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Everlark 22 plz and thx :) love you boo

It wasn’t that Katniss wasn’t happy for Thom and Delly – they seemed like the perfect couple, even if Gale thought Delly was easily more attractive than Thom. The ceremony was beautiful, if more than extravagant thanks to the bride’s family, and made Katniss want to vomit at all the ooey-gooey romance. The only thing that made the day even remotely bearable was that Thom promised the reception would be more up her alley.

Apparently Thom thought ‘up Katniss’ alley’ meant a cocktail hour at the swankiest hotel in town, complete with complementary glasses of champagne and food she had never even heard of, let alone tasted. She sat at one of the small tables in the ‘waiting area’ with table placements for her, Gale, and Madge. The small victory was that at least Thom had his fellow graduate students sitting together so Katniss wouldn’t be alone at the single’s table.

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