Baekhyun hadn’t said anything the whole day when you were getting ready for the date, he was acting pretty normal as he hung out with Chanyeol and Jongdae in the living until he heard the knock on the door.
  • Baekhyun hopped up off the couch and walked over to front door and opened it only to be greeted by the sight of this incredibly good looking guy,,.. the guy had his hair dyed blonde, he was tall and skinny but like muscular as well and he had the jawline of a g r e e k g o d.
  •  He was dressed in all black too, a black button up blazer with black slacks and black dress shoes. 
  • The boy, dubbed as Jackson, smiled at Baekhyun and gave a small lil bow of his head. “You must be Baekhyun, (Y/n) has told me a bit about you”
  • The shorter but older male just kind of blinked at him, he could feel the fuckboy vibes radiating off of him even though Jackson looked like a nice guy that anyone would want to bring home to their mom but Baekhyun saw right through him and there was no way that this lil beagle was going to let his little sister go on a date with him (Jackson is’t like that at all irl I’m just making stuff up for this scenario thingy)
  • “So you’re the one who’s taking my sister on a date?” “Yeah…”
  • Baekhyun stepped forward and grabbed him by his blazer, a serious and deadly expression on his face
  • “Yah! what the hell are you doing man!” Baekhyun glared at him, making him shut up real quick
  • “If you so much as even look at my sister the wrong way or make her feel uncomfortable I’ll cut your dick off and then I’ll staple dead birds to your car or better yet I’ll make a deal with Satan (Kyungsoo) and ask him if he’ll kill you, I mean I’ve done it before” insert Jackson’s eyes widening as he takes a step back before running to his car and driving off here
  • Baekhyun went back in and sat back down beside Jongdae and Chanyeol who were just kind of giving him glances bc they have no idea what happened but oh,,,well 
  • Beagle line stayed up all night with you that as you cried and eat ice cream bc Jackson stood you up
  • Baekhyun might not want you to date anyone but…there is this one person he thinks you would go well with-

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

  • He lowkey wants you to date Chanyeol bc he sees the way you two get all close and whisper to each other, he sees it when Chanyeol lets you wear his hoody when you’re cold
  • He ships the hell out of it but really the reason why you’re always close to Chanyeol and whispering to him is bc you’re asking him for advice on how to ask out Suho bc like that Eomma acting leader has stolen your heart 
  • Chanyeol did give you advice and you ended up going on quite a few dates with Suho 
  • which led to Baekhyun being confused bc you were coming home later than usual and you were always giggling and smiling down at your phone and when he would you why you were late to come home or why you were smiling down at your phone you would just say “Oh I was studying at the library “ and “Just talking to my friend Rocky!”
  • Baekhyun was suspicious but he knew better than to pry bc last time he did that you threw a shoe at his face
  • After a while he got use to your weird behavior and decided not to ask anymore and just let you do you
  • Well one day Baekhyun had to stay late at the studio and you and Suho decided it would be a nice idea to hang out at the house before he came home..,, oh man you guys were wrong
  • Baekhyun came home about thirty minutes earlier than he thought he would and he thought he would surprise you by bringing home some of your favorite take out food
  • He didn’t think anything about it when he saw Suho’s car parked in the drive way, he was just like “Oh hey, maybe hyung came by to pick up something he left here or to hang out with me and (Y/n)”
  • He went inside holding a bag of take out in his hand and shrugged off his jacket, he thought it was weird that you and Suho weren’t in the living room to hang out but he guessed maybe Suho was in your room helping you study or something….well he wasn’t wrong about you two being in your room
  • He heard White Chicks aka your favorite movie playing so he didn’t think anything about knocking on the door bc he thought you two were watching a movie so he just walked into the room-T
  • o say he was shocked by what he saw was an understatement, he had been expecting to walk into your room and see you two just sitting on your bed and watched the movie but no…. shirtless you were pinned under his equally shirtless leader as you two made out
  • as soon as Baekhyun saw you two the bag of take out food hit the floor as he let out a shrill shriek causing you two to jump away from each other or well you stopped making out and Suho hid you behind his back because he was worried about your indecency
  •  It was awkward the rest of the night bc Baekhyun kept looking between you and Suho and would say shit like “Him??” “Really??” “Why not Chanyeol??”
  • Suho would just glare at him when Baekhyunwould say stuff like that but you would always beat Suho to saying anything.“I don’t like mister dumbo ears like you do!” insert Suho trying not to laugh while Baekhyun dramatically gasps before he yells at you about how he doesn’t like Chanyeol
  • Baekhyun approves of the relationship though bc honestly he wouldn’t want you to date anyone else plus he sees how happy you two make each other and he loves it-
  • lowkey planning your wedding already
  • lowkey likes taking pics of you two when he’s third wheeling and posts them on twitter with captions like “Ew, they’re so in love” or “It’s like I’m invisible to these love birds” 
  • He spoils you though, he always makes sure that there’s packs/boxes/idk what to call it of your favorite snacks in the kitchen
  • He always buys you cute plushies from all the places that they perform at so your bed is like filled with plushies and he always likes to make jokes whenever Suho comes over to see you..,, he’ll say shit like “Keep it pg in there, it might scar the lil plushes if you don’t”
  • You know all like the jackets from each era/come back that the memebers have/get?? well guess who has all of Baekhyun’s, yep you they’re all in your closet and you wear them a lot when he’s on tour bc you miss him
  • He’ll Skype you or facetime you when he’s on tour or when you’re facetiming or skyping with Suho he almost always makes sure he pops up into the room so he can be in on the call just to annoy the two of you
  • lowkey could see this small precious bean wanting to get sibling tattoos, but like really small tattoos like lil infinity signs (so cliche) or maybe or maybe each other’s initials 
  • you two did get the initial tattoos bc you both really liked the idea, he got his on his right wrist and you got yours on your left wrist and honestly it’s so cute
  • He loves you to pieces even though he does have weird ways of showing it
  • Honestly he would be one of the best big brothers ever!

(I hope you guys like this and I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes that were probably made)

I don’t feel particularly good about it, I can tell you that much.

But it’s chill. I mean at first I was pretty upset by it, mostly since I was totally unaware there was a blog literally forming a hate bubble for me with a vortex of their followers which started all this jazz. Ah well, ignorance is bliss as they say :’)

I mean this has only happened twice before, once about homophobia and another time I was called a racist (interesting since I’m part Hispanic/Spanish myself so whomp whomp). Third time’s the charm I guess being called both these things this time around.

It was just bad timing (as if there is ever a good time for stuff like that). I have had a….rough week, let’s say, in my Real Life. Lots of…bad news. But anyways, to be perfectly honest, I am very very careful about how I approach this blog. I’ve had irl friends tell me horror stories of being hurt, either from homophobic comments or because of their religion (or even lack of one). I’ve experienced some hate in my time as well. And I don’t ever talk about this (because this isn’t The Breakfast Club pfft), but I come from a family with…issues. To put it lightly. I’ve grown up learning to deal with emotional turmoil and it’s why I get so offended I guess. I know what it means to see what words and actions can do to a person decades after it’s happened. Mistakes I have to pay for because of it. It’s kind of funny how this select few could even have a notion I would ever do the same thing to anyone else.

My beliefs are my own, and my life is my own. They belong to no one else and I would never pressure them on anyone else. My blog was (and still is) a safe haven for whoever wants it to be. And it’s comforting to be getting positive messages during all this, so that’s a plus. All this hate? It comes from a place of fear, I get that. And people fear what they don’t understand I guess. But I had hoped my actions would speak louder than any words I could give. Go figure.


do you ever love one of your characters so much more than is necessarily appropriate ….

Something Familiar This Way Comes (Part 3)

Tony was in a panic. He’d ask what the heck Bucky had meant, except he wasn’t an idiot. He knew about interdimensional travel, even if he himself didn’t specialize in that area of magic or science.

No, what Tony really needed to clarify was Bucky’s intent towards him.

What kind of person swore to take care of a stranger so cavalierly?

It just didn’t make any sense.

Tony flinched as Bucky reached out to touch his forehead. Bucky hummed as he felt Tony’s temperature. “You feel normal, but you’re looking a little pale.” Bucky dropped his hand from Tony’s forehead and grabbed Tony by the elbow. He helped Tony off the table and guided him toward the staircase out of Bucky’s lab.

“Let’s get some food in you. Stevie and I weren’t feeding you enough it looks like.”

“You were feeding me fine,” Tony blurted out the truth. He mentally cursed himself. He shouldn’t be encouraging Bucky’s crazy behavior with positive reinforcement, but he was just so confused by the situation.

Bucky nodded, still guiding Tony up the stairs and into the kitchen. He had Tony seat himself at the kitchen table and then rummaged through the cupboards.

Steve meanwhile locked up the lab then took a seat across from Tony at the table.

Tony wringed his hands in his lap as a voice in his head shouted for him to flee, but he was like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. He just couldn’t move.

Bucky set down a cup of hot chocolate in front of Tony. “Here. You might be going through shock. Something warm will help your system adjust.”

Tony nodded numbly and took the cup in his between his hands. Warmth seeped through his palms and up his arms.

He sighed and brought the cup to his lips.

“I prefer coffee,” he muttered then took a sip. Delicious and sweet cocoa danced on his tongue. He hadn’t lied when he said he prefered coffee, but Bucky’s hot chocolate was an excellent temporary replacement. Tony downed half of the mug.  

Bucky banged pots and pans as he got to work cooking some sort of meat for Tony.

Steve winced with each bang and looked like he wanted to get out of his chair and help, but one glance at Tony and he remained in his seat.

He was probably waiting to catch Tony if he fainted or something ridiculous like that. They may not have been close, but Tony had picked up that Steve was the kind of person who would fret over stranger if he thought they were in trouble.

Tony might even be tempted to call Steve a nice guy, if Tony hadn’t met plenty of nice guys before who always turned out not to be nice at all.

Tony squeezed his mug at the many memories that came to mind.

“Are you okay?” Steve’s penetrating gaze roved over Tony. “You looked like you were in pain.”

“I’m fine,” Tony responded instinctively.

“You can tell Steve anything.” Bucky poked at a slab of meat with a spatula then flipped the meat over in the pan even though it still wasn’t cooked on the one side. “He’s very good about keeping secrets, gives pretty good advice, and will always be in your corner when you need him.”

“I’m sure,” Tony said.

Bucky stopped in the middle of cooking. He stared at Tony, tapping the spatula against his hip, then like some cartoon character, he flung the spatula over his shoulder, letting the tool clatter to the ground. Bucky marched up to Tony and crouched in front of him. Bucky splayed his hands on Tony’s knees as he looked Tony in the eye.

“I know this is a lot to take in, and I know it’s even harder because you tend to have trust issues-”

“Okay, that,” Tony pointed at Bucky, “is one of the many things that makes this whole situation weird. You’re talking and acting like you know me when you don’t know anything about me.”

“I’m an interdimensional traveler, Tony. I have seen-”

“Many versions of me,” Tony interrupted. “I know, or I can guess at least. Those versions of me though? They are not me. I am me. They are just versions of who I could have been under different circumstances. You don’t know who I am in this dimension–in our dimension, so do me a favor and stop talking like you do.”

Tony tensed at the end of his spiel. Bucky just looked up at him with wide curious eyes, which only made Tony’s muscles curl and knot even more.

He desperately pushed down the fear that Bucky was going to backhanded him or hit him in some manner, but his hands still gave a minute tremble when Bucky squeezed his knees.

“Okay. I will do my best to do that, but I still want to take care of you.”

Tony’s mouth went dry and he hurriedly took a small sip of his hot chocolate. He coughed. “You don’t have to do that.”

Bucky grinned. He stood up and brushed his hand through Tony’s hair.

Tony flinched, and from the corner of his eye he saw Steve frown at him.

Bucky removed his hand, but smiled in an unperturbed manner that left Tony wondering if Bucky had noticed his reaction at all. “I know I don’t have to, but ya see, I have this philosophy that when you help someone you become responsible for them. I can’t just let you wander out of here until I know you have some place safe to go, which I have a feelin’ you don’t. Why else did I find you all beat up in the park like that? Plus, you haven’t asked me to call anyone for you yet, so…” Bucky purposefully trailed off.

“I have friends,” Tony grumbled into his mug of cocoa. “I just…it’s been a while since I talked to them. I don’t even know if I have their current phone numbers, or if they’d even want to talk to me.”

Bucky nodded sagely. “Then stay here a few days. You’ll have a warm and safe place to sleep as well as plenty of food.”

“Assuming no one burns it.” Steve looked pointedly at the pan of meat on the stove that was currently unattended.

Bucky yelped and rushed to the stove. He grabbed a second spatula out from the drawer and flipped the meat over. “You could have given me more warning, Steve.”

“You said you wanted me to give you more of a chance when it comes to cooking. The meat was only just starting to burn, so I was respecting your wishes.” Steve glanced at Tony and winked.

The corners of Tony’s mouth twitched into a reluctant smile.

Bucky cussed under his breath then turned a smile on Tony. “Please stay. I’d feel much better knowing you’re here than if you left now.”

Tony’s stomach churned with trepidation. He didn’t want to get caught in some trap or cage, but Bucky hand made an excellent point; he had nowhere to go. He didn’t even have money for a cheap motel. He’d also been living with Steve and Bucky for weeks now, and during that time they had done their best to take care of him.

Tony nodded. He’d say it was the stupidest decision he’d ever made, but unfortunately, Tony had may far more foolish choices in life.

Bucky let out a victorious whoop as he punched the air, and Steve smiled softly in acceptance.

A thread of happiness and optimism wheedled its way through Tony.

He really hoped that he’d made the right decision for once.

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Does anyone else think the Rubies would be super into fusing with their S/O? I know that fusing with gems other than your own kind is taboo on Homeworld (more like gem crushable), but while they’re on Earth there’s no Agate watching their every move, so the only person who could even possibly tell on them would be themselves. Plus, just watching how excited they were to meet Jasper and how they all wanted to sit on her lap like, guys, they’re total saps; they’d definitely want to be as close to their S/O as possible.

I’m just imagining everyone stepping out of the Roaming Eye on some planet and one of the Rubies immediately tackling you and begging to fuse, then the other Rubies join in and start arguing until Doc tells them to lay off because she’s the leader so of course you’ll be fusing with her first. Ruby War breaks out: Army is looking for a fight, Eyeball crying and mouthing “I love you”, nobody can find Leggy, and all is chaos until you make the executive order to all fuse at the same time.

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i wish you would write a fic ; where lumiere ISN'T the sexiest sandwich in the palace

um no??? i can’t??????? impossible?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ugh. Plumette can barely feel her head; it’s throbbing, mon dieu, her eyes could fall out right now and she wouldn’t notice. One brown hand flails out toward her bedside clock and misses by a yard. Oh—ohhh—oops, no, that was too much effort. Better keep laying here until the hangover subsides.

Her face is smooshed down into her pillows, breathing in the musty scent of feathers and years-old lavender. Ugh. She turns over, with an effort—no, too much effort, again. Better just lay here looking up at the canopy of the bed without trying anymore super-human activities. Her eyes hurt, and the headache throbs.

What were they drinking last night? The Prince had gotten in some fine new vintage, he had ordered the very best, she knew it was expensive because Paulette down in the village had been complaining about the tax hike. And it never hurt anybody to just sample the wine—but, ugh, I guess it’s hurt someone now.

Where was she. Right: the wine. And the wine would have been just fine, a couple glasses clinked in the kitchen never hurting anybody, but then Chapeau (with that subtle smile of his) had silently poured a little brandy into his glass, to join the wine. Disgusting! A truly disgusting concoction—and one everybody had to try, immediately. And when Mrs. Potts declared she could drink any of them under the table, well—everyone has a competitive side, particularly on the fuller side of three glasses of wine.

Plumette’s arm drifted over her eyes.

Thank the sun his highness didn’t find us. He wouldn’t have been pleased to see his wine going to anyone beyond himself. Though, who knows—she remembered the Prince having a smiling side, once, and maybe he would have enjoyed the drinks they invented carelessly, Cogsworth mixing rum with scotch just to “make it last longer, truly just an economic measure.” Economic—hah. She wondered how the major domo was holding in his headache now.

Hadn’t he—it was hard to remember, through all the wine-colored memories—hadn’t he challenged one of the footmen to a drinking game? To see which one was truly the best? Competitiveness, yes—wait, she had already had that thought. She was repeating thoughts.

Where was she?

Right. The footmen. One of them. Drinking Cogsworth under the table with aplomb (aplomb: good word, good work, said something still drunkenly weaving behind her eyes). The older man had kept good pace at first, but then he got so far he proposed dueling instead, taking out guns and swords from his pockets, and the footman would have totally agreed (with the happiest smile in the world; forgetting that dueling could end in death, and not just be a wildly good time), if she hadn’t pulled him off. And then—wait, she remembered pulling him off the major-domo—what then? What then?

Oh right. They kissed. Because that footman—

She turns over, once more, her arm slapping down on the body beside her. He doesn’t wake. A dribble of something makes its way down Lumiere’s chin. He still wears half a face of makeup—she doesn’t remember putting it on, but it’s clearly her handiwork, little flowers and scrolls drawn on his temples with an unsteady hand. His wig is askew, his hair still drenched with powder underneath, his mouth hanging open in the most idiotic of expressions. His long nose is slightly red.

He is not—thinks Plumette, through the haze of her brain, which can’t quite pick up the words she wants it to—le sandwich au jambon plus séduisant.

Nope. Not at all. A merry idiot, slobbering in his sleep, with flowers on his forehead. Anyone else would throw him out of bed and try to forget the night before.

And yet—and yet—his hand still drapes to her waist; he still smiles in his sleep. God forgive me for loving an idiot, thinks Plumette. She takes her eyebrow pencil from the nightstand and gets to finishing her handiwork. If he’s going to have drawings on his face, he might as well have them symmetrically.

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Alex, before John wakes up and when/after he finds out about the tattoo, the constellations aligned

Can do! x


When Alex is high, he sleeps like a dead thing. When’s he’s drunk-drunk, he wakes up every hour or so and then immediately falls back to sleep. When he’s tipsy, he drifts in and out of sleep, never going all the way under until he’s sobered up. When he’s in an unfamiliar bed, he can never quite allow himself to give entirely into sleep.

Tipsy and high, post-orgasm, in von Steuben’s library, he seems to be falling somewhere in the middle. He drifts for a while and then sits up straight, wide awake, and then falls back into his half-sleep when he decides not to get out of bed. It’s a few hours into the night when he gives up and props himself up in the bed, hoping maybe he can sober up entirely and then at least nap until it’s time to go home.

Next to him, John sleeps on, undisturbed. He’s on his stomach, his hair a riotous mess of tangled curls that’s mostly up off of his neck and back, bare in the cool air of the room. Alex shivers—John is beautiful, this ethereal being that he’s somehow allowed to touch, something otherworldly and precious.

He would blame the affection on the lingering alcohol and marijuana sluggishly crawling through his system, but he tries not to lie to himself—this is how he always feels about John, deep down inside.

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Imagine - El Diablo


Imagine being chubby and El Diablo loving you despite you not being confident.

Originally posted by wonsderwoman

“Oh look, the perfect combination, a flame and marshmallow.” The Joker laughs.

“What did you say about my girl?” Diablo stood up to him.

“Woah calm down big boy.”

Originally posted by orchid-bud

“Are you sure you want to be with someone like me.” You asked Diablo. 

He looked up confused, “What do you mean?” he asked.

“I’m not the type of person people picture when they say great body.”

“What makes you even think that your body shape matters to me?” He said. You looked down ashamed, “Your question, my turn, are you sure you want to be with someone like me?”

“Of course. I never want anyone else.”

(A/N: 8/7 SS post, this marks the end of SS week! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and BTW if someone doesn’t want to love you because of whatever size you are, tell them to piss off. As long as you’re happy and healthy, you do you.)

-Mich ;)

Promises Broken and Promises Kept

Andrew’s mouth was full with chocolate ice cream. He couldn’t remember a time when he was allowed to have this much. He shoved another spoonful in his mouth while he listened to the stories his current foster dad, Michael, had to share. 

Michael was not the best person to foster a child, but he never hit him or touched him. His daily attire consisted of all black clothing, and typically preferred the name brand clothing.  He smoked often and drank on some nights. On the surface he appeared to be a harsh man, but Andrew had learned he was a total pushover.  

Michael gave him anything and everything he wanted without reservations. The reasons he gave for this behavior was that he wanted to give Andrew everything he hadn’t had as a child. Although Andrew had been with him for a few months now, he still wasn’t sure what to make of him since he didn’t fall under any of the normal behaviors he had witnessed in foster families.  

Andrew continued to listen to Michael’s story about a misunderstanding that got him kicked out of a bar due to some inexplicable mix up.  Usually, Andrew’s attention span to his foster family’s stories was short, but Michael’s expressive telling of things had a way of drawing him in.  That, and he was much more interesting than other people.  He finished his ice cream and set the empty bowl on his bedside table in his room.  His  room. Michael had set him up with more than he had ever had.  A good bed and and nice furniture along with more clothes than he was usually given. Despite the fact that Michael hadn’t violated him once, he still locked his door every night, and reveled in the ability to lock his door.  

He pulled his knees to his chest and tried to stifle a yawn as it came, and Michael paused in his story and gave and knowing smile. “I see I have kept you up too late. It’s way past your bedtime” he said with a light chuckle.  Andrew smiled at that, both of them knowing that Andrew didn’t have a bedtime. Another plus of life with Michael.  As he got up to leave the room, Andrew finally asked the question that had been itching in his mind for months. “Why don’t you date?”

Michael stopped and turned around to give him a considering look.  He was an attractive bachelor in his 30′s, surely he would want to be with someone rather than look after a kid who hardly spoke. Michael answered, “When I picked you up, I promised you that I wouldn’t bring anyone else in the picture. That it was just going to be me and you.  I said that you would come first. Do you remember me saying that?”

Andrew did remember. But he hadn’t believed him.  No one ever meant what they said, and ‘promise’ was a meaningless phrase to him.  “But did you really mean it? There’s no way you did. No one ever does.” 

Again, Michael looked at him with hesitance in his eyes and thought for a moment.  His face was cast in a strange shadow as he answered, “People should mean what they say.” 

He waited for Andrew to comment, and when he said nothing, continued. “Listen Andrew, I want you to remember this.  When a man makes a promise, he keeps it.  A man doesn’t deserve trust when he goes back on his word.  When I promised you that I wouldn’t bring anyone else into this house, I meant it.  You are my only priority.  It’s fine if you don’t believe me, but I hope you will trust me someday.”

Andrew had never heard someone say words like this with such conviction.  He didn’t trust Michael, nor was he fully comfortable in his presence.  But he hadn’t even attempted to date or flirt, so Andrew supposed that he could accept his answer for now.  His must have looked disbelieving because Michael said, “I will never lie to you Andrew. I made two promises to you. That it was just going to be you and me, and that I would protect you.  I meant both of them. While you’re with me, you’re safe.”

At that, he turned to leave the room, bidding goodnight and went to his own bed, leaving Andrew to process what he had said.  He got up to close and lock his door and returned to his bed while trying to dispel memories of harsh hands on his body. Foster families rarely took his safety into account.  Michael had not violated him in any way since he arrived in his house, nor had he hit him or raised his voice even when he should have.  Michael let him get away with anything and didn’t seem to mind Andrew taking advantage of the lax rules.  He still didn’t trust him to not at some point cross lines, but he supposed that he was okay for now.


With the school week up, Andrew collected his things excited for their road trip, and in denial about his excitement. Michael owned a black Ferrari and Andrew loved every detail about the car. The feel of the leather seats underneath him, the steady purr of a powerful engine, the sleek interior that he was afraid to touch, and the acceleration that could take them from zero to sixty quicker than he thought possible.  When Michael took him on drives like this, they would go to unknown country roads and speed down them just to put the car’s capabilities to the test.  Andrew felt himself smiling and thinking that one day, he wanted a fancy car like this one. 

He turned to look at Michael when he smelled the familiar smell of cigarette smoke; the smell had been repulsive at first, but now it calmed him down.  Looking at Michael, clad in his leather jacket, sunglasses, and cigarette lightly hanging from his fingers, he couldn’t help but think that Michael was the coolest person he had ever met.  He got to do whatever he wanted, had plenty of money, and even treated people well. As a 10 year old, Andrew didn’t think of the future much, but with Michael, he actually considered what it would be like to have this guy support him as he grew up.  He found that he liked the idea.


Andrew was woken from his slumber by the bright red and blue lights flashing through his window into his room.  It only took him a moment to understand the significance of those lights and he was sprinting out to see what was going on. 

He found Michael being escorted by two officers out to the curb in cuffs.  He ran over to them, reaching out to grab at an officer when suddenly a social worker stepped in front of him.  She nabbed his wrist and pulled him away from the scene and began to explain to him that he needed to go pack his things and that it was time for him to move on to another foster home.  He heard none of it as he craned his neck to see what they were doing to Michael and called his name before they lowered his head into the flashing car.  

Michael turned around and gave him a small smile as he spoke to the officers. “Can I at least say goodbye to Andrew.  He deserves at least that much.” The police officers shared a look and then turned to the social worker, asking if that was acceptable. She spared a glance at Andrew and conceded.  

Michael was led over to Andrew, still in cuffs but smiling anyway.  When he was in front of him, he began speaking, “Andrew.  I am sorry I won’t be able to stay with you. Sometimes the pigs decide we are bad people and don’t deserve to be on the street.  But that’s okay because we had some really good times together, right?”

Andrew nodded his head.  Michael had been his favorite foster home. He continued, “This isn’t the end of anything okay. Someday, I will get out of prison and maybe we can meet again.” Sadness passed through his eyes as he looked intently at Andrew and spoke his final goodbyes. “Listen to me Andrew, I want you to remember what I say.  And I know you have a good memory. Sometimes our actions have consequences, but we shouldn’t waste our time with regret, it just holds us back.  And I want you to believe me when I say this. I promise you that someday, you are going to have everything.  And you won’t have to steal to get it.  You will have everything because you deserve it.  It will happen someday, it may take a while, but it will come.  I promise you”. When he finished, he motioned to the officers that he was done and Andrew found himself softly whispering ‘goodbye’ as he lost yet another foster family. Michael’s words spinning in his head, an impossible promise that he had no right to make. there was no way he could keep it. No way.


Andrew woke to sunlight streaming through the windows of their house in Columbia, stirring from his dream of a memory.  Michael.  The man had an impenetrable optimism and a past that he would never know. 

His eyes followed the sun beams to where they rested on the red hair of the sleeping junkie next to him.  Neil usually woke first, so in a rare moment, Andrew allowed himself to study Neil in the sunlight.  His harsh scars marred his face, torso, and arms, but they had never made Andrew flinch. His sleeping face made him look gentle and quiet, though Andrew knew he was anything but.  He resisted the urge to run his hands through hair that felt like silk and smelled like strawberries.  The strange desire to see Neil’s eyes finally motivated him to get out of bed.  He climbed over Neil, waking him, and left their bedroom to go make breakfast. 

Neil came down shortly after, dressed for his morning run with shorts and running shoes on.  A persistent morning person.  Andrew spared a look at Neil’s toned legs and remembered how they had been wrapped around him the night before. The direction his thoughts went made him turn away and continue making breakfast.  

Neil left without much fuss and would return in an hour after running harder than any member of their team was capable of.  The junkie.  While he was gone, Andrew mulled over the dream he had had. Michael had made him a promise that he had no way of keeping, and had been entirely sincere.  He had promised him that he would have everything someday.  Andrew had never believed him. 

He plays Exy. He has a brother and a cousin. He was getting a college education.  He has an expensive car. He has house in Columbia that he shares with other people. All of these things are a huge step up in his life than where he used to be.  But he wasn’t sure if he considered these things to be ‘everything’ though.  

His mind considers a certain junkie whose disappearance caused him to break a promise.  He still remembers his hands around Kevin’s neck, all of his energy focused on choking out the truth. 

Neil is a broken shell of a human being with a body that has been put through the wringer one too many times.  Neil is a liar who still struggles in being honest at times. Neil is a runner whose first instinct is to plot out escape routes as soon as he enters anything.  Neil was once a rabbit, but now a fox.  

As Andrew considers Neil, he tells himself that Neil is nothing.  Neil has always been nothing. But maybe, just maybe…… Michael kept his promise. 

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Am I the only one who really doesn't like Veronica and Archie telling Juggie not to tell anyone when they really mean "don't tell Betty" because honestly, who else would care if they're together? I don't like them asking him to keep secrets from her. They must know its going to hurt Betty if they don't want her to know, even if she is with Juggie now it's still gonna hurt a little after their antics in the pilot, which is why I can't get behind ArchieRonnie at all, plus Veronica deserves better.

As I said in another ask, yes, that rubbed me up the wrong way too. But again I do believe Betty’s feelings towards Archie are not romantic anymore. She is going to be upset for sure but the kind of upset Archie was about her and Jughead being a couple; because it changes the dynamic of their group. I’m not particularly an ArchieRonnie shipper too mostly because I can’t really see Archie with any girl, not with the way he is being at the moment, and because I don’t see it there between them? I’m getting this vibe that Archie is way too indecisive and mellow for Veronica. Like I would love for a strong, confident male character to come sweep her off her feet, somebody that knows what he wants and is not staggering around exploring his options like Archie does. 

All Tied Up

In which Harry has his girlfriend in a very vulnerable position. 

A/N: Ahhhh it’s finally here! I present to you the smuttiest smut you’ll probably ever read from me.  I’ve been working on this one forever, so I really hope it’s worth it.  Enjoy, loves! xx

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I was tagged by @blushingchild to post a selfie, my lock screen, and last song I listened to. Thanks hun! ~♡

I’ve been having a…not so awesome week…so my selfie game isn’t the best right now. Plus I took this in public and I’m really shy lol.

My lockscreen is, of course, my current obsession/cutie pies, otayuri. I love them with all my heart, they’re just so precious and cute together. Look at them. ♡♡♡

Last song I listened to was Underwater by HANA. Seriously underrated, I highly recommend her to anyone.

Tagging my loves: @nothin2c @bibilittlebutterfly @shitpostsensei @tachipaws @onemerryjester @baddestbitchofcolor @cari28ch3-me
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A Hard Love Part 2/10

Originally posted by toomuchmuchness

Warnings: Swearing, SMUT

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name. Y/L/N - Your last name. Y/E/C - Your eye color.

A/N: Reader has telepathy and telekenisis which she uses to help Bucky through his nightmares.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10

After the incident in the training room Steve decided to take Bucky on a small drive to their old neighborhood to clear his head. Bucky wasn’t sure why Steve insisted on doing this, he barely remembered the places Steve was pointing out, and even if he had they had all changed beyond recognition. Bucky was tired and frustrated. He had stupidly lost control of his emotions.
“So you want to talk about it?” Steve looked over at Bucky who shook his head. “Well then I am going to.” Steve huffed “I know what happened today. I’m not stupid. Why don’t you just accept the fact that you have feelings for her, and let yourself be happy for the first time in a long time?” Bucky continued looking out the window, not responding to Steve. Steve continued despite “I feel like if you don’t, you are going to drive yourself crazy with jealousy and do something stupid.”
“I won’t” Bucky responded gruffly. 

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WriteblrConnects Blog?

EDIT: Writeblr Connects is up and running! Details can be found HERE and the blog itself can be found HERE!

EDIT: I’m doing it! Keep reblogging this post and find official tags HERE!

Hi guys

After seeing a fair bit of interest in the #spontaneouswriteblr questionnaire I made, I started thinking about making a WriteblrConnects blog. 

The Short Explanation: This WriteblrConnects blog would be a place for writers to get in touch with each other for critique groups, beta-reading and writing advice. It would also follow various other writing advice and reference blogs/resources to give new Writeblrs a place to find advice on craft. 

If you’re interested, could you reblog or like this post? I’ll take a like as “I’d probably follow this blog/am interested” and a reblog as “I LOVE this idea, please do it!”

More info on potential features under the cut. 

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